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  1. The problem here Robert is you believe everyone must be involved with the media or seek fortune and fame, I don't. these things help to a degree. it's a hype for a week or two and comes right back to us. I do this for a hobby. a show pops up and they want to talk with me, then so be it. if they don't, I lose no sleep. I just don't get how you actually believe most of us are "frustrated or jealous". you speak for us constantly. it's like Parrot said a while back. someone can post anything like the weather and you will blend me and others into it. nobody even bothers to post about you except over at the MN. your old news and bring up old news. I have far to many things in my real life to worry or be frustrated about something online. you can't get it into that hollow head of yours about that. people through my forum and outside of it have advanced the case. you haven't accomplished nothing. you advance the case publicly. you whine every year about any Cooper event and tell the world how to do it then claim to hold one every year and every year you back down. it's a never ending circle with you...
  2. Robert, the book is not connected to me because he discussed it. I did not approve of anything. the book is not affiliated to me in by any means. I didn't promote the book in anyway or put Snow high up on a pedestal. they had there differences and must of cleared them up. they are friends. you are not friends with either one of them, nor am I..apparently, you lost out dealing with Sheridan yourself. get over it. you can't even give Eric a run for his money. just a lot of cheap talk. he pushed you right out of the way pal. I suggest the following, either contact Sheridan or Snowmman and take it up with them. YOU need to do something about it. you were involved in this, not me. Once again, this is not the RMB complaint center. it's a thread to discuss the DB Cooper case and the mods have mentioned multiple times NOT to talk about members or other sites and you violate those rules on a daily basis causing the forum to shutdown and the bickering to flow. Go pound sand pal....
  3. Robert, again...take it up with the two involved in the whole thing..they are friends. you are making mountains out of mole hills..everyone knows what Snow did...including Peterson. if he didn't like it the book would not be for sale. your star witness even requested autographed copies. it's a continual harassing smear campaign. next week you will go after Bruce or Eric violating the policy of talking about members or other forums on a constant basis. you turn every site into the National Enquirer...
  4. You need to go to the source. that's not's Snowmman and Peterson. it's not my position to tell Peterson or Snow what to do that they apparently agreed to? you have a problem with the whole thing so take it up with them. you know, the one's who wrote and published the book you are upset about? it's all a bunch of noise and harassment..
  5. Your talking to the wrong Sheridan Peterson or Snowmman surrounding the book. I didn't publish it, I didn't proof read it. I didn't suggest anything to it...I didn't write it, I didn't design the cover. I didn't place it on Amazon or anywhere else. I don't have a copy. I've never spoken to Peterson. I don't even know Snowmman. 377 does along with Sheridan. those are the three key people to whine about with your grudge. As for Sky told this board you would get a hold of him and take let the board down knowing very well you had no intentions of doing anything which is called a red flag. you play the trust card all the time so why even bring something like that up? you never even responded to Dudeman. until you PROVE otherwise, it's simply not true....
  6. 2018, after I questioned Snow about the book.... Snowmman Well, obviously he will be able to tell me if he's not. Remember, he was trying to publish it in 2008. I'm just completing his request here. Didn't you see his request to Brown in 2008 here? Well, I'm Brown. He's made it clear as recently as 2014 he wants it published. I'm fulfilling his wishes. I'll mail Sheridan a check every month with any proceeds. He can use the money. I don't need any cut.
