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  1. Pretty late here, but I wanted to address a couple of things I've seen today regarding the situation on the upcoming Cooper movie. I see a few misconceptions, whether deliberate or from stupidity I am not sure. First, I would like to thank Dudeman17 for his minor vote of support over at the DB Cooper Forum. He's right. Sometimes it takes years to get a motion picture off the ground...and then when the Coronavirus hits and everything is frozen can take a bit longer. I haven't lied to anyone about ANYTHING regarding this movie. There are illustrated posts about it on WordPress Cooper. There are at least two videos at YouTube, if anyone cares to look. If you were misdirected, it was probably because I didn't trust you, or you are known to lie about me occasionally. Or I figured it was none of your business. I'm under a strict confidentiality agreement regarding the movie. Some stuff I can tell you, some stuff I can't. Shutter over at the Cooper Forum thinks I should show the contract that was offered to Bruce Smith, and just redact out the names of the production companies. My answer to that is simple. It would be useless. And Smith had his chance. He was contacted for over six months and responded in the negative, when he even bothered to respond. In the meantime, he was allowing really filthy posts at the Mountain News that went personal on people involved in the Cooper case. Some still exist there today. Certain people saw those posts. He dismissed my offer and demanded to speak to the production company execs on his own. They rejected this completely. They told me it was MY job to select who would do the historical fact-checking stuff on the final script. They weren't going to contact him personally unless he at least considered the job. Mr Brainiac didn't even bother to ask to see the contract. Most of my emails to him were ignored or answered flippantly. Unprofessional, and foolish. I thought Bruce would be the best choice, and frankly....he is a Northwest neighbor and I thought cutting him into the whole process would benefit him. He rejected everything. Someone else was given the job instead. Marty Andrade was also offered the script-checking job. But I respect the guy because of his honest answer. Marty told me that he had been burned by other media, and was reluctant to take the assignment. I sent him a polite response and didn't ask him again. If you don't believe that, ask him yourself. Shutter has said I lied regarding who was chosen as the final main screenwriter. Or something like that. Early on, a virtual ton of people were under consideration to do the script. This selection was not my job, so I didn't know every tiny detail in the process. The head of a certain studio wanted someone selected from his stable of writers. The other production company wanted an independent writer. They finally figured it out. I have seen the script. Because of the Coronavirus, some people are working on it further, including me. I'm doing hard copies, blue pencil, and snail mail. The other guys are doing Final Draft. It's all working out fine. The person selected for the job offered first to Bruce Smith will be the second-to-last person to view the final script. As you can imagine, this picture is being produced under a great deal of confidentiality, and so far everyone has managed to (mostly) keep their mouths shut. We sometimes discuss this, and I occasionally bitch that SOME announcement should be made. They were about to, but then Covid tossed a wrench into the whole thing. My next option payment is in August and they've never failed on that. I may ask for an announcement in the trades as part of that deal. I don't like keeping all the secrets and being called a liar, although I can understand why some people might say that. It's been discussed, trust me.
  2. Special Note to the above post: Only FOUR people should not bother to try registering, and I will give the reasons why for each one: Bruce Smith of the Mountain News. Reason: He supports attacks on others on his own website. Nicholas B, aka 'Nicky B'. Reason: When he was allowed to register at one of our previous discussion forums, he was copying posts from the website and emailing them to others. Derek the Spammer. Reason: Obvious. Georger at the DB Cooper Forum run by Dave B, aka 'Shutter'. Reason: He's a problem wherever he goes. Other than those four, anyone is generally welcome.
