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  1. We've all been guilty of this at one time or another. Perhaps you don't like it that I don't check in to the Cooper Forum as much as I once did, or that sometimes I have criticized them. It's not an evil place, just 'misguided' sometimes. I know you've been told I was banned from the place for bad behavior. What Shutter didn't tell you was that this decision was discussed...and made...prior to the website even going live. So, like the stubborn SOB I am...I joined anyway, under a username and made one post. Just to show I could do it. Then on the next post, I told everyone who I was. I figured they might as well make it official, instead of just 'saying' I wouldn't be joining. It was no big deal, and looking back...I would not want to be associated with them anyway. Look at what other people see. They see a place where their three most prolific members (besides Shutter) either lie on their evidence presentations (EU), support filthy comments against others on their OWN sites (Bruce), or just insult the hell out of people all day (Georger). It wasn't like I created this situation, you know. We won't even talk about a site administrator SO slanted that he creates a special page dedicated to Little Old Me with silly dancing icons, and packed with lies. Excuse me for living. This is a site that has done major bitching to and AT me...and yet gets pissed if they don't get from me what they think they deserve. Well, you can't have it both ways. I don't respond well to insults, especially when they come through a one-way door. I don't think anyone would. It's also a place that plays 'circle the wagons' a lot. This means anyone who is a member can do no wrong...even if they do. Or as Beltar Conehead once said: "You will be placed on the protected rolls, and will come to no harm..." I don't mind discussing the case on a lightweight basis more or less. But my sole, real interest is to ensure the Cooper Campout Party next year (Covid willing) comes off like it should, and then I am moving on for the most part anyway. I have an autobiography to release, pictures to add to that, and a big move to CA next year. No big deal but Coco the Office Cat had to go in for mouth surgery today. She's home now, she's fine. And she says 'hi'. Nothing like dropping eight bills on your cat's vet to prove you love the cat. Oh, brother. Thank God for book royalties.
  2. I understand. I wouldn't bother responding to whatever they post over there. I used to, but I have mostly got out of that business. It's no big deal, but I kept trying to figure out what you were talking about. All the points you make, with the possible exception of 'doesn't look like its been out in the woods for years' I agree with completely. I used to think it was THE placard as well, but you convinced me. And heck...I was about to spring hundreds of dollars to search the area, arrange with Weyerhauser for the gate key...everything. Lucky I canceled that idea. That website serves a purpose, I'm sure. But they don't support anything positive when it comes to the public unless you happen to be in their little clique...which is down to the same few people anyway. I don't think anyone pays attention to them much anymore. It doesn't help when all the links and most of the pictures they post can't even be seen by the general public. I tried to explain this to Shutter, but he already knows everything. Plus they support negativity against others involved in the case, either actively or tacitly, which doesn't help their case. I gave up on them a while ago. Thinking you are perfect in every way just proves to *most* people you aren't.
  3. I thought everyone agreed that the placard wasn't from Flight 305 anyway. No big deal, but you've said the same thing three times now, and three times I agreed with you the placard was meaningless. I even posted a bunch of pictures of the location it was found. What gives?
  4. Greg the Techie Guy at Adventure Books has *tentatively* picked a date for the final 'DB Cooper Campout' next year. Look...I know it's premature because no one knows what the hell the situation with Covid-19 will be like by early summer next year. Vaccine? Maybe. Under control? Who knows? But just to keep Cooperland informed, he thinks holding it the first weekend of June might be good. And yes...I know at this point that information is pretty useless because of Covid, but that's what he's saying. He has also offered to provide up to $2,000 from his own pocket to help cover expenses, and the prizes for the Cooper Character Lookalike Contest. AB of Seattle will put up all the gear, plus an additional $1,000, which should be a big enough budget. If this date ends up working for us, we will run the Craigslist Event advertisement two weeks prior with full details and a map. And frankly, I have no idea what will happen. One of the really strict rules about running Event ads at Craigslist is that you absolutely CAN NOT restrict who can attend and who cannot. So whoever shows...shows. All will be welcome, even if you have made personal comments about me or AB in the past. That's just internet junk, and we won't hold that against you. It's a bit of a drive up there and I have no intention of turning anyone away after making the trip up there, just over personal issues. It's pretty much the last Cooper event we will ever sponsor anyway, and a month or two later I will be in Oceanside, CA. I have mentioned before that if you might be considering attending, (it's three days and two nights) and you want advance information instead of trying to find the CL ad, you should contact me by email. I'm not going to link that ad publicly, either at the main AB of Seattle website, Dropzone, or anywhere else. However, I will provide some consideration to known folks in the Cooper Community...but they must ask. A press release will be sent out to all Puget Sound (major) media about ten days prior, and AFTER the CL ad is posted. Camping spots are first-come, first-served...only we don't tell you where to set up your vehicle and your stuff. But once space is gone, you will have to find your own. You could end up quite a ways from the action. Just saying. The only people planning this event are Greg and myself. It's *mainly* aimed at the public, although I'm okay with known Cooper folk rubbing elbows with all the attendees, or even making their own presentations if they wish. But we also put Cooper folk on a level playing field with the public, rather than putting them first, or asking them to involve themselves in the planning. If you WANT to be involved on the inside, then you have to contact me and be serious about it. If you choose to ignore all of it, that is okay as well and no hard feelings. In other words, the ball is in your court. We figure the Lookalike Contest with the Amazon Gift Card prizes will work well enough anyway to get sufficient attendance from the public. You might be able to track the CL ad on your own anyway. We're planning on running it on several CL sites, mostly Seattle area and Portland area, as well as Olympia. Cooper fans, as you know, live all over the Great Northwest. The ad will contain a phone number, an email, and a map, along with the rather loose structure of events. It's planned to be a sort of Ariel-type party that goes on more than a day, with *some* events tossed in here and there over the weekend. There will be movies and other media available, along with some creature comforts. We're even considering trying to have a live band show up, since we can now power them easily with the new generator. I'm not trying to be a butthead, but I will not respond to posts here at Dropzone about this event asking for more details. You will have to contact me privately if you have side questions or want to know more. So there is no use in doing that. (You can reach us at [email protected]) And if I do respond and you run off to a public website with one of my emails...I will cut you out of the information loop immediately. And then I will ignore all messages and emails coming from anyone else I know, or have heard of, in Cooperland. It's a self-policing thing, and you are lucky I even decided to go that far with consideration working with the known Cooper folk. Greg says I'm foolish for even offering that much, but I will do it. So you can either play it straight with us, or screw yourself and everyone else in the Cooper community. And the most important thing...Bring YOUR OWN DAMN CHAIR> We cannot provide chairs.
