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  1. I meant the results of both analysis. The ones he posted. Probably doesn't matter since no one I know in the case is planning to go to Chicago.
  2. In order to REALLY solve your question, what is needed is to attend a convention consisting of the people who do this stuff. Work with titanium, that is. A CONVENTION. Conventions aren't just for drinking and hiring some dancing girls. You get information and viewpoints from everywhere. It's a gathering of the experts, a meeting of the minds. For example, here is one being held in Chicago in October. The real experts will be gathering there from over 30 countries, and it isn't the only one. Just Google on Titanium convention and see what I mean. Singapore, Ireland this year, even your straight trade shows. If you came armed with full reports on the tie and the available information about it from the two analysis that were done, you will get the answers you seek. You won't find them on Google. You will find them by talking to the people who know everything there IS to know on the subject.
  3. That sounds good. Buena suerte con el cómic de Cooper.
  4. Well, I call it like I see it, ParrotVol. I don't apologize for doing what I have always done regarding comments and reporting in the Cooper well as the entities and personalities that surround it. Shutter may read this and keep the forum open anyway. I mean...he has threatened to shut it all down several times now. (He should make some policy changes and keep it open, in my opinion.) But when we opened the Quora Space 'Everything D.B. Cooper,' and the Dropzone thread on Cooper re-opened, as well as the reasonable traffic to the Cooper WordPress was only a matter of time before the Cooper Forum started to implode and lose interest from the public. None of this is my fault. If you are going to put yourself out there on the internet as 'the biggest site on D.B. Cooper,' as Shutter can't start ignoring real news or playing favorites. Or to a deceptive with the public, or support such deception from their biggest members. The public will see through that just like a glass door shined up with Windex. Being slanted only works when you are the only game in town, as the Cooper Forum was for about three years. Those days are over. Maybe Shutter will see the sense of what I have been trying to tell him for a while now. If he can't be impartial and cover ALL the Cooper angles and news fairly, then he shouldn't put himself up as the most comprehensive website on the case. Other sites will simply start doing what he failed to do on his own. When you start playing favorites, and become a stage for supporting baloney, only your favorite people will really pay attention to you anymore. In other Cooper news, we're preparing for the Spring Cooper Campout as if the weather April 3-5 will cooperate, but I won't be sure on the date until the week prior. Rain would not stop us (we have big time public shelter and power) but if there were a late snow and the Forest Service roads are snowed in below 2,000 feet...that would be a factor. Hopefully, it will warm up a little by then. EDIT: A couple of weeks ago, I tried putting up a Craigslist ad about the campout under EVENTS. It was voted red-flag within minutes and deleted. They (CL watchdogs) told me that I can't put restrictions on events. That I would have to allow anyone and everyone to attend who wants to. So...two weeks prior to the campout I will run another Event ad at Craigslist and just throw open the door to anyone who wants to go and give a meetup point and a time. Should be interesting. I guess we will see just how many closet Cooper fans are really out there. Craigslist is REALLY funny regarding event announcements because they reach a ton of people at the same time, more than the regular ads I am told. So fine...we do it their way and see what happens. Because I can't be sure how many folks will show up in the parking lot that morning, I'm suspending the usual free BBQ...but we WILL do a Cooper Character Lookalike contest for prizes.
  5. Last in the series over at Everything DB Cooper at Quora. It was interesting to read all 100 of them. ('100 Days/100 Hijackers') Side Note: They are falling to pieces over at Shutter's DB Cooper Forum today. EU says he's bailing because he's tired of Georger. Shutter is considering closing down the site completely this year. Ask me if I care about either of them, or the site itself. Not a chance. The place took a firm stand against yours truly for years, supported exactly nothing we did on the Cooper case, even when it was positive and would have helped their members as well...and the public can't view any of the the links they do, or the pictures they post anyway. They were a restrictive and exclusive bunch in a Cooper World that wanted inclusion and news on ANYTHING Cooper related. They also had a REALLY bad habit of putting out false information, or ignoring TRUE information even when they were informed about it. Many examples. Trust me on this one. I always considered them the Faux News of Cooperland. One sided reporting, failure to report anything Cooper-newsworthy if they were against the people involved in that news...even if it was a good thing. When you do that these today's new media and socially conscious will eventually implode. People just start going elsewhere. Out of boredom, if nothing else.
