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  1. The Gryder video was mildly interesting. I prefer a more straight-to-the-point video when it comes to the Cooper case. (*inserts evil laugh HERE*) The opening scene is my high school girlfriend Georgia on the left, compared to still-free-and-UNcaught hijacker Cathy Kerkow.
  2. The women in the picture do not look overly impressed. I once had a pellet gun like that.
  3. And sometimes things really ARE as simple as they appear. I agree that ever since a hustler like Ulis declared himself King of All Things Cooper, that Cooperland and any public activities related to it (lol except for the stuff AB does outdoors) has become one hell of a bore. I think 2021 has been a watershed year for Cooper and after the 50th anniversary comes and goes, that fewer people will care about him anymore. After some discussion with Susan and a few of the SUFON members, it's been decided to just ignore Bruce Smith and the crap he supports that is currently being spouted on his website. Truth is, he just isn't worth the trouble. Another truth is that when the same people who are breaking their butts and traveling long distances and renting cars and hotel rooms to attend Cooper Con get saddled with someone like just makes all of you look bad for not bringing him into line. I already have a boatload of emails from Cooper fans since about June asking if I will be at Cooper Con. Or if there WILL be a Cooper Con. (Most are not aware of Ulis and his Cooper Con site.) I tell these folks 'not a chance in hell'. Only I am nicer about it in my actual responses. I wish you guys luck, but without any self-policing going on in Cooperland among the participants, I would say Bruce is more of an embarrassment than a person who can draw a crowd. Eric Ulis is calling for a sellout. My prediction is probably between 60-80 people will actually show up. Other than the speakers. That has been the history of that event, more or less. Non-inclusiveness and the spreading of hatred and lies have a tendency to put off the public, especially when you ask them to shell out the bucks for you on one of the biggest shopping weekends of the year. It is a tough road sometimes.
  4. Webs dot com finally fixed their problems and I was able to once again edit our main website. I also see they have taken down their 'your website is expired' junk. I updated billing to PayPal and once again they are automatically collecting their eight bucks a month for hosting. So everything is back to normal. I created a page for the July 2022 UFO Skywatch and DB Cooper Party. Susan and I decided we can still host ONE event per year. I have been up to the summit of Darland Mountain twice before, the location we chose for this event. It's probably the best drive-to viewing spot in the entire state of Washington, sitting at 6,900 feet. Anyone from Cooperland is automatically invited, although you must register first to attend. This is done mostly for your safety, and for us to know how much to budget. We are not allowed to register more than 75 people, otherwise we must obtain a special group camping permit, and we figure 75 is more than enough people anyway. Apps are already coming in. If you think you might be interested, don't wait too long. Like last time, we will have to cut it off at some point, and it doesn't take long for the UFO people to decide whether to go or not. Our last event near Mt. Rainier was reasonably successful, but we've already received inquiries (via Facebook mostly, not the AB website) numbering more than the total number of people who attended the Rainier event. This one is even more ambitious. I doubt we will have any trouble getting max attendance. All the info available for now is HERE. This event will be listed later at the national site, MUFON. And at Facebook and the appropriate Meetup Group pages. As usual, there is absolutely NO charge to attend, but you must get on the list to go.
  5. I am not 'potentially ruining an event for people'. If this happens, they will accomplish that on their own. If people haven't learned a thing about me by now, they should learn THIS: I don't take shit lying down. I call people out. I keep people informed. I seek what is fair. I do not give a shit about a 'reputation' in Cooperland. Are you kidding me? Do you think I want to be associated directly with people like Bruce Smith and Eric Ulis? One guy who supports hatred on his own website, (Bruce) and the other a hustler? (Eric) I have a poor rep in Cooperland already, and have for years...mainly because I DON'T put up with other Cooper folks' silly and juvenile attacks. I call them out. I do what needs to be done. I could not care less whether they like me or not, or leave me on their Christmas card list. This is not a popularity contest, folks. If it were, I would have skipped publishing at least a dozen illustrated articles at WordPress on the lies I have seen occasionally by other Cooper folk, and the backstabbing and hatred that goes on within that world. People come to me when they want the truth. They come to you when they want to have their backs scratched or told how cool and acceptable they are. This is anathema to my basic beliefs and personality. I am not a cheerleader and I don't suck up to people just to gain some kind of phony-ass 'acceptance'. I leave that to the phonies and their supporters. I came back a couple of days early due to the weather. Big rainstorms moving in here soon and today was a dry day. So it was time to pack up and go home. I am deliberately avoiding looking at Bruce Smith's website until Thursday morning. If the same shit is there, I will do as I said I would. It may be pointless, but it is something I have to do. Don't want to do it, but I will. My best advice is for you guys to get hold of Bruce and Eric...quickly...and take care of business before I do.
