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  1. Hey, did the rest of you get a chance to see my new 2009 Nissan Xterra? If I ever decide to go hunting down D.B. Cooper witnesses again, I will be ready. Has the Fosgate stereo with the woofer that blows off the doors and runs like a champ. That 4.0 liter six banger really wants to cut loose. Low mileage rig, too. You have to control it a bit at the gas pedal. I already did some mods and switched to LED on the forward lights. We're just a couple of crazy kids. WAIT. Not THEM. We are below. My bad.
  2. Whatever, buckwheat. And then I see you talking trash about Sheridan over at the Cooper Forum as well. People have put you up to me as some Holy Man in the Internet Search Game. And I actually had some respect for you at one time. That's long gone. As the co-founder of a small (but HONEST) US trade publisher in wholesale...your blatant ripping off of Sheridan's book and then foolishly publishing it at a ridiculous retail price...thereby cheating his family out of any future royalties (beyond the five or six sales a year you will probably get via Amazon) makes me have absolutely no respect for you at all. I know at one time you thought you were doing Sheridan a favor by putting his book in print and letting him enjoy that, see that. But after he died you should have cooperated, stood aside, and let the pros take over. He should be in worldwide distribution through Ingram and his family receiving modest royalties for life. Instead, you stole his book, laughed at my efforts to make you see reason, and CHEATED HIS FAMILY. I don't want you to forget what he looked like. I will post a couple of pictures below, and a link to his biography, which is more impressive to me than yours.
  3. Too tough on you? This proves simply that I own this thread, not Snowmman, which IS actually spelled with ONE M, no matter what he claims. (*laughs*) I may be a lot of things, but someone who stole Sheridan Petersen's book and published it for 25 bucks a pop in paperback at Amazon and cheated his family out of the royalties due them isn't one of them.
  4. I will send it to you. Or not. What the hell...I've quit Dropzone a dozen times. What's your point? Fortunately, I have extricated myself from the Cooper Vortex and now have other goals. They mostly include stargazing, camping in the high country, and generally having fun. My only real Cooper-oriented obligation is to bring important issues to the fore if I find it necessary, and to answer the unending questions about Cooper that come in to my email from people I mostly don't know. Because I have been involved since late 2008, it is a duty I cherish. But my attitude about others involved in the Cooper case, my feelings about some of them are well known. (*smiles*) Vote here, Yes/No. Did you actually listen to the R.E.M. song? If not, there is something wrong in your soul. Fix it.
  5. Fine. Cheat Sheridan and his family out of what is rightfully theirs and go on your merry way. That is how I will always remember you regarding the Cooper case.
  6. I am sure you are curious. And if you are not being facetious and really want to see them, you will have to ask me privately and they will be provided in the same manner. Look...I understand that at the time you did what you thought you were doing Sheridan a favor. Maybe you were. But now that Sheridan has passed on, all that you are doing by refusing to allow his book into real-world distribution is cheating his family. They should be making money on that book, but you are holding that up and basically ripping them off. Really many copies did you actually expect would sell at Amazon when it is offered up at retail-only at a whopping 25 dollars in paperback? That was okay when the book existed in that form simply so Sheridan could get a look at it in print before he died. But now that need is no longer there. He has passed on. Now it is time to place that book into the worldwide wholesale distribution chain, and that means Lightning Source/Ingram. You could do that yourself. But LSI requires a business name, even if it is just Joe Smith Books, at least three unassigned ISBN's from Bowker's, a responsible SSN (not good) or a Federal Tax ID number (much better) as well as a bank account and a PayPal account to do business with them. Unless you are planning to go into the publishing biz yourself, it is a big waste of time and money for you to buy the required minimum of ISBN's, jump through the other hoops, and sign with them. I am on a fixed income these days, mostly retired although I do side cleaning jobs and occasional book edits for private customers. How the heck do you think I afford the things I do anyway? Book royalties are a part of that. Blast has been selling steadily for over ten years now, plus Pilot Down, Presumed Dead, and a couple of others that do pretty well at AB. If I had published all that through Amazon's CreateSpace I would hardly collect anything. That's why you should get that book off CreateSpace and allow Sheridan's family to reap whatever royalties they have coming from his book. I will give it to you that at the beginning your heart was in the right place, minus a few nasty comments you made at the DB Cooper Forum when I protested what you were doing. But now that Sheridan is gone and only his family remains, you should cease cheating them out of whatever sales that book will do in worldwide at wholesale. I am not your enemy. You did get the ball rolling. But you should now let someone professional take over the job. What I need from you is a copy of the manuscript in Word (not PDF), your promise to pull the book from Amazon, and contact information for any of Sheridan's children. The oldest daughter will do, if you have her info. I'm pretty sure you have contacted his family once or twice. I don't really believe you are dishonest, from the little I know of you. But it is time now to do what is right.
