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  1. RobertMBlevins

    DB Cooper

    Frankly, I get a kick out of Eric over at the Cooper Forum trying to explain how SAGE radar and multiple other radar sources could be off by miles on Flight 305's position. He does ignore the facts on basic radar and SAGE quite a bit. Also, his website on the boat tours now claims he ran several tours on the last weekend of June and that all of them were sold out. Frankly, I doubt this was the case. Maybe the first tour of the day. Maybe. Frankly, I'm surprised Shutter and the Gang at Cooper Forum put up with him. As far as the convention he forced into reality at the Kiggins Theater by trashing the BETTER he wants to charge money to attend. Just like he wanted to charge money to search the area north of Tina Bar at Ridgefield refuge and Bachelor Island. I can tell him from experience after running four straight years of 'Cooper stuff' at the Auburn Ave Theater each ain't easy to get bodies in the doors willing to pay an entrance fee when you don't have some headlners to attract the public. Especially on the biggest shopping weekend of the year. At the Auburn Ave Theater, Gayla Prociv would stand there in the lobby offering free food and soft drinks, bottled water, etc to anyone who walked in the door. There was no entrance fee. Still...most people just looked at the Cooper displays in the lobby and then left. Without a hook, it's hard to get peoples' interest in staying for the whole event. Eric's version of a convention is more like a small gathering of the same people who spend most of their time preaching the same old stuff to the same old people they've interacted with on the internet for years. It's a mutual back-slapping society and little else. Frankly, it sounds boring. If Eric is satisfied with that, and wants to call it a public event, well...okay. But actually having the public attend in numbers is what a real public event is all about. He had his chance for that this year and blew it...IMHO. I also heard later that several of the same people who support his upcoming (yawn) event at the Kiggins Theater went on an email campaign to the organizers of the Portland event...mostly saying bad things about yours truly. Whaddya want? It's Cooperland. I wasn't surprised. I went along along with Jim Brunberg's idea to ask Eric to host, and to help schedule the programs and speakers, but I also told him it was a risk. Guess I was right on that. But like I have said previously...people sometimes get the events they deserve. Now you are stuck with Eric's version, which means you pay, and no headlners to boot. Not me. I'm headed to San Diego this year to visit my mother in law and to do the zoo and the museum again.
  2. RobertMBlevins

    DB Cooper

    It is difficult for me to use the words 'EU' and 'honesty' in the same sentence. The video below will explain why.
  3. RobertMBlevins

    DB Cooper

    In 1971, ASR2 radar would show two aircraft as separate entities at a range of ten miles if the aircraft were at least 600 feet apart. At max range, or about 150 miles, accuracy is less, but nowhere NEAR what EU claims. If radar was as inaccurate as he says, passenger jets would crash into each other on a regular basis. During this same year, the slightly improved ASR7 was coming into existence and it was even a bit MORE accurate. If a different system was being used by PDX, then ground clutter would be eliminated, but it is still the same concept. I will assume that 305 also had its transponder turned on. This enables the aircraft to be tracked by both primary and secondary radar systems. Here is an article about radar from the Feb 1971 issue of Flying magazine that explains it well enough for even a novice like me to understand (most of it anyway). I would also remind EU that 305 was being tracked by more than one radar source, and that everyone involved in tracking the flight had ample time to prepare to do so. And once they got the military to turn on the SAGE system for them, it was party over. Jet was pinpointed within meters in any direction. You can find the article in Flying magazine (describes the basics) HERE. The term 'SAGE' (semi-automatic ground environment) radar gets tossed around a lot in the Cooper case. But people don't appreciate how accurate (and deadly to an enemy) it really WAS. It cost more than the Manhattan Project to do, it WORKED beyond its inventors wildest dreams, and on Cooper Night there were TWO of them in the Northwest, one in Portland, one in the Seattle area. It's a complicated story, and very underappreciated. When they brought in SAGE to track Cooper, you can forget any idea that they didn't know exactly where 305 was the entire time. Quora question on 'How accurate is ATC radar?' Response: Radar, when a good system is working properly and free from most interference and ground clutter, is pretty accurate even at 100 NM. In the measurements given below, the single 'M' refers to METERS, not miles. (I don't claim expertise on radar, but after some simple research, even I was able to figure out that under normal conditions, ATC radar is fairly accurate. I believe the units shown below are the ones installed on aircraft, not used by ATC. The ATC stuff is better, I would assume. In any event, a claim that a passenger jet being tracked by radar sources within a reasonable range could be 'off' by miles in either direction is patently ridiculous. This is DOUBLY true when that aircraft is put under the watchful eye of SAGE, as well as ATC and a couple of military aircraft. Forgettaboutit. Some results of radar units are indicated in the following table as example: radar unit accuracy in bearing accuracy in range accuracy in height BOR–A 550 < ±0.3° < 20 m LANZA < ±0.14° < 50 m 340 m ≈ 1150 feet (at 100 NM) GM 400 < ±0,3° < 50 m 600 m ≈ 2000 feet (at 100 NM) RRP–117 < ±0,18° < 463 m 1000 m ≈ 3000 feet (at 100 NM) MSSR-2000 < ±0.049° < 44.4 m STAR-2000 < ±0.16° < 60 m Variant < ±0.25° < 25 m
  4. RobertMBlevins

