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  1. There's been so much bickering on this forum lately that I thought it was time for some GOOD news. Met with Greg the Techie Guy today and we worked out most of the major details regarding the June Cooper party, including a realistic budget. After we loosened the rules, cut the fluff from the AB of Seattle pages, and made a few posts elsewhere...messages requesting to attend are starting to trickle in again. Anyone who thinks it's easy, or believes they can do better hosting a Cooper event for the 50th are welcome to step up to the plate and try. And we wish you good luck. Ever since we started this project three months ago, there have been hurdles. One of the biggest was the pandemic, not the supplies or logistics. That was normal work. What this event needed was good planning and the personal touch from the people involved in organizing it. My thanks go out to several people, including Phoebe, Gayla, Kyle, and especially Greg the Techie Guy, who chooses to remain anonymous in Cooperland to everyone except the people he trusts. Greg and I spent an hour or two discussing the budget. I told him about the gear we already had, and what we needed. Or what we could get by without. I agreed to buy a few necessary things on my own, and he agreed to boost the prizes for the Cooper Character Lookalike Contest. My argument was that the contest would actually be the biggest draw, because it lets people dress up and have fun for a chance at some real money. Well, Amazon gift cards anyway. I think this new plan will work out fine, and the main object will be achieved. Cooper fans will have the time of their lives, the ones with the courage to actually make the trip. And they can put that Covid crap in their back pocket and forget it, at least for a weekend. This is my favorite answer I did for our FAQ's for this one: I do try to give it to people straight most of the time.
  2. Meyer Louie has said today he's coming to the June event and would like a speaking slot. No problem. I'm putting him on the Planning Committee email list and giving him a small budget for expenses. He has moved from where he was down in Olympia, although I'm not going to make that public. (Where he lives now.) You would have to ask him on your own. This is great. I haven't seen him in person since we made that run up to Bruce's house to check up and see if Bruce was okay. Yes, yes....Shutter. I did look at your site this morning and saw your post at your silly 'The Truth About Spring' page. Or was that 'The Truth About the Ariel Conflict' stuff? I'm always forgetting what you call that load of junk. Only you would take time to create a special webpage with only one goal. To pack it full of BS and try to defend the indefensible. Try to tell people that you don't have an obsession going. When it comes to creating webpages especially about AB or have an obsession. No worries. You can get help for that. The reason Smith was told that he would be removed from the Ariel Store property if he showed up was because that's what Bryan decided, not me. I never even saw Bruce, although I heard he was up the road a ways. I was far too busy cooking for people and other things. As it turned out, Bruce LIED to Meyer Louie and said he WASN'T banned from the store. He did this to get a free ride to Ariel. When Meyer arrived, he got pretty angry with Bruce for lying to him like that. Meyer came to the party and I made sure he got something to eat. But with Bruce having to sit there a hundred yards out on a damn guard rail, waiting to see if Bryan Woodruff would relent, Meyer felt obligated to take him back to town...and as a result Meyer missed the party and had to drive Bruce home. I'm sure it was an interesting ride, which meant a drive for Meyer all the way to Eatonville, and then back to Olympia to HIS house. Probably 200 miles total. The whole series of events that led up to all of that junk was perpetuated by you and a few other forum members harping on one thing after another simply because Adventure Books of Seattle was sponsoring the 2016 Ariel party. You just couldn't stop with the disparaging comments. Some of which I finally started responding to at Facebook. Five years later, and you are worse than ever. Still going on about it...still coming after us even about this particular event in June. Still slapping together crappy web pages, blah blah blah. Of course, you do this at a site where you know I cannot respond. How convenient for you. We have to stop meeting at Dropzone like this. People will talk. On a more positive note, I decided that the video below is my all-time favorite on the Cooper case. It is just done so well, and very professionally. Almost like the creator was a known investigator in the case, which I don't believe he is. But he could be. (Actually, he's a Swede and has a listing at Wikitubia, the Wikipedia version of YouTubers who have at least a thousand subscribers.)
