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  1. You do what you have to do there Mr. Honest...this is one complete and total bold faced LIE. "One of them is how members of the biggest website on the Cooper case conspired together to steal a book and publish it." Now you are openly accusing me of theft. you just go right ahead. I'm ready this time...
  2. The old divert comes into play..that's my opinion. you don't like it that's tough. I responded to someone who spoke of the very issue I wrote about...don't put that up? I don't care about your forum..what is it, attempt 8-9? of course you won't allow what you do on everyone else's sites. no clogging up that forum with off topic comments, right. only where you can you can break someone else's speaks volumes..nicely put, bravo...
  3. Sounds like a problem for you and not me...Sheridan owns the book. you need to speak with him in regards to any agreement you had prior to Snowmman. I could care less the amounts you offer Robert. that's really cheesy and unprofessional IMHO. it's the thought that counts, not the amount. you always feel the need to include dollar amounts with things. I know nothing about any files about the book. you need to speak with the people involved. I'm not going to help you in anyway. If Sheridan really wanted this from you then what's the frickin' problem? how do you know what Snow has and what Sheridan has without talking with either or if the agreement you had is still valid? you dive into the water and climb out wanting everyone to dry you off, really? it's your deal between you and Sheridan that was apparently made! I had nothing to do with that either...I'm not obligated to do anything for you. doesn't matter what you think is right. I don't know Sheridan at ALL, no emails, no comments online, no Facebook, Twitter, nothing. same for Snow. he was on my forum but that doesn't imply we are pals? the most I recall commenting with him about was documents surrounding Reca..this is between the three of you, period.
  4. You are finally partially correct...377 is friends with both of them or at least was with Sheridan. email 377 about your problems. I didn't write the book nor did I have anything to do with publishing the book..the email for Sheridan is written on the reply you posted from him. contact Sheridan to fix Sheridan's book you claim to want to do? you had 30 emails with Sheridan, make it 31? 1) Why do you fail to make contact the owner of the book? 2) What rights do you have to side step Sheridan like you accuse Snow of? 3) Snowmman doesn't own the rights to the book. How about YOU do the right thing by going DIRECTLY to the source. why are you whining to me about a problem YOU have? it happened in 2018 and brought up by you in 2020. it appears to be YOU doing the whining...? contact Sheridan Peterson to fix anything to do with Sheridan Peterson?
  5. Zero dodging..I had nothing to do with the publication of the book..CONTACT the person who wrote it and has the COPYRIGHTS to it...that's very simple and that person is Sheridan Peterson..Snowmman and Sheridan apparently got the book published. you have lied several times in this story along with the conference. I don't know Sheridan or even Snowmman other than on my site. I had one PM with him in regards to controlling the 302's when he first came to the forum. You claim to of had some sort of contract or dealings with Sheridan, not Snowmman. Sheridan owns the rights and has the final say unless Snow has some sort of contract with him which is extremely don't need me for squat..CONTACT the rightful owner of the book. stop accusing me of publishing the book. why isn't Sheridan screaming?
  6. Robert, it's very simple...why haven't YOU discussed this problem with the author of the book (Sheridan Peterson) why are you trying to work around the actual owner of the book? this horrific injustice could be solved with you contacting the owner of the book, no? where is the FBI and law suits, the book has been published? It's my understanding Snow even went to Sheridan's house. You also LIED about the manuscript being "stolen" by misquoting Sheridan. Snow purchased the manuscript prior to Sheridan taking it offline as he stated in 2018. the manuscript was online for a short period in the mid 2000's. you also have no value for privacy by posting Sheridan's email address in his reply. did you ask him if you could post personal information or the email? if you did that to me all trust would be gone. The book was published and the owner of the book is under the name of Sheridan Peterson..for some reason you are not contacting this person (Sheridan Peterson) in regards to your rants. any changes surround said book needs to be discussed with those involved in the book. especially, the person who wrote it..that would be Sheridan Peterson. I don't go to McDonalds looking for a Whopper?
