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  1. Tenth time spamming, tenth time you are put on the Ignore list....Yawn.
  2. Too bad about the spammer. They will get around to banning him again soon. In the meantime, when he does this, just hit the Ignore button on him. Then all you see is this. It's very convenient, and quick and easy to do.
  3. We agree on this assessment of things. A bomb is a good threat. A gun only provides you with two choices. If they don't comply, you can start shooting. And if you have any kind of soul or character, it isn't as easy as you think to just shoot someone for money. Or...if the key moment comes and you find you just aren't the murdering type, you can toss out the gun and surrender. The bomb is a threat, too. But it is also a better bluff than a gun and can do more damage. Personally, I think the bomb was a phony.
  4. ('That Guy' is back, this time he's 'Jerry Warner'. Don't forget to click on his name and go to his profile and hit the ignore button on him. Makes all of his posts vanish like magic. I'm actually getting good at doing that. Posts reported, of course.) Cooper Vortex says in part: That is partially true. But it doesn't tell the whole story. We have already discussed this at length privately, as you know. I dropped you from the Contributor list at the Quora Space on Cooper, and from consideration for participation in the movie, mostly for supporting the SECOND convention...after you were informed about Eric's poor behavior at Numero Uno convention. And also about his actions accepting the invitation to host the event in Portland...simply to make sure he could try to rid Cooper fans of it. Which he succeeded in doing. A lot of work down the drain, a lot of people were disappointed. You knew all about it, and still supported the second CooperCon enthusiastically. I couldn't reconcile that at all. I will not work with people who don't have the guts to stand up for what is right, or what is the truth. Had you and a few other people stood up for AB of Seattle's honest and straightforward approach to the Portland event, instead of sucking up to a liar and a scammer...I would not have had to make the choice I did. And Eric, without support from some of the main folks who ended up showing for him at Kiggins, would have kept his word and hosted the Portland event instead as he said he would. You and others were the 'enablers' for him. And settled for a rather lame event, instead of the Big Cooper Celebration that you COULD have had. At least I saved myself a couple of thousand bucks. That's one way of looking at it. What did you all end up with? Not much. Our plan was much better than Eric's lame event...and Eric was to host the whole thing. A thousand bucks in Amazon gift cards as prizes for the Lookalike Contest, live music at Mississippi Studios, a famous Hollywood star either showing up (likely) or providing a video, (less likely), same speakers since Eric was to arrange the schedule, two short films, the cast of Decoded appearing (one flying in from Maryland after a stint with the Army Reserve in Afghanistan) almost certainly an SRO event where Cooper authors would have experienced a boost in sales afterward, free food, the list goes on, on, on. got Ulis' alternate version, which in my opinion wasn't much at all. Picture below of a typical event at Mississippi Studios, or if advance tickets had warranted, the larger venue at Revolution Hall that was held in reserve if we needed it. Truth is, you guys keep shooting yourselves in the foot SO much...I'm surprised you are not going around in wheelchairs. One thing is for sure. I am not trying to organize any further Cooper events. (Even another Cooper Campout is doubtful at this point, but that is for other reasons.) And just so you'll wasn't my idea to put together that whole package. I was ASKED to do it by others. And I don't like to have my time wasted by some scammer and his cronies. Eric is about as dumb as a box of hammers anyway. He was told that if wanted to do HIS event instead and not host the Portland event, we would be willing to schedule the Portland event to a different day, so as not to conflict with his. But instead he scammed everyone by accepting the hosting job in Portland when he had no intention of following though. He could have just refused the job, you know. In that case, the host would have been Jim Brunberg. Later, I got a couple of reports that some of the Portland event sponsors and organizers were receiving poison-pen emails saying we were liars, scammers, etc etc. Brunberg had warned people he wasn't putting up with that crap, you know. And before anyone starts saying this event was a promo for AB of Seattle or myself...I wasn't even going to attend in person anyway. I had to be in San Diego for Thanksgiving. We just arranged a few things and everything else was to be handled by Jim Brunberg and yes...probably Eric...since he was supposedly the host. But we did it because other people wanted some kind of replacement to the Ariel Store party. Combining the convention with a party seemed like the best idea. Basically, we put our money where our mouths are (again), and basically the main players in Cooperland rejected it. Your loss, not ours. At least I didn't buy the Amazon cards in advance.
