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  1. I have read the approximately four pages of that file dedicated to KC. All it says is basically: 1) Lyle Christiansen was writing letters to the FBI (like hundreds of other people over the years claiming that someone they knew was Cooper). 2) These letters were mostly ignored. 3) Lyle claimed later that he had been interviewed by FBI agents at a park in Morris, MN. This turns out to be TRUE. 4) The person in Tacoma who was a 'friend of Kenny and should be interviewed' is Robin Powell, who was never interviewed. I actually know where this guy lives today. And I have spoken to his ex-wife Carolyn, who is now remarried and living in Nevada. She said neither she or Robin knew if KC was Cooper, but that the story of money being found buried behind Kenny's house was true. Neither knew who actually found it, although they thought it was a kid, or a group of kids. This turns out to be true and was discovered after Kyle DeDominces came forward years later. There is some mention of Kenneth McWilliams, he is the guy with the wife and kids. Mac was later interviewed by Geoff Gray for his book, but the FBI didn't interview Mac either. 5) The FBI eventually got hold of Kenny's DD214 from his Army record, but like us, were unable to get anything else except that and his enlistment record, due to the massive fire at the St Louis Records center in 1973. 6) The FBI makes mention of trying to pull Kenny's employment file from 1971 November to see if he was working at the time of the hijacking. They could not get that. I know this because we tried the same thing and NWA said they were purging employees' files after that employee no longer worked for them, about every five years. By 2004, it had been ten years since Kenny worked for them. By 2008, NWA had gone out of business and merged into Delta. 7) There are some references to Lyle's letters as being 'crazy letters'. It's obvious they didn't take him too seriously. Later, Lyle came up with handwritten letters from Kenny showing Kenny's unhappiness with the airline, but until we submitted our report to the FBI in 2015 or so, no one at the FBI ever saw the content of those letters. It wasn't much of an 'investigation' at all. About the only active thing they did was interview Lyle in Morris, MN. Two years after these 2004 'investigations' that went nowhere, Lyle finally contacted Skipp Porteous, the New York private investigator. After that, the REAL investigation on Kenny began, starting with the 2007 October article by Gray, which mentions Skipp Porteous. In late 2008, I saw this article and volunteered to Skipp that since he was in New York, and I already lived 15 minutes from Bonney Lake, that I could assist him in any investigation into KC. Over the next 16 months or so, Skipp and I did what the FBI and Lyle could or would NOT do. We found the people who knew Kenny best...who neither Lyle or the FBI even knew existed. And I interviewed them, took pictures, and discovered evidence pointing to KC as possibly being Cooper. In other words, even though the FBI dismissed KC initially, and officially in 2008 (statement by Larry Carr) we actually DID do a comprehensive investigation. What we discovered was eventually submitted to the FBI, who closed the case about a year after they received it. I cannot tell you if that was the reason for dismissal, but we've sometimes wondered about it...especially after the statements made by senior FBI agent John Jarvis in August 2016. Jarvis indicated to three confirmed witnesses...all with security clearances with the US government...that the reason for closure on Cooper was that the FBI knew KC was their guy, and that he was dead. It is hard to get around this, or dismiss it outright, because Troy Bentz was so worried we wouldn't believe his story that he gave every detail you could imagine to us regarding these statements by Agent Jarvis. The names of all the witnesses, what everyone was doing at the time, an exact description on how the whole thing 'went down,' and even the places where the other witnesses' worked, and their phone numbers and addresses. AB verified all this information thoroughly. Bentz agreed to a verification of this incident, but asked we keep his name out of it for a year. We agreed to that, and only went public with his name as the whistleblower a year later. THAT's an investigation. The FBI did a park meeting with Lyle, and that's as far as they went with it. And Lyle didn't even know any of the people we later interviewed for our investigation, i.e. Bernie and Margie Geestman, Helen Jones, and many other people. If the FBI had known about these people, they might have taken Lyle a bit more seriously. But just coming forward and saying your brother looks like the hijacker and used to be an Army paratrooper wasn't enough for them. Also, Kenny had virtually no criminal record and no fingerprints on file to go the FBI had basically nothing to work with back in 2004. It isn't a surprise they only did a casual check on him. After all the dust settled, two things happened. First, the cast of Decoded, after they were provided a copy of our report for the FBI, changed their minds on whether Bernie Geestman was involved. Both Buddy Levy and Scott Rolle emailed me and said they now thought he was. Christine McKinley still wasn't sure on Geestman, but said it confirmed her suspicions on Kenny. Second, Kenny's family, who also saw that same report, agreed that Kenny could be the hijacker. In the end, I cannot tell you for certain whether KC was Cooper or if he wasn't. But like Buddy Levy said once: "He's either Cooper, or it's the biggest set of coincidences in history..." (paraphrased) As far as Hahneman, if you can't get the criminal files by the FBI on him, you might be able to get the court transcripts from his trial for the hijacking he DID do. You may find your answers in there. Without a doubt, when Hahneman was still in flight with all that money and on the way to Honduras...the FBI must have wondered if he was Cooper and striking again. It would have been their first thought. You need to find out why he's not even mentioned in the Cooper files, and why the FBI never linked him to the Cooper case, even though they had his 12 years in prison to do so. This issue may have been addressed in his trial transcripts. Your answer could be right in there.
  2. In other news, I answered more than a dozen messages today about the latest Cooper documentary. I had to create a standard reply, just to save time. I put a link to a post I made in it, to easier explain the whole thing. If anyone ever asks me again to be in a Cooper documentary, unless I know them, or there are agreed-upon parameters on paper, I will say no. I did video conference with Greg the Techie Guy earlier this evening and laid out the shit for him regarding next year's Cooper Party. I reminded him we've been friends for 36 years, he's been with AB of Seattle since the start in 2003, and now it was time to step up to the job. You should have seen me working with him. Microsoft stock is selling for over $200 a share and he has TENS of thousands of shares. How about dropping a few on the final public event Adventure Books of Seattle will ever host in Washington state? What about it Greg? (*insert evil laugh here*) You can ask him all about it if you end up showing in June. My good friend for decades, the guy I've known since Windows Three Point Whatever told me today that my budget is unlimited and I can do whatever the hell I want...and he will back it up fully. Woo-hoo baby. All we need now is a vaccine. Don't give me a blank check. I have plenty of imagination. And the first thing I will do is offer up so much damn money on those Cooper Character Lookalike Contest prizes, that Cooper fans will be falling over each other to get on the attendance list. They will boonie-crash through the forest to get a chance at that money. You think I'm BS'ing you? You haven't seen Greg and I work together. I come up with the imaginative ideas. He's the brains with the money. Get on board with this idea, Cooperland....or you will find yourselves sucking hind teat next June. That's a 'kid farmer' and 'toilet scrubber' kind of comment.