  6. How does 'anyone with half a brain' know it isn't Marla? Do you have inside information on this? Bruce Smith KNOWS MARLA PERSONALLY. He has interactions and discussion with and ABOUT her for years on the internet. Why would Bruce allow someone to post AS Marla...if this person were NOT Marla? Get real. It is not my wish to derail Cooper Con. But on the other hand, if scheduled speakers to that event are going to support on their own websites lies about others involved in the Cooper case...then the event (without any kind of sensible self-policing) deserves what it gets. I will be back in town on Thursday afternoon. I recommend people involved in the convention get their shit together and stop blaming me for their own behavior. Otherwise, I am well within my rights to report such behavior to the media types covering it, as well as the people sponsoring it. Stop whining and start acting sensibly. You shouldn't be talking to me. You should be talking to Eric Ulis and Bruce Smith. Quickly. I am no longer actively investigating the Cooper case. I don't do interviews anymore about it. I am not attending the convention. The people involved in that convention should stop worrying about me and worry about how many seats they can fill. AB of Seattle offered to promote that convention and that was rejected. I am okay with that, but I am NOT okay with the same people scheduled to speak at that convention coming after me with lies and personal attacks. And I think both the media and the public (who are being asked to shell out a whopping twenty bucks a ticket) should be made aware of things. If necessary. So far, it isn't necessary. But when I come back home on Thursday, it may be. I won't put up with this crap a second time. Just like I didn't put up with it when prior to the other convention these same people were calling KC a child rapist. Get it together folks. Just so you'll know, the UFO people and the Bigfoot folks, or the abductee folks have vastly differing opinions. But it is only the DB Cooper people who take internet garbage to the ultimate degree. Which is part of the reason I extricated myself from certain things Cooper, and closed a couple of websites. Instead of coming after me, you guys should be getting your act together and figuring out how to fill those 320 or so seats at Cooper Con. As usual, you are once again shooting yourselves in the foot and blaming others for your behavior.
  7. I understand where you are coming from, but consider THIS: Bruce Smith's column is actually a WordPress blog. I have two of them, one for Cooper and another for personal. Have had these for years. Which means I know how WordPress operates. Bruce KNOWS Marla personally. He's met her at Cooper Con and spoken to her on the phone. He speaks of her often in Cooper-related posts on the internet. He has access to Marla's IP address, as well as the email address she uses to make posts on his own website. This is a basic function of a WordPress blog. He could easily verify her true identity, and if he is allowing some phony troll to post as Marla...and that person ISN'T Marla...that is Bruce's fault. The posts are very ugly in nature, and mention my new girlfriend (we will be engaged soon) and talks about the home where we live, and tell many lies about us and our personal living situation. Bruce has ignored my repeated attempts to contact him about these posts, and my concern over them. He has said publicly he is not opening the emails. opinion is that Bruce is deliberately supporting hatred and lies about others on his own WordPress blog. opinion is that if Cooper Con suffers as a result of his behavior...then that is HIS fault...and anyone involved in Cooper Con should blame HIM for being so foolish. I have absolutely no sympathy for a group who don't do a little self-policing, or use common sense when attempting to host an event where the attendees are expected to cover their own expenses, and where the public is asked to pay $20 a ticket to attend. The people involved in this stupidity have done this before. They have a history. This morning I am headed up the Little Naches for a few days and will be incommunicado. When I return, if these posts have not been removed, I WILL make certain people aware of them by internet link and screenshot. That means two reporters who will probably be covering the event, as well as the staff at the Kiggins Theater in Vancouver. Since the people involved in these things are obviously watching posts here at Dropzone, they will undoubtedly make ADDITIONAL nasty postings related to my post right here, right now. Which means they haven't the sense God gave a goat. Which also means they deserve any negativity related to the convention that happens to them. My best suggestion is that Eric Ulis contact Bruce Smith at once and tell him to remove his head from his behind before he screws up everything. AB of Seattle's position on this whole thing is that we believe Bruce Smith and Marla Cooper, as scheduled speakers at the upcoming Cooper Con, are engaged in slander against other Cooper folks, and should NOT be on the schedule on November 24th at the Kiggins Theater. I have already taken screenshots of the postings for use later. 'Later' is defined as when I return from Little Naches in a few days. Whether my protests fall on deaf ears, or whether the Kiggins staff decide they don't want to be associated with such people means zip to me. This is just something I have to do. And I will.
