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  1. Weather permitting. B License required or all prerequisites completed. Bring one red and one green chem-light. Strobes provided. Briefing 30 minutes after sunset, attendance is mandatory. $32 per jump. Facebook event page here
  2. Formation skydive organizing w/ Scott Franklin for several skill levels at Skydive Atlanta in Thomaston, GA. Dash 34 Super Otter. Part of a series of organizing dates throughout 2016. Facebook Event Page here
  3. Hey folks, So if you didn't know, the DZ in Waverly, Tennessee is under new ownership, non-Skyride affiliated, and has a new website: We have a brand new, 10,000 sq ft facility, a big landing area, and the 8 minute Super King Air from our sister DZ, Skydive Atlanta, in Thomaston, GA. (picture attached) Located about an hour west of Nashville, we are open Saturdays and Sundays. Stop by and see us soon!
  4. 10,000 sq ft facility built in 2015 and a rocket ship Super King Air. Located an hour from Nashville, Clarksville/Ft Campbell, and 2 hours from Chattanooga. Amazing views of the Tennessee river and Kentucky Lake.
  5. Scott Franklin has competed multiple years at USPA Nationals in multiple disciplines and holds Gold and Silver medals in 8 and 16 way competition. Also instructing are America's Cup/NSL 4 way Open gold medalist Kyle Collins and more. 3 to 1 student to instructor ratio. Rather than a camp fee we are charging $47 per jump. This includes coaches and videographers slots (which are provided at cost) and all instructor fees associated with the camp. You will not find a better deal anywhere in the country. Please visit the Facebook event page for questions and more info-
  6. It's our 3rd annual Summer Wettacular event! Lats year the giant water slide was amazing and brought out all the girlies in their bikinis. This year: -34 Super Otter, Super King Air, R44 Helicopter Todd Sellers organizing angles & freefly Fortson Rumble organizing RW $15 registration includes and pays for Saturday night dinner, booze, beer, and GIANT water slide.
  7. Night Jumps, Saturday June 14th B license or all prerequisites required. Must attend - mandatory briefing 30 minutes after sunset. Strobes provided. $29 each jump. Skydive Atlanta, Thomaston, GA
  8. Former USPA Nationals 4, 8, and 16 way competitor and World Record participant Scott Franklin will be organizing formation skydives May 17 and 18. We will start with 4 way formations and move up to larger formations throughout the weekend. Bring $1 bills to chip in on video slots.
  9. Special weekend for the girls! Angela Tara Hsu organizing multi-discipline. Free Yoga instruction Adult Easter egg hunt Saturday night.
  10. Night jumps! B license or all prerequisites required. Mandatory briefing just after sunset. Strobes provided. $29 each jump.
  11. Fixed the link, if anyone tried to click and couldn't get through sorry!
  12. This post has been approved by admin Bryn De Kocks. Greg Blosser is a local Thomaston pilot and owner of the 1936 Stearman PT-13 Bi-plane, Serial# 9. This is one of only two of these aircraft flying in the world and was absolutely pristine. Greg often takes people up in the plane just for fun and is a great guy. Greg does not work for the DZ at all but at our last two boogies he was kind enough to offer to have us send jumpers up for a nostalgic ride and unique skydive. However, during our last event the aircraft propeller had an object strike and the aircraft is no longer flying. The aircraft was self insured so there is no insurance company writing a check to fix it. We want to see Greg flying again and hopefully one day allowing jumpers the chance to make these unique skydives. Go to to donate ANY amount. The repairs could run as high as $50,000. We know everyone reading this can afford at least $10. It takes less than 1 minute to complete the donation form. All of the money will go directly to Greg. More photos of the aircraft here: Tex Lindsey Photography
  13. Ok folks updates. We have added organizers: Joey Hoffineau from Carolina Turbo XP, USPA Nationals4-way 4th place finishers will be organizing formation skydives "Purple Mike" Swearingen will be wingsuit organizing. We will have a first flight course Friday and have rental suits available.
  14. The (previous) Pops record was a 32 way I think. I believe there was a 24 way back in 99 as well. Spence would know.