  3. KC wasn't 'investigated' in 2004. His brother, like many other people, was just sending in letters to the FBI because he thought Kenny was Cooper. The FBI did little to nothing about that. No investigation really began until 2007, when Skipp Porteous became involved, and later...when I did. When I was working with Skipp, we had access to unlimited use of background checking websites because Skipp was licensed as a private investigator and was able to access even OTHER databases generally restricted to the public, as long as he paid the monthly fees, or in some cases, because he had a valid PI license. This made it easier to know who I should visit and interview, as well as everything about them that was on record, including NCIC. Okay. You have files you haven't released. So do I. Do any of the ones you have include witness testimony, or hard facts regarding Hahneman's whereabouts in November 1971? All I've seen so far is an effort to match Hahneman to the hijacking based mostly on his work and appearance. And Hahneman is a guy who was identified, caught, arrested, and imprisoned for twelve long years in Federal prison for a hijacking he DID do. It should be easy as pie to link him to the Cooper hijacking, yet you haven't even got him traveling or living in the Great Northwest at the time of Cooper. Don't you think the FBI thought of the possibility he might be Cooper the second they realized he was pulling off virtually the SAME TYPE OF CRIME? Don't you think they were wondering if he was Cooper the moment he was taken into custody? Of course they did...unless you believe they were unbelievably stupid. Hahneman is a known quantity. He was caught, tried, and jailed. Yet he's never even mentioned anywhere in the Cooper files as a suspect at all. Ask yourself WHY. You need to see the FBI files on Hahneman to find out WHY. There must be a reason why he was dismissed right away as Cooper, and that answer is in those files. The two most likely answers are either the FBI was easily able to place him elsewhere on 11/24/1971, or the witnesses wrote him off. Probably both. Come must realize they CHECKED. Some information on all this might even be available in the court transcript of Hahneman's trial. You might be able to get that without an FOIA request. In those cases, sometimes it's just a small fee to the court clerk, or the Federal court where he was tried.
  4. Eric Ulis now wants to be a makeup and beauty expert? What in the heck is that all about? If not...if Eric simply stopped paying for the domain address...all of you guys with the Cooper Con website linked might want to remove those links from your articles or your websites. Well, unless you want to know how to get better-looking eyelashes and lips. I'm pretty sure that site wasn't created by Eric. You have to watch it when you let domains lapse, though. If people see that the domain was previously getting good traffic, they will sometimes buy the domain name just to get the traffic. In any case, I know some of you have that domain address linked as the site Eric uses to organize Cooper conventions. It's no longer valid. You should probably rid yourselves of those links and wait for Eric to create a new website on Cooper Conventions. The only thing I can't figure out is WHY Eric would let that domain name lapse, if he were planning future conventions. It only costs me $20 a year to renew the AB domain, which is done two years at a time. And you get plenty of warnings on upcoming loss of your domain name. Sixty days out, a month out, days out, and you can still renew for a short period even if it expires. They give you a lot of chances. For some reason, Eric just let it expire. It's a mystery to me on why he would do that.
  5. About Hahneman: I wanted to do a separate post on him so you don't have to quote over all those pictures and my comments about them. The John Dower picture has nothing to do with this issue. I'll admit Hahneman could fit a possible profile of Cooper. There is no getting around this fact. The problem is that you don't have, or can't obtain, what are probably large amounts of FBI files on him related to the hijacking for which he was later convicted. The one he certainly DID do...and this hurts your case. For all we know, Hahneman could have been heavily investigated after he was caught, to see if he was Cooper. Why wouldn't they do that? It was nearly a copycat of Cooper's jump and the Cooper case was still red hot in June 1972. Hahneman was also in Federal prison for approximately 12 years, and that would give the FBI plenty of time to see if he was also Cooper. Or...for some reason not known to either you or I...the FBI was able to dismiss him right away as a suspect. Without seeing what the FBI had on Hahneman both before and after his arrest, it is hard to pin the Cooper case on him. You have said that perhaps some things were covered up by the FBI, or maybe the State Department. Okay...maybe. If so, why would the FBI continue to spend so many resources and manpower to continue chasing Cooper, if they knew Hahneman was Cooper? It is much more likely that somehow they found out he was NOT...and for that reason they kept up investigating the Cooper case. The most likely reason they would conclude he wasn't is if they were able to interview witnesses who place him far from Portland, Oregon on November 24. 1971. Or...that his picture was shown to the witnesses and they dismissed him as Cooper. Hahneman pulled off his little stunt only seven months after the Cooper hijacking. The witnesses' minds would still have been fresh, and people like Flo Schaffner, who was still frightened out of her wits, would have been happy to say Hahneman was Cooper. But nobody ever did as far as we know. There is also the matter of the Tina Bar money. Since Hahneman was caught shortly after June 1972, this means the money found at Tina Bar would have to be exposed to the elements for almost ten years, when Tom Kaye and his team estimated the time the bills would have been outside at far less than that time frame. You have countered that with a theory that stewardess Tina Mucklow may have pocketed some of the ransom, and a fit of guilt perhaps...dumped the money at Tina Bar either through an intermediary, or on her own. But Mucklow was known to be heavily religious, even proselytizing her fellow crew members occasionally, and was known to carry a Bible around. She seems an unlikely candidate for dishonesty. Plus, she and her fellow crew must have been aware that once they reached Reno, they would be heavily debriefed by FBI agents. Had they caught her with some of the ransom money, she would have been fired immediately, and then arrested. Putting yourself in Mucklow's place, remember something else: Almost every hijacker who tried it for money was either identified, or later arrested. Mucklow would have to depend on the idea that Cooper would not be caught, otherwise she would have been found out rather quickly. Especially if they had caught Cooper right after he landed, like some of the other hijackers. She would have to be insane to accept money from Cooper when every cop on the West Coast would be searching for him. She would have to KNOW that he would become the only unidentified hijacker, and one of the few not caught by police eventually. Or...that he would be killed. She would have to know these things, and there is no way she could have known any of that. As far as Mucklow possibly disposing of the ransom money at Tina Bar, if you believe that story...she didn't need to take that risk. She could have simply tossed the bills into a fireplace. In order to find out whether Hahneman was Cooper, the only thing you really need are the FBI's files on him. Since Hahneman pulled off his little caper only seven months after Cooper did, and the Cooper case was unsolved, there is undoubtedly mention of Cooper in those files as it relates to the Cooper case. You can take this almost as a 'given' that the FBI would have wondered if Hahneman and Cooper were one and the same. It was probably the first thing they wondered. He smoked, he demanded money and parachutes, he went out the back of a 727, etc. Only if you assume the FBI were complete fools would they not have checked to see if Cooper and Hahneman were the same guy. They probably wondered all this, even while Hahneman was in flight and making his demands. Almost certainly this will go one way or another, should the files on Hahneman be obtained. Either the FBI dismissed him for cause, or...who knows why he was never charged in the Cooper crime? Or even WHY...(as far as I know) he is NEVER mentioned in the Cooper files? However, it is almost a certainty that Cooper WOULD be mentioned in the Hahneman files. The idea that Hahneman might be Cooper (same M.O.) must have occurred to the FBI right away. There are two large differences between the Hahneman job and the Cooper job. Hahneman used a gun and was very aggressive. And he smoked a different brand of cigarettes. The FBI's files on Hahneman will reveal the truth on whether he is Cooper. That is nearly a certainty. Without any more available evidence, my best guess on what happened is that Hahneman got the idea to hijack a jet for money by reading about Cooper, and was encouraged by the fact that Cooper got away with it.
