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  1. EDIT: I'm going to suggest that interested parties copy down the last two posts for future reference, because they are the only all-pubic notices that will be made about this event. The only other one will be when I announce the date and times, and that won't be until around April of 2021. That announcement will not give details on where the event will actually be held, but I can tell you that it will be in the Olympic National Forest using a group campout permit. And that it will be on the Hood Canal side of the Olympics. If you want further details, you must either contact me at adventurebooksofseattle AT Gmail, or wait for the Craigslist Event Notice to appear. That will happen a week or two prior to the event. I'm not trying to make this difficult for people, but I also know *some* (aka *a few*) people have tried to sabotage at least one of the prior events, and that these people came from the Cooperland community. THIS event is aimed at the public, and to a certain extent, the press. Folks in the Cooperland community are not given any special privilege to know in advance the full details...UNLESS...they can be trusted, or wish to participate in organizing this event. And they have to prove to me they are serious. If not, or if this event does not interest you, then there is no need for you to contact me about it.
  2. Greg the Techie Guy has suggested to me he would be willing to put up half of the cost for the Amazon gift cards to be used as Cooper character lookalike contest prizes. I told him, "Well, if we run a Craigslist Event ad for this one, the prizes alone will draw Cooper fans from all over the place..." Look....let me explain this situation another way and tell you what we actually have in mind here. I've come to the idea that there should be one last Big Cooper Party for all sorts of reasons. There is no longer one going in Ariel. I will be moving to southern California next year and I don't mind organizing and partially financing the biggest one that's ever been done before I leave. I also believe that offering up to $1,000 in Amazon gift cards for the contest will bring many people out of the woodwork, especially in the Puget Sound area. On the other hand, I'm not aiming this event at the few known Cooper investigators living in this area. They are free to attend, but unless they happen to catch the Craigslist ad, they won't know where to go or when, or how it's being organized. In my mind, since AB of Seattle has had minor problems with these folks before...the event is not being organized around these people. Yes, they are free to show up, to do presentations on the big screen, or just talk about Cooper with everyone who shows up. There's even a chance that some press outlets may try to attend, even if it's just for a single afternoon, to get a story. We will send out the press release with a map showing location of the event, the times, recommended gear list if they plan to stay overnight, contact information, etc. Have no illusions, by next spring we will have this one fully organized and ready to go. If these same 'Cooper Folk' want to attend, about the only way they can do it and feel welcome when they show up is to contact me personally PRIOR to the event about it and get all the details. It is not my wish to shut anyone out of this one, but you have to be reasonable. The event is not slanted toward YOU, although you could be a big part of it. On this one, Greg and I decided we will shoot the Full Monty video on it and pull out all the stops just like we did back in 2016 when we sponsored the final Ariel gathering. I have already been in contact with a few of the same people who supported and attended that event, and a few have expressed an interest in coming, although others said it was too far to drive. One of the things we plan to do is honor both Bryan Woodruff and his mother for all those years they brought annual happiness to anyone and everyone who showed up to their Cooper Days event at the tavern. I am willing to listen to proposals from known folk in Cooperland who wish to know everything in advance, and assist in the organization for the whole thing...but they have to be serious about it and not play games. In other words, I don't want to see disparaging comments on a certain blog threatening to show up and disrupt the I saw when we organized the Cooper Campout to Mt. Hood. If I see comments like that, the person responsible for the site where these comments appear will be banned from attending, unless those comments are removed immediately. I figure if they allow all that, then they didn't want to show up anyway. And besides...doing that is foolish. It isn't going to stop people from responding to the CL Event ad, which is a totally separate thing. If at some point you decided you really DID want to see what it's all about, the best thing is to think about it for a while and decide whether you want to be involved or not...perhaps even in the planning and the programming. There will be a sort of loose program going here, especially for activities during the day.
  3. Don't expect any comprehensive plan regarding Covid-19 from the present administration. These are the same guys who told you to inject antibacterial cleaners into your veins to save you from the virus. If you want away from that junk, register to vote if you haven't already and then vote your conscience. It is sometimes true in American politics that people actually DO vote the bums out. One thing about Americans you can be assured of. They might be slow to catch on to things, but when they do, they usually act decisively.