  3. NOTE: Registrations are now trickling in to our new Cooper Forum at Proboards. I am responding to these by emailing the registrants and explaining a few things to them PRIOR to approving their registration to access the site. Let me offer a few hints for anyone who is also considering registration. We are SCREENING all new registrations. Thoroughly. That means you can't just register and then I approve your access to the website automatically. You will be contacted personally by me after your registration request is received, since you have to use an email to register. If my email to you bounces because you tried registering with a phony email address, I will immediately ban that registrant using both the email address they provided, as well as their IP range. You should expect that I will attempt to confirm....if you are a KNOWN fan or investigator in the Cooper Community....that you are who you SAY you are. In other words, if you are Flyjack, Parrothead Vol, EU, or anyone else in that community, no one will be allowed to fake your known online identity. Greg the Techie Guy and I will make sure NO ONE does that. For new Cooper fans, I ask them how they heard about the website, and why they would like to join. If you want to take the fast track to approval, the BEST way is to PM me HERE first...and tell me of your intent to register. You don't have to do this, but you'll be approved a lot faster and it will be easier for me to confirm you aren't Derek Godsey for example...who will NEVER be allowed onto the site. NEVER. For the uninformed, Godsey is the guy from Alabama who keeps spamming THIS site with multiple identical posts, and has used over twenty false identities to do so. I deal with that here at Dropzone by hitting the Ignore button on him the moment he shows up with a new phony identity. Eventually, Dropzone deletes all his posts and his registration, but he keeps coming back. (This is one of the reasons I established the new forum by the way.) If I have the SLIGHTEST doubt at ALL about your registration, and the answers you give to my few questions are written off or ignored...I will still ban you by IP address range and email. I know all of this sounds like overkill, but the truth is that I would rather have fewer members than to open the site to possible spamming and bullshit registrants. Don't bother unless you are serious. You can also email me privately prior to registration if you have any questions or concerns. You can contact me at As far as this new forum is concerned, my attitude is like this: Anything easy to get is nearly worthless. Anything hard to get is worth more. If you are willing to play it straight and jump through the few hoops I ask, in order to make the site not only private, but BETTER, than kudos to you and welcome aboard. If not, just remain here or at Shutter's place. And no hard feelings. Sincerely, Robert
  4. Another day, another Godsey return, another Hit The Ignore Everything button on him. (*yawn*) Over at Shutter's DB Cooper Forum, they keep comparing me to HIM. LOL...get real. Check into the Reality Hotel. There is a room available to you, top floor, Penthouse Suite. I don't use false identities to post, I don't spam the site (under more than 20 different email addresses and names) and I don't post twenty straight duplicate posts simply to annoy people. These days, he's just a minor annoyance though. Takes 30 seconds to make him vanish and then everyone moves on. Eventually, all his posts are deleted. One of the main reasons I don't think Cooper died is because no one has found a scrap of evidence out there in fifty years showing that this is what happened to him. And the area where he jumped isn't exactly a mountain wilderness as some TV producers like to say on their different shows about Cooper. No briefcase, no body, no other money except miles off the flight path, no parachute unless you believe the Amboy chute was Cooper's. But the Amboy chute was BURIED, which means a human being would have to do that. The Amboy chute is a complicated story, and the questions about it just won't go away. I keep wondering why the Seattle FBI still keeps calling it, 'evidence in an ongoing case' when you ask them about it. Unless you figure Cooper went kerplunk into the Columbia, which the evidence shows is damn near impossible, the only way the money could arrive at Tina Bar is if Cooper lived. Some people have tried moving the flight path miles to the west without a shred of evidence, (like Robert99) but I think the FBI and NWA hit it on the head with the flight path.
