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    My wife has been best friends with the same person since they were in middle school. They were roommates in college and they still get together at least once a week, after several decades of being close. My wife and I are fairly progressive, her best friend is a Fox-watching conservative who voted for Trump in 2016 because she was 'sick of poor people getting everything'. At least once a month they have a blow-up fight due to the friend parroting some Fox talking point and my wife telling her that she's wrong and awful for believing that shit. I agree with my wife when she points out how horrible it is to compare government shutdowns to Nazi occupation; it's complete bullshit drummed up by Fox to rile up the masses. But screaming at people that they're stupid, racist, horrible etc... just reinforces the 'Elite democrats want to control you' narrative that Fox et all are pushing. For way too many people, Fox is 'the real news'. I don't know a way to get people out of that bubble, but I know that aggressively calling them racist is more likely than not to cause them to dig in their heels.
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    Fan-bloody-tastic use of the infix, an uncommon grammatical element in English.
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    There is no path provided by the Constitution that allows States to overturn the choice their own citizens made at the ballot box when State law says that choice has to be respected. I know you want to overturn US democracy in favour of having a small class of the political elite make those choices for you, but it's not going to happen. There's nothing to enjoy in the attempted overthrow of a previously stable democracy.
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    I studied the comics extensively and the author was in the Pacific Northwest mid sixties and Florida late sixties. He would explore an area take pics and use them for his stories. He was well connected in military/aviation circles.. I also found that the comic was published in Mexico for Latin America in Spanish.. the French only thing was wrong. There is a vector between Hahneman and the publisher Herge. The IGY.. Ultimately, I believe the Cooper comic was probably an interesting coincidence, unless more evidence is found.
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    Perfect, I found Mount Rainier is in a Dan Cooper comic book,,,, from Lake Tipsoo Crazy right... Cooper comic on right..
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    That's obviously NOT what she's saying. She's not defending their viewpoint, just offering a bit of nuance rather than screaming 'they're all evil racists!' Trying to understand where people are coming from doesn't necessarily mean you agree with what they think. If there's the slightest bit of hope that the current levels of polarization-based hatred can be deescalated, it's gotta start with people trying to understand the other side.....that's difficult as fuck when the 'other side' considers anybody to the political left of Stephen Miller to be Luciferien, but I don't have any better ideas.
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    As far as this Facial ID Catalog, it's old-fashioned paper technology all the way. Early 1970's stuff before personal computers or digital graphics, or any of that. I'm not sure exactly how it works, but my best guess is that it was a big book. You have the agents, the book, and the witness. The agents might ask the shape of the person's face. The witness says, 'Sort of oval I guess.' So they flip the book to the section with oval faces. "Mustache?" "No," says the witness. So they skip the pages with oval faces and mustaches. "Hairline?" Etc. They finally come to the best 'description' of the general appearance of the person they seek. I dunno...sort of like that I guess. When they come to the finished package, it gets a number according to the parameters the witness gave to the agents. Basically, it's what they did before bringing in the sketch artist. It's how they narrowed down the perp's appearance, more or less. It's sort of Mr Potato Head stuff, where you add or subtract things to change how Potato Head looks. One way of looking at this tech is by considering that a red-haired white guy with freckles is a lot different than a tall, skinny guy with long, dark hair. It did go into certain details. For example, if you said the perp had a mustache, they would try to narrow it down to what type. Pencil-thin, big and bushy hanging down over the lip, sort of like that. Then they would do the same with things like sideburns, hairline, color of hair, eyes, shape of ears, and so on. At the end of this process, they end up with a general picture of the perp. It was never a perfect system, but came in useful for eliminating people right away, or to investigate them further. I guess... EDIT: I went to Samantha Steinberg's website and looked around. The FBI should have had HER doing the Cooper sketch. But I'm pretty sure she wasn't even born yet. The lady does have serious talent, though.
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    My wife works one day a week at a winery. One of the owners was exposed to Covid. She got a call from them and was informed. She was exposed to 4 of our friends plus myself. She went and got tested and the results came back inconclusive. She got tested again and came back positive. We kept our distance and she slept in a tent in the back yard for 10 days. The 4 friends plus myself all tested negative. The County Health Dept. was informed and they checked up on her for the 10 days and with no symptoms, she was cleared. Several weeks later got got the antibody test and it came back negative. Who knows if she really had it, were the tests false positives, what about the antibody test? There is a lot we don't know. Her mom is 91 and in an independent living center. They have taken all the precautions and so far everything has been ok with only one staff testing positive but they weren't at that facility. Since early November, they have let my wife take her mom to doctors appointments so she has been able to see her mom a few times. Thankfully we have been really lucky so far.
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    there are two footnotes,, each looks to have a matching initial.. One looks like "Mg" possibly Tom Manning the other looks looks an "F" possibly Charlie Farrell Those are guesses..
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