    DB Cooper

    Now at YouTube: Second in a series of three videos shot in the Olympic Mountains this month about certain issues in the Cooper case. This one is a six-minute informational video on the latest updates to 'Into The Blast,' the first-ever dramatic feature film on the hijacking. Movie is scheduled for release in 2021. The final in this series tells the story of how Eric Ulis managed to trash the biggest Cooper event ever planned for the Northwest...simply by agreeing to host it. (The final video will be released in a few weeks.) Ulis, the host of 'Cooper Con 2019,' agreed to host a combination event and then decided it was better for him if it never happened. He then rented a theater in Vancouver, WA and invited people to come there instead. In the opinion of AB of Seattle staff, it was a dirty trick indeed...and without any real headliners to attract the public, will probably only garner a few attendees. Ulis would have been smarter to follow through with the original plan, the one he agreed to in group emails seen by quite a number of people. After learning the TRUE story about all this, at least one of Eric's scheduled speakers is having a crisis of conscience. I also discovered recently that an email campaign from a few people in Cooperland contributed to the whole thing, and that Eric supported this effort. This resulted in a rather lame 'Cooper Con' alone, which will probably be attended by fewer people than he thinks. I don't have a problem with Cooper Con itself, but deliberately trashing another event by agreeing to host it and then doing nothing is probably the biggest disservice ever done to Cooper fans. Here at Adventure Books, the staff sees Ulis as little more than a DB Cooper huckster.
  5. RobertMBlevins

    DB Cooper

    Interesting picture turned over to AB of Seattle today: Bruce Christiansen, (Kenny Christiansen's nephew) with Flight 305 co-pilot Bill Rataczak. They talked about Kenny, the case in general, and the upcoming movie naming Kenny as the hijacker.
  6. RobertMBlevins

