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  1. I never said two video's. haven't a clue where that came from or asking for you to take anything down..I stated that you were wrong about why he took the video's down. you thought he did it because of you. I told you during your rants last year that he was asked to remove them publicly. you continued on and made the video and articles ignoring what was said. The producers made the request..I think I made that statement as well. you assumed (as usual) and was wrong. You didn't burn any bridges, you used C4 on them.. Eric is working on the event just as you are. different times and dates. toss in Ariel and we have more for the 50th. nobody has any real idea what they have in store. They did say a party will be held. when, who, how is anyone's guess. it will probably be in November. a member stopped in Ariel not long ago. I'll ask him to get in touch with them again.. I will find the rest out tomorrow. I don't a thing to be worried about.
  2. That's wrong. he's in charge of permits. do you know his name? actually, several emails. first he said 300 was too large for the camp sites (different person). I sent another explaining that the event will take place possibly, May or June and wasn't a camp site. I also inquired about Covid and the restrictions they have in place. I can see them saying it's possible by June. but I was specific giving two months.(May, June) I will call in the morning for absolute confirmation. what if spikes occur, why would they approve not knowing when to drop the guard? This is what I read all the time with you narrating everything Eric does. you had a whole story that was completely wrong about his video's. he was asked to take them down. you were told that but actually took the time to make a video about it and write articles. do you see how this gets out of hand? you have been doing things like this for years..
  3. When you make public announcements it becomes everyone 's business.I can answer it for you..I took 5 minutes this morning and sent an email to the forestry service in reference to permits and group settings..It's about honesty. " Large gathering are currently not allowed. The National Forest is following the guidance put in place by the State of Washington for COVID-19" Need a number?
  4. The jungle was a joke, Robert. Ariel could still have a party outside and serve alcohol as a special event. I don't know who they are or what they are really doing. If they contact anyone we will find out. When did you get the permit from the forestry you state on the website?
  5. Robert, it's not a competition or the ability to out do anyone. we research the case. we don't strive on pulling crowds for events. it costs money for everything done. this has zip to do with researching the case. exposure is always good but it's not my cup of tea nor is writing a book. What happens in Ariel this year is anyone's guess. I'm sure a lot will go to that as well. same for what ever Eric has in mind. it's the peoples choice and not yours.when they are announced I'm sure you will be right there shouting them down. it seems two of the three people you talk about most get more media coverage than you do. both Eric and Bruce have been on multiple documentaries with more to come from my understanding. nether one brags about it on any forum. they just do it. you are like a dictator telling everyone what is right and what is wrong, where to go to and where not to go, even speaking for us. I don't have much more to say. you have the whole night ahead of you to respond and whine. I actually sleep at night and go to my job early in the morning unlike some folks (smiles) about 5 hours left to patrol and post while we all sleep. do you and Greg take shifts. should I leave a light on for ya? be careful, some even attack you with politics. it's a jungle out there. happy hunting.
  6. I didn't get stuck with anything. I had nothing to do with the event. you are asking for way more. if people have to purchase a tent and camping supplies that goes into the hundreds. it's up to the people who go that decides what is right, isn't it? you whined about $10 WSHS charged. not everyone has money given to them on a silver platter pal. things cost money, you know? even Jim's deal would of cost you nothing since he offered the theater for free. someone is still paying for your free events, Robert. Greg instead of Jim this time. basing everything on money is another falsehood you need to stop.I'm sure it would of been different if Eric was given things too, no? I don't recall his events even being parties? they are conferences and get together's before or after the event surrounding those involved?
  7. Robert, you made a serious accusation about multiple people and refuse to give any information asking me to find out what you claim to know. that's ridiculous. you go directly to the source. that's how it's done. it's not pointless or baseless. you don't make claims like that about other people Robert unless you are prepared to expose them, again, that's something you enjoy doing without hesitation. Take your problems up with Eric. I don't do events. if someone asks me about you, I will tell them my thoughts. I explained my position clearly in multiple emails to Jim. it's all put so much drama into all of this nonsense. it's all pointless and does nobody any good. this is why people put you on ignore. it's all baseless crap. How can I see what people wrote in emails I never seen? you claim this was months later.
  8. I told you several times I would unblock you so you can forward the incriminating emails. especially one you claim I got from Jim. doesn't just saying things make them baseless like you just wrote? isn't that exactly what you did not long ago? what's the harm in sending one you claim I already have. nothing to hide there, right or is it only baseless coming from me? these are things you love to announce but fail to backup... It's extremely important when you accuse multiple people..very important.
  9. Hmmm, I guess I can take the route you did by failing to provide the quote from Jim you claim I have and who the members are from my forum sending nasty emails to supporters of the event that never happened. Here is where you demand I speak lol.
  10. It's the nonstop posting is what I'm talking about. you have taken up pages for an event 6 months away. we get it. Parrot said the same. you also agreed and yet keep trying to defend something you agreed too? You keep saying this and turn around asking for help. have the event, have fun. that's what it's purpose is, right. I never once said not to have it. you twist everything mentioned about you, Robert. you said the exact same with the movie, podcasts, Ariel etc. I have no reason to stop anything. I don't want anything to do with you. why is this so hard to understand. I'm not alone with this either. this is so pointless..if you don't need us, what the hell are you complaining about?