  5. Dr Martin Rees of Cambridge University released a book around 2001 titled, Our Final Century. He meant THIS century. The book discusses why he believes mankind has no better than a fifty-fifty chance of avoiding what he calls a 'major extinction event' before the year 2100. He said anthropomorphic climate change wouldn't wipe us all out, but it would cause mass migration, local wars, and famine worldwide. He actually listed the possibility of nuclear war as much farther down the list of dangers, saying that most nuclear weapons were well-controlled, and except for some smaller local event, probably wasn't that big of a worldwide risk to everyone. He said that within 10-20 years, the biggest daily challenge for more than half the people on Planet Earth would be the daily acquisition of enough clean, fresh water to survive. Although that is not really a problem in most western countries, it IS a problem for people in many other places. Lifestraw and other organizations have been trying to help with this problem, but as of 2020 for about 1 in 9 people worldwide it is a daily struggle. Close to 3 billion people, or about 35% of the world's population, also have no access to a regular sanitation (toilet) system. Dr Rees lists pandemics as one of the biggest risks when trying to avoid an extinction event. He thought at the time there would be more of them, and that if one came along where the virus was airborne, it could kill tens of millions of people, perhaps even a few billion depending on the severity of the virus and how easily it could be spread. On a scale of risks, Rees leans toward famine as a real killer though. And that it would be brought on by climate change, and accelerated by overpopulation. He doesn't think there is much way to avoid it at this point. Remember that these predictions were made about twenty years ago. Climate change deniers basically ignore the facts. Satellite pictures since 1993 show that both the southern and northern ice packs are melting. Ice melt in Greenland is moving along nicely as well, thank you. As the ice reveals more ocean, the darker color of the sea water absorbs more solar energy, which increases the rate of melt. About the only thing scientists and climatologists missed on was the rate. They thought melt would take longer than it has, but many did not take into account the added effect of revealing sea water or land, and these items absorbing MORE energy...accelerating the whole process. Larger, more dynamic weather events are definitely on the upswing, and that means typhoons in the Pacific, hurricanes, flooding events, and plain old storms. All that solar energy has to go somewhere, and what it does is heat the air and oceans, causing more 'dynamic' weather. As it stands now, the best we can hope for...since mankind has been unable to work with the warnings we were getting clear back in the late a worldwide average increase of 2 degrees Celsius before 2100. And the reality is that it could go as high as 8 Celsius. Doesn't sound like much, but this would be catastrophic. A great deal of Earth would become absolutely unlivable to humans, with some places reaching temps of over 135 degrees Fahrenheit in summer. Sometimes I think back to one of the first organizations who blew on whistle on global warming. Back in the 1980's, National Geographic Magazine started sounding the alarm. Many people canceled their subscriptions. I wouldn't be surprised if these same people have started taking the magazine again.
  6. The above list was posted to Facebook DB Cooper, and a print-ready version was added to the post as an attached picture. You can also download the PDF version to your computer and refer to it when needed. The advantage to this is all the links will work for you when you open the PDF. No need to type stuff into your address box or any of that. Right-click on the link above, and simply save the document to your computer. Open using Adobe Reader. EDIT: Dropped by Shutter's Cooper Forum today and saw they were bitching and whining about me again. 'He posts this, he posts that, he just likes to talk about the money from the movie, or his work, or camping...' Whatever, jerks. Easy to post up crap about others when you know that person cannot respond to you on your own site. Blah blah blah. You're just jealous. You pulled out all the stops over a five-year period to try and squash everything I tried to do in the Cooper case, and look where it got you. Exactly nowhere LOL. You got bypassed for the first dramatic feature film ever done on Cooper, some of it your own choice, and now you whine. You talk crap about the Dropzone thread on Cooper, yet no one new is really buying your Exclusion Program at Shutter's place. Same few people, same stuff posted, same bitching, going nowhere, and you haven't even the guts to address me personally, or even the issues on a realistic basis. Bunch of whiners for sure. And because you watch both THIS site, and whatever AB of Seattle does on the internet regarding the Cooper case, I had to make OUR forum on the case completely private. But the difference between us is I will not allow users there to talk shit about YOU. If they do, I will ban them like yesterday. It's about the case, not the personalities involved in exploring it...something you haven't learned. You deserve where you are now. Which is basically at zero credibility. If you are going to call me out on this or that, at least have the guts to do it personally, otherwise crawl back in your hole. No one cares, especially me. Face it, you tried to squash us and it backfired on you big time. You have a lot of nerve, I'll give you that. And it wasn't like I didn't try to include you. I did. And I didn't give up that effort until I saw it was hopeless. You will never learn. But you thought EVERYONE would listen to that message, when the truth is that the public, and the people who really count in the Cooper case these days simply blew you off once and for all. You and your buddy Bruce Smith even support the spamming of this site and think it's funny. The problem with that is you begin to look shallow and people see it for what it is. If they need a bit of help seeing these things, I am more than happy to assist them. You know me. I have no problem giving it to people straight. I always have, and probably always will. And I don't 'hate' Arizona or California by the way. The reason it took me a while to make the decision on where to move was because the wife's family lives in SoCal, and my folks live in Phoenix. If you are interested, we decided on SoCal. I don't 'hate' Washington state. I just don't want to live here anymore, excuse me for living. Or as Steve Martin said:
  7. Yeah. And the British Antarctic Survey is not exactly a slouch organization. They've been around for quite a while, and work with over 100 universities worldwide.
