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  1. Well, I have to bail from DZ for a while on business but before I go I have five points of advice for Cooperland and anyone planning to attend the convention in November. Don't bother advertising the convention over at the Cooper Forum with links to tickets. All people are seeing, unless they are a registered member of that forum, is THIS: "You are not allowed to view pictures or links. Register or login." You aren't reaching the public that way and are wasting your time. Everyone there who IS registered probably knows about the convention anyway. Bruce Smith should go back to his article where he promotes the convention, and delete every single negative comment he can. You are putting off people, big-time. You will NOT generate interest in the convention or sell tickets allowing that. And start screening the comments. If you end up getting sixty or eighty people to show up, instead of packing the damn venue like you should, that will be part of the reason you don't. Stop thinking that either Dropzone or a slight shove from behind by Adventure Books of Seattle isn't a good idea. You need to build up interest over the next few months, and show some common sense and solidarity. Not wait for some local press article to appear in the Portland area a week or two beforehand and just HOPE people will turn out as a result. 95% of the people who will read such an article either won't know who the hell Cooper is anyway without Google...or they won't be willing to drop twenty-plus dollars and take a chance on a ticket to find out. You need to start building an attendance base NOW, months in advance. EU hasn't said anything yet, but it is possible that he might actually cancel if he can't show interest (ticket purchases) far in advance of the actual event. It took us six months of hard work to get the people we did at the Skywatch Party, and we were advertising that event ten times more than you guys are right now with the convention. Frankly, Covid is the gift that just keeps on giving, and it has affected lower-level events to a great degree. You STILL do NOT have a headliner for the event. You need someone with name recognition, someone who will pull in the attendees. Someone should work on that. People like Bruce, Tom Kaye, or even Darren Schafer don't count...because they are only known in a very small circle of people. You need someone who may not be all that associated with Cooper, but who is someone known to many in the general public. There are two ways to bring in people to an event. You can offer food. Or you can offer a headliner. Get your act together and stop shooting barbs and hatred back and forth against each other. Look at the bigger picture. It is still possible AB of Seattle would actively support this convention, but only if you cease on the useless attacks and get your act together. The 50th anniversary will probably be your last chance to bring heavy public interest back to the case. As it is, my personal opinion is that interest in the case is waning. This is one reason we bailed from the Vortex and did what we did. We think it is on a downhill slide right now. However, since we do stand to gain to a certain degree if you are successful, we are open to the idea of support. And just so you'll know, I am getting occasional messages from people asking whether either THEY should go...or whether I will be showing up. For the moment, I am stalling almost all of them to see if you guys can get it together. This could be the last convention, even if it happens at all. EU is ponying up a lot of money for this one, and sponsors are involved. Get serious. I will be back in the Seattle area Monday or Tuesday. Until then try to think about some of these things I said...and stop assuming other people are stupid. I may be a lot of things, but stupid isn't one of them.
  2. He had a copy of the Detlor report framed and hung it in his office. He said it was accurate.
  3. I see it is kind of a big mess over at Bruce Smith's Mountain News column. I think it is important that those people arguing and fighting back and forth get a handle on all that somehow. So, if I could tell you all something I would say THIS: (I know all of you read Dropzone.) I am actually starting to feel sorry for Bruce. This is why when I WAS doing Cooper stuff in places other than Dropzone, I started screening the comments. You almost have to. I think you guys should stop using Bruce's column as a bickering board and an attack platform. Get your own website and then have at it all you want. WordPress columns are free. It is not fair to do that to Bruce. I never said I hated the guy, or didn't like him. I said I didn't understand him. Except for posts at Dropzone, I really am OUT of the whole thing. And I will answer the usual occasional emails that come in from people I never heard of. That is to be expected, and it is sort of an obligation, because of the Blast book. But otherwise I am out. Late Edit: Flyjack says in part: Flyjack: Norman Hayden did NOT buy his chutes from either Cossey or from Sky Sports. He bought them from a supplier of used chutes down near Boeing Field. It is no longer there, but that's where he bought them. The store where he bought them were the folks who arranged for the repacks, because it was required before they could be used. Hayden paid these repack fees directly to the store. They sent them up to Sky Sports for the repacks, and THEN Hayden picked them up at the store after they were returned to the store. This is from Hayden's two-part, two-day phone interview I did with him. He said he purchased them in 1968, or maybe a bit earlier, but right around that time. (After I saw your post, I checked my interview notes.) The chute you described is the same one sitting in the WA State History Museum today. Cooper jumped with the NB6. Both of them belonged to Hayden. Both of them are backpack bailout rigs. Hayden had no need of a belly pack, and he never bought one. As Val Kilmer said in Red Planet: No wait....not THAT picture. My bad. The picture below.