  6. I am not real familiar with the Hahneman case. So my opinions wouldn't be worth much. However, today is the day we wrap the '100 Hijackers/100 Days' series at Quora Cooper. The entries by Brendan Koerner, that is. And Hahneman happens to be number 100. Since this is the conclusion of the series, if you have any special notes about him you would like the public to know, this is the time to put them forward. Because I will be doing a few comments about him to sort of 'wrap' the series. Not MY comments, but the fact that he is a suspect supported by some people in the Cooper case. You can post a few short points here and I will copy them over if you wish. I will not make any personal comments about him at Quora. I am not anything like an expert on his possible guilt or innocence, but I think Koerner made him the last entry because Koerner thought he was interesting.
  7. For Future Note: *Semi-Important* In the event that Dropzone ever closes this thread again... An alternate site has been prepared. There are no members, although there is an administrator. Most likely, this site will never have to be used, as I see no problems with DZ right now. But just in case, you should make a shortcut to it on your desktop if you wish to continue any discussions on Cooper (if DZ thread locks, goes down, etc). Site has full features available. (Public posting of images, links, etc.) That website is HERE. If you decide to register in advance, and you are a known person in Cooperland...the only thing asked is you register under the same username you commonly use in Cooper-related discussions. In other words, if you say you are Flyjack, you should BE Flyjack and not someone else attempting to imitate his online identity. Other than that, anyone is welcome and we will not restrict registration to anyone, including Georger, Smith, and the Usual Suspects. There is no need for you to register now. Dropzone is doing just fine, as I said. But it's good to have a backup. That's the only reason I established the site, not to draw people from DZ. We are better off here than anywhere long as it still exists. Below is a picture of the site. Pretty typical stuff. I have unlocked the Guest function, but there are no real posts there anyway.
  8. I took this job for a while Kent, WA. Back in the late 1980's. A machine shop called Valley Tool Company. Small shop. They did just about any small-scale fabrication you wanted. I did not work in the shop itself, but a now-gone brick building next door. MY job was to assess and install new support beams to this building. It was a very old freezer locker place, and let me tell you that this work was DANGEROUS. My work partner and I are jacking up this 40-ton roof (that we thought might collapse on us any time of the day) and sticking up support beams...and then lowering the roof back down an inch or two ONTO the beams. The outside walls were made of brick. day we have this roof about two inches off its brick wall. I look up and see daylight coming through. I look back five minutes later and it seemed like the gap had gotten larger. Ten minutes later...we got the hell out of there. The owner came with a camera and tripod. The wall was beginning to lean OUTWARD from the side of the building. Five minutes later, the entire wall collapsed into a huge noisy pile of old bricks and dust. The rest of the building held. Mr Cheapo Owner, who went against my advice that the building was impossible to restore in its present state anyway...just shook his head. Yes...there is a point to this story. Next door at the machine shop, one of my OTHER jobs was hauling the metal chip (stored in five gallon buckets) to the recycling center for money. They had titanium alloys going, titanium in pure form, high speed steel, you name it. Drilling, grinding, shaping, stamping, etc. This crap was literally everywhere in the shop, and all over peoples' clothing, their hands, their machine tools, just everywhere. Even on your shoes. I had to leave my clothes in the garage when I came home from work or the girlfriend complained about the metal dust and chip. The lesson here is: There is really no way to associate a particular job to that tie. Maybe a visitor wore a tie and wiped his hands on it. Maybe it came from the Goodwill Store. Maybe, maybe and more maybes. Since you can't establish a chain of evidence on the tie, it is pretty useless. I guess if you found out who Cooper was, you might be able to establish some relationship between the tie particles and Cooper, but as I could have easily just been a loan or someone paid a quarter for it at the Salvation Army. There is no way to tell. Added Note: The owner of the company wore a tie, and sometimes did actual shop work as well. I can tell you he wasn't Cooper, especially with that flaming red hair going. (*laughs*) He wore a tie clip and kind of stood back a couple of inches extra when he worked. I got in trouble the first time I made the recycling run though. I hauled three big buckets of high speed steel chip and cashed them in as if they were 'regular' steel for a few bucks. Found out they were worth a lot more. Oops. Surprised he didn't fire me right there. As it turned out, we ended up gutting the building, removing the old refrigerant piping (after having the ammonia in the system drained out professionally) and he just sold the lot that was left behind. When I left the job, the owner gave me an old Datsun truck as a sort of bonus since I had worked cheap for him for quite a while. It looked just like the one shown below. Fun little truck, but about the most uncomfortable Datsun/Nissan I ever owned. You felt every bump in the road. I didn't keep it too long.
  9. Why? Because everything in Cooperland is important, whether past or present. Not everyone lives in the past. And the Cooper Forum is known as a place where links to anything don't actually work, and any pics posted require you to register to see them. This is so last century. It's founder called me a liar about THIS STORY, and stuck to that, even after I invited him to call up the US Forest Service rangers serving at the Ozette Ranger Station. He is a joke who wouldn't know the Book of Common Sense if it dropped into his lap and fell open to the instruction page. The Cooper Forum's version of a public website reminds me of the bit from College Humor. At best. Everything in the Cooper case is so fractured and disjointed as to be ridiculous.
