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  1. skyberdyber

    Music City Skydiving

    10,000 sq ft facility built in 2015 and a rocket ship Super King Air. Located an hour from Nashville, Clarksville/Ft Campbell, and 2 hours from Chattanooga. Amazing views of the Tennessee river and Kentucky Lake.
  2. Updates: Todd Sellers Freefly Organizing Georgia Head up record attempt If you have not jumped with us this year please complete this online waiver. We DO NOT have your previous account on file. Don't be the douche that wastes our time at the event when you can complete it now. It will cut your check in time down by A LOT!! We are trying to keep this boogie cheap for the jumpers and we don't like registration fees. However, depending on where the aircraft comes from we may have to charge a $10, $15 max registration fee.
  3. skyberdyber

    Skydive Atlanta

    First, the review below was not written by the customer, but the customer's father who had come to watch. Second, all customers are informed that it is a 2 to 4 hour process from the time you arrive until you leave. These folks were in and out in 3 hours. They would've been finished sooner but we had to take some extra time to arrange for all of the jumpers to be on the same load together. We are consistently faster than any facility in the country. We regularly hear of folks waiting 8 hours at our competitors. We also took extra time to include every jumper on the video, a lot of extra time and work at no extra charge. There was some offensive language on the customers video, a "chant/cheer" led by one of the other non-staff jumpers. The customer was asked if it would be ok before we filmed it. Even so, we have re-edited the video for free and sent him the revised non-offending copy. The "humping dog" occured in a staff office marked "Staff Only". However, we regret the father was exposed to this and the staff member was disciplined. This waiting area was possibly messy due to the fact it was the end of a busy day. There are several waiting areas, however. Lastly, the father had actually jumped with us in the past and found us to be professional enough to bring his family back. We take pride in being a professional organization and hope you, the prospective customer, will see the positives from the many thousands that jump with us each year and not the negatives from one persons bad experience. -Skydive Atlanta management
  4. Hey Tami, I sent you a package a couple of days ago with flyers for our Atlanta Freeflight Festival. Make sure you ask the DZ for it. Hope it get s there in time. Have fun!! Trey
  5. skyberdyber

    Skydive Atlanta

    Fastest plane in the state, 8 minutes to altitude. Thousands of square ft indoor padded packing. Large, flat most wide open landing areas in Georgia, only 50 yds from hangar. Plane loads 50 feet from hangar. Several motels and restaurants within 5-10 minutes drive. Bonfires almost every Saturday night. Kids designated area with video games, DVD players. Coach courses and Strong & Sigma Tandem instructor courses available on demand.