  3. From Shutter recently, (who DEFINITELY keeps track of every post here): Robert replies: Another load of BS being foisted off on Cooper fans by you. Greg has been on the AB staff for 18 years now, and my friend since about 1982. He will support anything, within reason, I ask him to do for Adventure Books. I quit emailing Bruce a while back. He was offered a hefty sum to host the Cooper event in June. Sound like I hate the guy? Of course I don't, even though he stretched the truth to the breaking point when he claimed I threatened him at the last Ariel party in 2016. I notice you never asked him about that. Meyer Louie and I also drove 45 miles to his house in the dead of night to make sure he was okay. Sound like hate to you? I had better things to do on a work night, you know. And we weren't the ONLY ones worried about Bruce. The cops had done a welfare check on him the day before, we found out. Bryan Woodruff was not being truthful in his email. I pointed out some negative crap (as usual) being posted to your forum about the party, on the sole reason that we were sponsoring it. Which was a pretty pathetic thing to do, since we put up two grand of our own money to help Bryan, and he probably walked away with close to double that amount in his own pocket. None of you even tried to help him or the store except Mark M ('377') who made a donation on the side. I don't enjoy speaking ill of the dead, but Bryan was drinking far too much the day prior to the party, and it probably affected his judgment. The part of all that where I said he shook my hand and his main girl Tina S gave me a hug before I left to go home was true. Why he said all those bad things about me the very next day after he pocketed all that money we helped him raise...well, I couldn't tell you that. He sure didn't refuse those big handfuls of cash I kept running up to him from the cook area, the results of the auction and the donation jars. He was all smiles. In our opinion, he was ungrateful at best. He could be your friend one minute, and hate you the next. He was, as they say...mercurial. And the most defensive person I ever met. Hell, I even helped him and his girl Tina to move all the pot plants out of sight prior to the party. Baby, that's loyalty to a cause. Anything having to do with Bryan banning anybody from the store was Bryan's thing. You guys posted up a LOT of garbage just prior to the 2016 party. Bryan saw it all. I guess once he was finished using us...he went over to you when we were no longer of use to him. That is the hard truth. You guys did NOT help the situation with your night-before-the-party negativity postings. I can tell you that with assurance. Later, when Bruce DID show up, Bryan asked me if he should be allowed to come on in. (As if that was my choice) I said sure..why not? But Bryan didn't do it. I will never visit that place down in Ariel again, no matter who the owner is now. Bryan wasn't a bad guy, but he did have personal issues going. I brought two 48-packs of that generic Costco beer for the event, and Bryan went through 30 of them the night before the party. You don't know him like we do. And what we found out was that our money and effort to help the store was wasted on him. Dona Elliott would never have done stuff to us like HE did. Rest her soul. You have a few emails. I was actually there. Parrothead Vol, replying to Shutter, says this: Well, your numbers are wrong. We had 33 committed out of about 200 that contacted us via the public form. And those other 167 people can still show up, (they still get the email updates) only now we told them they don't need to register. Just come as you are, as Nirvana once said...and bring your vaccine card. You are NOT being completely honest here. It was said time and again that NO ONE WOULD BE EXCLUDED. That means NO ONE. I said that many times. It was Greg who wanted to cancel, not me. It is HIS money financing it (80% anyway, and I am providing most of the gear). He wondered if we would get enough people by April (news articles come out then) to justify the budget. (I was on the phone today with him for over two hours discussing alternatives and a smaller budget, and we meet in person tomorrow.) Greg had seen that after three months, only a couple of people in Cooperland (authors, investigators, etc not the general public) were interested. Greg started having doubts. As far as participating, I am well aware most of you live far from Washington state. I didn't expect you to hop on a jet and rent a 4x4 once you arrived. Mainly I wanted to offer you the opportunity to have your websites, your books, your theories promoted and presented to the public, and possibly the media if they show up. As it turns out, Darren Schaefer has made that very possible since he's interviewed damn near everyone anyway. We now have three speakers if you include me, and the podcasts. That will be more than enough for our purposes. I should have thought of