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    It's not. Viruses don't care (they don't actually have a brain, so they CAN'T care). But there is a rather large differential between people who are/were smart enough to adopt measures to reduce their chances of getting infected and those who weren't People who did things like: Staying away from others. Wearing masks. Getting vaccinated. Did far, far better than people who: Thought taking precautions was 'living in fear'. Thought masks were 'controlling'. Thought large gatherings were 'freedom' (freedumb). Thought the vax was unnecessary (poison, microchipped, loss of freedumb, ect). Seriously, the idiocy of the people who absolutely refused to take Covid seriously is appalling. The number of 'adult 3 year olds' is frightening. The level of defiant oppositional disorder is seriously scary. The number of people who are simply selfish assholes who refuse to give a shit about anyone else is... Getting smaller. About 400 a day. A bit over 3/4 of them are unvaxxed. That works out to about 145000 per year (about 108k unvaxxed). And while the political divide is pretty clear, I'm only targeting 'stupid people'. The fact that they tend to be Trump supporters says a lot about him... And them. But that wasn't my point.
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    Saw a nasty car fire on I-57 yesterday. Wow, it wasn't an EV, it was a ICE powered vehicle. They catch fire too? Who knew?
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    The circumstances are the same - that a deputy PM has no automatic right to even be acting PM if the PM dies. Never mind that it’s all hypothetical. When Starmer is PM in 2 years time then A: Will he have a deputy PM? B: If he does, will it be Raynor? C: If he does and it is Raynor will she have enough support in the Parliamentary party for it to mean anything? If a week is a long time in politics we’re talking about forecasting the distant post-apocalyptic future. Anyway, main point is Bokdrol’s been watching too much American politics thinking we operate a ‘next (wo)man up’ system.
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    I’m just trying to understand how USPA chooses to enact a BSR vs recommendation. @billvon had some great input during the minimum opening altitude discussion. BSR for minimum opening altitude? Yep. BSR for minimum number of jumps to fly a wingsuit? Yep BSR for maximum WL? Nope, skydivers are adults who can make their own decisions. Just seems inconsistent to me.
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    Scrolled down from that one. Found this one: I wouldn't mess with that cat. No way.
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    After reading all the responses to my original question and reading all 484 posts in the thread above, my understanding of why the minimums were raised is that it was in response to nine fatalities over the previous ten years involving AAD activations and insufficient time for reserve deployment or two out situations. 1. It was known back in 2013 that PD had a TSO waiver for their Optimum reserves as in some cases they took more than the required time to deploy. 2. Iterative changes to reserve containers operating under TSOs that may no longer pass TSO requirements may have contributed to the reserve time to deployment. 3. AAD altitude sensors have varying accuracy due to pressure variance depending on jumper orientation. USPA BOD recognized their inability to force manufacturers to fix the problem while giving the equipment more time to deploy the reserve would have potentially solved the problem in the nine cases and in future cases. It was the simplest and quickest way to save lives. If anyone has any other take or if I’m misunderstanding, please chime in.
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    I'll give you a hint: There's a copy in the CSPA rigger package handout, or at least there was a while back. Which I have. Maybe you can find a copy. (But hey I remember the battles and antagonism in the 1990s between the CSPA organization, and the rival upstart CAPS organization which you guys were an integral part of -- and maybe the founders?? Each side was slagging the other as being full of bullshit. Yeah I know the membership of CAPS had a wide variety of DZ's in it with differing motivations -- from Lloyd Kallio's PST using and believing in round parachutes for students right until he retired; to Tom McCarthy of Gananoque who was always a pioneer but liked to go his own way if the CSPA bugged him at any given point; to Beiseker the "Death DZ" as the CSPA editorial put it and thus got sued by the asshole running the place ... who later in turn fled town once there was a legal judgment against him after one of the fatalities. CAPS was quite the mixed bag of those who chose not to join the CSPA for various reasons...) Anyway. Deep breath. Maybe I should let bygones be bygones ... But I think that even though you probably run a great DZ these days.... I'm not comfortable handing you the contents of a CSPA manual given the antagonism your CAPS organization had for the CSPA system. Someone else is sure to have the old PIA handouts...
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    As a going away present for the conscripted soldiers, their family should give them a white handkerchief for good luck. Available from amazon for $9.49 for a package of 9, 100% cotton.
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    They are getting a little time off for attacks/trolling.
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