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  1. So my instructors are on board with it already. I'm currently a student myself and they are willing to help with the teaching and educational part as well as the jumping side as well. I'm mainly looking for info on the school side of it. Im in Arkansas at arkansas tech university.
  2. Hey guys, I am looking for any information on starting a jump club at my local University. I have been told that back in the mid 60's they had a club that jumped on campus. By the early to mid 70's it had been disbanded. I already have a fellow jumper for our faculty and it will be a registered school organization. If anyone has any insights to the hurdles or any advice that would help get us started it would be a great deal of help. I'm out of my realm when it comes to this so any knowledge of what other organizations are doing that is working would be a tremendous help. The goal will be to help people wanting to get their license a way to do it. I am not currently licensed but I am close to having my A. About 10 more jumps and I'll be good to go. I am not wanting to just meet and talk about it but I am wanting to actually jump and share the joy of jumping with like minded people. We also have 2 instructors that will be willing to come and talk and/or do fjc for the new comers. Blue skies and safe flying