  8. I couldn't care less if he is out of town. This has been an ongoing problem with him, and he doesn't answer his email. So if his failure to monitor his own website causes problems for Cooper Con...that is a BRUCE problem. Marla Cooper is listed on the Cooper Con program as a speaker. And trolls deserve whatever they get.
  9. I have sent Bruce Smith a message regarding my last two posts. I will be returning on Friday afternoon next week. If I still see those comments visible by Marla Cooper and her friend Gypsy 23, I will be sending links to those comments to the appropriate people. Probably won't have any result, but it's good to bring these sort of unnecessary personal attacks by people involved in Cooper Con to the attention of others involved in the convention. I will remind anyone reading this now, or who is involved in the convention....that the last time you engaged in this behavior...they canceled your venue. In any case, it will probably put off the media a bit. I'm a big believer in holding people responsible for their own actions. Sometimes even MINE.
  10. Bruce would have to answer that question. Your question is directed at the wrong person. It is HIS website, and because it is a WordPress site, he has access to the IP address, email address, and other identifying factors that WordPress provides to site owners for all comments made to articles. I have two WordPress sites. Everything is in your admin log. Since Bruce has not questioned Marla Cooper on her identity, and continues to allow her to post, and the fact that he has met her in person at Cooper Con, as well as speaking about her at length on the internet...I will assume it is the real Marla Cooper. One thing is for sure. If the upcoming Cooper Con is a crash-and-burn event this year, no one will be able to point the finger at me as the reason why. Looks like it will populated and hosted mostly by people who tell lies, promote hatred, and have nothing else better to do. Not the best approach when you are trying to get media attention and convince people they should drop twenty bucks a seat to attend.
  11. Leaving for the hills again for a week, so please don't report me as missing. I need a little time alone. I also see, as usual, that Marla Cooper is spouting off her hatred again over at Bruce Smith's website. I'm starting to feel sorry for Bruce, since it's obvious his own website has gotten away from him...and it proves that Marla has an ugly side to her as well. I poked a little fun at her with a couple of cartoons, and tried to give her a fair shot to explain herself, which she failed miserably. Her fault, not mine. She comes back constantly with personal attacks and outright lies/hatred. The usual stuff. Her comments will be pointed out by internet link to both the Kiggins Theater staff and the local paper in Vancouver. It is exactly what she deserves. Trust me on this one. What I couldn't believe is that she would do these things on an article by Bruce that was supposed to be a respectful remembrance of Jo Weber.
