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  1. Are you serious? There is something special called Mullins only a few minutes, 30?, from Memphis.
  2. Charges won't stick, bet they lost their gear though. Hmmmm, I know some people that were in Nashvegas this weekend.
  3. Nutz

    pumpkin' chunkin'

    Sorry, I've only dropped them from 500'.
  4. Nutz

    Why did you start?

    Went on a dare. The other 2 guys never jumped again. (I don't know what's wrong with them.)
  5. Nutz

    Educated opinions

    I'll give you a hundred bucks.
  6. Nutz

    Skydive Opelika

    I want to know too. That would be cool. Will they stay in Tuskeegee?
  7. Nutz

    First Rig (Wings), need advice

    I bought mine with the pad so I don't know what it feels like without it. With it, it is comfy.
  8. Those openings look pretty sweet to me, just like my 189. You really should stow the excess brake line somewhere. Edit: I should tell you that I don't look up while it is opening, I keep my eyes on the horizon. Maybe that is what your problem is.
  9. Nutz

    19 Dollar jumps this weekend!

    Can you drink beer from the bottle by the bonfire?
  10. Nutz

    Canadian Invasion Z Hills

    What does that mean? Haven't you heard, noone is going to Z-hills this year. Bwahahahahahaha!!
  11. Nutz

    Skydive the farm

    They skydive at STF??? WTF? When did this happen? I was under the impression that nothing ever happened at The Farm and nothing ever will. Maybe it is just when I am there.
  12. I would not put much stock in something someone says here. I can't tell you how many people I have seen on here saying they would never jump through clouds or whatever and then on Saturday guess what they are doing. What is more important is how their attitude is ie how you are treated by them and how they treat others. That will tell you everything you need to know. (Some of us are slow learners. )
  13. Bump. Ballon jump on Saturday!
  14. Chris finally learned how to control his canopy????? Tell him I said "Hey".
  15. I started when I was 39.