this a while ago. My bad. We have made adjustments, as you probably know by now. No one has to sign up to go, or get on any lists to attend. (The only advantage to signing up is that we send you the Official Program with the maps, etc a few weeks prior. Otherwise you have to download the file TWO DAYS prior when we post it to the AB site.) Anyone who shows up on June 11...all they need is a copy of their Covid vaccination record, since this is a Covid-free event. This is not a big deal, and is already being done by some other organizations. It might even become part of a job application soon by some companies. We've scaled down the Cooper Party to a more reasonable level and we now have plenty of Cooper material to present. You can still participate if you wish by sending in your own stuff to us, but we are okay with what we have now. I have notified everyone on that list of 33 names that the party has shifted a bit, but it will go on nonetheless. Same notice to the VIP email list. We just have a more relaxed attitude about it now, except for the vaccine requirement, which is absolutely non-negotiable. I also sent notices to most of the people who came to the smaller 'Cooper Campouts' we used to do in the Olympics. I'm sure enough people will show up to have a lot of fun. Trying for 200-250 people was probably beyond our reach anyway. I guess I like to think big. I told Greg today that by mid-April, when the newspaper articles come out, we will probably have more than 33 people (plus some of the old 'Cooper Campout' folks) who will show up. I added that more will probably do the same thing after reading the articles. He felt better after I said that. Our biggest problem organizing this whole thing hasn't been you guys, or your lack of support. We're fine with that. Let's be real. Most of you didn't support our effort at the 2016 Ariel, or any of the prior 'Cooper Campouts'. We didn't figure things would be any different this time. The biggest problem is doing this during a pandemic, and when many people are more worried where their next rent or house payment is coming from, rather than the Cooper case. Don't you guys have anything better to do than to pick on every public thing we do? Get a life for chrissakes.
  4. All well and good...except for ONE thing. Then why DID Cooper jump just about as quickly as he could prepare the money bag, get the chute on, and get the door open? (If he was planning to go to Mexico, he only made it maybe a hundred miles as the crow flies from Seattle) Flight left Seattle at 7:40 PM and Cooper was out the back door about 33-35 minutes later. Not to say this is evidence that KC was the hijacker, but our investigation definitely concluded that Bernie Geestman went to his shop property in Oakville, WA one or two days prior to the hijacking. And that KC accompanied him. Oakville is somewhat south of Seattle. Our thought is that Cooper, if he were indeed KC, wanted out the door even faster than he managed it, and probably planned to meet up with Geestman just south of Olympia somewhere. But even a delay of a few minutes, with the jet traveling at three miles a minute put him south of his target. Everything takes longer than you expect, as that Murphy Law goes. Such as tying up a money bag, figuring out how an airstair door operates, and putting on a chute, maybe even a pair of boots. I will put up a picture that sort of demonstrates what I mean. In other news: After a long phone conference with Greg the Techie Guy, wading through a dozen disappointed emails, etc...and a meeting scheduled with him tomorrow afternoon....he instructed me to make certain extensive changes to the two pages at the AB website about the festival, and to RESTORE those pages. I have done that, and sent notices to the disappointed people. We have tossed the event open to anyone and everyone over 21, with the only requirement being to show proof of vaccination when you get there. Much was cut from the two pages, and some was added. I have also cut the budget, and we will no longer require a paid host. The prizes for the Lookalike contest will reflect the number of people we now expect to show up. Some episodes of Darren's podcast will be used at the event. With proper credit. The Oregon trip is officially canceled. The Cooper party is now on again. It didn't need cancellation. It needed some sensible modifications and changes to the FAQ's. We expect maybe 50-80 people will probably show up in June. If it doesn't go past 75 people, we don't even need the group permit. I also restored the YouTube video, but I will probably shoot another one soon that more represents the event realistically. I did make some changes to the opening text, the stuff you put below the video to describe it. This illustration was done some time ago. We will stipulate for Flyjack that Cooper did NOT ask for the stairs to be lowered for takeoff. You can ignore that part. I could have smart-erased it, I suppose.