  7. It doesn't matter what you say..I didn't "sponsor" anything. it's a public forum. I'm not dodging anything. the material Snow had was purchased by him. he is friends with the person who wrote the material. the book was published after Snow left the forum. sponsoring the book would include being involved in it and money exchanged and promoting it etc. Portions of a material and other copyright material can be posted under the fair use clause. Sheridan asked him to stop posting portions which Snow steal complete posts from my site? Why is it so hard for you to call Sheridan who wrote the book. why is it your business? I told you earlier, if you have a contract then he breached it. how hard can this be and why would it be up to me when you have the contract and was directly involved in trying to publish the book? it's similar to the threats you make with law suits against Kenny. you don't own him. you own what is written in the book. how does one sue for slander on a dead guy? I didn't put the book online, Sheridan and Snow apparently did. I don't know, you know why I don't know?. because I wasn't involved. you can't blame anyone for what others did Robert. I never spoke to him in regards to publishing squat. I don't know Sheridan and have never spoken to him. if HE has a problem with the book. HE needs to take action. not you, not me but SHERIDAN PETERSON. the owner of the book? YOU have the contact information to the person who own's the book and had some sort of agreement or contract. why can't you resolve the problem with the owner of the book? why didn't Sheridan contact me? YOU need to go directly to the source, period. 1) The book was published. 2) The owner obviously agreed to publish. 3) The owner hasn't voiced out against the publishing. 4) Someone who didn't publish the book is screaming injustice.
  8. Robert, one more time...I had nothing to do with the damn book. just because it was discussed on my forum doesn't bind me to it. no, I didn't buy the book. Sheridan doesn't interest me in the least. it's not my responsibility to contact anyone for you. that all falls on you. how much higher can you get this molehill? It's Sheridan's book, no? contact him about it. I'm not going to help you in anyway, period. go directly to the source, isn't that what you tell others? drive, fly, walk to his house, what ever it takes to accomplish what ever the hell it is you want. your not getting it from me. members on my forum appreciate personal information and don't wish it to be handed out. you burn too many bridges to even know Snowmman's name. it's not my fault you don't know how to contact him. the source is Sheridan anyway. you had 30 emails back and forth, right? why would the person (Sheridan Peterson) not work with you on this. it's his book? the book was published long after Snowmman left the forum so once again you are not telling the truth. they obviously mended there differences and published the book. not me or Bruce, or anyone else. Sheridan appears to be able to make his own decisions. why you were left out is unknown and is of no concern to me. take it up with those involved as to why..
  9. Robert, you are barking up the wrong tree...CONTACT either Sheridan or Snowmman in reference to the BOOK. I didn't put any input to the publishing. I had NOTHING to do with the publishing of the book. I didn't design the cover, I didn't speak to Sheridan. I didn't go over any details with either party. it was discussed for a period on the forum in 2018, mainly by 377 and Snow. it's of none of my concern even though it was discussed doesn't mean I have to do anything. I am bound by squat. if you had a contract then sue for breach..once again, the only person upset appears to be you.. If any apologies are in order they would be required from have been caught lying multiple times. you constantly break the rules on this thread clogging up the discussion of the intended purpose of this thread with either off topic rants or half page comments about truck tires (ad included), shower tents and old pictures of camp small paragraph about Cooper and the next 6 paragraphs full of false narratives and hatred. you instigate causing a never ending loop..
  10. To clarify further. Snowmman was asked to stop posting portions of the book and the request was honored. his intentions were not negative or undermining but to get the book published as Peterson always wanted. 377 backs these intentions up 100%. nobody has the actual true story unless they know the both of them personally. you are once again adding assumption and speculation along with hatred giving a different storyline of evil...seems to be a trend here lately. End of story!
  11. Once again, clarification is required..Snowmman got the manuscript when Sheridan posted it in the mid 2000's I believe. he didn't "steal" anything. that's a lie. I also questioned him about it back in 2018 they had issue's between themselves but Snow finished the book with Peterson, that's what I heard. I had nothing to do with that book or Bruce's book. you gloss right over your own book full of error's and lies and divert again to haven't a clue about Peterson or you would know things are wrong you are stating..that will also come out soon. I to know lot's of things I can't repeat right now. "Well, I'll be honest. My relationship with Sheridan has gone in the toilet. He's got an opinion about how this style of sentence should be punctuated, and I have an opinion. We're breaking up over the difference of opinions." Snowmman...Horrible person? Response from 377 below "My guess? You have benevolent motivations. I don't think you have any aspirations to make money off the Cooper story. You've done a lot of work and spent money that you will never recover helping an old man get his book published before he dies. I don't think it goes deeper than that." The problems with Bruce and Sheridan are problems with Bruce and Sheridan...Not me or anyone else. Sheridan is very unstable with people from what I can see. he's even mad at 377. one second he hates you and the next minute you are friends. How did I make you almost lose the movie contract..the last three years you have been thanking me, now I made you almost lose it. story change's three years later? I've never said a bad thing about Peterson, stop lying and accusing me of picking on him..I don't think I have even really discussed him to any extent. your problem lies with Snowmman and know Bruce but how well do you know Snowmman, zero..sounds like you missed out once again by Snowmman taking your gravy and you got butt hurt again? He's actually friends with Peterson, you know that, right? he even went after Eric in defense of Peterson. "Somehow EU has to be made to back off. He's a real fucking asshole. Worse than Blevins. Really." You make mountains out of molehills adding a triple dose of drama..