  4. I don't know about these scenarios trying to place someone from the other side of the USA over to Portland for the hijacking. Seemed like Cooper may have been familiar with the Seattle-Tacoma area. You know we could cut to the chase on a lot of these things if Tina Mucklow and the other stews simply got together with the press...TOGETHER is the key word here....and present them with pictures of all the main suspects. Pick one, or eliminate them all. At this point, I would roll the dice. Flo Schaffner told Geoff Gray that except for the hair, KC was the closest she had ever seen to Cooper. He said her hands started shaking while she went over the photographs. Just saying. No big deal but I will be out of town and unavailable from Friday morning through Monday afternoon. I have to make a trip to my new place and do a few things there. Hope you guys solve the case by the time I return. Just on a side note, I've wondered occasionally if Mucklow recognized KC later, and just decided to keep that quiet because she knew he was an NWA employee. I mean, after his death, when he became a suspect. (After October 2007) I thought maybe she figured there would be no point in embarrassing the airline. Just a theory. I have no evidence to back up that thought, of course. But I did wonder about it, especially after Schaffner came so close to ID'ing KC for the hijacking.
  5. I have no idea what is going on. Over at Mountain News, Bruce is now addressing Georger by name. Over at the site for the Cooper Con 2021, Eric still says he's updating the site this summer but it's already almost August. A report came to me today saying he isn't selling too many tickets to the Kiggins event in November. Not a big surprise. My email box is filling up with people who sympathize, or contacted me LAST convention saying they weren't going because I am not on the speaker list. I apologize to them and try to be nice, but I definitely NOT interested. I don't hang with people who snipe at others from behind a rock, sorry. I am in the middle of packing up and moving to boot. You should see my office. Walls are bare and everything except the main computer and the desk I work from is in totes. Bruce is full of it when he claims he can't control his own website. I have WordPress too, my friend. You guys couldn't hold a professional event with real attendance if the book of instructions landed on your heads. I won't be available this weekend because I am making a trip to check out my new place and it is some distance from here. I don't mind commenting on the case here at DZ, but I wouldn't go near you guys with a ten foot pole. No way, no how, nada, negatory, and not happening. This is what happens when you ignore basic facts, snipe at people anonymously, practice exclusion, and think no one will notice. In the end, you get exactly what you deserve.
  6. I think maybe EU finally read my WordPress article on the reasons Sheridan could not have been Cooper. I notice sometimes that comments over at the Cooper Forum regarding points in the case start matching articles I already published long ago regarding those points. No big deal though. I just noticed it was all. Hard to believe anything Cossey says sometimes. No...the FBI did NOT return any chutes to him. Dummy chute is missing from the aircraft. Cooper jumped with the NB6. The popped reserve that actually worked is still in the hands of the FBI. The remaining chute was donated by Norman Hayden to the WA State History Museum, where it resides today. All chutes present and accounted for....sir. BELOW: This is why I think Cooper tied paracord around his waist. Second picture. The chute donated by Hayden. Bottom picture. Self-explanatory.
  7. If Shutter reads this over at the Cooper Forum, I have a message for you my friend. If you are going to call incidents in my life 'wild stories,' why don't you have the courtesy to do your research before you call people liars. You are speaking of the time I was washed out into the Pacific Ocean for a few days near Ozette Island, WA. The article I created about all that is HERE. It's been a while, but if you use the article as a printed reference.... And CALL UP the Ozette Ranger Station, (They are at Lake Ozette) and you give them enough details, they might remember it. The rangers did a big damn search for my stuff on a two mile stretch of beach. Only thing they found was a Tupperware box with my wallet and keys, (returned) and a small 22 pistol. (confiscated) It was tied to the top of the pack, and floated in on the tide to the beach. Just because you are too lazy to check out a story...doesn't mean it isn't true. Sounds like a personal issue to me. Easy for you to sit there at the Cooper Forum and talk trash, knowing I can't respond, or defend myself in person. But you do that kind of thing a lot, don't you?