  5. I have all of your episodes except the one about Duane, but I did listen to it. They exist on a flash drive for when we were doing the Cooper Campouts (pre-Covid) and after Covid came along and I had to cancel one or two of those parties, then I just used the same flash drive to keep adding the episodes. The second Covid shot I got last Thursday kicked my behind for a day or two, but I am fine now. When I checked my email this morning, I got several emails from people expressing their disappointment that Greg and I (mostly Greg, since frankly he was doing 80% of the financing) had canceled the June festival. Some of these people strongly urged me to reconsider, and give it until at least April before doing that. And although Greg requested I just ditch everything from the internet about the festival, I told him today that I had NOT deleted the two festival pages from AB, but had merely made them not-visible. They weren't actually deleted. Same with the video at YouTube, although I did delete from Facebook and Quora. In order to reconcile all this, I am meeting with Greg in person tomorrow. (Sunday) We're going to discuss this lack of input from Cooperland. The situation right now is that we have TWO confirmed, absolutely-showing-up speakers, or three if you count yours truly. But it has also occurred to me that we could run some of your podcast episodes and stop/start them along the way and do discussions on certain points, as we hear them in a particular episode. I only thought of this today. With the number of people already interviewed for the podcast....practically everyone and anyone who has anything to do with Cooper has been interviewed...and that is a great deal of material...more than you could cover unless you had a week to do it. I plan to make a pitch to Greg tomorrow regarding all of this. What that entails is to make any festival more into something less formal. Maybe we just bring our stuff and toss open the gates to anyone who wishes to attend, as long as they can prove they've had both doses of the vaccine. Show your get in. We could drop the amounts of the Lookalike prizes to something reasonable, just in case the number of people who actually show up are less than expected. For example, we used to get between (8 - our disaster at Mt Hood) up to about 25-30 people, (ones we held in the Olympics). Sounds to me like if it were June right now, and nothing changed between then and now...that we would still get about 40-50 people max. Maybe I made a bigger deal of this event than necessary, and wanted to spend money (that isn't mine) thinking we could do up to maybe 200 attendees, which seems unlikely now. As far as 'Cooper speakers and Cooper material,' we can use the podcasts and the three speakers we have now. This is what I will pitch to Greg tomorrow. We also have the Cooper movie, the comedy with Treat Williams, the Decoded episode, and a few TV episodes on Cooper recorded onto flash drives on on DVD. LOL...he will be expecting this pitch because he reads this thread occasionally, too. (Hi Greg!) I will update tomorrow evening on whatever is decided.
  6. A recent quote by Robert99 over at the DB Cooper Forum: Come on, Robert99. There wasn't enough interest among the known Cooper folk, that's all. It was just a proposal anyway. No use running a festival on Cooper if only two people from Cooperland even showed an interest, right? It's not that big a deal. What I said is that Greg the Techie Guy, (since all of us took ten days off work in advance for the festival) might want to take a trip to the Oregon coast instead. He hasn't taken a vacation in more than two years. It's been a while for me as well...mostly due to the Covid crap. That block of time off work seemed perfect to do an Oregon vacation. That's all. The women, of course...were all in favor of this. No surprise there. Lighten up, sir. There is no reason for you to call for the 'locking' of this thread. At least here, when people post up a link to their latest podcast, or their website, or their book at Amazon...the public can actually see it. Over where you hang out, only registered members can see those things. I'm not going to harp on you or Shutter about that again, but I still think it doesn't make sense. But that is Shutter's business. Greg and I simply made an offer. There wasn't enough interest to continue the offer. At least we found out before we started spending real money on the festival. That would have been way worse, and hard for me to explain to Greg. Like...what do we do NOW with a portable stage. LOL I would have had a hard time explaining that expenditure to him. It's all good, as they say. The event is canceled. Let's move on. EDIT: I knew it. NOW come the emails. I'm telling these people to make their comments here at DZ.
