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  1. I have had good results with a natural product called Zostrix, it's not expensive. It took a few weeks of faithful application but it was a godsend.
  2. Just use the stuff from the Beer bong hose, you guys DO have a beer bong dontcha?
  4. The 15 mile area between the drop zones is pretty sparse by SoCal standards. So if you are trying to be centrally located that leaves Canyon Lake, for California standards not the best for bars and restaurants. You could airbnb there and use UBER and have a great time.
  5. BigMark

    Reserve too small?

    If its a great deal get a bigger optimum and sell the 143, they sell very quickly.
  6. Good luck homie!
  7. BigMark

    What do you's prefer for your rig?
  8. BigMark

    Big-ass 3-ring system

    I have these on my rig.
  9. BigMark

    Closest DZ to Moorpark, CA Taft is a very friendly dropzone North of L.A. Elsinore Rocks Perris has a full restaurant and bar
  10. BigMark

    JVX74 in a odyssey NJK too loose?

    Listen pal, first you try to kill folks by advocating ground launching stilettos, then you come on here wanting advice so you can swoop underwear sized canopy's? You sir are a menace and must be stopped!
  11. BigMark

    I Got A Wingsuit!

    You'll poke your eye out!
  12. BigMark

    Snorrise in California

    Thought you were dissing Elsinore, LOL. Welcome!
  13. BigMark

    Jump weight

    I cheated and went to Taft, congrats on your success.
  14. BigMark

    Skydiving near Santa Clarita, CA?

    Cal city is currently closed to fun jumpers, Taft is open and they are very friendly and it has a great vibe. They only have a Cessna now unless they have a boogie going on. Lake Elsinore isn't much further but you may hit traffic.
  15. BigMark

    Pilot Canopy 96

    This might get some replies...