  5. Well, I gave it to you (and everybody else who hangs out here) the straight-up, 100% complete story on how the film came to be...and you choose to call it all a lie. I will address some of your points, though. I never said they were going to the Cooper Forum exclusively. They went all over the internet to the usual stuff I'm sure. I only know the Cooper Forum was one of the first places they checked. And they were hanging out there, probably Wiki, researching articles, whatever, for at least two months before they contacted me. Nobody said you were stupid. Yes, we discussed Cooperland at length. They asked me what all the hatred was about. Seems reasonable. You guys were really going off with that stuff back then. Not so much these days, except at Smith's place. But you were. And it got their attention. Yes...they WERE annoyed at not being able to access any content beyond straight text at the Cooper Forum. Yes...the offer to Bruce was legit. He didn't even ask to see the contract. Two reasons I made the offer to him. First, I've met him and I have seen where he lives. He hasn't two nickels to rub together, and I knew he would be good at checking the script for historical inaccuracies. Frankly, one of the main reasons the production company wanted some Cooper folk on board was because they wanted their names in the credits as consultants, or named 'associate producers'. Frankly Parrot, it's a two-way thing related to marketing. They pay you a pretty fat sum for not a whole lot of actual work, and in exchange they get to put your name and the title of your book into the credits front and back. It's very common practice in Hollywood, as I'm sure you know. I didn't know anybody else who not only needed the damn money, but could probably do the job. It was a gift basically. He goes over maybe 20-30 pages of the script, he gets a lot in exchange. I even told him it wouldn't lower his Social Security payments because $15,000 was below the yearly threshold. However, I think Bruce was already 66 anyway and I don't think there is a limit on earnings after that age. Another big factor was that Bruce is local to Puget Sound. Besides myself, he's about the only Cooper person who does. Most of you live far and away from the PNW. I must have sent Bruce 20 emails. I don't waste my time with that kind of communication unless I'm serious. I don't give a damn whether people 'want to work with me'. It's business, not personal. You know the quote. I told Bruce once that if he had made me the same offer...I would have grabbed it with both hands and never looked back. And you are supposed to be the Big Cooper Expert Community. My opinion is that you all foolishly let your emotions get in the way of what was strictly business. Your choice. Turning down lucrative offers, or at least offers to provide input...only means you have no voice in the final version of the first DB Cooper movie ever produced. The Pursuit of D.B. Cooper doesn't count. Neither does Up The Creek. Side Note: I saw your post after I dropped by the Cooper Forum this morning. Better stay home for a couple of weeks. This crisis has got everybody rattled right now, including me. But I don't wish ill on anybody. Not you, not Bruce, not anyone. It's going to get a lot worse in the next few weeks. After that, you can expect a recession worse than the one in 2008. Gayla and I have decided maybe it's time to hang up the work thing for good, and sooner than we planned. I'm already making plans to move...probably before the end of the year. My mother in law lives in SoCal and has a big guest house out back. We will probably go there until the movie starts shooting, and then we're getting our own place nearby...or possibly in Arizona. But one thing is for sure, we're not staying here in the NW much longer.
