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    The biggest problem I find with publicly-funded school choice is that it gives all of the charter schools the ability to pick and choose the students they want; usually the higher-potential, less-expensive ones. Which means that with the public schools’ requirement to educate all children, they have to keep all the highest-needs students, at the greatest cost, without recourse. Which means, of course, that they do end up with more problems. How do you propose that school systems (and vouchers are part of a school system) deal with these students? Society is best served if these students, too, have as much education and socialization as possible. Wendy P.
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    Indeed, if that dumb sonofabitch got a good 8 hours daily he might have approached coherency - in a narcissistic kind of way. Cancelling his Twitter account might have helped his cause, but perhaps having insight into his garbled thought process had the up side of getting him out of the Oval Office. Now if there was any way to drive a stake through his political heart we could get back to the normal level of mediocrity in the Beltway. BSBD, Winsor
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    I don’t think she plays golf so at least she’d be on the job 307 more days than trump was during his term.
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    Is the result the same if the rig is worn properly? (Leg straps on and tight) is the result the same if packed by a different rigger ?
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    Just don't call me late for dinner.
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    This video is rife with irony: It is evil without being banal. BSBD, Winsor
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    To the question "full RDS vs. slider only". During the tests, we saw the situation of wrapping and blocking the opening by the "full-RDS" bridle link in the terminal deployment, a high-speed failure and an almost inevitable cutaway. Be careful!
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    I am nor alone in viewing the Woke crowd as sanctimonious and humorless: https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2021/10/new-puritans-mob-justice-canceled/619818/ Woke mis a joke, but not the funny kind. BSBD, Winsor
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    You project as a matter of course. "A man sees in others what he knows of himself." Socrates If a writer makes claims that violate the laws of thermodynamics, or bases their thesis on demonstrable falsehoods, it is a fool's errand to 'study' their work. So it is with CRT. The 'field of study' is not 'worthless,' it is of negative net value. You have yet to say anything to dispute the observation that CRT is based on racial differences and is thus divisive. BSBD, Winsor
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    I agree with all the above (except the suppositions included in the last sentence), I am not sure who is accusing of whitewashing anything. Richard Pryor's treatment of recovery comes to mind. In it he is listing the issues he faces related to his addiction. His friend, a Football Star as I recall, kept responding "What you gonna do?" You need to pick a path forward, and responding to racism with racism is a poor choice. If the goal is EQUALITY (NOT 'equity'), then striving for that goal should be paramount. Equal rights and equal responsibilities, no more and no less is the key. "Special treatment" was provided for Jews in Europe some time back. Be careful what you ask for. If the goal is to reestablish any societal divides that have served us to badly so far, for whatever lofty reasons, the outcome is predictable. What I find appalling is that, given the horrific results of racism in our collective past, that anyone should recommend racism to 'correct' the situation. What could go wrong with that approach? CRT is all about racism, specifically as it relates to Blacks of African origin (Little Black Sambo was Burmese - tigers are Asian). Given the ill treatment of Chinese, Japanese, Algonquins, Navajo, Jews, and the Irish, I'd say Blacks are in pretty good company. My whole point is not to deny that the massacre in Tulsa was ghastly or that Custer had it coming, but that the best approach is to lay off on the racism rather than wallowing in it. 'Good' racism is just as bad as 'bad' racism. It all sucks. BSBD, Winsor
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    Has anyone perhaps been aware of this published a few days ago ? A REPORT ON THE FIGHTING CULTURE OF THE UNITED STATES NAVY SURFACE FLEET Now, before someone jumps on the obvious; Yes, I'm aware that all four names under "Conducted at the Direction of..." are Republicans (yeah, I looked those guys up because I'm aware that politics loves to drive reports). If forum members choose to dismiss it out of hand on that alone though, then we might as well apply the same bias to dismiss any report the left conducts. In the event that some forum members decide to troll me on this; I'll state in advance that I cannot effectively debate this particular report as I have no significant knowledge of the modern US Navy or the veracity of statements in this report, and without better knowledge I expect it would be tricky for any forum member to shoot meaningful flak at this unless , heaven forbid, "it's perfectly OK for combat training to take a back seat...". If you happen to be a senior and current naval officer who can debunk this then, by all means; have at it ! It's a long report and it's not all anti-woke sentiments throughout; but for relevance to this thread topic you may ready your fully-woke battleship cannons because, for what it's worth, here are some excerpts; ----------------- A recently retired senior enlisted leader suggested that this dynamic was more a lack of proper prioritization. “I guarantee you every unit in the Navy is up to speed on their diversity training. I’m sorry that I can’t say the same of their ship handling training.” “Sometimes I think we care more about whether we have enough diversity officers than if we’ll survive a fight with the Chinese navy,” lamented one lieutenant currently on active duty. “It’s criminal. They think my only value is as a black woman. But you cut our ship open with a missile and we’ll all bleed the same colour.” ...destroyer captain lamented that, “where someone puts their time shows what their priorities are. And we've got so many messages about X, Y, Z appreciation month, or sexual assault prevention, or you name it. We don't even have close to that same level of emphasis on actual warfighting.”
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