  6. Well, here come the messages...I knew this would happen. Facebook and email: People are asking me why in the hell didn't they put on the KC footage we shot for Dower's movie. I've run up a standard response to handle them all, and explained I was glad he cut us from that film anyway. After I watched this documentary film a second time, I began to understand why it's getting such bad reviews. Not really because they cut the parts on KC, but because you shouldn't expect Brits to know what the hell they are doing trying to do the Cooper story. It's like an American filmmaker trying to do the Great Train Robbery story. Just doesn't come off very well. This situation makes me glad we charged that film company what we did, otherwise it was all a big waste of my time. It's the last time I will ever agree to appear on film for a Cooper production, unless it is one where people I already know and have worked with are involved. Here are a few pictures in case the people messaging me wonder what we DID do with those Brits. Some of them check in regularly at Dropzone. BELOW: Cameraman, Director, and Producer. We gave them everything they wanted, and more, but Dower was never looking for the truth on Cooper anyway. He just wanted a story on the Cooper Vortex. He did get that. BELOW: Crew asked me to make a short line of books I read. So I put up a few. BELOW: Office shot with pictures. The yellow envelope on the table is a sealed DNA sample from Lyle Christiansen. It is still in storage, and unopened. BELOW: The FBI agent who works in Behavioral Profiling at the Quantico facility for the FBI. He told his friends that the reason they finally dropped the Cooper case was because the FBI knew who Cooper was, that he was dead, and was none other than Kenny Christiansen. The Seattle FBI responded by saying maybe the agent was just giving his opinion, but they didn't dispute he made that statement. Since Jarvis had been with the FBI over fifteen years, was a former field agent who solved a few murders along the way, and was now in a senior position at Quantico, I tended to believe his story. After all, the announcement that the case was being closed was done by the Seattle FBI...but the decision to do so was NOT. It was made by higher-ups at FBI HQ in Washington, DC. Then this decision was transmitted to the Seattle office. Why would Jarvis blow the whistle, you ask? Because the three people he told all this to had security clearances, and worked in a civilian capacity for the US Government. The first one to come forward about Jarvis was Troy Bentz, a civilian engineer for the US Navy. He also provided the identities and histories of his two friends, who were also present at the time. BELOW: Some props used in filming. They are also used in public displays when I would show up at the Auburn Library to do discussion on the case. The picture on the wall, to the right, is the famous 'Twin Peaks' from the Mars Pathfinder Mission. BELOW: Cameraman, John Dower, and yours truly at the Kent shoot. BELOW: The lady who saw Kenny, or 'KP' as her family calls him, busy making a phony bomb in her uncle's garage. BELOW: Gayla and I show up for the first day of the shoot. Her rig is the black Pathfinder. The GOOD side is that messages via the Contact Form for the Cooper Party are WAY up. Trust me...our part in that won't be cut. All well and good. But you still haven't a single witness to anything linking Hahneman to the hijacking. Need a few. There are only three forms of basic evidence. Circumstantial, which you DO have now. Witness testimony, which you don't have. Last is physical evidence. Don't have. Need at least two of those three to really go further.
  7. Dynamite has a shelf life of about a year. After that, you take a chance on the liquid nitro or crystals from it gathering on the sticks. Hope those guys were careful. I would like to wish everyone in Cooperland a Happy Thanksgiving, such as it is this year, and if you've survived up to this point, you are better off than many other people. It breaks my heart continuing to see the videos from health care workers crying, or saying they are overworked, or pleading with everyone to wear a mask. Or they can barely go to their jobs each day. After this pandemic is over, countries should erect monuments to them, name streets and schools after some of them. Gayla and I spend Thanksgiving alone this year, but we will think of you, and a few things to be thankful about. Unlike other years, you have to think about WHAT you are thankful for a bit more than other years, before you come to a conclusion. There are less choices. But you will come up with something. We did.
  8. Flyjack says in part: I agree. One of the biggest things, IF the FBI were trying to eliminate someone, might be the nature and construction of the bomb, because only Tina Mucklow actually saw it during the hijacking. That is a VERY good point. A few quick questions to a possible confessor would have revealed the truth about that confessor real quick.
  9. Well, that's good. Martin is a nice guy. Should be interesting. Is it true you no longer live in Idaho? Not asking where you went...just if you still live in Idaho. On a couple of the Cooper Campouts we did previously, we played all the episodes available up to that point using a USB flash drive and a big stereo. Other than music, it was the usual daily entertainment. Can't see TV or movie screens in the daytime out there, you know...bright sunlight and all. So we would do audio. I skipped the one where you interviewed me, though. You know how it is. I would get embarrassed having my own voice blasted out to the other campers. So I sort of skipped that episode, but we did the others. I will have to update the flash drive with all your newer episodes for the June event. I'm sure people will want to hear them.
