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  1. micduran

    Parahawk Memorial Gathering

    I'll see you there. OPAP
  2. micduran

    Skyfest 2009 to Feature TeXXas 20-ways!!

    What kind of experience, qualifications, jump #s are you looking for?
  3. micduran

    Skydive the Farm for Halloween

    You know I'll be there.
  4. micduran

    Skydive the Farm

    Glad you finally made it for a visit. Are you still in town?
  5. micduran

    Richmond Boogie 2008 Labor Day Weekend

    Wow, I miss this boogie. I haven't been since I moved to the south. I'm sure you guys will do it up right as usual!
  6. micduran

    Hog Flop at Palatka??

    I have been wondering the same thing. We are trying to make the fall and winter plans. Palatka's Hog Flop is on the "must do" list!