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    If deadly hurricanes ripping through the Midwest in December isn't a testament for climate change, the I don't know what is.
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    I've spent the better part of the past two days driving from Northwest New Mexico back to my home in Tennessee with about 4 hours sleep in between. Rough drive. I was pleasantly surprised this morning to find that there was a new episode of the Cooper Vortex for me to start today's drive with. I enjoyed it. I don't have to believe that a suspect is Cooper to enjoy the episode. Here is the simple truth in regards to Reca: He is either DB Cooper, or he is a liar. Pretty simple. But as far as Lisa Story or Carl Laurin being liars, I don't buy it. I think they truly believe Reca was Cooper. I don't know if all of the documents were fake or not, but I won't take Blevins word for that. But if they are fake, why would someone assume it was Laurin or Story doing the faking? Perhaps Reca himself did that? Why is putting the plane above Cle Elum a lie? It certainly doesn't seem accurate based on the information that we have, but it's an alternate theory, not a lie. If Reca told Laurin that's where he landed then again, if it isn't true, then it's Reca that is the liar, not Laurin. A person, who is a book editor and likes to constantly point out how good of a book editor he is, who continues to sell a book with inaccurate information in it instead of fixing it, should probably not be calling other suspect pushers liars.
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    Meanwhile in the Antarctic: Just got back from 3 weeks in the Antarctic and far south Atlantic. Saw for myself the sad state of many formerly huge glaciers, and the freshwater running off the melting glaciers freezing into sea-ice. The sea-ice area extent in the Antarctic is not shrinking like in the Arctic because this fresh runoff freezes more easily than the salty southern ocean. However, the resulting sea ice is a very thin layer. Have lots of pictures of penguins and seals, should anyone be interested, (36 hours traveling to get back to Chicago - it's a long way).
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    The shills for the fossil fuel industry have promoted the Antarctic sea ice extent as "evidence" against climate change. They conveniently omit to mention that this is largely due to the run-off from melting glaciers freezing into a very thin layer.
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    In performance havok and funk are quite similar when looking at glide, with the funk typically a bit slower on the forward speed. The Havok a bit more agile in terms of lateral control. But all marginal. Pilot skill and weight/body type will usually be the main determining factor in comparing one to the other.
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    CRT might be un-outlawed! (The field of study, not the old display device.) Science might be taught in schools! You'd have vaccines and smart grids and EV's and long distance HVDC transmission lines and grid scale storage and other tools of the devil. Not only might you see a woman as a CEO, she might make as much as a real CEO! Voting by mail, fewer gerrymanders, Januarys without fun insurrections! You'd have black people moving into white neighborhoods and buying out white families without so much as a fare-thee-well. It would be just like Nazi Germany. (But, you know, woke.)
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    What a hilarious joke. Lisa is kind, wonderful, and honest person. She's never sent me dozens of crazy and hateful emails in the middle of the night. She doesn't refer to herself in the third person. She doesn't pretend she's running a company. She doesn't write crazy stories about people and post them on her blog. She never threatened to sue me. She never emailed me asking to come on the show, but she would write all the questions and answers in advance. She doesn't pretend she knows everything about book publishing. She doesn't annoy people with details of her personal life or camping gear purchases on a Skydiving forum thread labeled DB Cooper. She hasn't been banned from any websites. She never interfered with some one else's events. She doesn't pretend to have an audience. She's not a convicted felon. I'm not interested in calling anyone out. People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. Have a nice weekend Bob.
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    Advising someone looking for a smaller sized (wing) wingsuit, I'm not sure 'don't do it because others fly a bigger suit' is the best advice. Trends (like fast upsizing) mainly started because 'everyone else is doing it too'. There let your own comfort level and progression dictate what suit size you choose. Not (unintentional) peer pressure. That said, I've flown with (and in) just about every suit on the market, and if you want to fly together, you can in any suit. But of course the bigger suits will need to always adapt downward to make that possible. Mono-chamber is the new magic word, but in general, suits with a lower cell pressure (ease of pushing the air out, so you can close a wing during rolls/transitions easier) have been the norm in acro from the start (most wingsuits pre-2015ish had very low cell pressure standard). There its perhaps a bit re-inventing the wheel, after years of pushing for harder and harder inflation. With regards to suit choice, a smaller suit doesnt always need to have a flocking purpose. I fly around 3/4 of the skydiving (and base) jumps I do in a big suit, but still grab the small suit often when learning something new, or doing creative 2 ways, as its a much easier and faster learning platform for skills (to then immediately apply to the big suit). As said, Ive flown and coached people in every suit on the planet over the years, and I don't think there is a single wingsuit that doesnt allow you to do one thing or the other. The differences are minimal, and to most a personal preference they will be loud and agressive over, for no reason. Fly what you like. I could give a lot of reasons to choose a havok, but someone who prefers intrudair or squirrel could probably do the same for the similar offerings in their line-up. So do take all the 'this brand is best' tooting with a grain of salt, and see its often people earning their sponsorship, discount or just airing their like (or hate) for brand X There's not too many bad choices on the market at the moment...and there are a lot of choices.. If acro is your thing, Id mainly say pick a smaller suit, and even if big suit acro is your thing, the small suit will come in handy for many years to come as 'old faithfull' to learn and try new things with.
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    There you go Robert, I fixed it for you. If you did any sort of "investigation" then why didn't you know Rod Addicks was released in 89? Why didn't you know he died in May 2020? He worked as an unlicensed CPA in Washington and had a handful of DUI's. If you're doing an "investigation" shouldn't you at least read the book about the guy instead of guess what happened?
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