  10. Of course I watched it everyone else did. It's still on my DVR. I watch all the documentaries, just like all of you guys do. How do you think I took stills from the show? On the six picture collage they showed Tina Mucklow, there was Rackstraw, four unknown people, and yes...there was one of LD Cooper. I missed that because they changed him from color to B/W and only did a head shot. The most common picture of LD has been a whole-body color shot of him holding a belt he made or something. And it hasn't been around the internet much, not say like McCoy, etc. The comments about Tina are right at the end of the show. Take a look for yourself. It's not a big deal part of the show, but it ticked me off they would say that about her just to try and cover their asses because she didn't ID Rackstraw. Colbert was absolutely counting on that, and foolishly arranged for release of his book (no I haven't read it) claiming FOR CERTAIN Rackstraw was Cooper...before he even heard from the best he was absolutely counting on to justify the entire book. Talk about foolish. I've done a lot of dumb things in my life, but I never spent a quarter of a million dollars doing something like that. The only redeeming factor is they put a question mark at the end of the title of the TV show. Parrothead Vol says: Even I didn't know dynamite is usually tan, not red. I looked it up after I saw the statement from Ralph Himmelsbach about it. Road flares have printing all over them. The instructions on use. Practically everybody has seen them, and are familiar with their appearance. Most say 'Emergency Road Flare' on them, or the like. They are also longer than the sticks described by Tina, who said they were about six inches long. Until the FBI released those files, the idea they were wrapped in red tape was NOT common knowledge. No one knew that, or SAID that....until Bernie Geestman's niece did it first. Followed by the information given by Agent Tom Manning in Longview, as a part of the notes in the Cowlitz County Sheriff's little notebook, the one he started writing on the evening of the hijacking. This is followed by notes recently revealed in the FBI files, as Flyjack just showed everyone. And finally....confirmed by Tina Mucklow on the recent TV show. What do you WANT? Obviously there is some substance to this story. Here's the problem: Many of you over at the Cooper Forum have spent a LOT of time and effort trying to discredit our investigation into Kenny. (Not you specifically, this is a blanket statement as a result of posts and page creations over the years) 'They've' come at me from all sides, both anonymously and otherwise, often on websites where they knew I couldn't respond directly. The anonymous ones, especially until recently, mostly came from Bruce's site...where they come after everyone I know with the filthiest stuff imaginable. Bruce finally put a stop to it when he realized it was making HIM look bad, and that some people posting at his site also pointed this out. As a result, I screen all comments to my WordPress and YouTube videos for outright lies or nasty comments. So now that situation is pretty balanced. I've come to the conclusion there are two REAL reasons why some folks in Cooperland come after me on a personal level, while the general public has been very nice. First...these people in Cooperland have invested thousands of postings attacking, or attempting to discredit everything I presented. Even our public events, which actually benefit them as well by helping keep Cooper in the public eye. They are heavily invested in this effort. Second, that anyone who presents a suspect with any kind of real evidence is seen as a threat to Cooperland. Not just me. ANYONE. This is because if it really were discovered who Cooper was, most discussion on him would end pretty quickly. Plain and simple. Now you're faced with the idea that a very ordinary woman has possibly linked Kenny to the bomb, that she gained nothing by doing so, and wasn't looking for notoriety or money. She's a very simple person, with three sons and a daughter, and doesn't even own a computer. She definitely knew Kenny and was able to confirm that easily without even trying. So does her aunt, her uncle, and those peoples' friends, all of whom have spoken up at different times. Director John Dower believed her, but now we discover Dower wasn't interested in WHO Cooper was anyway. I have inquired on the cut footage from the show, which frankly was probably the best presentation about a suspect ever done so far. No answer as of yet. Probably long gone. We spent two full days with Dower and were paid a fair amount of money, and revealed to him evidence that STILL hasn't been made public yet. It's funny how things turn out, though. After the shoot, I started worrying that the movie companies would cancel my contract for violating the confidentiality agreement...revealing stuff being saved for the picture...right? Then I hear it's all been cut anyway...(sigh of relief, now the movie companies won't get pissed off at me) THEN, I decide to DUMP one of these companies (original one I signed with) because they send me a script so bad as to be ridiculous. Total fiction on the Cooper facts. And tried to tell me how good it was. Okay...NOW I can reveal everything we know. Right? NO> Wait...I can't. Not just yet. After I rid myself of the original film company, I get an agreement with NIck R on the side that HE still wants to do the movie, and both HIS small company, and a larger one are involved.... So...I have to clam up on certain things again for this possible movie. I'm supposed to receive a new option offer around April 2021 or so... Ain't life weird sometimes in Cooperland? Now maybe people will understand why my biggest goal for next year is to ensure the 2021 Cooper Party goes off smoothly (Even if Greg and I have to offer a thousand bucks or more in prizes to convince people it's worth it to show up. We HAVE no shame.) and then move to California. LOL...I have had it for sure. The movie thing will work itself out later, but for now that's my number one priority. The party. The Northwest deserves this, and so do Cooper fans. And we are more than happy to provide. That...and getting the vaccine when it finally shows up. Slightly more important. I cannot sit here and tell you with 100% certainty that Kenny Christiansen was Cooper, but I will tell you this much. I did the best I could investigating all that with the limited help and resources I had available. And I still remain the only person who took the time to send a comprehensive report on a suspect directly to the Seattle FBI, and released it publicly. Maybe he was, maybe he wasn't. Sometimes I don't even give a damn.
  11. Senate control won't be decided until January...but I was surprised the GOP made gains in the House, though. I didn't expect they would. I hear the Dems identified a couple of hundred thousand people in Georgia who just became eligible to vote. (Reaching 18 in time for the January Senate runoff) And that they are trying to get them registered. Smart idea, especially since the majority of these new voters would be in urban areas, a place where Dems did very well in November.