  7. Greg has been reading posts here, and to a certain extent over at the Cooper Forum. He says this today: "Bob, we can't allow any newspapers to do articles if we aren't sure we will actually host the Festival..." Also this: "There seems to be little, if any, interest by Cooper investigators or authors to participate. If there is, I haven't seen it." And finally: "I will make the call whether to proceed by March 30." Robert says: I am in agreement with Greg on this one. We announced this event three months ago. Although there is some interest from the public, it's obvious to me (as well as Greg) that few in Cooperland are really interested. Greg and his wife have told me that they don't want to go into the Olympics, but would rather visit the Oregon coast. I am already looking for ten-day rentals near Seaside, and in Newport. I'm just glad I didn't jump the gun and start buying stuff at Amazon that would have no other purpose other than the Festival. If things change between now and March 30, then maybe things will change. But at this point, I don't see it happening. I will do a video out in the Olympics prior to June regarding the Troy Bentz/Agent John Jarvis allegations I promised. That will be released at YouTube at the proper time. EDIT: Just got off the phone with Greg a second time. He says he wants to cancel now. Doesn't think we should wait until March 30. Or in his words, "If any of those people were interested, they would have contacted us by now." The event is officially canceled. YouTube video has been deleted, as well as the Quora and WordPress stuff. Also all references and pages about it at Facebook and Adventure Books of Seattle. I sent out one final group email to both the VIP list and the public list, and then deleted the lists. I made an apology on the public list email. I did move the names and email addresses of the 33 people who WERE interested onto a separate email list, who will be invited to one of our smaller 'Cooper Campouts' later. (See below) It was worth a shot anyway. I have no regrets. There just wasn't any interest among Cooperland. Better to figure that out early, rather than waiting and stretching it out. If this were a 'normal' year (non Covid) maybe things would have been different. But Greg is right. I was holding out more hope than he did. He did say that he noticed that every time I made an announcement about the event here at one said a thing about it. I'm planning to do a video on the Bentz/Jarvis allegation in late March, out in the Olympics. I may invite the 33 people (from the public list) to a more private gathering this summer, but in a slightly different location. No Forest Service permit needed for that, since that will be less than 75 people. My thanks to them for their interest. I will probably invite another 20 or so people, ones who attended previous 'Cooper Campouts' for this one, and we will still do a Lookalike contest, only the prizes will be a bit smaller of course.
  8. You know, a lot of what's happening now was predicted back in 2003 by Sir Martin Rees at Cambridge University in his book, Our Final Century. (He actually wrote it in 2000, but was released a couple of years later.) It's a book that didn't get the attention it deserved, but it is quite good and VERY accurate. He means THIS century, by the way. But he did hit a lot of things on the head pretty well. He predicted pandemics would cause us much distress. That a shortage of fresh water would end up being the world's number one problem for more than half the world population. Also, that nuclear war was unlikely but that terrorists blasting off a dirty bomb was VERY likely. He also said that the real problem with climate change wasn't so much the weather changes, but that it would cause mass migration of people...and wars would follow as a result. One of the bottom line points in his book was that the human race had no better than a fifty-fifty chance of reaching the year 2100 without a major extinction event. Not that everyone would die, just a LOT of people.
  9. Also in 1957, the Seven-Up people were running commercials produced exclusively by Disney...and these commercials were run on the TV show 'Zorro,' with Guy Williams. What does all this have to do with the Cooper case? Not much.
