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  1. What we emailed to the NON-haters and honest Cooper fans this morning: We're pretty much a harmless bunch, and have no hate agenda to feed.
  2. I got two emails today from people I know from Facebook, which relates to this post. One of them is coming to the July Cooper Party. This post explains why I had to make all of that public, and what you should know: Recent comment by Bruce Smith, an allegedly featured speaker at this November's Cooper Con: Well, I know one thing. The people over at your Mountain News website who keep saying I have Alzheimer's are looking in the wrong place. I've written three science fiction books and scores of sci-fi short stories, and even I don't swallow any of that crap you're selling. You actually attend an 'alien abduction support group?' And then claim you are a serious reporter at the same time, and a legit voice people should listen to? You must be kidding. I keep having visions of Eric Ulis groaning to himself and thinking he shouldn't have invited you to the convention as a speaker. Not only is your site full of hateful comments on the same article where you promote that convention, (which you freely allow) you could end up being responsible for crappy ticket sales and a lot of empty seats. I do poke fun at Eric sometimes at YouTube, but I'm starting to feel sympathy for the guy. I may try to help out on attendance, if he asks me to do sort of counter the crazy crap you post, and the lies and hatred that your FRIENDS post that will probably drive serious people away from the convention. Eric and I have had differences, but I do have some respect for the idea he's shelling out from his own pocket to present the convention at all. You are doing your best to trash all that. And it may not have mattered, but I know for a fact that Bill Rataczak was made aware of the hateful comments you allow at your website, and pointed out that you were one of the scheduled speakers. I know this happened exactly TWO DAYS before BR canceled his appearance at the convention. (Eric Ulis has said that BR bailed on the convention because of his wife's health, and that is probably true, but I'm sure him reading the filthy comments posted by Smith's friends certainly did not help.) And who knows how many others are disgusted by those comments? Well, I found out. A LOT of people. I also hear that several of the other proposed speakers, sponsors, or media (Mary Jean Fryar, Rob Bertrand, Doug at the Oregonian, etc etc) are going to be made aware of these posts as well. I probably can't stop this now even if I wanted to, although I may try. But all that hate and lying Bruce allowed pissed off a lot of people besides just yours truly. A few of our supporters (yes, we have some) apparently decided to teach you a lesson. I will tell you they are mostly Facebook friends. Don't be surprised if the list of speakers starts getting smaller as more people realize what's going on behind the scenes and decide not to be a part of all that, or the convention as well. Excuse me, but you guys have no self-policing in place to protect the convention. Who ever said I was AGAINST Cooper Con? Of course I'm not. If Eric can't sell any seats because of a few peoples' hatred and stupidity....he could end up canceling the whole damn thing. And don't even bother trying to blame that on me, because it won't work. My advice is that Eric either brings Bruce Smith into line, or separates himself, as well as the convention, FROM him in a quick, fast New York hurry. Bruce is going to end up trashing everything for you. 'Sex with aliens' my ass. You guys have a LOT of nerve going online with all that hatred and lies about me, when I'm the one who offered major support for your convention on several high-profile levels...while Bruce busies himself trying to bring the whole thing to a crashing halt. We know every single one of you posting those filthy comments is either registered at the Cooper Forum, supports the convention, or is participating IN it. You busied yourselves for the last couple of months coming after all of us personally. Now the shoe is on the other foot. and deserve it. Another Cooper author (not me, and not Bruce) has said this to me, regarding the Cooper Forum in general, as well as some of the people who hang out there: This is not always true, but sometimes it IS. Not lately. My guess is that Shutter is tired of people posting up crap at his Cooper website. I would say it more applies to Mountain News, which if the 2021 Cooper Con goes completely down the tubes or ends up attracting half the scheduled people and few attendees willing to shell out $21.50 each a completely the fault of one Bruce Smith. The alien abductee who can't stop the lying, or control his own pathetic website.
  3. Not to disparage your efforts, or the FBI's tightwad data releases...but these pages you posted, as well as the PDF attachment, are completely useless. Both the names and fingerprints related to the documents are completely blanked out. Just like everything else important that the FBI has released in this case. One blank space after another, and 98% nothing of substance. This is not your fault, I know. But if this is all the FBI intends to do is release wholesale thousands of useless documents, then studying them is mostly a waste of time.