    DB Cooper

    Robert I appreciate your efforts here. However nobody gives a crap about your campout. (Except the people who attend these things.) Your campout has nothing to do with DB Cooper. (Except for the fact we show Cooper media, sometimes shoot Cooper-related media, discuss Cooper, and encourage continued public interest in the Cooper case.) This is 2019. You know nothing about finding people. (Except when I spent over a year driving all over the Northwest USA hunting down anybody and anyone who knew Kenny Christiansen. I'm also a former member of King County Search and Rescue.) You know nothing about modern evidence and techniques. (Haven't seen any 'modern evidence or technique' regarding YOUR suspect, just some pictures so far, but I'm hoping.) You know nothing about improvisation. You know nothing about evolving. (I like improv comedy and I believe Darwin was right. Does that count?) Criminals always have and always will evolve and if you don’t evolve with them you get left at Blevins cookout. (No they don't. Sometime it is a one-off type of crime, such as Cooper's. Had he 'evolved' and done more hijackings, they would have caught him.) They don’t draw sketches for no reason. (Yes, this is true.) They don’t check surveillance cameras for no reason. (No footage available for Cooper, unfortunately. And you are not the first to blow up and present a picture of the Boston Marathon bombing suspect. I did the same thing at the time it happened.) *********** EDIT: On another subject, 'three miles ENE of La Center' puts the landing zone for Cooper in a heavily wooded area just south of the airstrip called La Center View Air Airport, which almost certainly was NOT in existence in 1971. This dropzone is also just south of the area between Green and Bald Mountains, the location of the Amboy Parachute found in 2008. The population of La Center is just over 2,000 today. In 1970 it was about 300. The location mentioned in the FBI document (today) is a heavily wooded area surrounded by a developed area that was NOT developed in 1970. From there, it would be about five to six miles to the Interstate 5 freeway. If you believe the winds at the time of Cooper's jump WERE coming basically from the SOUTH, then his dropzone would be just about where everyone had it figured in the first place, i.e. south of Ariel and northeast of Vancouver, WA. Because no one has been able to narrow down the time of Cooper's jump in relation to the exact position of the aircraft to anything less than two, or possibly even three minutes...this leaves you with a search area of between 12-16 square miles. And since the real search for Cooper didn't begin until sometime in the morning after the hijacking, he would have had a head start on any search of at least ten to twelve hours...more than sufficient time to reach civilization and possibly a telephone before the hunt was really on for him. (In the map just above, note that La Center is in the extreme lower left hand corner. The Amboy chute was located somewhere along the yellow line shown in the picture.) I keep wondering WHERE that store was that suffered the break-in the night of the hijacking. One thing about these Google Map shots of the general area you have to remember: All those brown clear cuts and developments you see in them? They were mostly just green and undeveloped back in 1971, and there were far fewer streets and roads. This is especially true for any areas down there outside of an organized town or village. Just not a whole lot of people lived out there back then, unlike today.
  7. RobertMBlevins

    DB Cooper

    Late Night With Robert: Took me until four in the AM here in Seattle, but I finally managed the edit and upload to YouTube for my first EU video. I didn't hit below the belt, but IMHO he deserves this to be made public. Wait until you see the one on how he managed to Trash the Biggest DB Cooper Event Ever Planned in NW History. Sometimes comedy and a few laughs are the best way to not only reach people, but to express points you try to make in the Cooper case.
  8. RobertMBlevins

    DB Cooper

    GoingBoeing: I appreciate your efforts here, I really do. But you are Going to have to present more than just pictures that look like the sketch of the hijacker... Do you have any witnesses at ALL for this guy? Anyone who can say where he was or what he was doing, or even what he was SUPPOSED to be doing on the day of the hijacking? Any relatives or friends who have offered up evidence pointing to your guy as a possible suspect? I support any presentation on any suspect except maybe Rackstraw or Sheridan Peterson, neither of whom I believe was Cooper. Come on, be reasonable. They don't call the sketch the Bing Crosby sketch for nothing. Cooper's general description could fit a million different people. Even the stews on 305 couldn't agree completely on what he looked like. All three of them, Mucklow, Schaffner, and Hancock...all of them gave different combinations from the FBI's Facial Identification Catalog. How about unexplained spending? His life just prior to the hijacking? His life after the hijacking? A single witness who agrees with you, or who has gone on the record saying he or she believes your guy might be Cooper? I support the forwarding of your guy completely. But you have to give people a little more than just pictures and the fact he worked at Boeing. My DAD worked at Boeing just prior to the hijacking, and was laid off just like the other 70,000 or so employees who got dumped at that same time. He ended up pulling heavy sheets of plywood from a dryer line and grading them for five bucks an hour, just to help feed the family. I can tell you with assurance he wasn't Cooper. You have to give people more than just pictures and your declaration he was Cooper. Something, anything that possibly links him to the crime. Motive, opportunity, a witness, etc. Something. NOTE: I am up late (for those who seem to concern themselves with my hours) because the first version of the Eric Ulis video was not to my liking. I went cheap on the parameters and the results were not up to standards. I increased the parameters and I am still waiting for the processing to finish. It will take at least an hour. I may just hit the sack and let it keep processing until morning. Knew I should have gone for 'high definition display' in the parameters even though it takes longer.
  9. RobertMBlevins