  7. Yes, I know. But I don't make threats on the internet, which are pointless anyway. Sometimes I do try to bring people to reason and sensibility though. You are cheating Sheridan's family out of what is rightfully theirs, (wholesale distribution royalties) even though at the start your motives might have been good. You also claimed you were a better book editor than me, which is patently false and certainly ridiculous. I have edited more than sixty books and created the covers myself for almost twenty of them. Forget about me then, if you have no morals. How about buying at least three unassigned ISBN's from Bowker's, registering an account with Lightning Source, and moving Sheridan's book into wholesale distribution worldwide with a new ISBN instead. Then arrange with one of Sheridan's family members to receive royalties via PayPal. You could do the right thing. You don't even need me for that. Some of those books went on to great success. This is why I still do book packaging for people occasionally. Or you could pull that book from Amazon, which isn't selling anyway (I have seen the rankings on it, which are pathetic) and let The Pros From Dover take over the job. Maybe you should take over some other books that you think need improvement and violate copyright on them as well? Of course, not all the people you do that to will be in a nursing home community and over the age of 90. Not all of them will be easy victims for you. I also know that Amazon and everywhere else always asks if you own the rights to the work you are about to ask them to host. And of were forced to lie and say you DID own the rights when everyone in Cooperland knows you did NOT. If you believe I am trying to shame you here, well...I guess I am. Imagine what the outcry would be about me if I 'improved' on Bruce Smith's book (I still have the original Word version he sent me long ago) and decided to publish MY version. He would be screaming to high heaven, doing major complaints, all legal, and everyone in Cooperland would be on my ass. My question is, what gives YOU the right to do that to Sheridan Petersen, a guy who could barely defend himself against you. You haven't asked, but you should see his emails to me while you were doing this. Maybe I will just publish them anyway. They were sent to me, so that would be allowed.
  8. Snowmman and Georger. Two peas in a pod. Both stubborn as hell. They are never wrong, even when they are. Here's what I did this week on the Cooper case: Exactly nothing. (*laughs*) I was wheeling and dealing in vehicles so I can have some more fun out in the wilderness, which to me is far more important than the BS that surrounds Cooper sometimes. The reason I am SO angry at Snowmman is because I am the owner of a registered US trade publishing company, no matter how small it is, and I take offense to Snowmman's arrogant theft of Sheridan's book. For what? So a few assholes at a Cooper convention could show up with bragging copies? That's enough reason to cheat Sheridan's family out of the royalties they have coming to them? That is enough reason to steal a book that (due to its extreme length, over 600 pages) took him years to write? And that this was done to him while he was sitting there in a retirement community and unable to fight back about it due to health issues and being well over 90 years old? You think he was happy about all this? Bullshit. You should see his emails to me. He talks about going to the FBI about it. I had to gently remind him that it would be a civil matter and he would have to get an attorney to have the book pulled from Amazon. I have explained to Snowmman that publishing the book at Amazon under CreateSpace results in a very high retail price, no wholesale price available...which means no jobbers will pick it up and very few sales will be the result. No worldwide wholesale distribution through Ingram, (biggest distributor of print books on Planet Earth). There isn't even a reasonably priced Kindle version. The guy doesn't want to hear any of that. He doesn't want to cooperate with AB of Seattle to enable the book at wholesale worldwide by a professional. Yeah. That would be me. We may be small, but