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  1. Well, the Cooper Forum itself does serve a decent purpose. But then Cooperland itself is sort of wacky in the first place. There is much jockeying for position, backbiting, lying, especially done under phony identities. Their latest thing is to believe that our July Cooper Party either isn't happening, or that it cannot help them sell tickets. Trying to fill seats at $21.50 a pop the week prior to Thanksgiving...and without what I call a 'headliner,' is tough enough as it is. I've been tempted to go after them a bit publicly concerning their behavior, but sometimes I think it's better just to let people measure out their own rope, tie it for themselves, and then see what happens from there. We're (staff at Adventure Books of Seattle) not going to stoop to going after them publicly with articles, screenshots, or even non-recommendations. That way, if they do a crash and burn, they can't blame it on us. We still actually hope they succeed because our book sales took a big jump and stayed there after the last convention. But they aren't helping their case at all. It's not THAT big a deal. We will *probably* finalize the July Cooper Party, people will show up, we will do the video and the stills, and members of the Cooper Forum may wish later that they had agreed to work with us on promotion for the convention. Sure, there's a chance they could fill those 300-500 seats that Eric Ulis wants to do without our assistance. On the other hand, they barely cracked a hundred attendees the last time, and that was BEFORE the pandemic. Just saying. I guess the bottom line is we do what we do, and they do their thing. And we see where all this goes later. (*shrugs*) Hopefully, both events will be a success. EDIT: I have created a podcast based on some of the articles that appear on Cooper WordPress. I did a test podcast episode the other day. There are three options. You can have them converted to voice automatically, either female or male voice. Or you can record the podcast by reading it yourself. I did the automatic version and I was okay with it, but I think I will re-record it myself. That way I can do intro music and some patter. Until then, there is no use in putting up links to the main podcast. But it's listed at Anchor, Pocket Casts, Google Podcasts, Radio Public, Spotify, and soon, Apple Podcasts. Not ALL the articles will lend themselves to a podcast. Maybe half of them. Some of them are image-heavy, and mostly about those images. I will release the links next week.
  2. As a website for information and discussion, they are useful to a degree. But some of their most prolific members are a bit phony. They present one face at the Cooper Forum, and use anonymous identities elsewhere to attack others. Here's one good example. When you get there, just read downward and keep a barf bag handy. I've already predicted that allowing such things on your own website, especially if you are one of the main speakers, will come back to bite them before their convention in November. When you are trying to sell tickets to a Cooper event at more than twenty dollars a is bad policy to engage in hatred, lies, and rhetoric beforehand.
  3. It's all useless. You are wasting your time. There are a literal ton of variables in play here. You cannot be sure that anything Kaye may have now is actually evidentiary. The only source of DNA you can even remotely trust are the original results obtained by the FBI from the tie. You need THAT analysis to go anywhere with this. And to get their results, that means an FOIA request done by an expert in DNA, a neutral third party. Or...a solid and recognized media organization. In other words, forget the National Enquirer and think of Rolling Stone, Reuters perhaps. This analysis the FBI has, whatever form it comes in...would have to be released to the public, not to an individual alone. Why? I will give you an example on why: Suppose I talk the FBI into releasing to me this report and I drop the ten grand to have KC's brother's DNA run and compared against this report, and then tell you that KC could not be eliminated as a result of this test. From what I understand, although the test the FBI was using with suspects for the tests they DID run could not positively confirm a suspect, the odds were somewhere between 1-16,000 to around 1-32,000 or so (if there was a 'hit'). In other words, if a suspect's DNA could NOT be eliminated, those were the odds that this suspect's DNA was on the tie. That's *almost* beyond the realm of coincidence. It's not one in a billion, but it isn't bad either. So... How would you know I didn't make alterations to the FBI's official results here and there, or just claim to you KC could not be eliminated? Would you believe me? Of course you wouldn't. And you shouldn't. If you want to compare suspect DNA to the FBI's results and have people believe you...then you should petition the FBI not to release the results of their DNA extractions from the tie to you, me, or any one person for that matter. That situation is ripe for abuse. You should petition them to release what they have PUBLICLY. It's the only way to be sure, and to keep people honest. And besides...asking them to do this not for yourself, but for the public...has a much greater chance of success. If the results are made public from the start, this means that certain controls against test abuse are automatically put into place. Your best bet to get an agreement from the FBI to release these results are to ask them to make them public, not give them to any one person.
