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  1. Meanee

    Aon2 X2 or Dekunu One for Wingsuiting

    This is one thing that pissed me off about their mount. I already own Chutingstar wedge mount. But it's not possible to mount Dekunu on it without the velcro wrap. I'd rather just buy velcro wrap for Dekunu and use my wedge mount. At least it's sturdier.
  2. Meanee

    Aon2 X2 or Dekunu One for Wingsuiting

    I have Dekunu and I find their wingsuit mount to be trash. It just bends and makes it difficult to read. Other than that, they did improve a lot and unit is not bad.
  3. Meanee

    Altimeter Options for Wingsuiting?

    I am an absolute noob when it comes to wingsuiting (~45 Swift 3 jumps), so for what it's worth... I have a Chutingstar mudflap mount, with digipouch. That houses my Alti2 Atlas. I have Viso 2 on my hand. It works great for the most part. Alti2 tends to go into canopy mode when you are wingsuiting. I never look at my wrist alti while in flight. Biggest problem is somewhat of a glare from digipouch plastic cover. But I am yet to have any difficulty reading it. My container is not the very best fit. So under canopy, I cannot see my mudflap alti. I rely solely on wrist-mounted Viso 2. I also own Dekunu One, but it's somewhat useless until they finally release the WS mount. Chutingstar mudflap mount may look confusing as hell in the beginning. However, after you mount it, it works well. Great for freefly as well. Definitely a good investment.
  4. Meanee

    Smart Altimeter

    Unfortunately they are only game in town if you want a smartwatch with good design, battery that lasts 4 days, and ergonomic menus. :(
  5. Meanee

    Smart Altimeter

    For what it's worth, installed on Note 8. I do not have WatchOS-based watch, my Samsung Gear S3 runs Tizen. Phone reports this: Accelerometer: 416hz Barometer: 30hz GPS: [measuring...] Any interest in porting this to Tizen?
  6. Meanee

    Swift 3?

    Fair point. I should've said "everyone I spoke with"
  7. Meanee

    Swift 3?

    I recently picked up Swift 3 and love it. However, I do not have a lot of experience to draw from, with my ~25 total WS flights. My FFC suit was Phantom or Shadow Edge. Swift 3 felt a lot twitchier due to larger leg wing. It took me a bit to get it under control. I think after 10 flights, I kind of have it dialed in. Now it flies like a dream. It is definitely fast. Me being a complete newbie, I managed to get 107 seconds of flight time out of mine. Last jump was 130 but I did not analyze Flysight data yet, just looked at a result from my Atlas. Everyone recommends 7 cell canopy and I guess for a good reason. I fly a 1.15 loaded Sabre 2, and with good results. Good openings, easy to land, and easy to get out of line twists. My coach told me that as long as it's not over 1.3, I should be fine. But I may invest into a Pilot 7 later.
  8. Hour and a half one way. I have 3 dropzones approximately same distance from home. I just pick the one that costs a bit less in tolls and is not far from interstate. One requires you to drive through a shitload of backroads. Another one is a toll road all the way to it and then some backroads.
  9. Meanee

    Well... AFF here I come..

    It varies person to person, but fear goes away eventually. It may be on jump 10, or jump 100. I got injured on AFF-A, and my anxiety was through the roof on a retake (been over 30 days). Around jump 10, I was perfectly fine. YMMV, but as you learn more about your gear and about your skill, fear will step back a bit, replaced by confidence.
  10. Doubt you will find any reviews. They have few of these out in a while, and these are only prototypes. They are aiming to start shipping first batch around beginning of Feb, and posted some production shots. However, a lot of things are still up in the air. No video walkthrough of their devices, no manuals, no info on their backend web services, etc. I did order one, since I am hoping to start wingsuiting soon. I will keep my alti-2 Atlas on a wingsuit mount, and Dekunu on my wrist. So far, not a whole lot of communication from the company. I am sure they are busy, but at least one marketing person could've taken few extra shots of production. They have people to do some cool video stuff in After Effects, so why not show more of actual unit? That being said, my excitement for the tech in this thing is stronger than my somewhat apprehensive feeling about pre-ordering stuff I haven't seen. It's not overly expensive (I thought it will be around $800, based on the fact that my "simple" Alti2 Atlas was $400), so I am willing to risk it. I work with technology daily, I like gadgets, so this thing scratches my itch for more toys.
  11. Meanee

    Tunnel Time

    I started to practice a sit on jump 43. But I spent most of my winter in a tunnel. By the time I got in a sky and tried to sit, I was already solid on my back, and had about 4 hours of tunnel time. USPA recommends not to start freeflying until jump 100. Then, make sure you work with a competent coach. You must also have a rig that is freefly friendly. Make sure a freefly coach examines your gear. Sit is definitely fun, but don't expect to learn it in 15 minutes of tunnel time. It's difficult to hold in the beginning. It took me about 35 jumps after all tunnel time, to actually hold it through entire jump. And you shouldn't jump with others unless you can hold sit for duration of a jump, know how to turn, move forward, backwards, control your fallrate. You also need to be solid on your back, and know how to transition into sit. It will feel pretty unnatural in the beginning and you need to fight certain feelings. If you go with "do it yourself" route, you will pick up some nasty habits. So yeah, practice on your belly. Do some tunnel time to be good on your back (off the net, stable, and in control) and then start on sit. Get a coach to help you.
  12. This question is explained in great detail during a canopy course. If you are done with AFF, then you can take Flight-1 101 course. Amount of knowledge you gain is insane.
  13. Meanee


    That is my home DZ. And they have no refunds. At all. Period. Zero. Cash, credit, whatever. Once money is handed over, you will never see it again. It's not on their website, but at manifest, there's a sign. I fibbed myself on AFF-A, after putting like 500 bucks (cash) into account. Not sure if I will come back to the sport, I asked about refunds. Was told No. What if I will never jump again? Well, you can bring someone and they can do a tandem... I thought this was the norm, so I annoyed the shit out of DeLand manifest (first DZ after my home DZ I went to) by bring them cash for every jump. When they told me that they will just cash me out at end of day, I was shocked.
  14. Meanee


    I jump at Sky's The Limit. It's closest to me. And yeah, they have some weird policies. No Refunds, I thought, was the norm. When I took a trip to DeLand, I was pretty shocked that they can actually cash you out at the end of the day. Same thing at The Ranch. Weather turned shitty, I had about $100 on the account, got it back no questions asked. Another STL thing that was kind of crappy, is the "$50 administration fee if you cancel tandem" but I am not sure if it's norm anywhere else. Had friends call on Friday afternoon to find out if they can just show up on Sat and do tandems. They were told that yeah, sure, but they highly recommend to reserve, which they did. One person chickened out. On Saturday, with barely any tandems on a list, and were charged $50 for cancelled person only because they reserved and didn't walk in. I wish I was getting paid $50 to put a name on a sheet. Also, happened to a friend. STL has "bring two tandems, get a free ticket" punchcard. Friend brought two tandems, got card punched, but they refused to trade it in for a ticket. So, while I like the people at STL, the way they do business is shady.
  15. Meanee

    A license jumping camera....

    Nope, will order a new mount and give it a try. Don't think double-sided tape will be a huge challenge to adrenaline-powered human. I had to replace the mount on my helmet this weekend. It took me about 2-3 minutes with a screwdriver to get the mount adhesive off. I don't doubt it. But I am sure you were trying to be careful. If you were in situation where you don't give a damn about equipment, and you had a nice lever (your camera), I don't think it will take this long. I will give it a shot later, when I order and receive few of these helmet mounts.