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    Damn shame I retired from the sport in 2013. Those $99 Boogie Til Ya Pukes where you made as many jumps as you could for that price... The good old days. Were you thinking of me when you named this new event? And before you ask, YES, I'M STILL FUCKING DEAF!
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    In summary, it sounded like the LEO strategy was: Arrest everyone in sight, and let the courts do the investigation.
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    They had someone "repo" Lodi plane. Apparently they had to jump out of it to "get familiar" and sneak away after landing the canopy in a way that people on the load won't start wondering where this guy went. Entire show is heaping pile of shit.
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    A coal/steam powered aeroplane was actually invented in France in 1890 and flew before the Wright brothers. It turned out not be very practical so never got past the demo stage. You can see it at the Musée des Arts et Métiers in Paris: Translated link to French Wiki entry One of the nice ideas in its design is the air-cooled condenser on the steam output allowing the water to be reused.
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    Appreciate your responses, was nervous for this one. Was a Standard aff1, two coaches and I. Passed it,pulled myself stand up landing where I was supposed to be. Taking all the advice I got after Jumping (from instructors) and keeping it up.
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    When we went live with the new layout, we were excited for the new ways for users to engage in content across the site. One area that allows for this to happen quickly and easily is the Activity streams listed under the "more" section of the navbar. In order to make it easier for our forum users to catch up on new posts in the forum, we've added a shortcut to the forum "new content" stream. This will allow you to browse over the most recent posts and thread topics on the site at a glance, meaning you don't need to manually go into every category to see what has been posted, you can just simply take a look at the stream to see what's new. Clicking on the "unread content" button will take you to the forum content stream directly, and allow you to make any additional filtering options you may wish, such as the time frame of the unread content you want to see. If you only want to see what you haven't read since your last visit, you can do that too. All the content in this stream is unread, so you'll only be seeing posts you have yet to catch up on. If you wish to see all activity in the forums in this view, you can simply adjust the "read status" filter. We hope that this small addition may assist you in making your forum experience more streamlined and enjoyable.
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    I do whatever the manufacturer says to do.
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    How do ya like it Johnny???? I love this ground rush shit...
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