  4. What most people thought about 2020, and what they did when New Years Day arrived... No big deal, but it was the creator of that GIF who used the 'F-bomb' there, not me. And despite the naysayers and liars over at Bruce Smith's Mountain News...we continue to move forward on a certain celebration scheduled just eight weeks from today. They are but a few. The public, as well as Cooper fans, are many. And frankly, after five long years of NO MORE COOPER PARTIES down in Ariel, Cooper fans deserve a celebration. Nobody else picked up the torch, so we did. And if you hate us for doing it, that's YOUR problem. After seeing additional negative comments today from Mountain News on the same article promoting their upcoming Cooper Con 2021, we have declined to support that event.
  5. I think what it comes down to is how much the majority of people want their government to provide, and how the government will pay for all of it. Do you want a system where you are pretty much on your own regarding things like medical care, Social Security payments you can actually live on, good bridges, roads, national defense, care for the poor and infirm, etc. This battle has been going for a long time. Or at least since FDR was President. One bloc of people want less government and believe you should mostly worry about your own problems, your own retirement, your own medical care. And the poor can get just enough to avoid starving in the street. And only get that because it is embarrassing to see people starving in the street, not for any moral reason, or because they have a conscience. You could describe this bloc as basically conservative. The other bloc believes that working people should get a fair shake on things and that if we elect a government, that this government's job should be focused on defense and taking care of people properly as a reward for hard work, or just for being a citizen in America. You could describe this bloc as progressive. The problem is that when just a few corporations and a select number of people control all the wealth, then the playing field becomes tilted. None of these entities get rich by just investing in the stock market. They got that way on the backs of working people, and after they do...they tend to ignore those people. They just want them to keep working. This kind of thinking was what created communism, at least the original idea of it, which people think of as repressive, but in its original form...was progressive taken WAY too far. And it was soon corrupted into a very repressive form of government. Communism showed that both viewpoints on government can be taken to extremes, and that extremism on either side never works. What is needed is a happy medium between the two viewpoints...and if you ask me...TERM LIMITS. If they are going to do term limits on the US Presidency, it should be done with the other major government offices. This brings in fresh ideas regularly, and avoids putting people in office whose sole *real* goal is to simply REMAIN in office. Public service in those offices should always be a temp job, not a permanent career.
  6. Yes, I agree the super wealthy should pay their fair share. It HAS happened before that a few select people controlled most of the wealth in America. And it was probably a lot worse back then. The era of the Robber Barons and the bankers. Think industrialization, railroads, and the Gilded Age. A few people damned near owned everything that was possible to own. Including most of the labor force.
  7. Very few people are actually super-rich. If you want to be fair and raise more money, the answer is a sliding scale flat tax without a deduction list and a tax code longer than three typical Bibles. The more they make changes to the tax code, the more the lawyers figure out ways to get around it. A straight-up flat tax on everyone with very limited deductions, has always been the best way. But it's been proposed a boatload of times...and just as many times it has been rejected.
  8. A boatload of charities use their nonprofit status in sometimes shaky ways. If you want fair taxes, then you have to have a flat tax system on EVERYTHING, set to a sliding scale according to income, withOUT loopholes. It's the only way to ensure everyone pays their fair share. And absolutely nothing is deductible. NOTHING. As far as foundations and trusts go, I wouldn't know what to do about them. If you are going to make the donations deductible, then the taxes have to come from somewhere. I say make the foundations and trusts pay a modest flat tax on their income as well. Most of the donations go to them...and a portion to the government. After all, the government is sometimes in the charity business as well, right? And they need money to do this. (Food stamps, welfare, WIC, etc.) For the general public, I have always favored the idea of a flat, sliding-scale tax. And to set a bottom limit where you don't pay any taxes at all...such as setting that bottom at the Federal Poverty level or therabouts.