  8. It is almost certain that this thread will be re-locked at some point, due to the spamming by Derek Godsey. So...just in may want to copy this page and save it for future reference. Link to the PDF report on Cooper suspect Kenny Christiansen. Over 100,000 downloads since it was released. Link to the Quora Space on D.B. Cooper. 1,900 followers and counting. Submit your articles, news items, anything Cooper-related and it goes out to 2,500 people automatically. 1,900 who signed for the automatic feed, another 600 from other sources at Quora. Sometimes other Quora users will share your content as well, and then views can easily reach into the tens of thousands. Occasionally, Quora staff will send your content out to an additional 1,000-10,000 non Cooper Space folks as well. (Quora is the famous Q and A website based in San Francisco.) Link to the D.B. Info Page at Adventure Books of Seattle. One-stop shopping on many things Cooper: Link to the WordPress on Cooper. Nearly 60 illustrated articles on all facets of the case exist there: Link to the YouTube channel on Cooper, and other select videos: Link to the Meetups and Public Events page at Adventure Books of Seattle, where Cooper-related events are often announced: Private discussion forum on the Cooper case: Very few members, all newbies are screened to ensure they aren't trying to impersonate known personalities in the Cooper case, and no spammers. Free professional-level writing assistance is offered by the staff of AB of Seattle, a registered US trade publisher. Public cannot view the site, post, or make comments. Members only. General contact email for anything having to do with the above: adventurebooksofseattle AT G Mail Dot Com Sincerely, Robert
  9. Not to double-post, but I think a short story is warranted here, since it has to do with another problem related to climate change. I won't say what problem, because that is part of the story. From the book, Escape Velocity - The Anthology. (Collection of 48 sci-fi stories from 44 different writers all over the globe.) Story was written originally in 2001. The Earth and the Lion Robert M. Blevins The old merchant ship cruised slowly into the bay, slicing through cold water as smooth as glass. Sharp peaks of black stone towered above the harbor like the walls of a prison. Tiny icebergs floated silently across the water, reflecting their rainbow colors in every spectrum. A row of hills covered in thick grass was the sole buffer between snow-covered mountains and an old whaling station at the water’s edge. The abandoned station stood forlornly, a falling-down collection of rusty tin roofs and giant docks thrust into the bay like flat wooden fingers. Empty steel drums and discarded wooden beams were scattered everywhere. The station was an interloper now. Nature would eventually reclaim it. The crumbling buildings stood quietly, an empty monument to a time of whaling ships and the harpoon gun. A large fishing vessel was beached between two of the docks with its stern thrust onto the shore. It sat majestically with a slight list to port. The hull was rusted surprisingly little considering its age and looking at it, one could imagine giving it a push to send it back out to sea for another run. A few heavy lines hung limply down its side, nearly touching the ground. Paul Morgan stood at the bow railing of the old merchant ship as it entered the bay. He was snapping pictures. He framed each shot carefully, ignoring the biting cold nipping his cheeks and nose. Morgan was an imposing man with a thick, black beard. He wore a heavy red parka and a wool hat. Moving the camera from side-to-side, Morgan tried to get a panorama of the entire scene. He finally lowered the camera. It does look different from the last time. The old merchant ship gradually slowed to a stop in the empty harbor. Morgan startled as the anchor chain crashed loudly into the water. The First Officer waited impatiently, shivering in the bitter cold. “Dr. Morgan!” “Yes?” “The Captain is having the launch lowered for you, sir.” Morgan snatched his rucksack and followed him to the boat deck. A few minutes later, Morgan and two of the ship’s crewmen were powering toward the beach at a steady clip in the boat. Morgan sat alone in the bow, snapping his pictures. The water looked cold and deep. “Ever been to South Georgia Island before, sir?” shouted out one of the sailors above the roar of the engine. “Yes.” “Scientist or something?” “I can’t talk about it,” Morgan stared at the approaching shoreline. “Sorry.” “You work for the British government, then?” “That’s classified. I can’t discuss it.” “Sorry, sir.” The boat hissed softly as it ran aground on the sand. “We’ll be back in one hour.” Morgan shouldered his rucksack and jumped from the boat. He was careful not to get his feet wet in the freezing water. Waving a polite farewell to the sailors, he