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  1. This will be my last post as well. He can have it and post away. Good day to all
  2. Robert, don't expect me to clean up your problems.. Fly is right..your a waste of time and space.
  3. Question asked and answered.. People don't like you and will not get involved with anything you do. can you follow that? obviously not.. Let me spoon feed you the meaning of the above, ok, ready? Nobody wants to get involved with you or anything you do, you with me? that means events, working with you on anything surrounding Cooper. why, because your an ass and has nothing to do with Cooper. it's your personality, lies, and other dirty tricks you pull. nobody cares what you do. sure some in the background might but you keep wanting approval and help from those who are active on these sites. it's just not going to happen. why the hell do you think anyone would support you? your behavior is childish and full of drama. you play victim to every fault. In closing...the above means exactly what it reads. nobody wants anything to do with you, Robert. that means the UFO trips as well. you can't force people to like you. Are we clear?
  4. Google results....About 174,000,000 Plenty of Cooper sites. you are trying to mix research sites into the equation. Robert, nobody wants anything to do with you...DO YOU FOLLOW? I'm to far away to get involved in these events. lots of others are in the same category. that hardly means we lack support. this is another problem you have speaking for people and giving false conclusions to fit your hate agenda. People don't like you and will not get involved with anything you do. can you follow that? The conventions are wide open, it's YOU that isn't welcome for so many reasons. it has jack shit to do with jealousy. your a liar, you blackmail people, you spew hatred etc. etc. you want to be a part of all of this but it isn't going to happen. nobody can trust you for anything, I don't care about what friends tell you, I'm telling you about people here. your trying to shame people into connecting with you and that makes it worse. you keep saying you don't need us but whine all the time wanting attention and seeking a pat on the back, sorry, that won't happen either. Most here and other places don't like you, it is what it is. now, that hardly means everyone "hates" you, that's more of your false assumptions fueling the hate train you run. it's not going to change. a decade of your nonsense has proven this but you are blind to the truth.
  5. You have a serious issue with following a conversation. your resume can be 20 pages long. it's your actions here and the rerun comments and copy/paste postings people are tired of, especially about Bruce. you have been saying it doesn't bother you for over 3-5 years now. you just spew out what ever name you wish to attach the names to JohnnyGreen or Gypsy. your so blind you can't figure it out or you know and just ignore it. The public has had 50 years surrounding Cooper. I think more of the public could care less who Cooper was. there is thousands of sites, shows, events etc. putting Cooper in the public. stop acting like it's a death sentence. the case will not be solved this way, period. I've camped half my life..heavy from age 3 up to my late teens. they are fun but there not everyone's cup of tea. nobody here is making any fun of your events. you are blending comments from elsewhere onto people here. just because I know Bruce doesn't mean I have to do dick for you. the problem lies between you and Bruce, not me, Fly, Georger or anyone else. the drama is off the charts with you. it isn't petty, it's bullshit. Everyone has a life and most of us have a full schedule of things we do outside of DB Cooper. most of us don't feel the need to prove it to anyone, why? am I better than you if I go fishing, hunting in the Glades, jet skiing, go to parties, date different women? why do you think nobody does anything except you? your on a skydiving forum telling people to get a life lmao?
  6. I never said Greg wasn't your definition he's a phony. he's hiding under a rock with lots and lots to say without showing his face. tell him to "put up or shut up" and stop hiding in the background. Lots of people are tired of your nonsense Robert. it's not petty issues. you clog up threads where ever you go surrounding Cooper..
  7. Robert does all that whining about usernames while the "phony" Greg fails to show his face and Robert speaks for him, the guy has a awful big mouth.showing more hypocrisy
  8. Cooper is involved with the camping trip and SUFON, right, should we go there and discuss Cooper on the UFO page?
  9. Correct, he doesn't even advertise much on SUFON? Bruce joined that group because of his interest in the topic and not what Bobby is up to. Gray didn't make the phrase "they deserve each other" Amazon did while Robert was whining about my forum starting up. he's used it a hundred times on here. When he does mention the trip it becomes UFO dedicated only mentioning Cooper once a month ago. He's just tossing in Cooper to try and make it relevant here. You won't see any postings like he does here over on SUFON, nor does he mention this forum as a reference.
  10. Do you know Parrots name on YouTube and why did you censor other questions asked by people you didn't know? if you suspected "us" you would of mentioned it. You are shutting people out for no reason. you were banned on multiple Cooper sites due behavior. legit questions have been asked by multiple people (you didn't know) that were censored by you. that's called, what's that word, oh yeah, slanted! Save us from embarrassment? that's another lie. you jump at opportunities like that. I noticed you spoke of shills in the comments above, more of that "do as I say, and not as I do" you were caught years back shilling on Amazon. even the excuse you tried to give was a lie. you lie about a lot of things while "giving it straight"
  11. Robert, snow was asked early into the whole thing. he downloaded the book posted by Sheridan. he showed emails of there transactions, good and bad. I'm not the feelings police. people spoke out about it, good and bad, including 377. I didn't publish the book, nor did I grant any permission to publish the book. I don't know snow personally nor did I know Sheridan other than a few emails of him ranting about the government and you, Bruce and others, including 377 being a group from the CIA out to get him. Snow posted emails of Sheridan loving the book, especially the cover and things turned for reasons unknown. again, it's none of my business. it was between Sheridan and snow. I'm wrong all the time just as anyone else. the book will never sell to make any real money wherever it's listed. 377 has told you this many times as well. you never listen to anything except for what you believe in, no matter what is told to you. I've told you multiple times to take it up with those involved in the actual publishing of the book and the family attached to the person who wrote the book. it's not my fault you can't take care of the issue's you have surrounding the book. stop putting the blame on me. I don't know any of Sheridan's family nor did I have a reason to know them. snow was friends with Sheridan, you were not. what ever happened between snow and Sheridan is between snow and Sheridan, not snow, Sheridan and Robert Blevins and certainly not me. I suggest, you get "The Staff" to track down Sheridan's family and stop putting it onto others to do the work you are whining about. in between you can fix your own book..
  12. I don't want a drop of respect from you Robert. lots are starting to call you out pal.. I haven't a clue who got copies of what..stop whining about this and contact the family and "do the right thing" it's none of my business nor is it any of my responsibility..your barking up the wrong tree fool. contact Snow right here..I can't make anyone do anything outside of my forum. Peterson was in a love hate relationship with everyone, including YOU. he loved the book, then hated it, loved snow and then hated him, he ended his relationship with 377 who never spoke bad about anyone. Peterson said you were in his gang (CIA)..the guy was more unstable with things than you. It bothers you that much, deal with it on your own time. stop wasting everyone else's time.
  13. YOU put yourself in that position. I didn't join under a false name to cause trouble. Yep, you were not welcome when the forum started due to your behavior. not my fault. Some of my comments on YouTube were under accounts you didn't know, so how is it deserving? They are for the "public" to see and decide if it's "moot" that's how it works..
  14. The comments I posted 5 or 6 times over the years were related to evidence surrounding Kenny having nothing to do with you. I've used multiple accounts through friends to post. I recall one being about falsehoods in your book and that you were aware of them. the others were about not believing Kenny was Cooper. I even had someone else write the post. it's been over a year so unlike your witnesses, I don't recall exactly what was written.. According to the quote above, someone could say bad things about you and not get deleted for 6 months then you fail to respond to comments for 6 months?.. I only check for comments maybe once or twice a YEAR...sounds like a lie to me..