  6. Really? What part(s) exactly? You DO understand that the production staff knows I hang out at Dropzone, right? I tell you more than I should...the straight scoop on things...and that's the only response you can muster? You were not there. You have not BEEN there. You are not the one working on this project. You have not worked with these people for over three years now. Let me drop a personal opinion regarding the state of affairs in Cooperland. And by 'Cooperland,' I don't mean the fans of the case right now. I mean the major players hanging out at Mountain News/Cooper and the DB Cooper Forum. For a bunch of people who consider themselves the be-all and end-all of everything Cooper, you aren't doing too well right now. You call my honest explanation bullshit. But I am not the one who created a situation of exclusivity, attempts-to-character-assassinate, and using phony identities to attack others. (Exclude 377, Tom Kaye, and a couple of others from this group.) Now you are pissed (I assume) because more sensible folks saw through all that and finally came to me instead. Well...don't blame that on me. I've said before that a negative atmosphere, an atmosphere of cheap attacks, of lies, of attempted exclusion, while others actively egg this behavior on...has diminishing returns. In other words, it works for a while...and then it doesn't work so well as time goes by. The production companies for the movie, while they were wearing boots and wading through negative posts at both the Cooper Forum and (later) at Mountain News...decided you could be more of a liability than an asset. This is not my fault. It is yours. You believed that by trying to denigrate everything we have done in the case...including our efforts to help Bryan Woodruff and the Ariel Store...that this would make you look good. It just made you look ugly as hell. It was only my conscience, and the fact that despite the negativity...I did realize SOME of you might serve a good role in this movie...that I was convinced to approach any of you at all. In the end, this is the way it turned out: It was all that negativity that was the catalyst for where this situation is now. It is what it is. No use whining about it or calling bullshit on it now. They're planning on a 2021 release for the 50th anniversary. It's too bad you and (some of) your friends spent years of your time on those forums just going on the attack. Coming after me, my friends, Gayla, even my cat occasionally. Silly beyond belief. Like angry children. Now you are surprised when you discover you may have gone a bit too far. So far, in fact, that more sensible folks were turned off by it. Don't be surprised. It usually turns out that way. And you can call me crazy, but I still have the power to not EX-clude, but IN-clude people in this project. But the problem is that the trust factor on that is total zero with me. I would have to be seriously convinced you were seriously serious. As Kurt Russell once said: 'Trust is a tough thing to come by these days...'
  7. It is NOT baloney. They did not come to me because of the Kenny story. They had no advance plan. It was research only at first. Their initial plan was to shoot a dramatic feature film on Cooper. They did not know any more about Cooper than your average person. So...they started doing research on the case. The first place they found was The D.B. Cooper Forum, and later, Bruce Smith's Mountain News. They lurked at the Cooper Forum for a couple of months, but didn't want to register because they wanted to remain anonymous. So they hung out there trying to find out what they could. (They were unhappy about some of that because the public cannot view links or most pictures there. You guys are always posting 'check this evidence or THAT evidence out' with a link the public can't view. It put them off a bit.) As they were doing that, my name kept coming up as well as KC's, and there was so much vitriol involved that they got curious as to what all the fuss was about, so they eventually Googled my name and found AB of Seattle and the WordPress Cooper site with its (back then) thirty or so articles. (Now it has around 50 plus posted.) They contacted me by email, and later by phone. We did some Skype discussions. I sent them to the KC video at YouTube. They downloaded the public version of the KC report from the AB website and studied it. They asked if I had anything else, I said yes...but that information was confidential. We finally made a deal. They asked to see everything on KC and Geestman that was available, and they promised to keep it under their hat...however...if they were convinced there was a story in it...they *might* make an offer to me. So I agreed to this and let them see everything, even the stuff we hadn't made public. Approximately November 2016, they offered me an option contract and I received my first option payment the following February. Some of the 'bypass' issues were not discussed at that time. This came later as we began to work more closely together on how to approach the movie...mid-2017 or so I guess. We made some jokes about the posts at the Cooper Forum, but they were still interested in making offers to some of the more high-profile 