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  1. Hello, I live in Huntsville, and skyjump in Cullman every weekend. Skydive Alabama is a great place to train and fun jump!!! The people there are all super cool, as you know. I look foward to jumping with you. Was I there when you did your jump? I would have been on a surfboard or in a red wingsuit. Pete
  2. Paul, Excellent news man!!! That takes a load off my mind. Especially since i just sold my cypress-2 last summer. Those things are always firing on me for whatever reason. Skydive Alabama has always been my home, and favorite, DZ. Looking foward to continue pushing my limits there in the future. Thank you for all you are doing. Pete Certain BASE 683 Nite 116 Cave 68
  3. i use my reflex for all types of skydiving; freefly, wingsuit, skysurf, stoned jumps, etc............. no problems at all with it. check to see if your reflex BOC pouch is spandex. if it is not you should get your rigger to change it to spandex. a non-spandex BOC pouch can cause the pilot chute to jam in there. however, don't listen to me, im high.
  4. what's up man? yeah, skysurfing is alive and well at skydive alabama. i look at a surfboard jump as more of a stunt than a skydive. once you lose control of the board it is very difficult to regain. if it starts a spin, forget about it. i think most skysurfers finally decide that the risk is not worth the reward. still, it is fun, fun, fun, and challenging. i personally have a strong desire to experience everything our sport has to offer, except for the injuries!!! hope i live through it
  5. for some time now, i have been having a problem with my feet during my canopy decent. simply put, they get huge. sometimes my feet get so big i can't even see the ground. this has led to many off dz landings. as soon as i land, my feet are all of a sudden back to normal. something i can't understand is how my shoes stretch that much and return without damage. if any one else has experienced mickey mouse feet under canopy please let me know how to prevent it. thanks.
  6. thanks to Pchapman and towerrat for the info. so, is it correct that the twists are more likely to happen using toggle input on a lightly-loaded canopy? the reason i was trying to make this happen on purpose was to prevent it from happening accidentally. like when a pilot practices stalls and spins in an airplane. whats a troll, should i take offense?
  7. i have read a lot about self induced line twists and have seen some videos of this happening. my question is: what exactly causes this to happen? are there certain canopies that are more likely to twist up? i have actually been trying to make this happen under an fx-86 (high of course) with no luck.
  8. thanks for the info guys. the pilot chute i use is 28" ZP. it is a birdman pilot chute and bridle. the canopy is a saber 1 120. i did not get the pilot chute hesitation until i started using the base pocket and shrivel flap. i believe the shrivel flap velcro is what is causing the hesitation. do i need a bigger pilot chute? please note that the canopy opens plenty hard enough already and i dont want to do anything to make it worse. i always jump solo. the only reason i am skydiving using the base pocket is to prepare for ws/base. i always deploy in full flight. thanks again to everyone for the info
  9. any advice on skydiving using the base pocket on ther wingsuit with the shrivle flap installed. i have been using a birdman pilot chute and bridle with the base pocket on an s3 wingsuit. the shrivel flap is attached to the bridle 22 " from the pin. i am getting a short hesitation when i throw the pilot chute. i am skydiving this set-up to practice for ws/base. do i need a larger pilot chute? any advice will be very helpful!