  12. Robert99: I have no idea how to answer those questions. (She did say BOTH her uncles arrived at the house in Sisters in the Triumph, though.) I may have posted this interview earlier, sure. If I did it was a long time ago I'm sure. No big deal. It was viewed hundreds of times at WordPress and thousands of times via Quora Cooper. I have since deleted the DB Cooper Space at Quora though, aka 'Everything DB Cooper'. My approach to withdrawing from the Cooper Vortex, at least partially, was to delete that Quora space, cease publishing new articles to the DB Cooper WordPress thing, refuse any further interviews on the Cooper case, and only do one public event a year, which is only partially Cooper-oriented anyway. I don't mind posting to Dropzone though. Or accepting money from Fox News for certain image rights. That stuff is pretty harmless and doesn't require much effort. (*smiles*) I also quit promoting KC so much as possibly being Cooper. For one guys have already seen almost everything we have on him anyway. And the report is still available for download. Why go on about it, right? I do answer emails on the case though. Most of them come from purchasers of the book on KC. I think both the Kindle version and the paperback have our main email address in there at the end of the book. NOTE: Webs dot com is still screwed up. That's who hosts adventurebooksofseattle dot com. They keep posting a notice on our website that the site is expired. It is not. (Not the domain name. That's good until August 2023) The problem is that their password reset function has been down for ten days now...and I am not able to change the password for editing and update our billing with them. They sent me a reset link...and it didn't work. They are totally screwed up over there right now. They have been ever since VistaPrint took over Webs last June. I hope they will get it together soon. I change our password there for editing about once a month, and this one time I forgot to add it to our Master Password list on paper here in the office. So when I tried to reset and update hasn't worked. They have some pretty crappy IT guys over there apparently. I have a second service request out to them. Hopefully they will get things straightened out. Otherwise they will downgrade AB to a free website and start running their ads. Can't figure out why they can't get their act together over there. We've been doing the same billing arrangement with them since August 2006. This time I sent them a copy of their own billing agreement and told them they should go to PayPal and get their money. Like they have for the last 15 years LOL.
  13. I will try to do the copy/paste thing from the full text of the Ten Questions for Marla Cooper' interview. She made her answers in red, but since I can't control the text color here at DZ, I will just separate her answers from my questions, and that way readers will be able to tell who is speaking: Marla Cooper <[email protected]> Tue, Dec 13, 2011 at 9:14 AM To: Robert Blevins <[email protected]> On Dec 12, 2011, at 5:36 PM, Robert Blevins <[email protected]> wrote: Hi Marla, I will list the questions below and leave space in between, in case you want to do cut and paste and just fill in the blanks. Or you can just print this up and give your answers. I'm going to put a *star* after some of the questions with a comment that says why we're asking this question, so you won't think it's a trick question. We want to be fair. The starred comments won't appear in the article. For the actual article, in questions below where it says 'you've been quoted as saying...' I will insert a link to that specific portion of the news article. I tried not to get too specific on some questions, to allow some leeway for whomever wrote the articles we will quote from. You when that reporter misquoted you on how many copies of the comic LD owned. Things like that. We're not trying to trick you here. Just attempting get the facts as best as you can recall. We understand you were only eight years old at the time. 1) When your uncle showed up at your grandmother's house the day after the hijacking, you said he was injured. To your best recollection, what was he wearing and how badly do you think he was hurt? (*Trying to determine if he was wearing same clothes as the hijacker at the time he arrived home.*) The tie and sunglasses were conspicuously absent. 2) $5,800 of the ransom was discovered on the banks of the Columbia River in 1980. It is known that this money could not have arrived in that location before 1974. UW scientist Tom Kaye's research alleges that the money was most likely a plant, and did not (in his words) 'arrive there by natural means'. Do you have a theory on how the money arrived there? (*Everyone has a theory on the money. And they are all different. We know you've researched the case. We just wanted to hear yours.*) 3) One question that arises persistently is about verification from your other family members regarding events at your grandmother's house the day after the hijacking. Your mother has gone on record saying that she had suspicions LD was the hijacker. Have any other of your family members gone on record, and what do they say? (*Seeking verification of your story from additional family members*) 4) In recent news articles, you have claimed that Curtis Eng, current FBI case agent in Seattle for the Cooper case (or the Seattle FBI media agent) met with you and said he believed your uncle was either the best suspect, or that he believed LD Cooper was the hijacker, and that regardless of the print results on LD, that the FBI is planning to drop the case reasonably soon. Do you stand by these statements? (*Since the FBI hasn't verified this, even after several requests from Seattle media, we have to ask you to go on the record here.