  12. Bruce puts up a partial list of what's been spent by different people investigating the hijacking, or hosting events on it: Geoff Gray was probably working out of the money he got as an advance from Crown Books, based on future sales. He also was paid for the movie rights to Skyjack, although they didn't end up making the movie. Since his book was on the New York Times bestseller list, even if only for a short time, I would guess he received maybe $50,000 initially, perhaps a lot more, and then a share of the box if the movie is made. If they don't make the movie, the author still gets to keep the initial option payment. Last time I heard the film rights were still held by director Will Gluck's ('Friends With Benefits') production company. If so, then Gray would get a yearly payment to continue the option. If not, the rights have reverted back to Gray. You would have to ask him on this one. AB of Seattle spent approximately $13,000 in direct costs, and extra expenses incurred when I stopped accepting outside book edit/book packaging jobs for over a year, in order to do our initial investigation. We nearly went bankrupt, but made a comeback with our most popular book, Pilot Down, Presumed Dead - Special Illustrated Edition. (Blast is our SECOND largest seller.) Acquiring the rights to Pilot Down was the smartest move I ever made. I'm finishing up a script based on this book, and I plan to shop it around after we move to SoCal. Eric has spent a few thousand bucks hosting those two Cooper Cons, I'm sure. 377 probably doesn't worry where his next meal is coming from. In my opinion, he is the most level-headed, and most generous people in the Cooperland community. I have met him. Nat Geo: They have big budgets there. Probably spent a lot. Josh Gates: He's the host. The production company(s) pay the bills. Our budget for next year's Cooper Party is about $5,000. It would be higher, but I collected much of the gear we will be using a bit at a time, mostly from Amazon, over the last two years. And most of the money came from option payments when we were signed for the Cooper movie. As far as I can tell, the only two people who actually made decent profits from their work on the Cooper case were Geoff Gray, and as a distant second, myself. We earned back all the money we spent in less than five years, and then collected several generous checks for the movie option over a 3 1/2 year period before I refused to sign a further extension. The book itself continues to sell on a steady basis worldwide at the trade rate. Not earth shattering numbers, but steady enough. Since we release at the trade rate through Ingram/Lightning Source, very few sales actually come from Amazon, but from Lightning Source, because they have print/distribution centers all over the world, and wholesalers order from the nearest print base. UPDATE: I'm meeting with Greg the Techie Guy again pretty soon. I'm going to talk him into boosting the values on the prizes for the DB Cooper Character Lookalike Contest at the party next June. (Covid allowing) I say we go big or go home. I think by doing this we will not only attract more people, but many of them will be new fans of the Cooper case. I'm preparing a video to be shown at the party that gives the history of the case, because I think some of the people who show up won't know any more about Cooper than they read at Wikipedia. You would be surprised at how many Northwest residents under the age of 35 haven't even heard of him. Prior to Covid, I ran into them occasionally.
  13. I think they felt safe showing her LD. That story was pretty far fetched, and his picture didn't appear in national news articles as a possible suspect too much. Mainly because there were only a couple of small photos of him available. They skipped ALL the well-known suspects. The historical ones that have been around for a while. (McCoy and the Usual Suspects over at DB Cooper Wikipedia is a good example.) This was done purposely, plus they (like all the other documentaries) skipped the Big Question for Mucklow. And Bill Mitchell. They HAD to do it this way, Mark. Colbert's book was scheduled for release the next day at Amazon. Everyone knows that. What if they ask Mucklow the Big Question and she names someone OTHER than Rackstraw? Colbert would look like a fool for not holding off on finalizing his book before the show aired. They bet the farm on Mucklow. They lost. Colbert DID end up looking like a fool and everyone on the team ditched him. Billy Jensen was aware that we had been asked to submit everything but the kitchen sink about KC, yet he is barely mentioned on the show. LOL I bet when they saw what we sent to them, they started getting worried. Mucklow cannot be allowed to see HIM, or McCoy, or any other of the major suspects. "We can't take a chance on book is hitting Amazon tomorrow..." The whole production was a sad joke, and reminded me of the 'We're Opening Al Capone's Vault' thing that embarrassed Geraldo Rivera and damn near ruined his career. And look where Rivera is now, even thirty years later. He works for Faux News. And personally...I didn't like the part at the end where they insinuated that Mucklow was old, and possibly senile. Seeing her on the show premiering tomorrow, she looked fine to me.
  14. Billy Jensen, the NY Times reporter who was a part of that production, wanted absolutely nothing to do with the whole show after it aired. I have emails from him about this. The show foolishly bet everything that Rackstraw was their guy, but JUST as foolishly didn't take their opportunity with Tina Mucklow to show her OTHER pictures of the more famous suspects. They focused on Rackstraw alone. When the show was in early production, their production team emailed me and asked what 'I had' on Kenny Christiansen as a suspect. So it was my assumption they were going to try all the doors with Mucklow. I sent them a copy of the report we sent the FBI on Christiansen, some evidentiary pictures, stuff like that. They even ran KC's picture in the ads. So I was assuming they were going to take a fair and level approach in the show. But they didn't...and they got burned. I guess it never occurred to them that if Mucklow ID's one of the main suspects as probably Cooper...then they would take all the credit for bringing that to life. But I know the reason they didn't do that. The Colbert book was already written, uploaded, and ready for sale at Amazon the very next day after the show premiered. This turned out to be another foolish move...writing a book and releasing it saying a certain guy was Cooper (for sure) BEFORE you get confirmation from the best witness available. We didn't even do that for Into The Blast. I told people in the book that 'readers would have to judge for themselves.' That's why Jensen wanted out of the whole mess. The production company was being raided by REAL FBI agents at the same time, but not about the Cooper show. But it ended up that this same company lost the contract to many lucrative shows they were producing. Some of the shows closed, others were taken up by other production companies. It was a big mess...and the absolutely worst show ever done on the Cooper case. Or it could be a tie, with the Reca presentation right up there along with Colbert's program. ABOVE: The cartoon pokes fun at the fact that while retired FBI agents and other LEO personnel were working on the Rackstraw show, REAL FBI agents were raiding LMNO Productions at the same time and seizing all their financial records. Gotta admit it's bizarre.
