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  1. pbwing

    Sony CX155/150 review

    How is it in low-light situations compared to the CX100?
  2. pbwing

    Lodi Videos: Fun Jumps & Tandems

    Nice job dude!! I especially like the music you picked for the soundtracks. Nicely done.
  3. pbwing

    Opinions on laptops for editing

    Not that I know if it would be an issue for you, but neither of those systems will burn Blu-ray. You could upgrade the Dell, but again, that might not even be something you are looking for.
  4. pbwing

    Sony HDR-TG5V

    Looks nice, but still no threads for lens attachments. Also, the GPS feature is neat, but since there is no GPS metadata standard in AVCHD, it makes that feature a bit less of a sell (for me at least)...
  5. Hmm. I wouldn't think that the lowest setting that a camera would have would be 1600 - I'm guessing that would be the highest. The lowest is probably 100 or 200. Higher ISO equivalent will give you a grainer image, but the sensor is much more light sensitive. So there is a trade off. Most skydiving shots are shot 100, 200 or 400 - I would guess... What type of camera are you looking at??
  6. pbwing

    2007 Skydive video teaser

    Looks good! I thought it said Skydive video taser!! now that would be cool!!
  7. pbwing

    Dick Barber

    Many good memories of sitting around the fire at a few Canadian Nationals hearing stories from Dick. Blue skies Mr. Barber
  8. pbwing

    Cathy Johnson - CSPA

    Very sad indeed Phil, Many good memories of heading out to Dunning Rd to get my membership updated at the last minute!! Blue skies Cathy
  9. pbwing

    Camcorder/Helmet combo

    I would suggest that you talk to the folks at your DZ. Your profile says your from the Ranch. There are tons of camera flyers up there. Maybe even start by talking to Sonic up in the Pro Shop. He was great in giving me advice and tips on good setups.