  8. Hayden told me once that he didn't 'hate' Earl Cossey, but that sometimes he got a bit ticked off at him when he (Hayden) would read some untrue statement appearing in the local papers...furnished by Cossey. When I uploaded my video that included some comments and potential evidence I thought was important about Cossey's murder, a relative of his said I should basically get off that and mind my own business. In a comment to the video. I replied that HE and HIS FAMILY should be pressuring the cops to find out who killed him. And here we are...what?...eight years later and they haven't a clue who did it? And you never see any updates in the media about it. Someone just beats the poor guy to death in his own garage, and no one cares? Let me tell you something I know. Cossey had a sign out front of his house saying the home had an alarm. But a few people knew that Cossey had stopped his subscription to the alarm company maybe two or three months prior to his murder. Yet someone felt confident enough to go into the home anyway, and hide out in the garage. Some items in the home were also missing. My question would be....WHO knew the alarm had been disabled? And WHO would enter a home with a potential silent alarm and take his time looking through the house for whatever he was looking for? I sent a bunch of this stuff to the cops, as well as some burglary reports that happened within a two block radius in the month prior to his killing. Cops totally blew me off. But then the King County Sheriffs' Dept, according to a KOMO-TV report, has been cited as being very poor at solving Major Cases. This report was obtained from the Dept of Justice in Seattle, and reported on by KOMO. No surprise there. KCSO are run by idiots, and staffed by amateurs, at least in the Major Cases department.
  9. Quote, in part: Answer: He doesn't. Basic fact: Cossey was NOT at Sky Sports on the evening of the hijacking. He was at his home in Woodinville. The reserve chutes were handed out by Linn Emerick at Sky Sports, not Cossey. And it makes sense anyway that an instruction sheet like that would come...not from Cossey's home...but the local dropzone. The place where you LEARN TO SKYDIVE. The backpacks, of course...came from Kent, WA by cab...sent by Norman Hayden. This was done under a rental arrangement with NWA, according to Hayden.
  10. Bruce Smith from the Mountain News says today: Both Bruce and I have had WordPress going for a number of years. Bruce is playing dumb here. It is the easiest thing in the world to remove comments and ban users from your WordPress. You hit My Sites in the upper left corner. You hit Comments. You are handed a list of every comment ever made to your blog. You pick any one you want and hit User Info. All the options are there, including their IP address, the email they used to make the comment whether a phony address or not, and the Ban User button. A second-grader could figure it out. Bango Wango, you are done. I don't buy into baloney. This is not an Oscar Meyer food factory, folks. If you really want to know who is trashing Bruce's otherwise-pretty-good column on the Cooper case, just make the IP addresses public at the DB Cooper Forum. Then Shutter can easily match them up to known posters at the forum. He and Bruce could have done this anytime they wanted. Greg believes that 'Johnnie Greene' is actually Georger, and the reason is because he sent me a report (after some research) showing that the same insults were sometimes used at the Cooper Forum...BY Georger. To tell you the truth, it never occurred to me that it might actually be Galen Cook, a lawyer from Spokane, WA. I suppose that is possible. But in that case, Bruce would have known that long ago. He and Galen are big buddies. Everyone knows that. So I guess it doesn't really matter that much. It's a pile of garbage no matter how you look at it, and gets active support. I am amazed by Shutter coming after me (again) regarding the phone call made (not to Connie's messages, Shutter) to City Hall's main public phone in Auburn the day prior to my first talk at the Auburn Ave Theater on Kenny Christiansen. He keeps speculating and putting falsehoods out about it. He never goes to the source (me) to ask what actually happened. And I have gone over that twice already this year. Get it together, Shutter....and stop speculating. You don't know what you are talking about. What happened was that only hours after I posted the time and location of the talk here at DZ, someone called up City Hall, and said that if this event were held, that 'people would get hurt'. That was the full extent of the threat. Then Connie is told. Then Connie confronts me about it. She is pissed off. Families with kids are involved here, she says. No one is happy. Do I want to cancel, she asks. No, I say. The Planning Committee meets and a couple of them ask me if I know who might have made such a lousy phone call. Since I hadn't been involved in Cooper for all that long, I tell them I am not sure, but the only guy I know locally is named Bruce Smith, but I have not met him. No one