CONTEST! ~Funny tandem photo

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This thread is for funny tandem photos.
Post your faves; myself and one other judge will determine a winner.
Photos must be submitted by midnight, December 31.
They won't be used for anything, just want to give y'all something fun to play with.
The winner will receive an "Adrenalize!" royalty-free sound library with a retail value of 100.00

Have fun!

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This lady was crazy. The tandem master had less than a hundred jumps at the time, and spent the entire skydive moving from fetal/touching her toes to going back belly to going back fetal. The poor TM could never get a hold of her feet because she was so violently transitioning back and forth.

I was just happy he got the drogue out! When I flew up to them I just gave him the pull signal - "save yourself!"

When we got down - the student's comment - "Well, this sport isn't for me..."

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