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  1. verdi

    Simple Video triming tool needed

    open file with windows photos ( yes sound crazy to open video with photo app but works ) top right choose edit choose which section you want save as done :-)
  2. verdi

    How to sight in a ringsight

    2ways: either choose distance and sight it in for that distance ... thats the way most people (that i know) do it ... but that only works for 1 distance ... what i do: measure the offset of ringsight vs camera lens. make 2 crosses with the same offset on a piece of paper. then sight in the ringsight so camera has its cross in the center when ringsight has it's own offset in center. that way it works for all distances and all lenses. the only thing you have to get uses to is that you have to aim with the same offset all the time.
  3. sony a6000 + pancake lens ( 16 or 20mm ) is roughly 350g combined and has wired shutter
  4. verdi

    Cypres AAD for Wingsuit

    @Westerly: Just get an Cypres Changeable Mode ... you can set it to Expert, Student, Speed and Tandem. Just not to Wingsuit Mode because you'd need the Dytter @Topic: i own a Wingsuit Cypres. Just to have a little bit extra chance of surviving when some hits me while doing load organizing with bigger suits. The Dytter is really loud so just put it wherever it fits in your helmet.
  5. have you tried it outdoors in bright sunlight? the uv from the sunlight might interfere with your ir led.
  6. verdi

    Wingsuit progression and beginner acro
  7. if you can live without 3 maybe getting a Sony A6000 would be a nice option... great video quality, free choice of lens, display ...
  8. verdi

    Thank you EXIT EQUIPMENT

    Hi can you measure the plug? Looks like its quite big an sticking far out!? Greets Marcel
  9. verdi

    Why is it called 4k video?

    because it's 4 times 1080 ;-)
  10. I'm jumping a Sony A6000 and i'm very happy with it. Awesome autofocus and image quality.
  11. the Nex-5r is great for video... although the small switch is a bit of a hassle...
  12. verdi

    "Wedge" or "Altimount", and why?

    i have a wedge ... i like the softer design ...
  13. verdi

    Sony NEX 5TL

    simply change your country in your account and buy the app?
  14. wenn fu am wochenende zum platz kommst ( du springst doch bei yuu oder?) können wir in ruhe quatschen