  4. LOL...anyone missing this one is missing one heck of a party. You wouldn't believe it if I told you why.
  5. Two questions there. I can tell you that at least ONE of the chutes has no dispute, and that's the Pioneer rig sitting in the WA State History Museum. It's relegated to a rather remote spot there, behind a glass case. Another is the popped bubblegum chute the Citizen Sleuths examined. Another is the missing trainer. The fourth is the one Cooper actually used, which *most* people assume was the Navy Backpack rig. Yes, there is some dispute on that one despite the Agent John Detlor report shown below: Himmelsbach said a lot of 'stuff' during his tenure with the FBI regarding Cooper. Like when he told people the FBI and the Treasury Department were checking for Cooper bills coming in to the Fed Reserve banks, or the BPE for years. That is not true, and was verified to BE not true from two sources. One you can believe, (Larry Carr's radio interview where he says everyone gave up the search for bills within 3-6 months) and the other you have to take my interview with the senior Treasury official at BEP in DC who almost laughed at the suggestion they would do a bill hunt for years. If Himmelsbach means that there is a list of hijackers who got money and then were killed jumping, I doubt it was six, three, or even two people. Most of the people who were actually killed during any and all aircraft hijackings were due to authorities storming the hijacked plane. Relatively few were done for money. Most were political, or done by people who just wanted to go somewhere. I did hear something once about a Filipino hijacker who went right to the source and robbed the passengers in-flight...and then jumped with a homemade chute. He was killed, of course.
  6. Not to brag, or put ideas in your heads Cooper fans...but for a guy who others say is 'ignored,' I sure get a lot of views to my work at Quora with both general questions, as well as the Everything DB Cooper Space there... Just saying. If you REALLY want people to see your stuff on the Cooper case, you might want to consider joining that Space. You'll get a lot more looks to your theories and suspects by hopping on board the EDB Cooper Train, more than Dropzone and a LOT more than over at Shutter's Place. Every time a new post on the Cooper case is made at the EDB Cooper Space, a link to the full content of your post goes out to over 2,000 people by email automatically. If I share it with my followers, nearly 3,000. If a Quora staff member shares it...goes to many thousands of Quora users. Then there are the recipients of your email notice that sometimes share your latest entry with OTHERS. Welcome to the 21st century, my friends. That one-day spike came from a link to a WordPress entry I did on the case recently. And a couple of other items I contributed. The three 'shares' are the ones I did, not others. Those are not listed. What are the bottom-line results of all this, as it relates to my participation in the Cooper case? Wholesale book sales (not Amazon) are WAY up worldwide for the Blast book, and my email box gets almost more messages than I can handle from people who live in countries all over the world....
  7. Some folks believe that Cooper mistakenly (even without the use of D rings) USED the dummy chute somehow when he jumped. In other words, he didn't spot it as non-working. I would tend to believe this theory more if the briefcase had been left on board the jet. Since it was gone along with the dummy chute, my best guess says Cooper tossed it out along with the briefcase. Put yourself into the shoes of the hijacker for a moment. There is major stress going. You only have so much time before you should depart that aircraft and be elsewhere. Once the jet leaves Seattle, everything you do has a motivation and a purpose, otherwise why bother doing it in the first place? You get the chute on, the money secured, (both by tying the bag together and by tying it around your waist) and finally manage to drop the airstairs. You get another bothersome interphone call from the cockpit along the way. All of this takes precious minutes of flight, and meanwhile you are probably headed farther south than you ever intended to jump in the first place, which is going to cause you unknown problems later. Every minute that passes takes you another three miles farther south. At the last minute, you realize one thing you can do is toss out a couple of items, that if found, might throw off the ground search you know will be coming. hurl both the briefcase and the dummy chute out the back after the stairs open. The purpose of disposing of the briefcase and the dummy chute would be to throw off the ground search and/or dispose of evidence, although as Cooper, you know these items might never be found, but it's worth a shot. So that's what you do. And then a few short minutes later, you JUMP...thinking no one will know when you did. And it just happens that the jet is over an area of several hundred square miles of privately-owned forest where the public seldom is allowed to go, and if they ARE allowed to go in there, it is not in great numbers, not like a typical National Forest. But by the time you do the actual jump, you are once again over public lands, more or less, or at least over areas not restricted to public travel. This is the most likely scenario on why those two items were never found. And they are probably still out there. (On a side note relating to the idea of Kenny Christiansen as Cooper, I personally believe the red sticks were actually quarter rolls taped together end-to-end with red electrical tape, as told by Bernie Geestman's niece, and that Cooper probably removed them from the briefcase before disposing of it. PURPOSE: To make phone calls. But that's a whole other story.)