  4. Well, they certainly aren't going to give you the hairs, even if they could find them. Any more than they would have let Citizen Sleuths keep the physical evidence THEY were allowed to examine. Your best bet is the partial profile results. That can only eliminate a suspect, though...not absolutely confirm him. Flyjack says in part: True enough. It was on his FBI wanted poster after he broke out of Federal prison. Picture of the actual wanted poster is below. You may have to blow it up to full size to see the eye color entry. Five ten, blue eyes, etc. Damn if McCoy (with the mustache) doesn't look somewhat like another famous bank robber. There are a few differences, though. Dillinger dressed much better, and had more style than McCoy. Dillinger was also quoted in media saying that if he ever ran into Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow, he would kill them on the spot for two reasons. They were a couple of mad dogs, he said. And they were bad for business. No big deal, but I finally agreed to another interview, which will be in the form of a podcast. Doing this on Saturday afternoon. I will release the link when the interview is published. He wants to discuss Cooper, as well as some of my more high-profile outdoor adventures over the years. Especially the Ozette Island thing. Yes...despite what Shutter may try to tell you, that actually happened. I keep telling Shutter he could just phone up the rangers at the Ozette Ranger Station, but he listens about as well as my old Pet Rock. EDIT: I should have said something here about these hairs the FBI may still have. If they had won't turn them over to you. Not likely. However...if you could convince the FBI do that nuclear DNA test you mentioned...and then the FBI releases the full profile from them to you...THEN maybe you could do something. In that case, if you had a suspect's full DNA profile, it would be an easy matter to run that against the nuclear DNA sample results. But as the Wicked Witch of the West once said, "These things must be handled delicately...." because once the hairs are put through the test...they are also destroyed. One obvious problem is that the hairs could have come from a previous passenger. So there is that as well. However, if you got a DNA match between your suspect and the nuke DNA results...that would be a slam dunk guilty. No question about it.
  5. Let me answer your other question first. YES, there is a person (at least at the Seattle office) who is still getting all the 'stuff' coming in regarding Cooper. On a national level, at the main HQ in DC, I'm pretty sure no one is assigned. (The reason they still have a guy in Seattle they dump the Cooper stuff on is because the announcement they were closing the case did not stop people from continuing to send in their tips.) However...unlike previous times...the Seattle FBI is not saying who this unlucky agent is. They will tell you it was forwarded to him or her, but no name. On the DNA test your friend wants to do: You would almost have to do an FOIA request and see if they would be willing to release the full results of the partial DNA profile. Or profiles. I have a carefully stored DNA sample from Lyle Christiansen, the brother of suspect Kenny Christiansen. And I tried a few times to get them to release these results, but it was always no. But understand something here: I am NOT an expert on DNA. No way, no shape, no how. What I know about it I learned from TV commercials. BUT>>>>>I was told in 2013 that the test the FBI had to use to do the comparison between a suspect's full DNA profile...and the partial sample...was very expensive and the FBI decided that they didn't have the budget to do any further tests unless some really hard evidence came in to them making it worth it to do the test. And this was back when the case was still open. In 2013, I contacted ArcPoint Labs in Renton, WA and showed them what Agent Gutt said about such a comparison test being expensive. I told them what the FBI had for a sample, what it could allegedly show, and where they got the sample. Basically....I asked them if everything the Seattle FBI said was true about all of this. ArcPoint's head honcho actually called me and I explained everything as best I could. He was interested because he had heard of Cooper, etc. He said was expensive to do such tests and get solid results, that the FBI was correct in what they said, and that the cost would be around $10,000 or a bit more. He said such testing is much more complicated to get results. Well, at that point I sort of gave up. Sure, I could have paid for the test...but I was unwilling to fork out that much cash to do it, one has the FBI's results anyway...making the whole thing moot until they do release them. EDIT: About the hairs-on-the-slides thing>>> I suppose they could have used super glue, but I have heard that most often they just put that kind of evidence in between two slides and store it that way. I don't know...maybe today they use super glue. The more common use of super glue for evidentiary work is to heat it into a gas and sort of shoot it in the direction of where you believe a non-visible fingerprint will be on an object. The glue bonds to the oils left behind by the faint print, revealing the full print for you in much greater detail. Then you can photograph it.