*) 5) You've been quoted in a couple of news stories as saying the FBI showed pictures of LD Cooper to at least some surviving members of Flight 305's flight crew, and that at least one of them identified LD as possibly being the hijacker. Which flight crew were shown the picture, and which one(s) identified him as possibly being Cooper? (*This is a fair question, since stewardess Florence Schaffner has previously said Kenny Christiansen's picture was (quote) 'the closest I've ever seen to the hijacker.' ) 6) There has been much research done on the famous Cooper comic book. It was mostly distributed in France, Belgium, and some parts of eastern Canada. Very few copies reached the United States. Yet you claim your uncle had several copies on the wall of the bedroom at your grandmother's house. When you think about it today, do you have any theories on how he might have acquired them? (*Comic book was not associated with the case until 2008, when the info was released by the FBI. Your uncle died nine years earlier, so we had to ask, since it is a key element of your claim.*) 7) One well-known quote in your story is your Uncle LD saying, 'We did it. Our money problems are over...we hijacked a plane.' Were any other still-living family members present when LD allegedly made this statement? If they are no longer living, then who else heard him make this statement? (*Seeking a second source for the statement*) 8) In your research on LD Cooper, did you discover any evidence that he may have had at least a minimum experience in using a parachute? (*Another have-to-ask question. Testimony from stewardess Tina Mucklow, and some elements of the case record indicate the hijacker almost certainly had some parachute experience, and that because he selected the NB-6 chute, it may have been military. He picked the NB-6 over a newer sport chute when he jumped.*) 9) The Deschutes County Sheriffs Department near Sisters, Oregon has been made aware of your claim about LD Cooper saying he was in a car accident, and that was how he received his injuries. You say it was a result of a bad landing after the hijacking jump, based on his statement that he and Dewey actually hijacked a jet instead. How will you respond if they discover an accident report from the time of the crime with either LD's or Dewey's name on it? (*Portland FBI and Deschutes County have been told about your claim. No one knows if they are actually researching the old records, but it is possible they could be checking.*) 10) During the time that LD Cooper stayed at your grandmother's house, was he known to have his own car? Optional: Do you know what type of car he owned? (*Trying to establish that if the injured-during-the-jump story is true, then if he owned a car, that car would still be there after the date of the hijacking and available to him, since there would have been no accident.*) Submitted by Robert Blevins 12/12/2011 My thanks to you for agreeing to answer these questions. Robert says: (Today) This interview was from ten years ago. I figure that is long enough to keep it away from DZ. This was the unedited version. As you can see, she was not only having trouble coming up with legitimate answers, but some of her comments border on hostile. I edited out some of her smart-ass comments for the WordPress and Quora dot com versions.
  14. True enough. I did an interview once with Marla when I was doing my 'Ten Questions For...' (name of person here) format for certain articles. Her answers to events surrounding the hijacking were, at best...lacking. I also did some undercover work on her in a manner of speaking. I created a phony account for a while at Facebook, using the name 'Jane Smith' and friended her. I started recording her posts when she first went public. Here are a few of them: "I'm going to create my own media frenzy..." (August 2010, after she first went on ABC news.) "Dear Geoff (Gray). Sorry about your book sales man." There were others in a similar vein. One of the most disturbing things I saw was when her own brother, who was present at the house in Sisters, Oregon at the time in question...(week of the Cooper hijacking) said THIS on her Facebook page after he saw her postings: "I'm not going anywhere near this one..." Marla had a book deal going with some publisher or other. Later, they dropped their offer to publish her book, mostly based on her lack of credibility regarding her story about her uncle. She went the self-published route later. You can see my WordPress article on Marla and her story HERE. Had more holes in it than a five-pound block of Swiss cheese. I still have a copy of the unedited version of her interview. The published version skips some of her more defensive comments to certain questions. For example, she got VERY defensive when I suggested that somewhere in Deschutes County, Oregon there might be a record of the traffic accident she claimed happened the morning after the hijacking. She also had a difficult time explaining why....if her uncle landed near Sisters...HOW the money at Tina Bar ended up THERE. She kind of forgot about the money until I reminded her about it. Then...she tried changing her story and saying her uncle dropped the money on the way down and landed near Tina Bar. I just did not find her the least bit credible at all. If anyone wants to see the unedited version of the interview, I will be happy to post it.
  15. Marla Cooper? Reply to that? Well, sure. Why not?