  8. The REAL question regarding the training chute provided to Cooper isn't whether the guy who handed it out knew it didn't work. It isn't even whether it had The Big Red One (an 'X') mark on it. The question is....where is that chute NOW? Anything else fifty years down the road is irrelevant, and I will say why I think this is so. Because if the chute turned up someday, you would be able to verify the flight path with it, as well as an approximation, within a few miles, of where Cooper landed. Perhaps even LESS than a few miles. That chute ended up SOMEWHERE, along with the briefcase and its (very likely) phony bomb. And the most sensible explanation on how they ended up wherever they are today is that Cooper tossed them out the rear of the jet just prior to jumping. The chute was probably tossed in an effort to throw off any ground search and make these searchers believe Cooper landed a bit further north than he actually did. The briefcase was tossed to get rid of some of the evidence. It is my personal belief that these items, since they have not been discovered to date, are probably in the private forest owned by Weyerhauser Logging some miles north of Ariel, WA. And they would be found somewhere along the official flight path as stated by the FBI. EDIT: This is the one and only 'official' announcement regarding the final 'DB Cooper Campout' happening late next spring. The only other announcement that will be done at Dropzone will be a reminder of the date, done a week prior to the actual event. So...if you are interested...take notes...because we're going to run an Event Ad on Craigslist for this one two weeks prior, instead of our usual way of posting at the AB of Seattle site, or at WordPress. There are reasons for doing it this way which I won't bother going into now. Doesn't matter. First, we've come to the belief that since Covid-19 infection rates continue to drop in Washington state, and it seems likely that a vaccine will be available by spring, that we will be able to hold this event sometime next May. On my last solo trip to the Olympics, all I really did was test all the gear for this event and everything worked very well. This included power sources, big-screen projector capability for media, and an adequate stereo system. Toilet and shower facilities were also tested and passed with flying colors. These things are important because anyone and everyone is free to bring their own media for presentation to the group, whether it be their own research videos on the case, movies, or anything else they wish. And while they are there, for however long they choose to stay...they must be provided with some creature comforts. Other items include a comprehensive First Aid and medical station, a propane BBQ they can use, and full time hand washing facility. Whatever place we finally choose to hold this event from our Short List of Locations, three things will be certain. There will be internet access via smart phone, it will be located near a natural source of water (lake, creek, or river), it will be FREE to attend, and you will be able to drive to it without risking your vehicle unnecessarily. If you have a laptop and a smart phone with a good data plan, you can 'tether' your phone to your laptop to gain full internet access. Google 'tether your phone to a laptop' for details. This works best with an Android phone. I have tested this system myself. Speeds are slower, but it works. No one will be banned or restricted from attending, not even people who don't necessarily 'like' me personally. We do ask you to be civil and not cause trouble for everyone else who will be there to have a good time. For people in the known Cooperland community: If you have a negative attitude about AB of Seattle or our efforts in the Cooper case, it is best if you contact me personally first if you decide to go, so that we can bury the hatchet. Showing up unannounced could send the wrong message, and you could be asked to leave if you come with a chip on your shoulder. Have no illusions. This is a Cooper Party. People are encouraged to have fun, as long as they don't go completely crazy on other folks. Nothing that is legal is restricted. A truth you should know: Most of the people who will respond to the Craigslist Event notice (and actually SHOW UP) will be from the public and merely fans of the Cooper case, not known Cooperland folks. Please keep that in mind. We expect a large turnout for this one, and we will probably get it. A few people from the Nissan owners support forum where I hang out have already expressed an interest in going. Some are telling their friends. Some proposals are being kicked around by AB of Seattle staff. One of them is to hold a Cooper character lookalike contest and offer prizes in the form of Amazon gift cards. In a way, this is a tribute to what the Ariel Store did during their Cooper Days celebrations. We simply decided to up the ante, and inspire people that it might be worth it to attend. Besides, it was fun when Dona Elliott did it, right? We have no problem if you want to shoot video of the event, do your own presentation for the group, or update via the internet while you are there. Your media can be live on video, on a flash drive, or a DVD you create. It will be broadcast onto the big screen and with the internet access, you can do as you wish. We only provide the means and power sources. AB of Seattle's main job will be support for the event itself. I have no plans to do a 'Kenny Christiansen presentation' or any of that. I will personally remain in the background most of the time. Frankly, I will be far too busy anyway. Did I already say it was mainly a party? Or did I forget to mention that? I guess I didn't. YES. It is a party. This event will run between a Friday morning and the following Monday morning. 48 hours prior, we will send out a press release to the proper Puget Sound media. The most important thing, the one that stands above all to bring your own damn chairs. If not, you will end up sitting on a stump. We don't provide chairs. Greg the Techie Guy and I already figure our two trucks will be fully loaded with everything else needed for this one.