  10. Here is the wrap on everything you just read above, (except for my comments on the Cooper comic). I will ask you not to jump to conclusions and just start spouting negativity about this issue. Take a couple of weeks to think about the things I said, and what is being offered. Try to avoid making snap judgments and consider what might be best for you, your book perhaps, your theories, your podcast, your websites, as well as public fans of the Cooper case. If you have any thoughts, you can reach me at my usual address, [email protected] Your emails will not be mentioned publicly, nor will they be published publicly. There is no particular rush here. Don't make hasty decisions that not only you, but others might regret. Think a little bit beyond just yourself. An offer like this to Cooperland has not been made before, and probably will not be ever again. If the general Cooper community really believes that such an event is pointless, then just tell me privately and I can make it go away. I told Greg once: But then I don't want to hear any complaining should we decide to cancel, if we feel there is absolutely no support for the Festival in Cooperland. I would absolutely love to do this for both Cooper fans and Cooper investigators/podcast guys/Cooper authors. But if you don't want it, and won't support it, I don't see the sense of continuing on with it. There just wouldn't be any point to it. And personally, even if we decided to do it, I don't want to be just one of maybe two or three other voices presenting their stuff. I could do that on YouTube a lot easier...and at much less expense. I will be expecting to hear from some of you personally over the next month. If I don't, or you simply ignore this issue...then we will have our answer. Before any of you go off on some tirade about 'blackmail' or that stuff, consider this: This event is nothing more than an offer to both Cooper fans and known Cooper-related folk. If there isn't any real enthusiasm for it, then there isn't any point in dropping all that money, but more importantly...all the EFFORT it takes to do such a thing. If you truly believe it isn't worth anyone's time or support, at least be honest about it before we fully commit to it. In the interest of transparency, here is the current situation regarding attendance/interest: 36 names are on the VIP email list and all are receiving updates and invites to participate. Out of those, only two have responded, but none of them have asked to be dropped from the list. (Shutter and Smith are not currently on that list, but they know where the Contact Form lives.) Almost 200 people are on the Public email list. Those are the people who either emailed us directly, or used the Contact Form. Out of those, 33 have strongly expressed an interest in attending and about 20 have forwarded their vaccine series proof to us. That is where we are now after about three months, with about three and a half months to go.
  11. Well, I will admit it IS a bit early...everyone on the Planning Committee is pretty nervous. We were able to cut the budget for the festival a bit, but only because I already have so much gear that would work for this gathered over the last three years. But the budget is still over $5,000, most of which has not been spent yet. About 20% of that is dedicated to Amazon gift cards for the Lookalike contest. At some point we have to decide when to go shopping. Mostly Amazon and Costco. Greg is putting up the majority of this money, and yes...he can easily afford it. He owns tens of thousands of shares of Microslave stock from his years of working there back in the 90's and taking maximum advantage of the stock option thing. Plus there were many splits back then, etc. You know the story. But...he also says it's pointless to put up so much money if only fifty people show up...and he has a point there too. We would not only waste money, but look foolish doing it. And...he ALSO says we aren't getting any support (much) from Cooperland in our efforts. He thinks you are all ungrateful, frankly speaking, and I tend to agree. No matter what Shutter says now about our relationship with the Ariel Store and Bryan Woodruff, the truth is that Woodruff was more than happy to have us come on board for the 2016 Ariel Party. He cleared at least $2,500 at the event in cash, and we don't know how much he made on the credit/debit card donations from the computers we set up inside the tavern. I did see a lot of people whipping out their cards that day. Shutter was not there. Shutter lives in Florida. Shutter stood against us from the beginning. Shutter did not make three heavily-laden trips at 125 miles each way to bring the auction donations and the gear...most of which we left behind because I had no way to get them all back to Auburn. (Things that didn't sell, tables, other stuff.) He WAS NOT THERE, in other words. We even got the store on the frickin' Travel Channel and into several newspapers for chissakes. Why Woodruff suddenly turned on us at Facebook the day after the party, I have absolutely NO clue. It was a big surprise. Greg helped finance that event to a certain he's watching THIS one closely to see if the same negativity about it...just because AB of Seattle is involved...happens again. This stuff is hard to explain to people unless you were there. Bruce Smith lying to people and saying I threatened him at the 2016 Ariel, a story he has not yet retracted...doesn't help things either. We repay that crap by actually offering him the hosting job at a fee of $100 a day...