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  1. Why couldn't he have hit Jeff Gordon's car, or Jimmie Johnson's!?
  2. I want everyone to know that Peanut showed up at a boogie with his USPA card AND his reserve in date. I'm starting to think the Myans were right. "Don't! Get! Eliminated!"
  3. LMAO its like Springer says, you can't make this shit up. (Except they do on the Springer show, c'mon.) "Don't! Get! Eliminated!"
  4. For the record, I only fuck CReW GIRLS. "Don't! Get! Eliminated!"
  5. I can't hear the freakin' dytter anyway. "Don't! Get! Eliminated!"
  6. By the way, its safety 3rd. "Don't! Get! Eliminated!"
  7. Ding, ding, ding! We have a winner. It is all about the money. That is what it boils down to with most things, isn't it? Embarrassment may have a little to do with it but it is really about the bottom line.
  8. I was worried about that too. You'll be fine.
  9. LMAO! Now that is the way to start a Monday. "Don't! Get! Eliminated!"
  10. But I am sure there have been some close calls. Watch out for other canopies in the landing pattern. Pick a landing direction and stick with it! "Don't! Get! Eliminated!"
  11. Watch out for that big moon, man! "Don't! Get! Eliminated!"
  12. Hell yeah! "Don't! Get! Eliminated!"
  13. Nutz


    Damn, too much FaceBook, I looked for the like button on your post. "Don't! Get! Eliminated!"
  14. You are of the misconception that people report incidents. It only gets reported on dizzy if the media reports it.
  15. Nutz

    Dear Aggie,

    I'll quit passing on the right when you quit blocking the road. :-) Have a nice day! "Don't! Get! Eliminated!"