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  1. looks to me as if the main canopy is to small for the container itself, seems pretty pulled together / looseness
  2. would this by chance be the Z-skulls?? i know they use to make them unsure if they still do.
  3. Awesome thanks guys, these are not technically for sale it was just an idea it, there is nothing at my dropzone for this we just stand around move people and then when we're in the air people like me forget where we are suppose to be. Just a though in reality but thanks them magnets are cheap compared to some of the magnets I have been looking at if I decied to make some of these.
  4. I was thinking about how people plan a big way when i saw 40-50 people standing around in our landing area holding hands and they were moving people all over the place to get their base creation, does anyone make or sell little figures possible magnetic backs to move around on a dry erase board or even just on the packing mats/tables around the DZ, i created a model and just wonder how everyone else does it??? little aluminium figures will be the out come this is just the 3D modeling at this point
  5. And he is right again, this is why forums are so important, so many ideas and views that you don't think of, again thank you for your view because it opens more to anyone who reads it!!!! Thanks.
  6. I don't know why this didn't dawn on me before but I know now why I wanted the actual cutaway to completely cut away from my person, stupid really to have a lanyard (no offence to anyone) but big thing is when I jump a right and left foot mount there is always the chance for a horse shoe so that was the main reason for no lanyard and or total cutaway option.. any takes on this, has anyone ever had a horse shoe from something strapped on their foot??
  7. you are correct sandwiching together will hold the insert in place, as far as shifting around they shouldn't shift around at all but who knows as of now, its just an idea for something new, more versatile, and more universal for left right foot, smoke/camera, one mount for anything you need :), also these are completely bootie friendly and with the cutaway option that I created the mount can be cut away from under your bootie which makes it a little safer. thanks for your comment though everyone has something to say and I want to hear it, if I were to pin the plate!!
  8. student canopy by chance, this would make sense for the radio holder on the ground????
  9. any opinions guys and gals... possible idea for next run of things would like some input.. 2 plates can be inserted into the base plate for either smoke or a camera mount system for either side of the foot makes it easy for people that have custom rigs for left handed throwers :) just thinking of the creative brain jumpers..
  10. that is an absolutely fabulous idea having it just drop down further, thanks for sharing this!!
  11. I like that ankle mount I tell you, great idea I tell you!!! one question though, how would you even strap something over your bootie of your wing suit, the leg wing would be considerably in the way from me envisioning it?? tunedbyJoe seems to have his stuff together...
  12. I apologize for the advertising, wing suit friendly is as said keeps the can further away from the foot/suit than the chutting star version also the cutaway allows you to get both straps free with one pull and you can reach the cutaway with your suit on, which is impossible with the chutting star version, comments are good though keep them coming I only have 12 left after this batch I was going to start on a second depending on how many more people want them if any I know that only about 3% of skydivers even jump these types of things... Also as far as slippery on exits mentioned further up grip tape could be used on the bottom if needed I have lots so defiantly and idea for you base jumpers I was worried about landings though having something catch and causing falling or injuries myself. Good bad or indifferent feedback is wanted gentleman keep it coming. Also I will change what I wrote up top to make it "what do you think" verse all the details for advertising. Thanks for checking it out guys.