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  1. Okay, I've given it some serious consideration. Since I can't promise to behave, I'm going to do you all a favor and bow out of this forum, forever. It's been a fun ride, but eventually, the ride ends somewhere. It does here. Have I been a pain in the ass to moderate? You bet your ass I have (see, even we agree on something). Have I made mistakes, hell yes. Do I regret some of the things I've said? Yes, but only with regards to a certain greenie whose husband wanted me to remind him to punch me in the fucking face. To those two, I apologize. I don't hold any grudges to anybody and I wish you all a good life. I'm barely on here anymore anyway, so I'm at peace with my decision. Now, ban me permanently. I'm not giving you a choice. Not after this. Blue Skies and fair winds. (Don't worry about me, I'm perfectly fine)
  2. Tell me, why did the Democrats establish "Sanctuary Cities" to protect illegal aliens from deportation? They have ordered their police departments not to cooperate with ICE when an illegal alien is in custody for a crime. What Trump did is brilliant. After all this time being stonewalled by the Democrats, if they want the aliens, they can have them! And the reaction from some of them is this would make their cities less safe. Well DUH... That's what we've been trying to say all this time. Dumbasses. Even Cory Spartacus Booker admitted as much. And then there's this:
  3. Conspiracy theory. It will go nowhere.
  4. France has had a lot of churches vandalized/desecrated/burned in just the last few weeks. Clearly something is going on. Wanna take a stab at who I think is responsible, but the MSM here won't entertain the notion of, in direct interviews with French officials?
  5. I used to have a 1975 Porsche 914 2.0. I thought that thing was badass. Very low center of gravity, with a mid-engine, and front and rear trunks, and manual transmission. It handled sharp curves much better than most, and even with a VW 4 cylinder engine, it could go 115 mph easy. Sure wish I'd kept it, but I was single at the time and having 2 vehicles while living in an apartment was a pain in the ass sometimes.
  6. It wasn't the Brits, it was the Ecuador embassy staff. Try and keep up. As for the Brits, they sure seem to have a lot of tolerance, with Muslim immigrants pouring in and stinking up the place. London is fast on the path to being royally fucked.
  7. Trump layeth the smackdown, yet again. BAM!
  8. You know what I think? Assange holed himself up in the embassy for 7 years because he knew he was a wanted man, since he published a lot of classified info from the Obama administration, and I don't think he wanted to end up like Seth Rich. (yes, I know... unproven conspiracy theory) At any rate, it's going to be interesting to see what happens next. If the DOJ can prove he conspired with Bradley Manning to steal the info, then yes, he's in deep dodo. If all he did was publish what Manning gave to him, then he was just doing his job, as distasteful it may be. Interestingly enough, Bradley is back in jail for refusing to testify on his dealings with Wikileaks.
  9. You gotta know he was banging her in the embassy. We also know Ecuador was spying on him during his stay there.... LOL
  10. I keep seeing somebody's post deleted below mine. I'm not trying to intentionally trigger anybody, just speaking my mind, even if it does seem overly harharharinyourface. If they're that triggered, maybe log off and go do something that makes them happy. (shrugs). Remember when Avenatti was supposed to take Trump down, with a porn star? What happened to all that? LOL Good times.
  11. So.... what's everyone's take on this? The US will initiate the extradiction process to bring him to the US to face charges of conspiracy. A lot of uproar over this.
  12. Actually, rank and file Democrats are in meltdown mode. Apparently they didn't like his comment that he believes spying occurred by the Obama administration. Now the shoe is on the other foot.
  13. IMO, it's not him people should be worried about, it's Attorney General Barr. The liberals are in meltdown mode.
  14. Dude just had his $5 or 6 million private jet confiscated by the feds. Couldn't have happened to a nicer sleazebag. LOL
  15. We'll just have to wait and see, won't we? 2+ years wasted on garbage. They're not just going to let this slide. My point is, they're finally starting to do it.
  16. Sooooo.... Attorney General Barr appeared before a congressional panel today to answer questions about the Mueller Report. Rut ROH! Barr told them he intends to investigate the origins of how and what led to the beginning of the investigation, including a look into how and why the FISAs were used. Not the kind of news the Democrats wanted to hear. And, CA Rep Devin Nunes has 8 criminal referrals ready to send to the DOJ, more bad news for the Dems. This is just the beginning of the blow-back against this witch hunt. And a little humor...
  18. I believe a co-founder of The Weather Channel debunked climate change in a testy exchange with Brian Stelter on CNN a few years back. But I agree, politicians are not to be trusted on that issue, neither is Bill Nye for that matter.
  19. Fired for giving zeros... Man... I wouldn't want my kids going to that school. The ones they go to, are pretty fair. But yes, they WILL give you a zero if you don't turn in a homework assignment, or any other reason that warrants that grade. My older one learned her lesson the hard way. Her school principal is a former US Marine. Oooorah!
  20. Nope. Not trolling. Okay, he DID say in 2006 while promoting a bullshit documentary, that we'd hit a point of no return in 10 years. So... half right. (shrugs)
  21. Funny, Mazie Hirono of HI praised Neilsen's termination. I don't think she's gonna like who Trump replaces her with.