'experts' in the Cooper case, most of whom hang out at the Cooper Forum. The production staff told me they would not make those decisions on their own, because they didn't know who would be best for this job...or THAT job...for the movie. Besides, they said...You know the material best. You know the people. Maybe you should do the recruiting. I told them it was probably a waste of time for me to try, but that I would. At this time, I was also granted some control of script content. A main screenwriter would write the basic script, and I would be allowed to make changes or corrections. This was added to the contract I signed. They assigned the job of recruiting others for the project to me. I was authorized to offer between $15,000 and $30,000 to people I thought could assist on the script, or at least participate in the process. I was asked to concentrate on either recognized experts, or people who had actually written a book on the Cooper case. There was no specific upper limit to the budget, but I was willing to budget as high as $60,000 between three or four people, known names in Cooperland. At that rate, half of that amount would have come from my end of things, but I was willing to do that if it would improve the final product. I approached Bruce Smith, Shutter, Tom Kaye, and Marty Andrade. None of them were interested. Kaye just didn't have the time, and wasn't the best expert on the historical record. Andrade told me he had trouble previously with some media and didn't want to get involved. Shutter refused to even put up a (basically) 'Help Wanted' notice at the Cooper Forum website. (Couldn't do it myself, and Dropzone still had the Cooper Thread here closed) Shutter said he wouldn't get involved in ANYTHING done by Adventure Books of Seattle. I told him he wasn't being fair to his members, because he was speaking for all of them as a whole, and maybe they should make up their OWN minds. Bruce Smith barely answered my emails and made unreasonable demands. All of these things were forwarded to the production company staff. They were amazed by this reaction, and at that time they were still watching posts at the Cooper Forum. All they saw was hatred and nasty postings about the possible movie. At this point, everyone there was written off for good and they asked me to stop making offers to Bruce, or anyone at the Cooper Forum. I also said to them: I Told You So. Soon afterward, a young Hollywood star who wanted to move into producing (he already had his own production company) contacted the original production company. He was brought on board as an exec producer for the movie...after I met him in person at Dick's Drive In Burgers, the famous joint at the foot of Queen Anne Hill in Seattle. We spoke for a couple of hours. He is originally from Seattle, and was up here visiting for a few weeks with his family. This was in January 2019. In early 2020, a writer of a Cooper book (you know him, but I won't mention his name although many of you already know about this) was approached to fact-check the final script against the historical record. He was offered $30,000 and a credit in the movie, as well as listing his book in the credits. He accepted this job and is waiting to see the final script as well. At this time there are no plans to bring anybody else from Cooperland on board the film. I still have the right in my contract to attempt this, but I don't see the point of it. Everyone has made their desires known...and IN SPADES. Even I can take a hint. But all of the things that have happened over the years, the negativity, the nasty posts, the personal attacks by both named and anonymous people...this is why the mainstream folks in Cooperland were bypassed. Too much baggage, too many problems, too much hate...some of which is still going today over at Mountain News. Maybe even at Shutter's place. I haven't been there lately. But remember something...if you weren't bypassed...someone from one of those production companies, even a lower staff member...would have contacted the Cooper Forum by now. Or haven't you wondered why they didn't do that? Everyone involved in this movie is well-versed in the Cooper Forum and Mountain News. At least the senior staff. They've seen all the posts, and the articles. They wanted nothing to do with that community. It's a business. As I said, millions of dollars are involved, and when that is the case, there is no room for games, hatred, or bullshit. This is why you were all bypassed. If you were wanted, especially after all the rejections, they would have contacted at least ONE of you by now. I guess you could count my private approaches to some of you as 'being included,' but after the rejections the production companies wrote all of you off. They thought many of the posts were simply childish. A THIRD production company, a very big one, has expressed interest in coming on board the project as well. You have heard of them. They are waiting to see the final version of the script. That's where everything stands right now, although due to the current crisis, all we can do is continue to work on the script. I have already gone through the entire thing. Probably needs one more revision before it is ready.