  5. Interesting story about a 727 that simply vanished...
  6. What do you want from me? I just posted the lady pilot's response...not like I can fly a Boeing jet, you know. I handle my little truck pretty well, but that's the extent of it.
  7. A simple story about the Spanish Flu. A young American girl keeps a diary about her family's daily activities, and how the flu affected the small town where they lived. After I read the whole story of this girl's life, and what happened after she grew up, I thought they should make her story into a motion picture.
  8. Email response from the 727 lady pilot I messaged regarding whether there is a warning light on the Flight Engineer's panel for opening of the airstairs:
  9. When you read the article below about Spanish Flu and how they dealt with it in Colorado, it sounds a lot like what's going on right now 102 years later. Closures, masks, and some people ignoring the orders. Many deaths. But one thing you notice is that THEY got a handle on the whole thing not in a year, not in two years, but in four months or so.
  10. Much as I wanted to do it, I had to say no to these two for the last Cooper Campout party next year. Greg the Techie Guy and I are planning this one together. He's smarter than I am.
  11. Off-topic, but funny. My friend Kelly S sent me the picture below. She was at a wax museum down in Florida the other day. Her boyfriend took the picture. Naughty girl. Just a bit of humor to lighten up this thread, at least for a day. She has a sense of humor, for sure.
  12. The reason I don't hate Trump is because there is enough hate going around already. I have had enough of it. On the other hand, we vote by mail in WA state. Ballot arrived last Saturday afternoon. Ballot was filled out an hour later. Ballot inserted into drop box a half hour after THAT. I wasn't using the Postal Service. The drop boxes in WA are like Wells Fargo safes. And the state and counties have hired private security to keep an eye on them. We saw a woman in a van just watching the box when we dropped off the ballots. Nobody hanging around with assault rifles dressed in camo, though. LOL that wouldn't work well in THIS state. Nobody here would put up with that crap. Not to insult people from certain states, but this ain't Arkansas if you get my drift. That recent incident with Gretchen Whitmer sort of quieted those people down a bit for the election. If the FBI managed to infiltrate that group for months prior to all the arrests, it probably put a small bit of fear into the others. A domestic terrorism charge can put your butt into the underground cells at Marion (Illinois Federal prison) or maybe the Supermax in Colorado. And Fed prosecutors, who will soon (hopefully) be free of Trump, are not people to play games with. When they get these kind of cases, they lay it out for you REAL well. Either you come to Jesus with them, and quickly, or they bury you for years. And they don't care how much money or how many friends you have. There are plenty of rich folks in Federal prison. Most of them deserve to be there.
  13. I agree completely with what you posted after the word 'Note': This situation reminds me a bit of the movie And The Band Played On, the movie with Matthew Modine about the confusion and resistance in the medical community (especially in the San Francisco area) when AIDS first came along. No one knew what the hell it was, or how it was killing so many people. By the way, if you haven't seen the film, it's very good. Less than two weeks until the election, thank God. There are no guarantees that Trump will lose, but Nate Silver is giving him an 13% chance to win and heavily favoring Biden. As far as the US Senate, most scenarios have the Dems at least gaining a tie there, and a very good chance they will get 51-52 seats. They could get more, but that is very unlikely. I guess you take what you can get and be grateful. Trump wouldn't be the first President to get voted out of office solely for the economy. Between rampant inflation and his failure to get the Iranian hostages released, Carter had the same thing happen to him. And Trump is WAY less popular than Carter ever was. Personally, I don't hate Trump although it is tempting to do so. I just think he isn't up to the job, and never was. Of course there is the lying...his criminal friends...his lack of empathy for other human's a big list.
  14. I have a message out to a woman who has flown 727's, and since this information is NOT included in my upcoming book, I will release the contents of her email response, if and when it comes. She has even written a book about her experiences as a pilot. This was the message I sent: I found out over the years that when you contact semi-famous, or even famous people, you obtain better responses from them if you just get to the point and be quick about it.
  15. It's a good line. Report from WA state: Local news outlets report that ballot collection boxes here are being watched by private security hired by the state and some counties. There have been no problems. The security folks say that it's almost a constant parade of people (sometimes on foot, sometimes in cars) dropping off their ballots. Ballot drops in WA are like Wells Fargo safes. They are not like regular Post Office drop boxes. You would need a bulldozer and dynamite to mess with them. Many people aren't using the Post Office. They don't trust them, although the Post Office did get all the ballots out to voters on time, I will give them that. Looks pretty good here for a fair and solid vote. Only one out of 50 states so far, but you gotta start somewhere...