started walking up the beach toward the old whaling station. He noticed some algae muck just above the tide line and went over to examine it. It was brown and dead, with an acrid smell. He pulled off a glove and scooped up a bit of the smelly mush. It was the texture of thick pea soup. Bad sign, he thought. He shook the residue from his hand, wiped the rest onto his pants and then slipped on his glove. He snapped a close-up picture of the algae and headed up the beach. As he approached the station, he spotted a sign nailed to a post on one of the whaling docks. It was a royal crest of a reindeer standing above a penguin and a walrus, with a lion posed proudly in the center. It was the official symbol of South Georgia Island, issued by the Crown. There was a phrase in Latin on the sign. LEO TERRAM PROPRIAM PROTEGAT Morgan tried to remember what the Fisheries officer at King Edward Point had told him about the sign and its meaning. King Edward Point, and the government station there, were empty now anyway. He studied the sign again and finally remembered the translation: Let The Lion Protect Its Own Land. Morgan snapped a picture of the sign for his records and kept moving. He climbed a set of concrete stairs leading from the beach and into the village. As he passed the crumbling docks and warehouses, he saw a church with a magnificent spire standing tall above the other buildings. A small house next door had a sign hanging in a front window with the words, ‘South Georgia Museum.’ Both the church and the house were long abandoned now. A hundred years ago, the Antarctic explorer Shackleton had finally found rescue at Grytviken whaling station. Now it was filled with ghosts. A cold shiver passed through him. Nothing here but death. A biting wind gusted through the village. In the cold hills above the station, he saw the heavy grass wave in response. All of the grass was brown and quite dead, yet it stubbornly remained in place. He snapped a picture or two. Morgan checked his watch. Twenty minutes gone already. Better get up the hill and over to the rookery. He stepped over discarded buckets and old beams and made his way to a trail head at the edge of the village. The path was worn and steep. There were no switchbacks. The old whalers had been a tough lot, preferring a more direct way of reaching their destination. The trail led over the hills and down to a small beach. Morgan’s legs began to burn as he struggled toward the top. Stopping for a few moments, he plucked a handful of the dead grass. He studied it carefully before tucking the sample into a plastic bag. He reached the summit and started down to the beach. Halfway there, he noticed the odor of rotting flesh. It grew stronger with each step. Like thousands of silent black-and-white headstones, he saw penguins lying in neat rows along the barren beach. An icy hand snatched his heart and shoved it into his throat. He stopped again to capture some images of the overall scene. Tears flooded his eyes and he brushed them away angrily. He switched the memory chip in the camera before continuing. The trail ended at the beach. Most of the penguins had died with their eyes closed. Some were huddled in family groups. Others had washed up on the beach after a futile attempt to escape death. Rats scurried away at his approach, but he noticed some of the rats were dead as well. Their tiny bodies were scattered randomly among the penguin dead. His camera clicked and dutifully recorded everything. He selected one of the penguins at random and removed a small leather case from his pocket. Opening it with an expert flip, he took out a small scalpel. He sliced into the penguin’s flank and gently removed a piece of flesh from the dead animal. He dropped the sample into a plastic bag. Another hard wave crashed into the rocks and drenched him in freezing salt water. He brushed the water from his parka and snapped a few more quick photographs. He checked his watch again. Forty minutes. Time to leave. He hiked back up the trail leading over the hill to the harbor. Along the way, he snapped a few last pictures, seeing only dead animals, brown grass, and an angry surf pounding against an inhospitable shore. Morgan slipped a cap over the lens. For the first time in ten years’ of research, he realized he had nothing more to do. This was the end of his work. Twenty-five minutes later, he met the boat. The two sailors stared at him curiously, but said nothing. Morgan snapped a few more shots of the old whaling station as they headed out to sea, but these were only for his personal scrapbook. The launch eased alongside the merchant ship and stopped. The deck crew tossed down the lines. The boat rose steadily from the water while the old davits creaked and groaned. Dr Morgan scrambled out the moment they reached the railing. The crew secured the boat quickly, almost in a controlled