  8. LOL...who do you think told me these things? Bruce Smith? Geoff Gray? Any of the anonymous haters at Smith's Mountain News? Hell, no. The movie producers we signed the contract with us did, Parrot. Email and Skype. During the research phase, they had no idea I existed. They were put off by three things from the general Cooperland community. The attacking posts, the lack of access to Shutter's site unless they registered first, and the general lack of cooperation in Cooperland. Try to remember that back when this was going on, there were a great deal of false, and generally nasty things being posted about Gayla P and myself, AB of Seattle, and the B and G Housecleaning biz...and most of that was at the Cooper Forum at that time. They wondered..."Why doesn't this guy Robert ever respond to them?" (They didn't know about our WordPress Cooper, or AB of Seattle, and only knew a little about the Blast book.) All of that negative attention you guys laid on me over there only drove them to find out who the hell I was in the first place! You guys actually DROVE them to me. Did you realize that? When we signed for the movie, they sent me a four-figure check, fairly generous. It comes each February. Because of this, I felt obligated to include Cooper Forum members in the creation process. I suggested to the production company we do that. THEY told me they didn't trust people over at either Bruce's site, or the Cooper Forum. They wanted to remain confidential until the movie was green-lighted. So they asked ME to approach YOU guys. So I did that. Everything was rejected that I offered. So if you feel left out, or you didn't get paid that 15-30 K for consulting on the script, don't blame me....I tried. Truth was they wanted nothing to do with any of you unless I approved or suggested you on my own. All THEY saw was a lot of attacking and bickering from people who probably couldn't hold to any confidentiality agreement anyway. The only people they considered 'fair and balanced' and who kept personal issues out of things, were Tom Kaye, 377, a couple of others. When you guys were full-blown on attack mode against me over at the Cooper have no idea what that looks like to 'normal' people. They don't like it. They think its unprofessional. Here is a direct quote from them regarding Failure to Work Together: They told me this in different versions a couple of times over the years. They do NOT 'dig' online attacks or petty bullshit. Someone, somewhere, has to put up one hell of a lot of money to make a film. The last thing they need is people who can't work together. That's why they bypassed you. If they hadn' would have heard from them by now. But the truth is they wrote off all of you. Too many potential problems. And even when you WERE offered chances to participate, you all refused or made unreasonable demands like Bruce did. I gave it to you guys straight-up from the start. You either didn't believe me, ("How in the holy hell could they bypass US and go to Blevins? WTF is up with that?") or you let your emotions get in the way of business. This is NOT MY FAULT...but YOURS. Later, after that second production company and the kid from Seattle came on board as an executive producer for the film...those people saw the same negativity, and knew their decision to work only with sensible folks was the right decision. They DID want to work with the general Cooper community and offer some of you rather lucrative deals, but all of you refused. Bruce wanted me to tell the production companies that he would work with THEM, but not me. They laughed at that one. Why? Because the movie contract signs for the Blast book. Because Smith's job would be helping review the script for accuracy and I have rights on changes to that script. (He asked for the impossible, or the Impossibly Stupid, whichever way you want to look at it.) That would be like telling the producers of a Stephen King film you can work with them as long as you don't have to work with King because you don't like him. Pretty foolish to expect that. I am not anything close to Stephen King of course, but even I wouldn't be dumb enough to tell some production company THAT crap. And they have seen those nasty posts at Smith's site, too. The ones from the Peanut Gallery. This only reinforced their decision to yes...BYPASS anyone involved in the attack mode crap. They are risking a lot of money, it is a BUSINESS, and they don't have time for people who do that. EDIT: Over the last three years, I have figured out a few things about the film business. Unlike a TV documentary, which can be made by almost anyone with a reasonable budget, an internationally-released dramatic feature film is a whole different animal. For one thing, a lot more money is usually involved, and the people putting UP that money are far less likely to do that with people who refuse to seek the common goal. Millions of dollars, not just tens of thousands, are involved. The requirements are higher, and so is (generally speaking) the level of professionalism expected from everyone involved. The sad and tragic truth of all this is that the most qualified people in the Cooper case were bypassed for the first-ever dramatic feature film on the Cooper case...simply because they couldn't stop trying to shut each other out, and couldn't stop the bitching and the attacks. This is why they ended up coming to me...despite the best efforts of people like Bruce Smith, Georger, Shutter (to a degree) and others. What they actually accomplished was turn over nearly complete control over that first-ever Cooper movie to me...someone who actively invites people to work with them...and something everyone rejected. My sympathy meter is at zero because sometimes people really DO get what they deserve...or even what they think they the end.