(hard to believe yes. but we did that, YES) and he doesn't even reply to the emails. I told Greg that maybe health issues prevented Smith from driving up there to that site. Or maybe he doesn't like doing the camping thing, either. No final decision on whether to go forward, or to cancel, will be made until about two weeks AFTER the newspaper articles come out in April. You can offer people an opportunity, but they don't have to take it. If no one in Cooperland is interested in helping promote this festival, or participate whether in person or by submitting something for it...then why should Greg and I go to the extreme and pay for it all, set it all up? You guys seem to stand against everything we do, not just the few negatives...but everything. Maybe it's just a waste of everyone's time and money. Now, to be fair about it, there are a couple of people from Shutter's forum who are interested, but they seem afraid to say anything about that at the Cooper Forum. I don't see any other Cooper events scheduled for 2021 except ours, and except for some talk (maybe) by Eric Ulis. But then Eric is supposedly running for Congress as well. Does he have the time and resources to do something like we plan to do in June? Or will he schedule another convention at twenty bucks a ticket? I'm okay with that, but I haven't seen any official action on that either, plus his Cooper Con website is now being hosted by a spammer. Makes you wonder. For the moment, we will take a wait and see attitude about all of this. See what happens over the next two, two and a half months. There are only three possibilities. 1) Public response (without any support from the Cooperland community) will be great enough to go ahead and finalize/host the event. 2) Public response (WITH support from the Cooperland community) will be great enough to finalize/host the event. 3) Public response will be poor no matter what anyone does, and we will have to cancel. UPDATE: I have made some key changes to both the main festival page, and the FAQ page, taking into account these things I'm talking about. Of course, the greatest chance the event will happen is if everyone in Cooperland gets behind and pushes. This isn't supposed to be some promotion to benefit Adventure Books of Seattle. It's supposed to offer an opportunity for members of the Cooper community, and a thank-you to Cooper fans from around the Northwest. We will see how it goes. If it doesn't 'go,' then we will admit defeat, cancel the thing, and I will take a well-deserved vacation. Of course, due to Covid, practically EVERYONE in America deserves a vacation. I would go with the comic connection more, but Dan Cooper is such a common name. It would be better if the comic had named that character Barrett McKenzie or something. A more unique name. Hard to say one way or the other. One point is that I don't think Cooper had the slightest intention of actually going to Mexico. That was just a ruse on his part, (my theory) to make it more difficult for the cops to know when he jumped. Cooper's mistake was that he didn't know a pressure bump would occur when he jumped. He probably figured the crew would have no way of determining when he jumped, because they wouldn't be SEEING him jump. SIDE NOTE: Received second dose of the Pfizer vaccine early this morning from St. Anne's Hospital in Burien, WA. Boy, that place just gets people IN...gets the shot in their arms...and out the same door quick. They have this vaccine thing down to a 'T'. Nurse told me they've already inoculated more than 50,000 people, and have 17,000 doses remaining. (Not sure if she meant 'people' or number of shots given, but it's still a lot for just one hospital.)
  12. After the first shot of the Pfizer, I got a lower back cramp that was so bad I could hardly walk. Lasted maybe ten hours total...most of a typical day...then went away as quick as it came. That was about it on the side effects. Second shot comes tomorrow morning. Wife keeps worrying about side effects LOL. I mean a LOT of worrying. I finally told her: "Well what's better? Some side effects, or DEATH?" (from Covid) I kind of laughed. She stopped complaining.
  13. I'm tossing pretty much everything we have left regarding KC and the Bentz story out there this June. The video on Bentz will be available at YouTube afterward, as well as a general video on the Festival itself. For now, that's all I got. I have no intention of putting that stuff out there publicly prior to the Festival. Besides, everyone in Cooperland either wants me to shut up, go away, not bring up new evidence, or go elsewhere. After that, I'm (gladly) moving on to other things and starting to extricate myself from the Vortex. I have an autobiography ('Cooperland') to wrap before the end of the year and publish, as well as packing up and moving to California. Have to save something for June, you know. 2021 makes it 13 years since I emailed Skipp Porteous and proposed a book on Kenny, and where Skipp told me I should get involved in the investigation myself. I still haven't figured out if I did the right thing by emailing him back in 2008 or not. I figure 13 years is just about long enough for me. So come June, there will be no more secrets. We will release everything we have remaining and let people decide the merit of it. I modified the AB website today pretty heavily on those two pages regarding the Festival. If we get enough interest by the middle of May or so, after the news articles come out, Greg, Kyle, Gayla, and I will finalize the event. If we don't, I will cancel the whole thing and Greg, his wife, myself, and Gayla will