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  1. meat.missile

    Javelin Aurora

    I think they expect you to buy a snatch.
  2. meat.missile

    Javelin Aurora

    great question
  3. We millennials learned our attitudes from older generations. So anytime you or any boomer/gen-x that raised a millennial, remember, we learned it from you. Anyway, there is no such thing as adding to much context. It is one of the most important aspects of interpersonal communication. Asking "is skydiving dangerous?" is so incredibly vague it is nearly impossible to have a consistent quantifier.
  4. meat.missile

    BOD Meeting July 2018

    Don't feed the trolls.
  5. meat.missile

    Best wingsuiting audible?

    For wingsuiting I use: 5,500 4,500 3,500 1,800
  6. meat.missile

    Best wingsuiting audible?

    I think every wingsuiter should have a 4 alarm audible; the 4th alarm being a "cut your crap immediately' alarm.
  7. meat.missile

    Well... black skies for you my friends

    I once did a Mr. Bill (with permission of the S&TA) and had a local at the DZ say he was going to hang out and wait to see us die because we were stupid. Being a visitor I just laughed it off as they are a member of the "in" crowd.
  8. meat.missile

    Flysight vs GoPro

    Found this on GoPro's website linked to by a GoPro support person. ~400 Hz 3-axis gyro readings~200 Hz 3-axis accelerometer readings~18 Hz GPS position (lat/lon/alt/spd)1 Hz GPS timestamps1 Hz GPS accuracy (cm) and fix (2d/3d)1 Hz temperature of camera
  9. meat.missile

    Javelin Aurora

    Across the room and up are very different things.
  10. meat.missile

    Best wingsuiting audible?

    Quattro will be great. I use a protract 2 because it logs, but they both have 4 alarms which I find great for wing suiting.
  11. meat.missile

    How much does slider size actually affect openings?

    To answer your question, drag is directly proportionate to the area of the footprint of the object. Assuming all other things equal.
  12. meat.missile

    Flysight vs GoPro

    The 18Hz from the GoPro just isn't needed when evaluating wing suit jumps as the human brain cannot react that fast to anything. I don't know this for a fact bus I suspect the 5hz was picked because it is close to human reaction times. The real advantage to the flysight is the realtime audio feedback. When training speed or distance you can hear how the suit react to changes in your body position. That feedback is more important than a graph on a computer.
  13. meat.missile

    Skydiving and the Impact of Tunnel

    If I had a wind tunnel near me the only reason I would skydive is for wingsuiting. Which, honestly is all I do when I'm not chucking drogues anyway. The tunnel may seem like it costs more up front but really you're actually saving money. 800 $/hr comes out to about 13 $/jump (Assuming 1 min/jump) Additionally, your time spent is much more efficient. You don't need to gear up as much, ride in the plane, pack, and repeat. It is possible that the tunnel would even be a shorter drive depending on where you live. I would also argue that the tunnel is safer. Most skydiving incidence are canopy related. Lastly all the money spent on skydiving gear could be spent on time if the person isn't interested in skydiving ever.
  14. meat.missile

    Toggle fire mechanics

    The two main factors combined to make the turn violent. First when one toggle is stowed that side of the canopy is deflected a bit like it would be in a turn. The second factor is that the canopy when initially opening is in a stall. When these are combined it can lead to a rapid spin. Any jumper that has intentionally done a helicopter would understand how it works.
  15. meat.missile

    Ever been unable to find PC?

    I know one dude that couldn't get a FF pud untucked and went to reserve. I personally had a week pull and at the moment I realized I never did practice reserve touches in flight. I just reached back and luckily found my PC on my ass and threw it better, but it did take two tries. This is why you pull high on new gear.
  16. meat.missile

    ATC vs Freak 3?

    It is also important when comparing suits for the pilot to be the same person.
  17. meat.missile

    Save $$ buying direct from LB??

    I'm pretty sure you cant buy direct.
  18. meat.missile

    Riser design & toggle fires

    I feel like that is the answer to this question in general.
  19. meat.missile

    Cookie ear hole

    Can the helmet be removed by undoing the chin strap only? Also at $600 it is a bit excessive for something that you don't really need.
  20. meat.missile

    Cookie ear hole

    The G4 is actually impact rated and of course they reduce noise. I doubt that it is enough to prevent hearing loss from long term exposure. You should be wearing ear plugs with it while on the ride up skydiving and while paramotoring.
  21. meat.missile

    ATC vs Freak 3?

    There is no way a onesie is going to outrun a freak. As for the comparison between the freak and atc, the freak will outrun the atc every time. The freak is just a faster suit in general. The ATC is a great suit because of its range and ability to fly with big suits and small suits.
  22. ........ finish that thought for us.
  23. meat.missile

    We've Moved Some Forums

    Great move!
  24. meat.missile

    opinions for a cherry jumper

    Vector too.
  25. meat.missile

    opinions for a cherry jumper

    Well add javelin and infinity too your list.