  7. 377 posted in 2019 his book's text has benefited substantially from Snow's editing. It provides insight into who Sheridan is and how he became so virulently anti-US govt. 377 May 2019 I still find it curious that despite his expressed desire to see his novel published and widely read, at every turn he has taken action to ensure the exact opposite. He originally offered this semi-autobiographic work online until posts on Dropzone called out a number of curious parallels to Norjack. Then POOF, it disappeared. He later claimed Amazon dropped it, but that simply isn't true. Blevins and Snow attempted to help him edit and republish the work. Sheridan engaged deeply with Snow, who put a huge amount of work into much-needed editing without gutting or muting Sheridan's raw voice. In the end, they couldn't come to terms about what would get published. The dispute had nothing to do with money. Snow did all his work free. 377 in 2018 Actually my copies are spoken for. One goes to EU as thanks for sponsoring the conference. One goes to my wife who wants both Sheridan and Snowmman to personally autograph her copy at a lunch which we will schedule in Santa Rosa as soon as Sheridan's rage cools sufficiently. The last goes to my son who is developing an interest in the case. 377 November 2018 This will feature prominently in my closing argument in Snow's copyright infringement trial. Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, the defendant, Mr. Snowmman, sought nothing more than to fulfill a dying man's wish to see his work published. The defendant neither sought or made any profit and in fact sent 100% of the gross proceeds to Mr. Peterson without taking a single penny to reimburse the considerable expenses he incurred. After closing statements by counsel have concluded, the judge will instruct you on the law, including the defenses of license and consent. Please pay close attention to these instructions. As you apply the law to the facts in this case, remember please Mr. Peterson's own words: "I am anxious to see this manuscript widely distributed before I die. It may simply disappear." Thanks to the selfless work of the defendant, Mr. Peterson's work will not disappear. His express wishes have been fulfilled by a well-meaning person. This misguided litigation seeks to punish good deeds. It is your role to see that justice is done. Justice is never achieved by a slavish devotion to technicalities that ignores the larger picture. When you look at the larger picture you see no malicious intent, no profit, and no real harm. Please, do not punish a good deed, even if you find that it was somehow misguided or inexpertly rendered. When you look at the facts and the law that you will subsequently receive instructions on, you will see that the only just verdict is one that rejects this astonishing attack on a selfless person doing his best to fulfill the expressly stated wishes of the author. Justice and basic human decency compel a verdict for the defendant. It is the only verdict that is just and one which I am confident that you will render. 377 377 seem really steamed????????????????
  8. Speaking about things today, here, on this told this board you would contact a member from sky sports. you either do what you said you would or admit it was a lie. this has nothing to do with trust. YOU started the whole thing, now finish it...
  9. Speaking about things today, here, on this told this board you would contact a member from sky sports. you either do what you said you would or admit it was a lie. this has nothing to do with trust. YOU started the whole thing, now finish it...
  10. Robert, I will say this one more time. I did not "engage" in and copyright violations by any means. you are accusing me of a crime that will be reported to this site. You did wrong directly using a VPN to intrude into my forum where you DIDN'T belong and stole material off my site. Sheridan and Snowmman finished the book. I HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH IT. THEY BOTH DID. he did not publish anything through me or my site. he finished the book and obviously Sheridan approved. I am not going to contact anyone. contact 377 about this. you are speaking for 377. he said NOTHING about Snowmman not doing it and and you should of done it. he only stated you would of done it for free. he's a lawyer, he doesn't drop hints. he states what he says directly. if he was against it and did nothing is that my fault too? 377 is friends with both parties, not me! also your track record with the law is incomplete. trust me, I know! according to Snowmman, he purchased his copy prior to Sheridan taking the PDF down before he started writing his book.
  11. That and what's on the surface of the container....particles, metals etc...
  12. Dudeman...18 hours ago.... So, Robert, did you talk to the Sky Sports guy? Dudeman March 6th So, what did the guy from Sky Sports say? then Hagger asked as well. you owe them an apology!!!! for lying!!
  13. Robert, it's all ridiculous. I had zip to do with any part of the are correct. you are banned from my site. should I start background checks on my PUBLIC forum? you know, felony convictions? I didn't write the book nor did I have anything to do with the book. Snowmman and Sheridan DID. Sheridan worked with Snowmman to completion. your argument is boring and has nothing to do with DB Cooper or researching DB Cooper. you are deflecting from giving this board an explanation why you are dodging the sky sport question that has been asked by three members of this board. "You don't represent this board, by the way." neither do you with this kangaroo court you always hold stopping forward motion. everything was fine until you showed up once again!