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  1. As a native californian I intensely dislike humidity , just purchased a property in the Algarve region of Portugal minutes from the beach. Went to a local cafe, Two lunches with three alcohol drinks $13.65.
  2. I have had good results with a natural product called Zostrix, it's not expensive. It took a few weeks of faithful application but it was a godsend.
  3. Just use the stuff from the Beer bong hose, you guys DO have a beer bong dontcha?
  4. I recently provided a Sabre 1 to someone who has invented many things in the Skydiving world. (he had a sore knee and needed the nice landings)
  5. He had a list, you did not want to be on that list.
  6. Cool, what size Raven and what dimensions on the slider? That's a pic from when I tried to sell it, it's somewhere in my garage with all the other poor unloved canopies. Just showing what a Bikini slider looks like when Scotty Carbone isn't preening around the Pool in it.
  7. The next 100+ way attempts were held in Perris California and the formation was 110 in size. The skydives were held on December 7-9 1990 and utilized 1 DC-3 flying in the center and 4 Twin Otters flying in a "V" shape behind. 7 attempts were made but it only built to 109....and that was on the last jump after some very interesting hair pulling and teeth gnashing. The DC 3 did not have a door, it was a tad chilly on the way up to 20,000 ASL in the winter.
  8. The wings will never open when you don't want it to and occasionally when you do, that's the trade off. All systems are compromises and some even make you look really cool.
  9. I would trust it's reserve deployment ten times over a WINGS.
  10. I have jumped both and sold dozens of used canopies, the Firebolt opened much better and had a far superior flare so if you are going to make a few hundred jumps I feel the the money you might lose is well worth it. In Florida I suspect you wouldn't lose any money at all.