  15. Now we're getting into guesswork and mind-reading here. The official FBI line for years was red sticks, wires, and a battery. Later, we find out the sticks themselves weren't necessarily red on their own, but were wrapped in 'red plastic' or red electrical tape. REAL dynamite is usually a tan color, not red. If you aren't using REAL dynamite, then you are using something else to pass off convincingly as REAL dynamite. Road flares won't work and they are too long unless you cut them in half. Coin rolls, like road flares, have printing on them. If you want me to guess why red tape was probably used to cover the sticks, I would say dramatic effect, and that the sticks were NOT actual dynamite. Real dynamite only has a shelf life of about a year, because nitroglycerin either starts forming on the outside of it in crystal form, or in liquid pooling in whatever it is stored in. Either situation is extremely dangerous. Another consideration, beyond the fact that most dynamite is tan, and not red like the movies (a few exceptions, but it's mostly tan-colored) is because even back in 1971 you had to (generally speaking) present ID and sign for purchases unless you were a known representative from companies that did a lot of business in explosives. Plus, if you make a real bomb, you have to dispose of it, and there's always the danger you will blow yourself up just carrying it around. The bomb, in my humble opinion, was 99% a fake.
  16. All Trump REALLY had to do to get re-elected was a few sensible things. Use the procurement function to send out mass PPE to individuals and hospitals. Not tell lies about the virus, or tell people to inject themselves with chemicals. Ask the nation to wear masks and take it seriously. That's really about IT. Not that difficult, and the right thing to do. But he is SO dumb...("how dumb IS he!") that he saw Covid as an attention-thief, rather than a crisis that he could have 'used' (well, he IS Trump) to guarantee himself a second term. He didn't take advantage and one reason is because it is hard for him to have empathy for other peoples' suffering. He couldn't even PRETEND to have empathy. If he had done these things, even if his actions were based on political gain and not a concern for the country, he would have won the election. He already had 'his people' in his pocket. They listen to anything he says, and believe most of it. So he already had those voters in his corner. Doing the other things, it is likely some Dem voters would have sided with him in a hope that Trump would handle the pandemic. I'll bet some of his campaign advisors were wringing their hands and hitting their heads against the wall...realizing Trump was throwing his reelection chances right out the window. DUMB. But lucky for the American people.
  17. I'll buy that. It's a guess, but red tape was probably used both as a cover to conceal the real nature of the sticks, and for dramatic effect. On a side note, I expect that new inquiries regarding the Cooper event we're planning for June will jump again after tomorrow. And I'm not even ON that show. Currently, about one or two inquiries a day drift into the email box. Two of three are just people wanting more details. The others actually want to go, or at least see if we finalize the thing. That won't happen for a few months, because we are depending on a Covid vaccine to become commonly available. As most of you know, we're making getting both doses of the vaccine a non-negotiable requirement for attendance. I don't think this is too much to ask. Hell, by late next year anyone applying for a job will probably be asked if they've gotten the shots. It's already being discussed on the internet here and there. Not the Cooper Party, but whether employers might make the Covid vaccine a requirement for employment, sort of like taking a drug test or something. It's possible they may start doing this, but I can't say whether it is legal, or job discrimination. A private event is different. I already checked on that.
  18. Skyjacker That Got Away was good. Of course it was produced by National Geographic. The Decoded show was NOT trash. The production company was NOT being raided by the FBI, and did not lose their contract for other shows as a result. That would be DB Cooper-Case Closed. The Decoded cast consisted of Christine McKinley, an engineer who runs her own successful consulting business in Portland and has her own (also successful) band in the same area. Then you have Buddy Levy, a professor of English at Washington State University, and the best-selling author of multiple historical books. Lastly, there is Scott Rolle, a former State of Maryland prosecutor who also served a recent tour of duty in Afghanistan as an officer in the Army Reserve. He is now a judge in Maryland. I never met Brad Meltzer personally. From what I understand, he had not that much to do with the show, which means he had about as much to do with production as Lawrence Fishburne has to do with the production of the new mystery series he hosts. These people were not on History Channel for two seasons because they were dishonest, or amateurs. And all the production staff were honest professionals with excellent production values. I should know. I worked with many of them. You have no idea what you are talking about. As far as the Reca documentary, it's hard to call that show good when its very premise was based on an outright lie. What I mean is that the show had the absolute nerve to foist off on viewers the idea that Flight 305 made a side trip almost a hundred miles east to Cle Elum, WA before it turned south to Portland. Any show based on The Big Lie is a show that never should have aired. EDIT: I see I was mistaken on the Mucklow testimony for the show. You are right. She did NOT say 'red' regarding the electrical tape. However...Agent Tom Manning DOES mention red as the color in which the sticks are wrapped. And the ONLY place he could have obtained that information was Tina Mucklow, because SHE was the only one who actually saw the bomb. And so did Bernie Geestman's niece. She was certain on this point. It is too bad that whoever was interviewing Tina didn't ask her the color, because obviously she told the FBI originally it was red tape. Otherwise Manning would not have that information. And since throughout the years the bomb has always been described as 'red sticks, wires, a big battery', it is logical to assume they were wrapped in red tape. For example, if Cooper had tried using road flares, they would have been easily recognized due to all the printing that is on them, plus the ignition cap on the end. Same thing using coin rolls taped end to end. They would have been recognized as that. So SOMETHING was wrapping those sticks to conceal what they really were. Dynamite is almost exclusively a tan color, not red.
  19. I'm not against the state of New York coming after Trump after he leaves office. And they most likely WILL. But the idea of going after him for what amounts to political crimes just isn't worth the fallout that would result. matter what...Trump will never see the inside of a jail cell. He's a former US President (well, soon) and doesn't have a criminal record. Plus, it's a security risk for the country. Who knows what the guy will blab in his own defense? Hell, he might even have diminished capacity case here. ("I'm just nuts" LOL) That's why Ford pardoned Nixon, to put Nixon behind us and move forward. I'm okay with that idea. Prosecuting him politically will cause more problems, more division, more hatred, and more discord than any payoff is worth. Sure, in previous times over the last four years, I thought he was an outright traitor to the USA and that potentially comes with a death penalty. In Trump's case, he's so old now and so damn dumb, I say let the state courts handle him on a financial level instead. You know if he gets convicted of a felony, that would pretty much end any further political aspirations he might have, and since he's burned so many bridges and so many people...I don't see where he would have a chance at a second term later. And don't forget about all those tell all books that will certainly be coming out from people who have kept everything pent-up and hidden for four years. He's toast on the political scene. Maybe not right away after he leaves the White House, but not long afterward. When I said Trump was dumb, this is what I meant: If he had shown the slightest bit of leadership regarding Covid, even a minimal amount...he would have been reelected easily. I mean NO PROBLEM, since the US traditionally doesn't switch Presidents during a major Carter... you can't get the hostages released by Iran. The Iranians freed the hostages as soon as Reagan was elected. They knew what Reagan would DO if they didn't. Trump's mistake was his foolish statements, lies, and lack of even minimal leadership during Covid. If he had done just the minimum and just PRETENDED he cared...Biden would never have won. That's why I call Trump dumb. Trump saw Covid as a threat to the attention he craves. He should have recognized it as a crisis that could have served him up a second term easy.