panic. Morgan saw fear in their eyes. All of them disappeared below decks without a word as soon as they finished securing the boat. The captain must have told them. Morgan ducked into the nearest passageway and pounded his fist repeatedly against the steel bulkhead until the pain made him stop. He already knew what he must say in his report to the Admiralty. The numbers were irrefutable. It was going to reach Chile in less than two years. In five years, it would spread completely around the world. There was no longer any doubt. As the hole in the ozone layer had grown larger, its edges had expanded at an exponential rate. Simple numbers, really. It was impossible to stop now. South Georgia Island represented both the past - and the future. The End
  10. The freshening of the sea water, at least in the North and South Atlantic oceans, is already happening. This part of climate change doesn't get a lot of attention, although it should. Scientists are still not sure on the extent of the problem, but one thing they DO that if the famous Atlantic Current stops, the results on weather will be devastating. When you take a globe in your hands and look at the south of Spain and France, and over to the eastern seaboard of the USA, you see examples of fairly typical, mostly-mild weather. As far as the seaboard, we're talking from about New York state southward. Now, following that line of latitude around to the other side of the globe, you come to Sapporo, Japan...or at least the island of Hokkaido. Below is a picture which shows the typical yearly weather there. Pay attention to the average and record lows, and notice the highs are not that high. 75-80 F in summer is average. Record lows have gone to nearly twenty F below zero, right? Average low is around twenty degrees in winter. How can a place that is on roughly the same global latitude as Spain have such temperatures? The reason is because of the North Atlantic current. Each year, colder and heavier sea water from the North Atlantic flows SOUTH, at deeper depth from the surface. Lighter, warmer water from the south Atlantic comes up from the equator. This sort of circular system tends to make the weather more mild in Spain and along the USA's eastern seaboard. It's been going for millennia. the last few decades the weather along the eastern seaboard has become more dynamic, with greater storms and greater temperature fluctuations, and these events have been spreading more northward all the time. (Superstorm Sandy was probably a good example.) Some climatologists are now warning that this is due to the freshening of the sea water from Greenland and arctic ice melt. Basically, it's disturbing the delicate balance of the North Atlantic Current and causing problems. And if the current stops flowing as a result of the freshening, the weather in those areas will start looking more like the chart above. The result will be greater, and more frequent superstorms, and the rising of sea levels. Evidence of rising sea levels is a given. Some cities in Florida are already having to deal with it. So far it isn't catastrophic, but neither is it good. According to NOAA, average sea level rise since 1993 is about three inches, and going up about an eighth of an inch per year. But the rate of rise continues to increase. Climate change is sort of like a snowball rolling down a hill. The worse it gets, the FASTER it gets worse.
  11. I must have hit a nerve on him there. (*laughs*)
  12. The spammer plays the part of Peter Lorre. Cooper fans play the part of Bogart. DZ spammer Derek Godsey really DOES remind me of Peter Lorre in this scene. Petulant, angry, and like a little boy who tosses a tantrum on the floor because his mother refused him a cookie from the cookie jar. James Klansnic, by the way, was NOT D.B. Cooper. Word is out that you've been harassing his family, as well. Figures. Nice to know your hatred isn't confined to just other Cooper fans or investigators. Now...go toss another tantrum and post up more useless pictures that no one is viewing, and don't care to see anyway LOL. Or maybe some more hard core porn. That seems to be your forte, isn't it Derek? In a couple of pictures from the internet I've seen of are holding a child. Hope it isn't yours. Let me drop a hint on you. Identifying with porn (I guess Playboy centerfolds are too tame for you) and raising a kid don't mix. You definitely have 'issues', as they say. Is your wife/girlfriend/mother/sisters aware you have a problem? Get help. Isn't that picture above you? I think it is. Just about what I expected. Typical uneducated type. I've seen more intelligence on the face of a sheep.
  13. Deja vu, DB Cooper Style: This is how you rid yourself of a spammer using the handy-dandy Ignore function. Makes them waste all their time and effort for exactly NOTHING. And by the way...James Klansnic is NOT D.B. Cooper.