take a ten-day vacation to the Olympics, maybe to Trap Pass. One thing about Trap Pass, the view is tremendous from the end of the Forest Service road there. I would rather do the Festival, but everyone involved understands that there is no point to spending all that money if few are willing to actually show up for it. It's going to be a balancing act and depends on how much interest is generated by the news articles. Usually I wouldn't doubt interest, but with the Covid disaster going, it is hard to predict right now. So I guess it's either Greenwater for the Festival, or a trip to the place shown in the pictures below. We will see. EDIT: If the Festival is a washout, I will still do the video for YouTube on Bentz. Only I will shoot it up in the Olympics. Until the June festival, (assuming we can go forward with it) as well as afterward, our relationship with people involved in the Cooper case will be shifted to a sort of *Modus vivendi* arrangement. * an arrangement or agreement allowing conflicting parties to coexist peacefully, either indefinitely or until a final settlement is reached.*
  14. I see Shutter is discussing the Bentz stuff over at his Cooper Forum. Well, at least he was nice enough in his comments. Look...I never said it 'wasn't the right time and right place'. (to discuss this issue) What I said was that figuring out the truth on this was beyond my pay grade. A senior FBI agent? Three guys who work for the US government with security clearances involved in this? Are you kidding me? I did what I could to verify this story. And that was a lot. It was a fairly large allegation and I was very careful to record everything. This verification is a job for pros, not me. Think of me as the mailman delivering the available evidence. I'm not a reporter or a detective. I'm a part-time publisher and sci-fi fan who scrubs toilets and floors. Everyone knows that. Who the heck am I to question a senior FBI agent, or determine the truth on things he may have revealed? Not me. Better to just prepare the evidentiary package and let others decide whether it has merit. Anything that doesn't seem to fair to you (as well as wise) about that, just let me know. Besides...would you believe me if I took on this verification on my own, and quoting you positive results? Of course you wouldn't. Don't you think verification by an independent source would be better? I sure do. And frankly, tossing the party in June is more than my share of contribution to the Cooper case this year. Everything will be released at that time. I'm not making a big deal of it. After that, I'm backing out of the Cooper Thingie to move forward to something else. Just the idea we could pull this off successfully in the middle of a pandemic that's now killed more American citizens than WW2, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War COMBINED.... If there were some kind of Cooper Olympic Committee, they should give me a damn medal.
  15. UPDATE: Greg, Kyle, and I are kicking around the idea of allowing anyone and everyone to attend the June festival with just one caveat: They can show up whether they are on the email list or not. But...they must be able to provide proof they have received the two-shot series of the vaccine. And if their proof is crap, they will be turned away without mercy. And you do have to be over 21. Anyone doubtful we will definitely ask to see their ID. However...because we had no way of providing people (other than the ones on the email lists) a copy of the PDF with the maps, directions, contact info for us, speaker list, etc etc.... Greg says we should just release the PDF as a download six weeks prior to the festival, when the media presentations and guest speaker list is finalized. (Like say...a couple of days before any newspaper articles come out. We have two local papers who already want to run stories, but I am making them wait until the date of the festival gets closer.) Also, I told them that we have not 100% finalized this event as yet, although it's looking like we will. Three more people messaged us a second time and said they are definitely showing up, which makes 33 confirmed so far. When they send us their vaccine confirmations in advance by email, then we KNOW they're serious. I like this whole idea. The only thing the drop-ins will miss are the monthly email updates, and they could probably get by without them, as long as they can see, and print up, the festival information PDF. It's basically the bible for the event. It's not ready yet because it's too early and we haven't finished filling the media presentations list, or the speaker list. We also don't have a host yet, but we have a couple of candidates in mind. Two weeks prior to the festival, we could do a separate web page with all the information contained in the PDF displayed on-screen. And offer the download for printing as well. On the way up there to do the setup in June...we could drop off a map and some details about the festival that includes directions to it from the Greenwater Store, maybe 100 copies. The owner wants to cooperate, mainly because he stands to make a lot of money if a bunch of Cooper fans use his store for the last stop before they take the Forest Service road turnoff. It's less than a mile beyond the store. I think I like this package, which mostly comes from Greg and Kyle, not me. And I think we will do some changes to the AB website over the weekend. I guess we don't care who shows long as they don't get lost...and they have been vaccinated against Covid-19. That requirement is absolutely NON-NEGOTIABLE.