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  1. Why couldn't he have hit Jeff Gordon's car, or Jimmie Johnson's!?
  2. By the way, its safety 3rd. "Don't! Get! Eliminated!"
  3. Ding, ding, ding! We have a winner. It is all about the money. That is what it boils down to with most things, isn't it? Embarrassment may have a little to do with it but it is really about the bottom line.
  4. I was worried about that too. You'll be fine.
  5. LMAO! Now that is the way to start a Monday. "Don't! Get! Eliminated!"
  6. But I am sure there have been some close calls. Watch out for other canopies in the landing pattern. Pick a landing direction and stick with it! "Don't! Get! Eliminated!"
  7. Watch out for that big moon, man! "Don't! Get! Eliminated!"
  8. You are of the misconception that people report incidents. It only gets reported on dizzy if the media reports it.
  9. Are you serious? There is something special called Mullins only a few minutes, 30?, from Memphis.
  10. I think you left out a few. "Don't! Get! Eliminated!"
  11. Not hard to do.... easy to get horribly wrong though (I can still hear that guy yelling "Chop iiiit! CHOP IIIIIT!" and I haven't watched the video in years). More like a maximum... I think there's a zone in jump numbers after you have the confidence to attempt it, but before you have the sense not to. (I'm not saying it doesn't happen - just a tendency I've noticed ) +1 I need to update my numbers, 700 jumps and 10 years, there is no way I would try that.
  12. I always thought it would be funny. A funny way to get my ass kicked. "Don't! Get! Eliminated!"
  13. What was it we were going to be reading again? "Don't! Get! Eliminated!"
  14. Where are you flying it? "Don't! Get! Eliminated!"