  6. Georger, over at the Cooper Forum, says this in part: Excuse me, but I am not a 'suspect flipper'. Mostly I'm a sci-fi author, editor of more than 50 books for OTHER authors, housecleaner, and okay fisherman. The book on Christiansen, with some minor ups and downs, sells about the same number of copies each month and has done this since January 2011. I have no reason to make up things, or not explain myself as well as possible on any theories. It's not going to make me suddenly rich from additional book sales and their royalties. I was never in this for money or fame. I turned down two movie deals even though on the second one I was collecting four figures a year. The script sucked so I dumped them. I told the History Channel to KEEP their $2,500. Same thing with Comcast Sports Net for Adrenaline Hunter, but a lesser amount. I turned down a $25,000 offer from CBS Films years ago. They approached me through Paradigm, a rep company in New York. Why? They wanted to make the Cooper case into a comedy. So I guess I'm not here for fame or fortune. Money is not a problem for me, and I don't give a shit about fame. All that does is screw up your life and I'm a pretty private person. I would not fit in. I have other interests, and one of them is either helping people, or helping them get a little fun into their lives. Money is a means to an end only. Otherwise it means SHIT to me in my personal life. Other things I do are much more important, and far higher on the Richter Scale. Why lie when the simple truth about people, events, and anything Cooper is good enough? I also host events on Cooper, which (trust me) are a lot more fun than listening to people fight over points in the case. I have no particular axe to grind, and if I did, I hung up that axe a while ago. My participation in the Cooper case comes basically to an end after July 11 of this year. I have other plans for after that time, none of which involve Cooper directly. You guys as a group are about the most pitiful bunch I have ever seen. Maybe I should stop offering you my help, and laugh when you end up with less folks at that convention than we convinced to drive ten miles off-road for a big friggin' Cooper Party. Nothing has changed in Cooperland. Nothing. You wouldn't know a good thing if you saw it. As a group, you wouldn't know what is best to promote the idea of Cooper over the 50th anniversary, even if the Owner's Manual dropped into your laps. You are too busy fighting, jockeying for position, practicing exclusion, not standing up for what's right, and a host of other negatives too numerous to name. Unless things change, my opinion is that people would be wasting their money and time even considering attending a Cooper convention with such characters behind the wheel. None of you have the common sense God gave a goat, with a couple of exceptions. You guys need to get your act together, or face failure in November. You heard it here first.