  9. My final tribute to Ariel Store owner Bryan Woodruff.
  10. Ask yourself WHY they keep trying to invent self-driving cars, and WHY they keep adding things like automatic braking and lane warning systems to cars? Almost everything that gets invented in the tech genre is done so to fill a market. And the market for these cars, and these systems, is SIMPLE: Too many drivers are busy watching videos or playing with their smartphones while they drive. This type of tech is invented to countermand human stupidity and foolishness, not so much to make driving 'safer' or 'more convenient'.
  11. My D.B. Cooper '2020 Year in Review' is now LIVE at WordPress. (Entries at Facebook and Quora as well.) It ain't a pretty thing...but then it wasn't a pretty year for Cooperland, (or anything else) that's for sure.
  12. Those things you say are true. But because Cooper went straight to securing the money bag and then tying it around his waist for the jump, sounds like to me he had some prior experience jumping with a load. Most whoffos (like me) would have tried tying it to their body if they had no experience. Since Cooper jumped with just one working chute, I've wondered if he may have just pulled the ripcord right there at the bottom of the stairs and let it squib out and pull him off safely. A straight freefall jump entails TRUSTING the FBI didn't mess with the chutes, or even if the one he selected actually worked. DZ user '377' aka Mark M and I have shared the same opinion occasionally. Takes a lot of guts to just go down those airstairs in mid-flight with a big load like that and not take some precautions. Especially with those jet engines screaming bloody murder over your head. Maybe he held the money bag close to his body with one hand, and pulled the handle with the other. I think he was grasping the railing on the way down, and then switched hands at the last moment back to the bag before he pulled the handle. Once the chute inflates, he can stabilize and just drop the money bag onto the paracord that was already secured around his waist. When the airstairs finally dropped, they only did so 24-36 inches according to co-pilot Bill Rataczak. That means quite a stoop-over just to get them to drop further so you can get out there and jump. My theory is that Cooper actually BACKED down the stairs with one hand on the rail, letting them drop gradually with his weight, and perhaps pulled the handle when he reached the bottom of the stairs. Try to imagine what that whole scenario of the airstairs dropping after he pulled the handle might be like. You think they will go all the way down, perhaps with hydraulics. Instead...they drop a couple of feet and surprise for you. Now what do you do?