figured it would be someone from not only another area code, but another state. cop is assigned to the theater (son of the former owners of the theater) and everything goes just fine. He has Bruce's picture. If Bruce shows up, the cop will ask if he made the call. If Bruce says no, then he can go in like everybody else. He never showed up, so it was a non-factor. A day or two later, I am told the area code of the caller, but not the full number, and that they think it is a pay phone. That is ALL they would tell me. But at that time, I didn't know anyone in that area code who was heavily involved in the Cooper case. Later, I found out who was but decided to keep that quiet. Didn't think it would do any good to start pointing fingers, especially since the call came from a pay phone, allegedly. It was a nasty trick indeed, but it was also what...more than ten years there is no point in harping on it further. But the phone call proves one articles at WordPress regarding hate and discord within Cooperland were right on the money, and the continuing trash posted to Mountain News means that some of you folks will never stop doing that sort of thing. And this is the main reason why I (mostly) got out of the Cooper business. You guys spin your wheels. You attack each other. You steal other peoples' book(s). Or you support the idea. You often support each other's trashy behavior, and then try to blame that on me. Maybe you should quit worrying about me, and tighten up your own stuff for the upcoming convention. Hundreds of shit comments on articles promoting that same convention, or on articles on the Cooper case, are NOT going to encourage people to drop $21.50 on a ticket to see you folks down in Vancouver this November. You will end up in a 300+ seat venue looking out at over 200 empty seats. Better wake up and smell the coffee, and get it together in a professional manner. You are coming on to the public like angry toddlers at best. You should also consider EU's expenditures and efforts to do the convention in the first place. And the sponsors involved in that event. You guys don't DESERVE to have such a thing laid out for you, if you can't stop acting like children. I already told you I hope you succeed, although I will have nothing to do with this event. I will also NOT stand in the way of it. The better you do in November, the more books we sell. It's a selfish motivation, yes. But it is also reality. And for some reason, book sales are way up this year. This is the first time we have done TWO commercial sales in the same month for Into The Blast. That is two cases, or 104 copies out commercially since July 1. This doesn't count individual sales of the book from other sources or book jobbers, or copies of other titles we sell. Cheap attacks do not affect book sales, my friends. We are a WHOLESALE US Trade Publisher. You can't even buy directly from us. Amazon is the only retail source, and that accounts for a miniscule percentage of sales. The remainder come through Ingram, and you need access to the Ingram wholesale catalog to buy there. Mostly you have to be a bookstore, a retailer, or a wholesale book jobber to do that. All titles we sell are available there at the trade rate worldwide, which is 50% off the price printed on the cover. Some of these people over at Mountain News tell SO many lies about AB of Seattle, or Gayla, or myself, or just about anyone I have mentioned publicly....that you need a scorecard to keep track of those lies. I finally said enough, and that's least in the real world...I will have nothing to do with any further Cooper activities or events. I froze doing more articles on Cooper for WordPress. I deleted the Everything DB Cooper space at Quora, and took down just about every Cooper reference at the main AB of Seattle website. I have moved ON, folks. Some posts to DZ, okay. Answering questions about KC or the case in general that come in through our email...sure. I will do that. But that is the extent of my future participation in all of this. As I said before back there, we found new friends. Nicer friends. Ones who don't tell lies and attack each other like sharks in a feeding frenzy. On August 21st, I will be moving from the Puget Sound area for good anyway. Where we are going is none of your business, but it's better than the neighborhood we live in now. Used to be nice. Started going downhill after THIS HAPPENED in 2013, and has gotten worse ever since. My house is just up the street. I could hear the shooting. After that, I became sort of disillusioned with the neighborhood. Later, I gave that incident a name. I called it Shootout at the OK Corral. The strip mall where this happened has been practically abandoned ever since. Fourteen or so storefronts, and only one or two of them still open. Get your act together, my friends. November is coming sooner than you think. I am basically out of the Cooper biz anyway. A dozen years in the Vortex was more than enough for me. I have moved on to wondering about the aliens and those pesky UFO's the Navy admits might actually be real. You never know...