  7. What does this document 'say' to me? Cooper had no particular destination. His intention, as I have theorized before, was to exit the aircraft and get on the ground as soon as possible. And before they reached Portland. I still believe his intention was to bail out over Washington state, hoping that the crew would not realize he was gone for some extended period...which would make a ground search impossible. PROBLEM: Cooper did not know there was an indicator on the Flight Engineer's panel showing when the door was opened. He probably didn't realize that there would be vibrations and other additional indicators telling the crew when he actually jumped. If Cooper made any mistakes or misjudgments at all, this was the only one. One reason why Cooper may have called the cockpit right away was to ensure the crew were not bailing out using the rope ladder, in addition to checking on whether the fuel was being delivered as he demanded. Apparently, Cooper removed his sunglasses for at least a while after the plane landed in Seattle, and then put them back on later, if you believe Schaffner's account. In the Geoff Gray book, there is a mention that Schaffner was actually the only one who saw Cooper without his sunglasses. There is a discrepancy here about the putting-on-of-the-chute, since Tina Mucklow has said this was done after everyone had exited the aircraft, (maybe even after the takeoff from Seattle) and Schaffner says it was done on the ground in Seattle. How do you explain this? My answer is that BOTH accounts are probably correct. Cooper may have put on the chute, but just enough to hang it from his shoulders, until they took off. Then...afterward...he begins to secure it fully and pops the pink chute and starts cutting cord for the money bag. Schaffner claims in the document that Cooper was around six feet tall. But Tina, in a conflicting statement, says Cooper was five ten to six feet. And although this is not in the document either, painter Robert Gregory tells the Feds that Cooper wasn't that tall. "Not that tall," he says. "No more than five-nine." I tend to believe Gregory's account more than the stews for a couple of reasons, and not necessarily because suspect Kenny Christiansen was five-nine. Here's one reason: Flo Schaffner was interviewed by Geoff Gray, and exhibited extreme stress and fear even discussing the hijacker so many years later. Gray said her hands were shaking, and there are mentions that she was terrified of being killed by the bomb, or yes...even being raped by Cooper. At least that's what Gray says. If she was such an emotional wreck after all these years, it's easy to imagine how worse she was during the hijacking itself. The other reason I lean toward Gregory on the height question is because I have some small personal experience here. I found this out once on a flight between Seattle and San Diego. The MLB player for the Mariners, Bret Boone, was up in First Class and I was a couple of rows behind First Class in Coach. I saw him get up several times and I knew who he was since I was a big Mariners fan at the time. He even came into Coach and did meet-and-greet with a couple of people. I would have sworn on a stack of Bibles he was six feet or taller. After we landed, I bumped into him by accident at the luggage carousel. I was surprised to see he was shorter than me, seeing him for the first time out in the open. He is five ten. I am five eleven. I was a BIG surprise, too. Later, I theorized that it might be difficult to tell someone's true height inside the confines of an aircraft cabin, even if you see them several times, as opposed to standing next to them outside at say...a bus stop. This could explain the discrepancies by the witnesses on their height descriptions.
  8. From the DB Cooper Forum today: Robert99 responds: AB of Seattle says: True enough, although supposedly Bill Rattie, who was in on the search as a young US Army Reservist, claimed that he found a very new dress shoe and turned it in to an officer. He told this to me and Gayla Prociv in 2000, long before we were involved in the Cooper case, or even formed Adventure Books. I had no reason to disbelieve him. He was a very straight-up kind of guy. He hasn't been on Facebook in years, but his page is HERE. Robert99, another comment: AB of Seattle says: That's because Cooper didn't land there. Or anywhere directly NORTH of that location. More from R99: AB of Seattle says: Of course there is. When AB proposed a five-day search using metal detectors in the same area where the placard was found, we had no lack of volunteers willing to show up with their fancy gear. However, since many people kept discouraging such a search, saying that the placard found by HIcks wasn't from Flight 305 anyway...we ended up canceling the search. NOTE: This property is gated, and on land owned by Weyerhauser Logging. You must get permission and obtain a key to the gates. We had that permission and access to the key, but canceling that search seemed like the better idea. About 25 people were going to show up with their metal detecting gear, some of it quite sophisticated, but I was reluctant to take all these people to a spot using inaccurate information. We knew where the placard was discovered within a thirty-foot radius...but we couldn't be sure the placard itself was valid. Basically, Flyjack and Shutter talked us out of it. I'm still not sure they were right. I still have two detectors in my closet and a pinpointer. I bought them specifically for the proposed search. The only place I even used them was doing a test run in my back yard. They still sit in the closet. I probably would have garage saled them by now, except for the pandemic. Searching the area around Ariel could still be done, but much of it is either developed these days, or is now private property. And it is a BIG search area anyway. You would need HUNDREDS of metal detectors and months of planning and permissions to enter private property. A search at Tina Bar would be much more feasible, since you only have to get permission from the Fazios,' and it is a much more limited area. Ground-penetrating radar is nice, but it's heavy and expensive, and you probably wouldn't expect to find anything from the hijacking down that deep. Good metal detectors alone would most likely be enough for your purposes.