    DB Cooper

    I'll bet it is. When people talk about the FBI dropping the ball on the Cooper case, one of the first things they should have realized is that a break-in to a small store on the evening prior to Thanksgiving, considering the items taken, etc...and the unlikelihood of someone busting into a store for such things unless they smoked and were on the run...that store should have been cordoned off right away and searched for evidence by an FBI team. They may have had their best chance to identify the hijacker right there. Long ago and far away, I suppose. If I had been in charge of the search for Cooper, I would have made that spot Grand Central Station for the search, and bet my money it was the hijacker who had the nerve to do such a thing practically on the morning of Thanksgiving. Most people on the day prior to Thanksgiving are either with family, or preparing to eat the biggest meal of the year, not breaking a window or door to steal cigarettes, gloves, and beef jerky. Flyjack: I'm closing the book (discussion) on the parachute question. I will agree that you have brought up important points on chute, chute...who's got the parachute...I give you that. But the truth is I just don't care that much on which one went where, or which one Cooper jumped with...unless they actually find that chute out there in the woods someday. It's a fairly moot point, with the bigger question being WHO was WEARING the chute when HE jumped out the back of that jet. So I'll agree you have brought up some valid stuff regarding these chutes, but it still doesn't tell us who Cooper was. Interesting, though. UPDATE ON THE RECENTLY-FILMED Cooper Videos: There are three, on three different subjects. They are being processed right now for YouTube, in the order shown below. The first will be uploaded to YouTube late this evening. I will link it here when it is ready. Here are the subjects, in the order of release: 1) I address Eric Ulis' first 60 'Cooper Bite' videos. I was supposed to do this in fifteen minutes or less, but the whole thing ran to just over twenty minutes. Still, that's an average of three videos per minute and that's not bad. At the very end, the camera glitched on me because I accidentally hit 'Still Shot' which puts any further video onto a different folder. I was able to work around this problem with a still shot, which fades back into the ending. 2) A short video with updates on the upcoming film on the Cooper case currently in production by two companies working in partnership. About five minutes long. 3) I address Eric Ulis' deceptive behavior regarding his scheduled 'Cooper Con 2019' and how he dealt with the Cooper combination party event, by naming names and showing the public How Eric Trashed the Biggest Cooper Event Ever Planned in Pacific Northwest History. (By accepting the hosting job as an opportunity to trash the whole thing in favor of his own, rather lame event in Vancouver.) About ten minutes in length. I mention the Kiggins Theater in Vancouver, WA in the video, but that is only accurate if Shutter didn't post up lies about it, since that info came from Shutter directly.)
  10. RobertMBlevins

    DB Cooper

    I have returned from the wilderness... I did shoot three separate videos, but won't be editing them for release until later this evening. This takes some time because of the addition of front and back credits, intro, and some still shots. The document concerning the break in at the grocery: It would be interesting to know what brand of cigarettes were taken. If they were only Raleighs, then you have to consider it was a good bet that Cooper did the break in. Gloves are also not a normal type of theft item unless you happen to need them at the moment because your hands are cold. Taking food that can be carried in your pockets and eaten from there...another factor pointing to someone possibly on the run. This does not look like (to me) a theft to make money, but a theft of necessity.
  11. RobertMBlevins