we are moving copies of Into The Blast worldwide at wholesale by the case, which is 52 copies per order. Sheridan's book should be doing the same thing, and then for every case sale logged by Lightning Source (printer/distributor for Ingram) Sheridan's family would make a hundred bucks to any PayPal address they designate. But nooooo....Snowmman will have no part of that. I'm not surprised. He doesn't even realize that Snowman has only ONE FRICKIN' M in it... I know some of you will want to know what I meant by 'wheeling and dealing in vehicles this week so I can have some more fun in the wilderness...' Okay, I will explain. First...I laid out $2,400 for the nice Coleman tent trailer shown in the pictures below. So now I am DOWN $2,400 bucks. Guess I finally decided to hang up the tent thing. That's a picture from the seller's ad. It looks somewhat nicer now. Then...I sold the truck shown below for $4,800. The guy drove two hours to buy it. Trust me, it's worth it. And the reason I sold it is because it wouldn't haul the trailer. So now...I have the trailer but I am now UP $2,400 bucks... Now that I have the trailer and am UP this $2,400 bucks in savings as a result of selling the truck...I wangle a great deal on a 2009 Nissan Xterra for a measly $3,000...which CAN pull the trailer. Are you following all this? It's complicated. In the end, I traded the 1997 truck and $600 bucks for the camper and the Xterra. Tell me I don't know how to wheel and deal on vehicles. Of course I do. I once sold a Mustang to Christopher Boyce, aka The Falcon, aka a convicted spy. He was played by Timothy Hutton in the famous movie that came later. Sean Penn played (wait for it now), The Snowman. Spelled correctly with only ONE 'm'. Message for Snowmman: Anytime you decide to have a conscience about Sheridan Petersen and his book, you can reach me at adventurebooksofseattle AT G Frickin' Mail Dot Frickin' Com.
  9. I dunno. Maybe it's because everyone involved in the Cooper case knows that YOU are the guy who ripped off Cooper suspect Sheridan Petersen's 600 plus page anti-war book and published it for twenty-five samolians a pop in paperback at Amazon. And when you did that, and made smart-ass remarks directed at me when I protested, many people saw all that. And Sheridan's family is now getting zippo for royalties. You think that is fair to his family? To his legacy? Are you like an actual human being or what? Would you like to see Sheridan's own emails to me on this subject? Oh, I will gladly provide them if you wish. Mr. Infringer. Mr. Ignore-the-US-Library-of-Congress record on his book. I have posted it a couple of times for you already. Call me stupid, but that could be it. It is a credibility problem. Why should anyone believe what you say when you had the absolute nerve to rip off Sheridan's book while he was sitting in a retirement home at age 95 or so? Yeah, you should be real proud of that. I'd post a link to the book you ripped off with encouragement from those DB Cooper Forum members, but that would be supporting copyright infringement. Ever considered the idea that ripping off some old guy's book, someone known pretty well in Cooperland, might tell folks you ain't what you seem?
  10. I wouldn't call what the Seattle FBI pursued on KC in 2004 an investigation. None of the people who were interviewed about him either by Geoff Gray or myself were ever contacted by the FBI. I imagine they blew off Kenny right away as Cooper because they couldn't believe it was an inside job, and didn't know the people Kenny knew. It took 18 months of traveling around the Great Northwest and hunting people down for interviews, with Porteous running the background checks for get to the truth of the matter. Can I say without any doubt that Kenny was Cooper? Not really. But despite all the quacking and bitching from other Cooper investigators, we still presented the best evidence against any suspect to date. And we did that by making everything completely transparent and public. The entire report, everything we had...with a few extra things to the Seattle FBI that we did NOT reveal publicly. I figure we just leave it at that and let people decide for themselves.