  9. Okay, I get it. Ha...just shows I was right all those years ago when I posted up what Agent Gutt said on this matter. It was one of the last times the Seattle FBI was responding to inquiries in a straight-up, 'sure-I-will-tell-you-everything' manner. I know some of you will not like hearing this, but it was Marla Cooper who caused the Seattle FBI to basically close the door on people regarding open discussion of the facts on the case. I don't think she caused this on purpose, although at one time I thought maybe she did. But the hard truth is that the FBI spent into a good five figures checking out her claims, and trying to draw DNA from those items that she provided belonging to her uncle...and the whole thing turned out to be nothing. I never figured out whether she was sincere, but for a while (at the time she was hot and heavy with her claims) I had access to her Facebook page and I didn't like what I saw there. For example, she made fun of Geoff Gray's sagging book sales that were a result of her coming forward. For another, her boasting about 'I'm going to create my own media frenzy...' etc. In addition, Marla's own brother made a post saying he wasn't going near any of her claims. And he was there with Marla that particular weekend in 1971. I didn't mind these things so much except that after the Seattle FBI realized they had been 'had' by Marla, either deliberately or not, they slammed down the Information Gateway on everyone else. ************** Update on the July Cooper Party: We are still undecided on whether to finalize the party and release the budget. Hard to say whether we will reach the minimum number of applicants by June 5th. Frankly, I still haven't been able to get it through the heads of the Cooper Community that both events (Convention and Party) should be actively supporting each other. The Peanut Gallery (members of the Cooper Forum) continue their baloney posts on Bruce Smith's website and we believe this will end up hurting attendance to any Convention, and could even cause some scheduled speakers to the convention to withdraw from the event. If it doesn't do that, it could hurt your ticket sales with the public at least. These attacks do not affect us in the slightest, but they could hurt YOU GUYS much more. My suggestion is someone should tell Bruce Smith to get control of his own website. These comments appear on the same article he wrote promoting the Convention. That means a lot of people will judge the validity of the convention, as well as Smith himself, by what he allows on his own website. You guys (supporters and scheduled speakers for the November convention) have a hard road to travel as it is. We are well aware of this, since we've done the theater thing a few times ourselves. You want to sell expensive tickets ($21.50 a seat) to an event the week prior to Thanksgiving. Your situation was better back in 2019 prior to the pandemic, and yet reports came to me that barely a hundred people showed up if you include the people who participated on stage. Now Eric wants to sell 300-500 seats in a much different situation, one where many people are reluctant to gather in groups anyway. We want to support you guys, we really do...but you make it very difficult for us to do so. You guys don't seem to understand what is going on here. We get to go first, as far as the two Cooper events planned for this year. Alienating Adventure Books of Seattle and going with crazy and hateful internet comments, some of them made using the same names as people slated to speak at your really dumb in our opinion. We want you guys to succeed, because what is good for the convention is also good for AB of Seattle. is a two-way street here. If you want our support publicly for the convention, you will have to back off the garbage postings, (which only hurt YOUR EVENT anyway) and start working with us to a degree. If we were motivated to assist you, we could promote your event at the Cooper Party heavily, do stuff with the media, Facebook, the Quora Space on Cooper, WordPress, and a few other locations, including a dedicated page at the main AB of Seattle website. Two local papers already want stories on the Cooper Party as soon as we are willing to cooperate with them...and I would like nothing better than to make sure people are informed about the Convention and why we believe people should not miss it. In order for this to happen, you folks should stop shooting yourselves in the foot and work with us. Otherwise, maybe we just do the party and then you are on your own. As it is, I could probably count on 50-60 people showing up in Greenwater right now, if I held the party over the next good weekend. That number will surely increase before Decision Day comes. (June 5) As far as July goes, we know there will be drop-ins, or the people who will probably go out there and follow the signs the second weekend of that month looking for us. I keep wondering how many tickets EU has managed to sell so far. Probably not a lot, although I could be wrong. We can help you more than you think, but you have to want that help you know. It's not looking good for that so far. The last thing I saw was Shutter making a ridiculous post about me regarding Bill Rataczak's cancellation, and EU...because he believed that baloney...calling me a ridiculous name. Get it together folks. You need our support a lot more than we need yours. That's because we're running the party event on our own, and any promotion we toss at the convention comes solely from being motivated to do so. If you continue to do these things I have mentioned, and you end up with a bunch of empty seats in November, you have only yourselves to blame.