  9. Well, this is pretty non-scientific, but when skyjacker 'DB Cooper' jumped from the rear airstairs of that Boeing 727, the jet was being tracked by SAGE radar, the ATC radars in both Portland and (to a lesser extent) in Seattle. Plus, the jet was being trailed by two fighter jets out of McChord AFB using their own radar systems. All of them were seeing the jet on radar. None of them picked up a whisper of Cooper himself and he jumped (it's debatable on altitude) from between 7,600-10,000 feet. Of course, he was jumping with a C-9 canopy with an NB6(or 8) container. A 28-foot round, I believe. That's all I know about this subject and it isn't much, I'll admit. My best whuffo guess is that if your Mexico guys did a reasonably low pull (but not suicidal), they might not be spotted.
  10. Greg the Techie Guy is still a Doubting Thomas on whether enough people will be interested in the July Cooper Party to actually show up. In other words, some people may SAY they are coming, but in the end may not. On an event like this, it is hard for us to tell if people are serious. (Well, it's nine miles off the main highway, after all.) If we were holding it in some rented hall, things would be different. But this event is a little off the norm, as they say. For example, we have a group of four people who swear beyond heaven and earth they are definitely coming...and they are from Bend, Oregon. Others are coming from the Portland/Vancouver area. Long drive. Greg suggested that we upload a two-page PDF giving the general facts, including the exact location, and just see what happens. It has occurred to us that if we went 'overflow' with a few extra people, it probably wouldn't matter, and is looking like Washington state will NOT be moving backwards on Covid restrictions by July, after all. Vaccination numbers are looking good here, and cases are not increasing, or if they are, not by much. Frankly, it's a situation we are having trouble predicting. We could finalize a permit with the Forest Service as late as June 20 if we had to...and we would...if we were convinced Covid restrictions were not returning in July...and if we were sure MORE than 75 people would be showing up. Anything over 75 and we need a permit. Should we finalize a permit with the Forest Service and take a chance they might cancel us if more restrictions go into place...or should we go WITHOUT a permit and be guaranteed we can do up to 75 people anyway...or should we sign the permit and be able to take MORE people? This is one of the toughest questions we've ever had to answer. Frickin' Covid. So...we have decided to 'punt' for the moment. We have released a two-page PDF publicly and we will see what happens over the next 2-4 weeks. There is no need to start spending from the budget yet, since almost everything still to be purchased are either Amazon gift cards for the Cooper Character Lookalike Contest, or supplies for the Free Spaghetti Feed on Saturday afternoon. Everything else is ready to go. NOTE: Bruce Smith, believe it or not, is NOT banned from this party. But since we know he reads Dropzone, we will tell him this: If he wants to attend, he needs to contact us first by phone or email. He is more than welcome, but we don't like surprises. Besides, there is a limit to how many people we can actually take, whether it is 75 max (no permit), or up to 150 (permit). The main reason we need to know the approximate number of people is because we need to know how many people we will have to feed on Saturday afternoon. No worries, Bruce. Unlike what Bryan Woodruff did to you...we won't make you sit this one out on a guard rail down the street. Besides...there are no paved streets where we're going, so no guard rails. And we are not that mean, despite what you may have heard. But we don't want you showing up unannounced and us having to tell you we have reached max capacity. Or that you should have reserved a spot for yourself like most others are doing. Our public PDF, two pages, is HERE. Although it says we will cut off attendance at 75, there is still a chance we will do the permit and extend attendance accordingly. It all depends on the Covid situation over the next few weeks. Send it to anyone you wish. It is already available on several other sites and being shared like crazy. We have punted. Now we wait and see what happens over the next 30 days or so.
  11. Vinny, (or anyone else with slides): I have used these guys a few times to do slide conversions to any format you wish, and they are excellent. Some of their results were even used in a book we published. The best part about them is they do this very professionally and don't charge ridiculous rates. Just saying. They can convert almost any media into almost any OTHER media for you.