  11. Yeah, you are. You might be smart, but not THAT smart sometimes.
  12. Latest from Bruce Smith's Mountain News Peanut Gallery: Have no illusions. 'Johnnie Greene' is actually the person known as 'Georger' over at the Cooper Forum. AKA...former university educator Jerry W...AKA guy who was banned from Dropzone for personal attacks on other members here...AKA same guy who tried calling me up at my house at midnight AFTER he was banned. Probably to rant and vent, I suppose. This is a person who allegedly holds an advanced degree and is retired from teaching at a university? And who comes on to people as some legit expert in the Cooper case? You must be kidding. He's just a kid who was refused a cookie from the jar by his mother, and threw himself onto the floor in a fit of pique. I wouldn't let him near a dog obedience school...let alone with actual students. Get real.
  13. Yes. At least one of them was ID'd as a missing person, but was in no way a Cooper suspect. I have most of my books and other files packed away for the upcoming move...but I think a reference is made in the Geoff Gray book about this. Portland State University's James Bezerra does a dissertation on the DB Cooper case. It is the type of writing I call 'stylized'.
  14. MINOR NEWS: AB of Seattle is MOVING. Yes, we are leaving Auburn the first week of September and will be no longer in the Puget Sound area. After that time, we will be modifying the AB website. Some of this has already been done. A couple of official announcements: We have gone through our paper files and destroyed all but the most critical ones regarding our investigation into Kenny Christiansen as possibly being DB Cooper. That investigation is now officially closed, although I will answer any future questions that come in through the email. I couldn't stop them anyway. AB will no longer associate itself with any public events having to do with the DB Cooper case, either as a participant, or to organize such events on our own. AB WILL associate itself with SUFON, (Seattle UFO Network) as a reporter of news in that organization, as well as organizing public events having to do with SUFON. We will have a particular focus on possible books or Kindle publications done by SUFON members, if they wish. For Kindle, we will assist them in setting up their account at Amazon and help them get their Kindle books onsite without charge. We will shift our focus on books solely to UFO/UAB, and paranormal subjects, and to straight science fiction. We will do a quarterly, illustrated newsletter for SUFON, beginning shortly after the month of September. Gayla Prociv has been removed from the Staff Page at AB, since she is no longer running the company. I took over that job about 18 months ago. The Everything DB Cooper page at Quora dot com has been deleted, although the WordPress will stay in place, albeit frozen from future articles. My apologies to the 2,000 followers we had at the EBDC site, but it seemed pointless to continue with no input from known Cooper investigators or the fans who hang out at DZ or the Cooper Forum. One of you should have volunteered to take over the site, because all new postings went out by email to all 2,000 followers of the site. It was a good market. The YouTube videos will remain. We are rescinding our offers to assist in the upcoming Cooper Con. I can't tell you our new location yet, but it is not in Western Washington. Frankly speaking, it was the ongoing negativity in Cooperland that made this decision easy. In other words, we found better friends than many of the people who inhabit the world of Cooper. Your jealousy over our continuing book sales, (despite your best efforts to trash people on the internet) your engaging in hatred and exclusion...our bet is that after the 50th anniversary has passed, many of you will find yourselves with public support that is little to none. We do not want to hang around long enough to see it. Except for answering questions privately, or posting occasionally at Dropzone for fun, we are OUT of the Cooper business.
  15. Almost all of those things you listed have been published previously by three sources. The Geoff Gray book. The interview with Rataczak done by Skipp Porteous. The article from the 1996 San Francisco Examiner. (25th anniversary interview with Rataczak) As far as Rataczak's opinion on KC's guilt, or lack of it, he never saw the hijacker. And both he and the curator of NWA's museum in Minneapolis (Bruce Kitt) were never hot on the idea that an employee of the airline could have been the guy. It was a disturbing thought to both of them. It would be a major embarrassment to the airline, and the history of the airline itself. Kitt particularly did not like the idea at all.