  10. Come on, Flyjack. This is WAY old news. Seattle FBI Agent Frederick Gutt told me this eight years ago, both in an email and a phone call to our office. Not to harp on you, but he also said they (Seattle FBI) wouldn't be doing any more comparisons due to the costs. It may be cheaper today to do the test than it was back then, I don't know. But this DNA evidence is going absolutely nowhere unless the FBI finally decides to release their partial profile. It could be they will never make it public, just in case someone gets the bright idea to fake results on their own suspect.
  11. It's back up now. Maybe they were editing the site. I see over at the Cooper Forum they are still going on and on and ON about the DNA evidence. They still don't get it. You can name all the possible tests and gear you wish, but without the FBI's actual results of their tie test, you are wasting your time and effort. Until you can figure out a way to convince the FBI to release their test are spinning your tires at the intersection and burning rubber until the wheels fall off. Can't do a thing, can't speculate, can't test your possible suspect(s). It's as simple as that. If the FBI would release those results, I would try to convince some media outlet to test Kenny's brother's DNA sample, which we have kept carefully sealed and stored for some years now.
  12. If you get the notifications, but the post never (probably) means the post was rejected. Some time ago, there was a serious porn attack on the Cooper thread, and it was later discovered this was being done by a really weird Cooper investigator named Derek, who is from Alabama. I assisted DZ (well, Greg the Techie Guy actually) in permanently ridding Dropzone of him. He was posting up the worst porn you ever saw...sometimes twenty posts at a time. Derek is also the reason why Dropzone now reviews first posts done by people who sign up to post here. One time, Derek tried coming back and made one or two harmless posts that were allowed through. Then he returned to the porn attacks. THEN they banned his IP address, from what I heard. Anyway Dudeman...that's how the present screening system came to be at DZ. And by the way, don't believe all that crap you may read about me over at Shutter's forum, or even Bruce Smith's Mountain News commenting section for that matter. (All done by members of Shutter's forum as well.) It's a pack of lies. Either stand up for the truth on issues, or cower in the corner anonymously as they do. I choose to stand up, and that's the thing they hate about me the most. They've pulled every dirty trick, told every lie possible, even created special pages on that Cooper website. Nothing they did ever worked because in the end, people have a way of sniffing out what's right, and what isn't. And because of all these things, I plan to teach them a lesson in manners, which they sorely need. To some degree, we (staff at AB of Seattle) already have. They just don't realize it. This is nothing new for me. I've always been like that. Either you present it to folks straight and do what is right, or don't bother. This makes it easier to accept the idea that you may have some character, after all.
  13. I see a lot of arguing going on about the DNA angle on the Cooper case over at Shutter's forum. It's a big waste of time for three reasons. 1) The FBI isn't going to release their partial results from the tie to anybody. So no matter whose DNA you have from whatever suspect or his brother, you have nothing to compare it to. 2) The cost of doing this comparison, even if you had the FBI's partial profile, is prohibitive. Two different companies in Seattle told me that the depth and gravity of what needs to be done with a suspect's DNA in order to do a comparison with the partial profile runs into five figures. 3) Two different Seattle FBI agents have told me at two different times that no more comparisons to possible suspects' DNA will be done. Mainly because it costs so much, even for them, and basically told me they have more important things to do with the budget they have now.
  14. This post was cleared. Pictures were too large anyway.
  15. Correction: The fundraiser was done in 2016, not 2012. And here's a REAL tribute to Bryan Woodruff and Dona Elliot, one that actually tells the truth about things. Even though it hardly makes any sense, goes way too fast, and is totally crazy, this is still my favorite video I ever created on Cooper. No worries. We will do better in July I hope. The cover image is my high school girlfriend Georgia on the left, and skyjacker Cathy Kerkow on the right. Like Cooper, she was never caught.