  12. Saw an interesting post by 'DBFan57' over at the DB Cooper Forum today. Said this: You are right. Tina is by far the best witness. But for some reason, not even for Rolling Stone magazine, would she discuss suspects she may have seen on the internet or wherever over the years. Bruce Smith and his friend Galen Cook were involved in taking surreptitious photos of her without her knowledge a while back and she was not happy about it. (They posted them to the internet as well.) Also, Smith drove to Shelton, WA to do an interview with Tina's sister and the sister's husband, a retired FBI agent. When he didn't get what he wanted out of them...he published a rather nasty article about them at Mountain News. And...the family saw it. Believe it or not, I don't 'hate' Bruce Smith. I just think his interview technique needs work. Sometimes you have to take time to develop a relationship with a family to the point where they might trust you, and Bruce has a habit of demanding information, and full and complete cooperation, RIGHT NOW, or else. So most of his interviews are one-off with no possibility for a second one, at least with the more important witnesses. He did pretty good with the Norman Hayden interview though. I will give him that. At the same time this was all happening, I was preparing an evidentiary package for Tina's sister and the husband. Pictures, other stuff, some modest requests. But the family said (because they saw Bruce's article) that they would no longer discuss either Tina or the Cooper case with anyone. I sent the package anyway, but the damage was already done. They never answered.
  13. Meh. You're just jealous we're managing to pull off something some folks in Cooperland tried to attack, disparage, lie about...and that sensible folks...even if they saw all that stuff, saw through for what it was. I did not create that situation. It was created by a few phony people who hid behind anonymous identities and sniped at us from behind rocks. These snipes consisted of telling lies for the most part, and the rest were insults. People are not only judged by the company they keep, but by their character. Some of the folks you support there Parrothead have very little of that. And even less in the common sense department. You will have to explain to me exactly HOW tossing a party with a Cooper theme, offering up hundreds of dollars in Amazon Gift Cards as prizes, feeding these folks, and hauling in two pickup trucks and a rented trailer-load of gear to ensure they have fun...all at our own such a bad thing. Call me stupid, but I just don't see the bad angle here for Cooper fans. If it weren't for the curve balls tossed at us by the Covid situation, I think we could have created a party more than twice the size of the one we finally had to restrict. All I had to do is let the Craigslist ad keep running, but I finally had to cut it off. It's too bad, really. But maybe it will turn out to be for the best all around. EDIT: I would like to point out the sheer volume of the work and effort that went into making the July Cooper Party a reality. Amazon shopping galore, with debates on what should be purchased under the budget, and what we didn't need. Not one, but TWO full-dress rehearsals in the Olympics to test the gear and whole damn system to see if it actually worked. First one I did alone, the second I did with Greg. And we're not finished yet. There will be a Costco stop just prior to the party, (food and utensils mostly) the arrangements with the three Cooper speakers we managed to get, (no thanks to you guys) and the sheer packing and hauling of everything to the party site, the set-up, the running of the party, the take-down, and the trip home. It is a LOT of work. It is a lot of expense. But it is a labor of love. And why did we decide to do these things? To sell books? To stand up there on our little stage and talk smack about the November convention? No. We are doing this to show our appreciation for the many fans of Cooper out here in the Great Northwest. There is no other agenda. There never was. You guys weren't even smart enough to hop on board and understand that we could have helped you fill the seats come November. I don't see any other Cooper events scheduled seriously for this year. We're going to do a 90-minute video on this whole thing, and I would have loved nothing better than to stand in front of that camera with a few other people and convince people that heading down to the Kiggins Theater in Vancouver later in the year was something not to be missed. And then back that up with special pages and articles at AB, Quora Cooper, and WordPress Cooper. It has been your choice to have no part of that. If you look out there on the theater audience and find a lot of empty seats, it won't be because of us. I have also decided that no matter how many more nasty comments pop up on Bruce Smith's site, we will not be actively standing against CC21. We just won't endorse it. I had Greg delete that report he made and we're moving on. Frankly, you guys aren't worth the effort. And I refuse to lay down in the same gutter where some of your friends have taken up residence. If any of you folks change your minds and decide to do the sensible thing, and back off the hatred, let me know. I still have an open mind on this issue. I swear...I must have the patience of Job.