  20. The Mystery of D.B. Cooper: OPINION Well, I watched the video just now and I can see how it would get bad reviews from the media. I was right, too. Dower was looking for the fringe angle on the Cooper case investigators. He wasn't looking for a solution. However, it was good in one respect. It was an update on some of the witnesses, such as Tina Mucklow, and I was glad to see Jo Weber was still alive and looked pretty healthy to me for her age. Of the OTHER documentaries that have been done on Cooper....Dower failed to ask any of the still-living eyewitnesses if they had any opinions on the main suspects, or show them pictures. The only people giving their opinions on that were people who never actually SAW Cooper hijacking Flight 305, or like Jo Weber, focus on a single suspect. Why the directors of all these documentaries never ask the witnesses the obvious question, ("Have you seen pictures or articles on any of the suspects people talk about, and if you have an opinion on any of them?") well...I haven't a clue why they don't ask that question. IMHO it is the biggest question you should ask, and once again...Dower failed on that account. The closest any of them came to that was in D.B. Cooper - Case Closed? when they tried to have Mucklow identify Robert Rackstraw as the hijacker, which she did not. In fact, she said he WASN'T Cooper. Their mistake in that one was to bet the farm on Rackstraw, and in case Mucklow fails to ID him, at least try for some of the OTHER that way they could take credit for possibly solving the case. But they wanted Rackstraw or nothing...and that's one of the main reasons the show was a failure. That answer by Mucklow, saying she was certain Rackstraw was NOT Cooper, implies that if she DID see a suspect she believed to be Cooper, she would confirm that suspect. But no one ever bothers to go down that road with her, or with any of the other living eyewitnesses. Bruce Smith, I see...was NOT portrayed as a 'nut,' which believe it or not, I thought was a good thing. And they didn't hit on him regarding the Ramtha stuff, which I have done myself, and later decided was unfair to Bruce. I guess everyone has a right to believe and worship anything they wish as long as it doesn't involve hurting others. I'm glad they decided to cut my part from this film, though. I would be embarrassed to appear in it. But I'm also glad that Bruce and I got paid. That way, I feel my time was not wasted. After seeing all these documentaries...and you are going to hate this...I still think the Decoded episode stands head and shoulders above every one that has been presented since 2011. But you want them (film and documentary producers) to continue trying anyway. Maybe one of them will figure out it's time to ask certain witnesses the Big Question once and for all. Especially Mucklow and Bill Mitchell. *********************** EDIT: One small bit of very key evidence DID emerge from the show, and most people probably didn't notice it. It was when Tina Mucklow described the bomb as specifically being 'red sticks wrapped with red electrical tape'. Why is this significant? Because Mucklow and FBI Agent Tom Manning both run a distant second and third with this description of the bomb. The FIRST person to say that was none other than Denise, Bernie Geestman's niece. HER testimony on that came during the summer of 2013, and was done a second time for the Dower movie, although it did not appear in the film. Timeline on this fact: February 2011: Bernie Geestman's niece contacts me after she and her family saw the Decoded show. They got together and watched it because she knew Christiansen and saw the previews. Told me I had her 'Uncle Bernie' pegged to a T. Said she might have some helpful information, but was reluctant to come forward because her uncle was still alive, and he was family. August 2013: After much time working through Denise's son, I manage to get an interview with Denise, her son, and the son's girlfriend that lasted an hour. The meeting was done at the Dairy Freeze restaurant across from Sumner High School. The family was provided a preliminary copy of the KC report that was later going to the Seattle FBI. Along the way, Denise mentions that she did see Kenny working on something (I thought at first she said, 'in a shed') in Geestman's garage about two weeks prior to the hijacking. She said he was taking filled rolls of quarters, taping them end-to-end using red electrical tape, and had cut short wires which he was attaching to the rolls. At first I did not take her testimony seriously because there was no corroboration, and to that point NO ONE had ever said anything about the bomb like that. It was always described as red sticks, wires, and a battery. I filed it away and thought little about it. November 2013: Reporter Clyde Lewis shoots a video at the Ariel Store. One of the things presented was the Cowlitz County Sheriff's original notebook from the day of, and after, the hijacking, which is mostly full of notes on the search for Cooper. I take still shots from the video when the owner of the notebook starts showing pages for Lewis. I see pages like THIS: (added red lines are mine) This info was provided to the Sheriff by FBI Agent Tom Manning: The above notebook entry also states they think the landing area was about '2 1/2 (miles) south of Ariel, and four miles north-northwest of Crawford.' This matches the information later provided by Paul Soderlind and his team. BELOW: Off the subject, but Manning says that Cooper's last communication with the crew was at 8:05PM, with a jump time of 8:13. This is probably accurate to a minute or two. Remember, this is only a day or so AFTER the hijacking and there was no analysis yet by Soderlind's team, or any 'flight path map'. To this point in time...the FBI has not released the files we examine these days. Geoff Gray has not released his unredacted files either. ( released 2014?) Yet by this date, TWO different sources (for the first time) have now described the bomb as being sticks wrapped in red plastic, (Manning, via the Sheriff's notebook) and Denise, who says specifically it was red electrical tape. During filming of the Dower movie at the Eatonville Public Library, Denise once again tells her story for Dower, and goes into more detail. She corrects me about when I said 'a shed out back of Bernie's house'. She tells Dower on camera it was the garage. She says she walked in and Kenny Christiansen was taping the quarter rolls together in twos, end to end, that she saw a large battery nearby, and he was cutting wires and laying them aside, and some of them were already attached to the coin rolls. She asks Kenny what he's making. He says, "It's a battery storage device." Then Kenny tells her 'you aren't supposed to be in here' and tells her to leave. So she does. For the Dower movie: Tina Mucklow tells Dower that the 'dynamite sticks' were wrapped in red electrical tape. She is specific about this point. It's the first time she has said this. What does this tell me? It tells me Denise isn't lying, didn't make up that story...and she knew about it FIRST. There is no other way to explain it. This is far beyond the realm of coincidence or a lucky guess. That is now THREE sources for the same evidence, only it turns out that Denise was right, and her story is now confirmed by the Sheriff's notebook and what Tom Manning said for him, as well as the only witness (Mucklow) who actually SAW the bomb. The Clyde Lewis video, shot in November 2013, released in December: John Dower wasn't looking for the truth, or trying to pin the hijacking on any specific suspect. He was making an art film for festivals and HBO.