    DB Cooper

    Final Update on the DB Cooper Video Shoot(s) in the Olympic Mountains This Weekend: 1) First, I would like to thank the folks who sent in supporting messages over the last week or so. I know most of you come from Facebook or Quora and won't see this, but I will credit you when I return. And I do thank you. 2) This trip was planned over the last six weeks or so, and planning began after the Oregon Cooper Campout, which admittedly could have been better than it was. It wasn't a complete failure, but threatening posts made at Bruce Smith's Mountain News encouraging people to show up at the rally point in Estacada and cause trouble certainly did not help. (Links to those posts provided on request if you're really interested, but it's in the past now, and I learned a few lessons on security for these events because of them.) Truth is, it was the gunfire going on all day at the shooting pit nearby that really put a kabosh on the event. (See picture below) Only a few people showed up, but we still had fun anyway. Mostly after dark, though. The one GOOD thing was that I was able to do a full field test on all the gear for THIS trip and found out my system worked. So there is that. 3) The last three 'Cooper Campouts' have been casual affairs where we just met up at a prearranged spot out in the middle of nowhere and had fun. This one is different. It is strictly business. As you read this, my truck is packed to the gills with everything needed to do at least three Cooper-related videos, which will be shot from Friday afternoon through Saturday. I'm leaving in the late morning on Thursday for a 90-minute drive to the spot I have chosen to do this. Thursday afternoon and Friday morning will be dedicated to setting up all the equipment and background to shoot these videos at least semi-professionally, and a great deal of planning has gone into the whole thing. I'm returning to the Seattle area on either the following Monday, or perhaps Tuesday, August 20th, depending on how it goes. 4) I'm going to address several issues in the Cooper case, but NOT Flyjack's theory. I still don't understand it completely yet, so that would not be fair to him. These videos will be released one at a time at YouTube over a period of a couple of months after I do the proper editing and other production on them. 5) Whether you agree with me or not, like me or not, this does not matter. I never thought of the investigation into Cooper as a popularity contest, but I promise that I will not hit people below the belt in these videos. Not even Eric Ulis, who I consider one of the most deceptive people currently working on the case. My philosophy is the minute you start using names, or go emotional on people, that is the minute people stop listening. It is better in my opinion to give it to people straight....give them credit for intelligence...and let them make up their own minds based on the evidence. 6) The other 'Cooper Campouts' I have sponsored were mostly going to the limit to ensure people had fun, and were comfortable. I was often just a background person in these, which suited me just fine. But after a few of these events, I decided I not only deserved a break, but needed to contribute some real content for discussion on the case beyond forum postings. 7) Balancing all this between book editing services for writers, my regular job with the toilet scrubbing, and my other responsibilities has been difficult for sure. But the time has come for me to leave others out of this and just do it on my own. The gear works, the outlines, backgrounds, and props for the videos are ready, and so am I. Tomorrow morning, sometime before noon, it finally becomes reality. The results cannot be predicted, but I promise to do the best I can. In one way, I won't be completely alone. A few folks in Cooperland took me up on my offer to provide my cell number. I only asked them to call evenings, since I will be pretty busy during the day. Sincerely, Robert
  12. RobertMBlevins

    DB Cooper

    If NEITHER of Hayden's chutes were used, and we already know the FBI has only ONE chute currently in their possession, (the pink parachute)... Then why didn't Hayden ask for BOTH of his chutes to be returned? In his interview, he claimed Cooper used one of his chutes and the other was returned. He was pretty adamant about having that chute returned to him. Why would he just ignore the other? Either Cossey was lying, or Hayden was lying. Now you are claiming that a total of SIX parachutes were actually sent to SeaTac, but only four went to the plane. Okay... None of the evidence that mentions Cossey says he owned any of the chutes, only that he packed them. Cossey, to my knowledge, has never told media he had a chute returned to him from SeaTac unused. He was interviewed by phone and in person dozens of times over the years. Neither has Hayden ever said HE had a chute returned to him from SeaTac. In addition, Hayden still claims Cooper jumped with HIS chute, and the other was eventually returned after he finally had a lawyer send a letter to the FBI in WA DC. His story is supported by the Agent Detlor document. On top of all that, you have no evidence that the cops actually went to Cossey's home on the night of the hijacking, although they talked to him later. The Sky Sports evidence is clear that Sky Sports only sent TWO chutes out that night, and both were backpacks. This means they would HAVE to go to Cossey in person. He lived clear out in Woodinville, which is some distance from the SeaTac airport. And...that the FBI was able to obtain his name and address, contact him, and get out there and back in a relatively short time. It's true that Woodinville and Issaquah are about the same distance from SeaTac (Woodinville probably a little farther) but Issaquah is a straight shot from the I-90 freeway. Woodinville would take a little longer. First mention of Cossey in any reports by the FBI is referenced as being AFTER the hijacking. There is no evidence showing anyone actually spoke to Cossey in person until afterward. There is no report about chutes saying police went to his house the night of the hijacking. Issaquah and Woodinville are also on opposite ends of the Puget Sound. Between Norman Hayden and Earl Cossey...only COSSEY is known to have jacked interviewers and media around occasionally with his claims regarding the chutes over the years. Maybe you should present the Reno document again, since that seems to be the crux of your theory. You should understand that your theory not only adds two parachutes to the ones delivered, but ONE ADDITIONAL TRIP to do it, since Woodinville is north and west of Seattle, and Issaquah is south and west of Seattle. You have not just added extra chutes to the mix, but an extra trip by the police to the OPPOSITE end of Puget Sound. And nowhere is such a trip referenced in the record. Not a single interview, book, FBI doc, nothing. You are asking people to believe quite a lot here, you know.
  13. RobertMBlevins