  10. I'm just going to toss this out there: We know that Bernie Geestman, the guy we *allege* as the accomplice in the hijacking...well, his job at the time of the hijacking was working as a mechanic at Foss Tugs in the Seattle area. Titanium piping was in common use in these boats, and he was repairing these boats and maintaining them on a daily basis. He also kept the logs for the boat he worked on there. Just saying. I wouldn't discount RMI too much. They've been around since 1950 and their bread and butter has always been titanium. Current revenues about $500 million USD per year. I'm not sure of their historical expansions over the years, but they have outlets all over the US today, not just a few states. People seem to be of a one-track mind in the uses of commercially-pure titanium. They think of aerospace and little else. But the marine apps for pure titanium piping are almost as big a market. The piping is lighter, thinner-walled, lasts longer than stainless steel, (20-40 years service is typical), yes it can be welded and usually is when working with it because the lengths you can get it in are limited, and has great corrosion resistance to sea water. If I have to toss a theory out there on the tie and try to link it to Cooper, (and is just a THEORY) I would go this route: We know Bernie Geestman did all the repair and maintenance for whatever tug (or tugs) he was assigned to with Foss Tugs. And that during this work there is no doubt he worked with pure titanium piping or other special metals in that work. Grinding it, welding it, installing it, plus work on the actual diesel engines of course. (Prior to his last job working with Foss, Geestman did a stint with Boeing on the 727 program, although I am not sure what he did there, and prior to that he was a flight mechanic with NWA of course) Yes, Foss Tugs uses those materials on their tugboats. It is not too much of a stretch to consider the idea that perhaps Cooper borrowed that tie from Geestman and tossed it over the seat simply because he knew it couldn't be traced to him. I have to admit that after I read Tom Kaye's report regarding the tie, I started to wonder. Because I had already spoken to Foss Tugs at some length regarding Geestman's employment for the company. One thing this exec told me was that is a flat-out lie when Geestman claimed that he would work a few weeks at a time and then take off a few weeks. No one did that at Foss I was told. This was Geestman's explanation on where he was around Thanksgiving 1971. Who knows?
  11. Well, I have always wondered why...when Cooper was so careful to retrieve other evidence...he decided to just toss the tie casually over the seat and leave it behind. He took back the matchbook he used, got rid of the briefcase, the paper bag, etc.
  12. '377' bought one of the bills. He brings for display to all the Cooper conventions. He got one of the more pristine bills, it is pretty much a complete bill. When I spoke with he and his lovely wife at the 2012 Ariel party, he said he wished that bill could talk. I'll bet. I forget what he said he paid for it exactly, but it was a few thousand dollars. Mark M (377) continues to be the person I have the most respect for at the Cooper Forum. If everyone in Cooperland were like him, extensive progress both on the case itself...and activities in the real world related to Cooper...would have progressed beyond anyone's wildest dreams by now.
  13. Seen recently elsewhere, concerning Dropzone: This is what you get in Cooperland. More than a little bit, too. DZ ain't stuck. He's stuck. DZ Cooper remains the most heavily visited thread about the case on Planet Earth. Quora Cooper is either a close second, or actually surpasses it. I can't tell for sure because all the people who get the feed don't have their views counted unless they actually read them at Quora, rather than in their email or on their smartphones. Most of them just pick up new posts by one of those methods. They keep mentioning me as if I am a member 'over there'. I'm not. I wouldn't waste my time posting up at a place where 99.9999% of the public aren't allowed to view links or pictures anyway. Sometimes I think the tune below should be my theme song when it comes to people who say stuff like I quoted back there....with them knowing that you can't respond to their (virtual) faces. LOL.
  14. 1) I think the FBI's explanation on the Amboy chute is a whitewash, and was poorly done anyway. The chute was only shown to one outside person, despite the FBI's claim they 'contacted experts.' (by phone only, though) Every media article afterward that spoke of the chute's dismissal by the FBI also gave Cossey as the source on the evidence used IN that dismissal: That the chute was made of silk, Cossey said, and the ones he gave Cooper were ripstop nylon. That is not true. The chute was NOT made of silk. One thing about this chute that should be remembered. If the FBI had admitted that the chute COULD be Cooper's...they would also have to admit he probably lived, got away with it, etc. For years after the Tina Bar money find they claimed the money showed he was probably dead. They would have to retract all that. It takes a human being to disconnect the harness from a chute and bury the canopy. It did not get buried by accident, and you have to ask yourself why someone would bother with all that work in the first place. 2) Hayden got his chute back after his patience wore thin. I interviewed him twice by phone. He says the John Detlor report is accurate, and that he didn't loan those chutes, he was paid a rental fee by NWA. I believe him. He paid a lawyer to send a letter to the FBI, asking for the return of his chute. Two FBI agents met up with him and gave him the chute. Hayden says they were rather curt about the whole thing. Chute is now at the Washington State History Museum, but it is tucked back in a corner and not that many people see it. (picture below) 3) No, Cossey did not get the pink chute returned. (cut up chute) It is held as evidence by the FBI today. 4) Some of the Tina Bar bills were finally returned to the finder....Brian Ingram. He put them up for auction after he received them and made quite a bit of money. I don't know how much, but I think it was a hefty five figures.