  11. Perhaps, this will clear things up for you. I'm tired of dealing with you. can you understand that? it appears others agree. nothing but constant lies from you..
  12. Robert, as Parrot pointed out several days ago, this all all very juvenile. my forum consists of 5 or 6 comments about your camping trip. they were posted because of getting caught up in a loop with you and were made over a week ago. nothing different from what was said here either. you have destroyed this thread to where no real conversation will exist. many have put you on ignore so they don't have to read all the nonsense. you are the single most male drama queen I've ever come across. yes, some question your stability since we seem to be all you talk about. Nobody is jealous, Robert. you put yourself in the position you are in, not me. you flat out begged me to get involved and then turn around and personally attack me with politics when I refuse. then you whine when people talk about the event and start spewing crap of jealousy and hatred. you clog up this thread pages at a time ranting and get bent out of shape over a few comments. you start in on Eric the minute he announces an event even sending emails to several events, articles to boot. all negative. "jealousy and backbiting," really, Robert. have you read anything you post over the years? just more hypocrisy. I own my forum, and it has multiple threads. one is an off topic thread. this site doesn't have that ability with one Cooper.thread. I will also comment on what ever I desire, got it? what you will not see is a continuation as you do here. Flyjack is by himself and is the only one on this thread holding to it's reason and rules. he has also put you on ignore. a few others post here with actual questions about the case. You have become the "evil spammer" you often speak about. I research the case. I don't do events nor do I get upset when someone holds an event. that's a very childish schoolboy speaking point IMHO. it's like the third grade rhetoric "my daddy is better than your daddy". the ignore list is growing because someone doesn't put a sock in it..can you read that on the wall? Doubtful, or you wouldn't be whining. people have reasons for not wanting to get involved with you. it is what it is.
  13. No thanks, Robert. I'm simply pointing out the obvious. It appears the ignore list is growing since you fail to stick to the case. some things never change..
  14. This has nothing to do with the discussion of DB Cooper and is none of your business who anyone voted for. ever seen a voting booth. it's closed so you can't see what they are doing. Who am I to say what the thread is for? you break a lot of rules and lack the ability to actually use the thread for what it's intended for which is the discussion of DB Cooper. nobody is here other than some to correct all the nonsense you spew. people are using the ignore option so they only see Flyjacks posts. you don't even research the case. one can reverse this and say who are you to tell me what to do with my site. I own it, you don't own this site, but treat it that way. If I look on Quora, the place you say everyone goes showing graphs and numbers all the time will I see 20-30 different articles and updates about the event or the same amount on WordPress? two sites you claim to get tons of exposure.. You can't use a place of business vs a party. you are responsible for rules that don't apply to a business. the capacity of Ariel wasn't 200. you have to calculate by hours. jobsites are similar. they will stink up fast if not cleaned every other day or in some cases everyday depending on the amount calculated. It goes by an 8 hour period in construction. Essentially, you should have one unit for every 75 people, and then add on one unit for every four-hour increment. For example: a six-hour wedding celebration is going to have 200 guests, so you need four units (200/75=2.66, round up to three, and then add one more because the event is over four hours). you exceed these calculations since it's a 24 hour period. especially if alcohol is involved. sure, guys can piss in the woods but you don't want them crapping all over the place either. I'm surprised the rangers are not asking for a pre-permit meeting for a large group from what I've read. $8,000 budget shouldn't put a dent in buying more units. a drop in the bucket, as you always say. you are talking about a large area for 200 people. parking alone with take up half a football field. you as an event holder are responsible! the rangers will tell you that. yes, I have done many events over the years, some exceeding 500. several were charity events when I was working in a bar back in the early 90's.
  15. Robert, any event will fade away. just as the rest have. it helps but doesn't forward the case one bit. the public has been involved in the case for decades and has not been able to do any good. You don't seem to grip the reality of the size you think will show. you are responsible for the event and it's actions. this includes sanitation. the people from the eclipse trip were your friends so you are being deceptive saying people are coming from a great distance. you need a minimum of 6-8 porta potties. one generator for 200 to use is asking for disaster. if you put a 12x4 banner up in a open area it will look like a dingy docked by a 100 foot yacht. the banner you are talking about runs across streets 30 plus feet. the size you want is used at parties in backyards. You are spamming an event that is 6 months out and post like it's next week. then you don't even tell people where it actually is due to the virus? who is going to try and sneak into a free event in the middle of a forest, ever heard of wrist bands? what if the vaccine isn't available yet? it's not the best time or financially the best for a lot of people. it will cost a lot of money to go to this free event if they are not campers. a tent, food, water, ice, coolers and gas cost money. I don't read a lot about dedicated true/real/honest Cooper fans that go camping. Eric's events are productive while you post negative comments about them the second they are announced. then demand everyone to get behind you? not one person going is any better than anyone not going. everything you do is the biggest thing ever to the Cooper world. Dropzone has turned into your personal thread. 95% is all from you. Flyjack's reports, what the thread is actually intended for gets buried in all of the "evil spamming". pages at a time now. you have once again become victorious in destroying a thread for your personal use. then for the second or third time you personally attack me and my political views you think you know from sending one email that corrected something you said. you make it out as the worse thing ever done. your actions are hateful, childish and not productive to anyone.