    DB Cooper

    Rather than quoting over whole sections with a music video, why don't you fill in the blanks from this list below. Maybe this will explain your position better. Just name where the chute came from, how it was used, and where is it now. Chute 1: Chute Cooper jumped with. Chute 2: Non working reserve chute. Not found. Certified missing from aircraft. Chute 3: Pink belly pack reserve chute investigated by Citizen Sleuths. (Disposition known. FBI still in possession.) Chute 4: Backpack chute belonging to Hayden, now in museum. Chute 5: Unaccounted for, disposition unknown. Before you answer, or try to explain these chutes, remember something. Basically, you are agreeing that Hayden owned two of the chutes, okay. And we know only one was returned to him, okay. If Hayden owned a second chute that was NOT used by the hijacker...then WHY would he not ask for it to be returned as well? His main point with the FBI in his request that his chute be returned (and it was a successful request) was that the chutes were merely a rental to Northwest Airlines. So why didn't he ask for both chutes back? From the Deseret News article, December 2007, interview with FBI Agent Larry Carr: Do you see the problem here? Cossey claims he provided chutes himself, but doesn't realize the non working reserve had been given out by Sky Sports until the next day. Also...the article states it was Sky Sports, and NOT Cossey who supplied the chest packs. The FBI report by Detlor matches this story, saying two mains came from Hayden, two reserves from Sky Sports. There is no mention of anyone going to Cossey that night for chutes. NONE. The one thing I would try to find out is if Cossey was an instructor...(this is where other instructors, or anyone who knew Cossey personally would help) is whether it is more likely that an instructor at a dropzone would keep his personal jump gear stored at the DZ, rather than at his home. In any case, there just isn't a bit of evidence to support a fifth parachute going to Sea Tac that night. And if there WAS a fifth chute, and it wasn't used, why didn't Hayden ask for it to be returned? What you might be looking at here is a bad reference to a number by some Reno FBI agents who wouldn't know a parachute from a big tent.
  14. RobertMBlevins

    DB Cooper

    I'm not sure what you mean by the strawman reference. Hayden absolutely claims he owned the chute Cooper jumped with, as well as the one that went to the WA St History Museum. Both he and Cossey cannot be right. Assuming that Hayden did NOT own the pink parachute, the one that was popped for the cord, then that would leave a fifth parachute somewhere unaccounted for. And he would have requested that be returned to him as well. Side Note: Years ago, I made a minor reference to a local TV news broadcast quoting the Justice Department in Seattle. The JD had chastised the King County Sheriffs Office for their poor record in solving what they called 'major cases'. One of these cases was the murder of Earl Cossey. Seems like the KCSO is STILL having issues.
  15. RobertMBlevins

    DB Cooper

    I have seen that article and read it previously. If you are asking which version of events comes closest to the truth, I'm going with Norman Hayden every time. Hayden had no motivation to lie about anything, and the fact he couldn't remember one or two small points after forty plus years could be moot. Cossey, on the other hand, has been known to lie to the media occasionally. Hayden's the guy who didn't take advantage, and generously donated his chute to the WA State History Museum. Cossey is the guy who liked to jack the media around occasionally. It was a judgment call on my part. Tell you the truth, I don't know if it will EVER be sorted out completely. One thing about Bruce's articles is that he will sometimes admit, 'Well...the documents from the FBI support that...' and then go off on a conspiracy tangent trying to explain why it may not actually work. He's hard to gauge, although he was doing better work ten years ago I think. If there's one thing I DO's time for a vacation. I can't wait to bail town on Thursday. Too much work, too much of everything, time to actually PRODUCE something while I am out there in the wilderness. My official announcement on this project was made public at Quora and other sites today. You can find it HERE.