  14. Perhaps you should just call her on the phone. NOTE: Applications to attend the Cooper Party in July have now been closed. Due to the fact that if Covid-19 restrictions are re-instated to a higher phase in Washington, we decided that taking a chance that more than 75 people could show up...which would be prohibited under previous phase restrictions...we decided to just go with the applicants we have now. We're allowed to gather a maximum of 75 people, even without a permit from the Forest Service, and even under tougher Covid restrictions. But we cannot exceed that number. So we decided to just go 'with what we got' as they say. One of the BIG problems we faced was that if tougher restrictions go into place, the Forest Service could cancel our permit, and then we would be in violation if we showed up WITHOUT a permit....even if we stayed under the 75-person restriction limit. ("What catch?" said Yossarian. "Catcha-22," said the old woman.) Indeed. I have made a notification to the Forest Service that we will not be coming in to the local office to actually sign the permit, because now we don't need it. The Catch-22 is that if we had gone in and presented this-or-that as they require at signing...then that permit would be valid...and if restrictions are made tougher...then they could cancel the whole damn event. In order to avoid that possibility, we operate under the rules for maximum Covid restriction. That means no permit required for 75 people or less. (I know this is complicated, but I hope you get my drift on why we had to do it this way.) As you all know, dealing with the Feds is always tricky. It goes long as you understand the rules and regs. So...we decided we couldn't take a chance on any of that, and possibly have to cancel the whole thing. If you are on one of the two email lists we have going for this event, we will update you with full details THIS COMING WEEKEND. So watch your inbox for that. Bottom Line: No more than 75 total people will be allowed to attend, no matter what. Final decision, because by doing that we CAN hold this party even if tougher Covid restrictions are in place July 9-11. The way we figure it, considering what Covid has already done to this country, and continues to do, we're lucky to be able to do even THAT. The GOOD news is we still have a bit of wiggle room here, because frankly I don't expect more than sixty people to show up based on the current list of *approved* applications. (We denied quite a few that came in suddenly via Craigslist.) So...if we do a 'hold' on further public applications, then we still have a little room for any 'drop-ins'. The spot we selected is very popular on weekends with the camping and four-wheeling crowd because it is on the same road that leads to several popular Mount Rainier dead-end lookout spots. (Like the one in the picture below, which is approximately three miles west of the actual party location site.) However, if drop-ins cannot prove they have been fully vaccinated, they will be turned away. So we probably WON'T get a lot of drop-ins. On the other hand, many people are now packing that proof on their smart phones by keeping a picture of their vaccine card on it, so there is that. Personally, I keep mine in my wallet. Covid...the gift that keeps on giving, whether you want the gift or not. Recent news articles from mainstream sources are now claiming that studies have shown that people recovering from Covid-19 have a 39% higher risk of developing diabetes shortly after their recovery. (Due to pancreas damage from the virus.) Oh, brother. The two pages at AB of Seattle regarding this event, the articles at WordPress and Quora Cooper, and the Craigslist Event Ad have been removed. If you are still interested in attending and we know you here at Adventure Books personally, (or have heard of you) then you may contact me by email with questions. (adventurebooksofseattle AT Gmail) Otherwise, the attendance lists are CLOSED. Over the last two days, we received a great influx of applications and inquiries, which was unexpected. We finally had to make a decision and pull the plug on further apps, in order to lessen our risk of having no party at all this year. If you are known in the general Cooper community, we MAY make a spot for you from the slots we have reserved for drop-ins. But there aren't very many. Whatever happens, once the headcount at the party site reaches 75, that is it and no one else gets in. Frickin' Covid. I told Greg today that just getting 75 people on a year like this one was something to be proud of, not a cause of disappointment. Four months ago I thought we wouldn't have a chance in hell of even getting a dozen people. However...we are RE-INSTATING the requirement that anyone attending must provide proof they have received either the J and J vaccine, or the full two-shot series of the Moderna, Pfizer, whatever vaccines. Otherwise they will turned away no matter how far they drove to get there. We will re-iterate this requirement in the group emails this weekend. But that should be no problem. Virtually everyone who applied to attend using the Contact Form at the main AB website said 'yes' to the question of whether they will be getting the vaccine prior to July 9th. The people who applied through the ad, or directly by email, said the same thing after we asked them this question. Many of them have already submitted their proof in advance by email, or have said they will definitely have that proof for us when they show up. They'd's a long drive back. We will send out reminders the week prior to the party, just in case.