  21. I get it. You want Trump put on a pedestal in front of the entire nation and pilloried, and then maybe sent to prison to teach future Presidents a lesson. He will never see the inside of a jail cell. He might deserve it, but he won't. Yes, that will certainly begin the process of healing this nation, won't it? I don't know about you, but I have bigger things to worry about. Trump's a clown, a sideline who got tossed from office on his ear, and went out a bad loser. A majority of people in America made their voices known, and that is that. Time to move on, not give him a 24/7 national platform, ownership of the news cycle, the ability to instill violence, and 70 million pissed-off supporters. Nah. I gotta take a pass on that one. You'll never convince me that what you want is worth the misery and continued division it will bring. If I were Biden, I would pardon Trump, and assuming he accepts it, make a nice speech on Inauguration Day. The only way to solve the problems Trump caused, or to correct the lies he's told, normalize our government institutions, or to heal our foreign policy is to put him behind us.
  22. I am not opposed to prosecuting Trump for financial or other business crimes in New York, or any other state for that matter. As far as his unbelievable failure as our President, I'm willing to just let him leave the White House with his tail between his legs and become a footnote. Everyone is tired of him. To paraphrase Sir Cedric Hardwicke from the movie The Ten Commandments: Everyone is tired. Everyone has been going at each other's throats for four years. We have all these problems. The hell with Trump. I just want him to Go Away. No more platforms. No more attention.
  23. I got an answer by email today on an inquiry I made regarding the upcoming HBO movie. I was told Dower wanted to explore the 'fringe' aspect of Cooper investigators, not so much make a hard film about the case, or try to solve it. He's known to shoot up to 24 hours of footage for a 90-minute picture. Now I know why my time was wasted with them. I was the only one who presented the evidence in a reasonable manner. Guess I was too ordinary for them. I should have known Dower would go that route. I saw his last movie, the one about Scientology. It was totally nuts. At that point, I started to wonder what he actually had in mind for Cooper. And it came to me that he was trying to make an art film for film festivals, rather than a documentary, and wanted to show how weird some people are in the Cooper Vortex. No big deal, but I'm glad I don't appear in this movie. At least I HOPE I don't. Money was good though. Bruce got shortchanged, but then we spent two full days with Dower and did a lot of driving, too. I even arranged a very nice house for filming, and rescheduled work. It's why I charged him what I did. I was WAY too factual and ordinary for Dower, and frankly...I'm glad they cut me from the film. If they had presented me as some kind of Cooper nut, I would have become quite pissed off about that. It could have screwed up any movie deal I had in mind. Nick R has told me personally he still wants to do the Cooper picture, and agreed I did the right thing by dumping that one production company and going with he and the large studio instead. It's true that this first studio were the initial folks who approached me back in late 2016...but it is ALSO true that they couldn't come up with a decent script. And I gave them 3 1/2 years to do so. The one they sent me was so bad I couldn't believe it. I can write better stuff, and I have. So I did a back door thing with them to extricate the rights back. Then I told Nick what I did, and he was okay with the whole thing. I will NEVER name the original studio who signed me. I might tell you why I dumped them, but there's no purpose in embarrassing them, either. Dower's last picture, My Scientology Movie, is already a freebie at YouTube. Not that good, but not that bad. Best part is the trailer. Dower directed, and his friend Louis Theroux was the front man. Over the years though, Theroux has done some damn good documentaries. More good than bad. Maybe he should have been the front man on the Cooper movie. Remember this though: ANY media on Cooper is still GOOD media, because it helps keep Cooper in the public mind. I'll take almost anything, since there is little enough of it anyway. I set my DVR to record it, just like the others. Hell, I even bought an all-region DVD player once just so I could watch a copy of the Treat Williams version of Cooper. It was only available in Europe at the time. The DVD case is printed in Hungarian, but one of the language settings is English. Later, I picked up Zardoz with Sean Connery because it was Europe-only at the time, too. Nothing like seeing Connery run around with a big revolver and dressed in shorts. Story good, wardrobe bad. It's cult sci-fi. You get it where you can.
  24. Maybe you should stop asking me the same question and expecting a different answer...
  25. Well, if you go with Soderlind's analysis that the jump point was 8:11, that puts it directly over where the Amboy parachute was discovered. 'Found between Green and Bald Mountains' is what FBI agent Larry Carr said. After reviewing all the information over the last two pages, I still believe the flight path is accurate. And that the Amboy chute is a real possibility of being Cooper's. "It's the right size, the right color, and found in the right place," said the Seattle FBI when it was discovered. Then they say the chute will be examined by their lab, but instead of that, they dump it in Earl Cossey's driveway. He dismisses it using a false premise, saying: "It's made of silk and the one I gave Cooper was ripstop nylon." Then chute experts who see the pictures the FBI release of the chute say 'not silk'. (They pointed to a cross-hatch pattern of the fabric in blow-ups.) No one else is allowed to view the chute (other than the FBI) except Cossey. FBI admits that when they said 'outside experts were consulted,' that they meant only by TELEPHONE. The chute is suddenly dismissed. Five years later, they are still calling it 'evidence in an ongoing case' and they won't allow Tom Kaye and his team to examine it. They asked. They have a standing offer. All ignored. It doesn't take a Brainiac to figure out that a simple test with a Bic lighter would determine silk or nylon. Silk catches fire. Nylon drips and melts. No answers from the FBI on their exact criteria for dismissal. Probable Conclusion: The FBI figured out at some point that the chute was probably Cooper's, and decided to keep that information under wraps for their own reasons. I don't know exactly where the chute was dug up, but I DO know the people who live next door to the property owners, and they saw the FBI traffic to the property. I met them at the 2012 Ariel Party and spoke to the wife.