  13. I did take a minute to stop by another Cooper website today and saw this posted by Dudeman: Dudeman: Cooper was seen by Tina Mucklow securing the money bag with lines cut from the working reserve parachute. She also said he attached at least one 'main' (longer) line around the bag and was tying it around his waist. It is doubtful he ditched that whole assembly after she went forward beyond the First Class curtain. He would have to cut all the lines loose, and re-pack everything into the non-working (trainer) reserve container. This does not seem feasible to me, since he jumped fairly quickly after the airstairs showed 'open' on the Flight Engineer's control panel. The reason he probably did it that way is illustrated by the picture below. The most likely scenario on what happened to the non-working reserve is that, like the briefcase, it probably went right out the back and into the night as soon as Cooper dropped the stairs. A possible reason why no one has found either of those things is because they were probably ditched over an area that is privately owned by Weyerhauser Logging. That is the vast area of working forests just north of Ariel. All the access roads are gated and locked, although hunters can apply to enter during hunting season. But in the long run, it is FAR less visited than your typical National Forests, which are wide open to everyone. ABOVE: A general map. 'Headquarters' near the placard indicator is the main entry for Weyerhauser. As of 2020 however, there is some doubt whether that placard found by Carroll Hicks actually belongs to Flight 305. Maybe it is, maybe it isn't. But if it IS...then this could be the approximate point where Cooper finally got the airstairs down, and the briefcase and phony reserve could be in the forest just south of where the placard was found. I once proposed a search in that general area and got Weyerhauser's permission to do a multi-day camp there. I decided to ditch the idea later, but we had prepared pretty well for it, even including some folks with metal detectors, including the two I own. Found out there was *some* doubt on the placard identification, so I canceled. Here is what it looks like there (placard find) as of 2020: Our basic theory on why a search in the same area should be done was THIS: 1) Cooper drops the airstairs. 2) Either the placard comes off the plane due to the sudden turbulence that resulted, or maybe he tore it off and threw it out...along with tossing out the non working reserve and the briefcase. MOTIVE: To place items on the ground indicating that he may have jumped farther north than he actually did. 3) Also, it is strange that nothing else was found after all these years. Not Cooper so much, or even the money...but the reserve and the briefcase. It was my contention that maybe this is so simply because the missing items landed in an area not heavily visited or used by the public. Or even ACCESSIBLE by the general public. Seemed like a pretty good theory to me. 4) Later, though...Flyjack placed some doubt on whether the found placard actually CAME from 305, so I decided to cancel the search. But the truth is that no one really knows for sure, and if the placard really DID come from 305, then yes...a search should be conducted in the area shown by the pictures. NOTE ABOUT THE ABOVE PICTURE: This area was much more forested, and much LESS developed back in 1971. ABOVE: The road you see in the Google Map blowup is a private road on property owned by Weyerhauser Logging. You need specific permission to enter this area from the company representative, and must meet them in person to obtain a key to the gates. Even today, the only people who go into this area (it's many, many square miles) are the occasional hunter and logging people working for Weyerhauser. Sometimes, eco-type scientists are allowed in as well. But compared to a typical Forest Service area, it is much less visited. In addition, hunters/hikers who HAVE obtained permission to enter these lands are NOT given a key. They park at the gate(s) and must walk in, although there are exceptions if you manage to obtain a key. Most walk in. The nearest gate is over ten miles away from where this placard was discovered. Over the years, restrictions on entry have increased even MORE, due to nasty folks trying to bypass the gates, dump garbage or stolen cars, trash the logging equipment...even trying sneak in there to make methamphetamine. So it is visited even less than it was back in the 70's. The logging company uses their own private forest patrols these days. Yes...evidence could still be lying out there, and without any other evidentiary reference to go on, it seemed sensible to just start where the placard was discovered. ABOVE: When we were considering a second search of the area where the placard was found, I was planning on searching south of the placard location. It was a long shot, and I didn't figure even a team of eight people (that's how many signed up to participate) using metal detectors could cover more than a single square mile at most. But at the time, it seemed like the best approach. The campsite markers are where we considered setting up shop. It's doubtful we would have found anything, but I thought (at the time) it was worth a try.
  14. Since I recently declined on the movie option, I decided to close up the private forum AB hosts to the general public. I only started it in the event I was willing to continue to cooperate with the movie producers on the Cooper picture. That has ended, so a private site is no longer needed. This is not a big deal, since there are only a few members and activity there is very little. What the was a freebie host anyway. Most of my Cooper stuff ends up at WordPress, not this forum or that one. There are enough forums out there on Cooper anyway. One is as good as another. The truth is, I am slowly but surely extricating myself from the Cooper Vortex. I don't mind discussing the case here and there, but I have to move on to other things. I really do. Frankly, it's become kind of boring to me. I had to admit that to myself today.
  15. We only know (according to Geoff Gray anyway) that Cooper OFFERED money to at least one of the stews. We do NOT know whether any of them accepted it. Since accepting any of that money would not only be hard to conceal from FBI agents waiting in Reno, but could possibly land them in Federal prison for a long is extremely doubtful ANY of the stews were foolish enough to accept freshly stolen money obtained by hijacking the airline they worked for. Mucklow especially fits this bill. She was known to her co-workers as a deeply religious, Bible-thumping proselytizer who tried converting damn near everyone except the passengers.