  15. ParrotheadVol says in part: You are comparing apples to oranges. I understand that a movie about an unsolved case is basically a form of entertainment. But calling the current released (and unreleased) evidence against KC 'delusional' is delusional in itself. There is actually more information and witnesses regarding KC than any other suspect, with the possible exception of Richard Floyd McCoy. It has come to a point where people are starting to wonder if we might be right. I am not saying that we are, but there have been many developments ever since 2011 when that History Channel show, Geoff Gray's book, and our book hit the streets. People did start coming forward. Some of this is publicly-available stuff. Some is not...for the moment. Try to look at this whole KC situation as we see it here at AB of Seattle. We understand the idea of trying to disprove any evidence, or show it has no validity. And as long as these efforts are fair, and legitimate, no one here has any problem with that. But there IS a problem with many of the folks who hang at the DB Cooper Forum, and the problem is THIS: They make nasty personal comments and practice exclusion to protect themselves. They use phony identities to post up under known names involved in Cooperland. And then...posing as everyone from FBI agent Larry Carr, or Skipp Porteous, or even yours truly...say the most filthy things imaginable. Over at Bruce Smith's Mountain News, he allows this kind of stuff to a great extent with 'Johnnie Greene' (probably Georger we think) and many others. All of them phony. As a result, it is difficult for the media to take you guys seriously anymore. When these things happen...sooner or later I get inquiries about them. And I tell anyone who makes an inquiry about this behavior the truth about Cooperland. It can be an ugly place and people sometimes have agendas going. Frankly, one reason I approved the script for the movie is to be done and finished with Cooperland. No one, it seems, can work together for the common good. The convention last year was based on lies perpetrated by EU. The year prior, he was accused of stalking one of the women who attended THAT convention. EU said it was his ex wife causing trouble. We found out that was not true. Blah, blah, know what I mean? People generally have not gone to the lengths they do with Cooper...just becoming other unsolved cases. You don't see it so much. Seems to be confined to Cooper for some reason I have never figured out. Cooperland is now so fractured, so disjointed, so has actually hurt any chances of making progress on the case. Some people have this pre-conceived notion that anything and everything...if it is about Cooper...and sponsored by Adventure Books of Seattle is automatically a bad thing, or you should not support it. Well...what were the results of all that? Two good examples: The Ariel Store is still a wreck and will probably never reopen, and instead of a few people at the Kiggins Theater listening to EU and Captain Scott's could have attended an SRO event with one or two really famous people to share the stage with...and over a thousand bucks in Cooper Lookalike prizes. EU deliberately lied to people to ensure this would never happen. And then it comes out later that the reason he did was because he and a couple of business owners in Vancouver had another event in the works. I don't have a problem with that. What I had a problem with was EU accepting the hosting job under false pretenses. I will no longer sponsor, or assist in any way...any Cooper event that isn't run by AB of Seattle or people we know and trust. And that means we stick to the Cooper campouts ONLY. One coming in April if the weather allows, another in mid summer. And that will be it for us. I don't see where we are so 'bad' one way or another. About the worst thing I ever did was to contact the Portland Yacht Club in 2018 and ask them to tell the organizers of that event to not allow speakers to call KC a child rapist. Because he was NOT, no matter what BS you may have heard elsewhere. I had no idea they would simply cancel the whole thing, but it tells you maybe other people out there don't go for the fighting in Cooperland either. It is counterproductive. People sometimes get left out. For what? For nothing. The best example lately is Bruce Smith, who foolishly turned down $15,000 just to fact check maybe thirty pages of a movie script, something he could have done in an hour perhaps. I have said that Cooperland shoots itself in the foot so much, that it's a miracle they aren't riding around in wheelchairs. Are there any answers to this? Sure. Stop backstabbing, practicing exclusion, avoid the trash talk, and show some respect for others involved in the Cooper case. Will that ever happen? Doubtful at best.