  9. Just one of the reasons why the producers on the first-ever dramatic feature film on the Cooper hijacking decided to bypass the 'experts' and come to us is shown in the video below. Of course, the attempted exclusion stuff, the hateful posts done by spammers at DZ (may they rest in peace) the acceptance of more hate at Cooper investigator Bruce Smith's website, the endless lies, and Georger's endless string of insults and hateful posts. People like them brought out the big guns. They got ignored and bypassed. You put people OFF doing that. Most of the crazy, senseless crap you see on the internet originates at either of those two sites, or from some of their lower-level members or commenters. Some of whom use phony identities to do so. But all that does is make both the media and the public shake their heads, and look further for the truth. That's how they ended up at my door. Welcome to the Reality Hotel, top floor, penthouse suite. Hate has diminishing returns. Sort of like beating your kids.
  10. Two nights away from the virus, but I bailed on a third due to snow. Long story, but I got back before the Skokomish River Road flooded too badly. Hope you guys are hunkering down. I plan another trip soon. Frankly I'm not sure I should even provide details. Couple of pictures I suppose. Had a lot of fun but had to bail late on Monday due to weather. A half-hour after I snapped the picture of the truck, the snow started falling heavy, so I packed up and headed back. Fun for the two or so days I was up there though.
  11. I have to head to the Safeway and then onto the road. They open at 5 AM. Will I miss a few of you while I'm off in the Olympics for a while? YES. For a few others...not really. Time for someone else to deal with Cooper for a bit. I've done my share, at least this year. Don't freak and tweak. It's a joke, folks. I gotta go. Try not to watch all the bad reports and have some fun occasionally. I know it's hard for everyone during this time. Use your imagination. Get motivated. Just DO it.
  12. Placed on the ignore I have to admit it's funny he used Bruce's name this time. Seems like poetic justice somehow. This is the eighth persona he has exhibited, and when you mention someone who probably needs psych help, you should put him Numero Uno on your list. He's also stolen Darren Schafer's name and a few other known Cooperites such as Jerry Warner and Marla Cooper. Hitting the ignore function until DZ staff get around to banning him (again) is the best way to handle him. Closing out my stuff with Japanese public television, aka NHK, I received the following message today from one of the producers. The window to have your Cooper book cover featured on the show with a credit has come and gone. I made the offer. Couldn't force you to participate. This only means Skyjack, Blast, and Ha Ha Ha will be featured. When she refers to 'business is still good,' she means we have not stopped the cleaning business (yet) due to the Covid-19 outbreak. However, I have determined we *could* shut it down for three months and it would not put an undue financial burden on us. Between the money that comes in each month from AB of Seattle wholesale receipts, and a couple of other things, we could do it. Plus I already have enough food and other supplies to last at least ten weeks stacked up in two refrigerators, the pantry, and in the garage. As far as Covid-19, and the irresponsible handling of the situation from the start, I say this ends all argument on who will undoubtedly go down in US history as the worst President this country ever had. And my vote used to go to Andrew Johnson, the guy who took over after Abe Lincoln was killed. Little did I know... This is the typical nature of emails I get from 'real people' outside of Cooperland. By 'photograph' the book, she means snapping both covers of Ha Ha Ha (by DB Cooper) and forwarding them to her for the show. I already did Blast for her a few days ago. My advice is to take a look at your consciences once in a while. remember that you NEED someone like me around, if for nothing else to give it to you straight when everyone around you is just telling you how cool YOU are and THEY are. This is the purpose of the videos, the 50+ articles at WordPress, and the other things. I never was much for doing mutual back-slapping in order to be part of some clique. Not my style. I call it like I see it. Always have. Always will. Off to the Olympics in the morning. Will return late next week. Sincerely, Robert
  13. I have most of the episodes on a flash drive. It's a waste of time to offer someone their own thread to post their podcast links...and the links do not work. Every time I post up a link at Quora goes out automatically by email to more than 1,700 users. And that doesn't count the Quora members who just drop by the site. The 'biggest site on Cooper' is a waste of time if you are trying promote anything like an event, a podcast, or the like. I never said the podcast was bad, or of poor quality. I was just wondering why a guy who has interviewed practically everyone on the Cooper list has no opinions of his own. However, I have had differences with Darren, and as a result I asked him not once, but TWICE to remove my episode from the show. He has refused to do this, so here it is again: I request he remove it from the list of episodes.
  14. This is known as a 'bump'. It's done because it's important, and so you don't miss it by mistake.