  15. It's too bad Tosaw didn't happen onto the scene a bit later, like say in 2005 or so, instead of the early 1980's. I think he would have gotten farther along with the case than he did. He would have had more tools, DNA possibilities, and the internet as a resource, for example. Perhaps he could have been an 'FBI file liaison' sort of like Geoff Gray managed to do, only more of those files. He simply came along a little too early in the game. That's an opinion only. I have read his book, but only once. Just one of many Cooper books I've collected (mostly via Amazon, although my copies of Ha Ha Ha came from Dona Elliot.) If you've seen the 'More FAQ's' page at Adventure Books about the Cooper Party, you may have noticed we finalized the party early and Greg has released the budget. So we are moving forward with that. One final update email will go out to the two groups we have on email lists. In order to get a more accurate picture of who is actually serious on attending, all recipients will be required to respond to the final update in order to be sent a copy of the PDF containing the maps, our phone numbers, the radio frequencies, and other information for the party. Anyone who does not respond will not receive one, although they are perfectly welcome to come up there to Greenwater and find us. Whoever shows up, shows up. Right now we expect a low of 50 people and maybe up to a hundred but not much more than that. Some people driving past over the weekend will undoubtedly be curious once they see the big banner and the gear setup, so we will probably get a few additional people just from that I suppose. We modified the ad we're running from now until the event, and cut out most of the 'fluff'. Responses have come in a few every week. It pretty much gets to to the point. A basic location is given, aka 'Snoqualmie National Forest - Road 7030,' and anyone who is familiar with Forest Service roads could find us just using that information alone. I have received a couple of messages concerning our non-support (at least for the moment) of Cooper Con 2021. Greg has prepared a report with screenshots and other information about the garbage being allowed by one of the main speakers, Bruce Smith. Nothing will be done with this report at the present time. Some items in the report also cover issues we had with Sheridan Peterson's book, and how it came to be published in violation of copyright. Any actions we pursue will be based on the statement in the picture below: We're waiting on two things. First, if Bruce Smith decides to do the right thing. Second, to see if this garbage he allows continues. If it does, then in August/September we will take action. It is still not too late to get our support for Cooper Con, but for this to happen some folks need to step back and take a hard look at what is best for Cooper Con, and what the difference is between right and wrong. I said in a previous post it was not too late to fix this problem, but I wouldn't wait too long to do the fixing. Our patience is worn a bit thin after more than sixty negative comments, mostly full of lies regarding my relationship with the late, great Skipp Porteous and insults directed at AB staff personally. If you want a successful event, you must be professional, and not descend into lies and hatred along the way. Especially if you are asking people to fork over twenty bucks and change to get in the door. All you will do is put people off and end up looking out there on a bunch of empty seats in November. Not so much because of anything AB does, but because you couldn't stop the hatred and the lies. In case you haven't noticed lately, this kind of thing is no longer very popular and turns people OFF. Trust me on something here. It isn't going to be easy to convince people to fork over for CC21 this year anyway, and for a number of reasons. It took us six months to get the people we managed to get so far for the Cooper Party, and we have far more reach on the internet than most of you reading this. But it was tough. Some of it has to do with the pandemic, yes. But there are other factors at work here. Previously, I could put out a simple announcement at WordPress, Facebook, and a Nissan group forum that we were doing another Cooper Campout, and 15-25 people would hop on board within a week or two. Now things are different. You have to give yourselves every chance for success these days, and it is much harder to sell these kinds of events now. People don't want to gather in groups, or you don't know if the guy next to you thinks vaccination is a Deep State Plot. You will figure it out... Trust me on something else. It is pointless and basically useless to attack us just because we plan to hold a party celebrating Cooper this coming July. It is going to happen no matter what you do, and you would be better off if we supported the event that comes later...the one you plan to do in November. You may not believe our support matters, but why alienate support when you could have it for free?