  12. Robert, you keep speaking for others. nobody is angry. I haven't read one of your articles in years. they are broken records. the problem is you clog up forums/threads repeating this over and over and people are finally coming forward. make 20 more articles, I don't care...I care about evidence. more is coming. I don't lie and everyone knows it Robert. it's you that keeps getting caught lying over the years. like a criminal repeating over and over that he didn't do it. he feels he has to convince them. that's exactly how you do it..then you try to divert by changing the focal point away from you and onto others. you pull out the victim card and start in with the "trust" values to cover as well. Nobody is jealous of you Robert. people don't like you for the reasons above. you are no different than any other person with a suspect. very protective and strike out the moment you are challenged. then you quickly shutdown the dialog when the heat enters your are very child like throwing tantrums. you are obsessed with all of this. you have been leaving since you first posted in 2010 giving long speeches as to why and then return sometimes hours after the supposed exit? you whine about every conference and tell everyone how it should be done and many times announce you will be holding one only to once again back out.. How about fixing the book you wrote. you are profiting off of lies and inaccurate information YOU admit are in the book. hows that fall into the "giving it to them straight" quote? no, it's not small issues either..
  13. It's not the problem of someone "pissing down your back" as much as it stinks around here from you constantly pissing in your own backyard! a liar always "tells it like it is" or "gives it to you straight"..guess what, an honest person needs not to remind those around them. they already know and don't need to constantly remind people!
  14. Robert, you need to stop making up storylines. Meyer was banned for something else and had nothing to do you or Bruce. nobody made any claims of Kenny being a "rapist" on my forum. that exists on TMN only! Bruce is responsible for Bruce, period. take it up with him.. it's not my responsibility... "but because they were shocked at the content of Bruce's posts" That's a lie, period! Then you lied about not knowing how to contact Eric to handle it properly or like a MAN instead of running to the teacher...that's the second time you used that claim to solve a crime and can't figure out how to contact someone? How do you say it? "you let your emotions get in the way" you never practice what you preach. been that way for years. "you think I really care what they say" followed by a HUGE post of not don't get the attention like TMN gives you on my forum. you are old news. very old! just more false narratives from you! People are trying to tell you enough is enough here and other places. this is a SINGLE DB Cooper forum that you turned into YOUR local gossip thread. 97% of the comments from you are off topic crap! this has been going on for over 5 years with you and does nothing but disrupt any real Cooper discussion..
  15. You are lying Robert..first of all. if they didn't respond how would you know the reaction? secondly, you threatened them with a law suit..what did you think would happen? it's my understanding you sent something to the next conference as well.. Hello,This is Robert Blevins from Adventure Books of Seattle. We have a serious concern regarding a scheduled 'DB Cooper' Conference slated to be held at your club on Saturday, November 24, 2018.We are not objecting to the conference itself, but the person who approached you about asking the club to host this event is advertising the event mainly on this site: You are not allowed to view links. Register or LoginTo provide some background, we are the publishers of the book 'Into The Blast - The True Story of D.B. Cooper,' which is now optioned for the first-ever full-length feature film on the famous hijacking. Production shooting is slated to begin next year, both in the Los Angeles area, as well as in Portland and Seattle.Over at The DB Cooper Forum, this is where user 'EU' has been organizing this event. This is also the website where we took more than fifty screenshots of hateful and insult comments about our company, my wife Gayla, and me personally, that were made over the last four years. Many of this site's members, including the host Dave Brown, aka 'Shutter' supported these posts. Most of them are extremely slanderous.This event at the Portland Yacht Club is being advertised as free to attend, and free parking included. We intend to send an anonymous representative from Adventure Books to observe the proceedings. Since we are well familiar with most of the people involved in this event, we will be watching for slanderous comments at that event aimed at either Adventure Books, our staff, or anything else related to us. The film production companies, as well as their attorneys, are supporting this effort.If we observe anything slanderous being presented, we will immediately file suit against the Portland Yacht Club for personal damages, and for supporting the presentation of such slander. We have good reason to believe this will be a part of the program for this conference, because that website and many of its members (including some of the scheduled speakers) are doing it now. For these people to extend their outrageous behavior it to a conference you host is not a stretch. If you would like copies of some of the screenshots taken from The DB Cooper Forum and elsewhere to see the truth for yourself, feel free to ask and we will provide them to you.