  11. I see all that stuff, but it doesn't amount to much. What was done was probably as a result of Lyle calling the FBI. But it wouldn't have gone very far. NWA purged employee files of anyone no longer working for the airline every five years. (Source: Bruce Kitt, curator, NWA History Museum.) In 2004, Kenny had not been with the airline for about a dozen years. The company handling any retirement pension payments for NWA might have some information, but possibly not there either, since Kenny had been dead and not receiving payments for ten years when the FBI got the word on him. Military Records: Pretty much the only two things existing on KC after the July 1973 records fire in St Louis was his DD214 and his enlistment record. Everything else went up in smoke like those millions of other records. We know this because we tried to get them and was told that was all they had. The person in Tacoma, WA referred to is Robin Powell, and he was never contacted by the FBI. He and his former wife lived with KC the last couple of years he was alive. Powell is semi-homeless and still lives in Tacoma. He has an extensive record, mostly for domestic violence issues (he beat up his own mother once) and drugs/alcohol. However...since you have established KC did make the suspect list at some point, this only makes me believe that when they received our 54-page report and the DVD with the video, and the CD with the image files on our investigation into KC and Geestman and a few others...that they might have taken it more seriously than just KC's brother calling them up, and pointing to his brother as a suspect. They were getting calls and letters suggesting possible suspects all the time. Few were taken far, or very seriously. Prior to the submission of our final report and all those documents/images, whatever...they knew all this stuff was coming when it was ready...and they specifically asked for us to get it to them when it WAS ready. In other words, they wanted to see what we had. So we did. And you can believe me when I tell you we had a lot more for them than just Lyle Christiansen calling them up because he saw a TV show on Cooper.
  12. KC was NEVER investigated by the FBI, unless they did some checking on him later after they received all our submitted files and pictures, as well as our lengthy report. The only time KC was ever 'investigated' was when Larry Carr heard about KC back in late 2007 and read the Geoff Gray article in New York Magazine. Based on that alone...and nothing else...Carr rejected KC as possibly being Cooper. But at the time this happened, no one was checking out Bernie or Margie Geestman, or talked to anyone who might actually know some information linking KC to the crime. People like Helen Jones, or Bernie's niece Denise R, or Geestman's sister, the lady who got that $5,000 in cash from KC through her brother Bernie. Nobody knew anything about these people or even how they related to the crime until Skipp Porteous and I started checking them out. And that didn't happen until late 2009-early 2010 I believe. Yes...I heard something about Lyle calling up the FBI before he got around to contacting Skipp Porteous, but as I tell people sometimes, Lyle didn't know one way or another if his brother was really Cooper...because he didn't know any of the people KC knew...people who were holding on to facts related to KC and Geestman's possible guilt. Lyle just 'thought' his brother might be Cooper based on a TV show. It wasn't until Skipp and I started doing our thing, and running down these people for interviews that we found out the 'real deal' on KC and Geestman. I will tell you and everyone else this: I find it very coincidental that we sent the Seattle FBI everything we had on these guys the last week of July in 2015...and they announce the case is being closed the following June. Maybe it means nothing. Maybe it meant everything. Two months after they officially closed in 2016, senior FBI agent John Jarvis tells three friends that the real reason the case was closed was because they knew Cooper was dead, and he answered affirmatively when Troy Bentz asked him if he meant Kenny Christiansen. I don't know what people expect from me. Jarvis was working in Behavioral Profiling out of Quantico at the time and had solved some high-profile cases. Was with the FBI for 15 years at that point. I would call that pretty damning evidence.
  13. Lyle didn't talk to the FBI in 2004. Not as far as I know. But you are right when you say Lyle didn't provide any evidence. That was done by myself, Skipp Porteous, Geoff Gray to an extent, and by the investigation. Lyle only suspected his brother might be Cooper, but he didn't know for sure. The case for KC is a lot stronger than you think. Witnesses make pretty good evidence sometimes. Especially when they give the same stories and haven't seen each other for many years. The public report ran on for more than fifty pages, and I have a tall boy dresser pretty well full of files and pictures relating to the investigation. You keep telling me I 'know' KC isn't Cooper. Boy have you got me pegged wrong. Of COURSE I think he's Cooper. I also believe that not only did Bernie Geestman instigate the whole thing, but assisted in the crime. And then he tried lying to everyone later. One sketch, another sketch. Does it really matter that much? It was obvious the witnesses differed on many points anyway in their descriptions of Cooper. The sketches are not photographs.
  14. I don't live for your worthiness or lack of it. Don't flatter yourself. And I do NOT 'know' that KC is not the hijacker. There is certainly a fair amount of evidence and witness testimony indicating that perhaps he was. The only people who are dead-set against that possibility are...(wait for it now)....OTHER armchair Cooper investigators. That reaction is normal. If anyone, and I mean ANY one were to ID Cooper for real, most of the discussions would stop and some people would have nothing left to fill their time at Cooper-related websites.