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Just finished the shooting of a car company commercial entitled "difficult is worth doing." It will be a 90 second very skydiving centric commercial involving a lot of RW and some accuracy landings. The primary market will be the UK, where apparently they have a thing for long cinematic ads. (Sort of how people in the US look forward to the Superbowl ads, per the director.) It should air in June or thereabouts, and I'm sure it will be YouTubed.

I was fortunate enough to be able to get time off for this shoot with very short notice (less than two weeks.) It immediately followed the Texas diamonds event, and most of the people on the shoot came from that event; it made an excellent warmup for the sort of stuff we were doing.

Thanks to BJ for asking Amy and I to come along, thanks to Melanie for building us our very own hangar (with bathrooms!) and especially thanks to all the other organizers, skydivers, cinematographers and pilots who made the shoot successful, safe and a lot of fun for everyone.

(BJ recurring quote of the week: "This one time, on Drop Zone . . .")

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Honda launches skydiving ad campaign


Honda takes a flier with skydiving push

Mark Sweney guardian.co.uk,
Monday May 12 2008

Link to this video

Honda is taking the bold step of running a series of unbranded TV ads about skydiving to build interest ahead of the launch of a car model.

The campaign, developed by ad agency Wieden & Kennedy London, consists of four short teaser clips that are devoid of any Honda branding.

Each of the clips, the first of which breaks during The Duke: A Portrait of Prince Philip on ITV1 tonight, talks about different aspects of the skill needed to create large skydiving formations.

"We are hoping to give people insight, to let people in, to a certain degree, with what is happening," said the Honda account director at W&K London, Jonathan Tapper.

"With previous ads such as Cog and Choir we have been open about how we made them because the story behind the production is often as interesting as the commercial itself."

The only clue as to what company, or product, is behind the ads - which vary between 10 and 20 seconds in length - is a web address that flashes up at the end, www.difficultisworthdoing.com.

The website address sends viewers to a blog that has information on skydiving but gives nothing away about the wider upcoming ad campaign.

"By giving people understanding about the ad before it launches, not after, it gives substance and authenticity to what Honda is saying," Tapper said.

"Honda was in at the start of the whole epic two-minute ad wave with 'Cog'. We want to evolve that and move beyond just delivering straight commercial messages."

Honda has been promoting the strapline "Difficult is worth doing" on outdoor billboard sites for the past few weeks with no further information other than the company logo.

Edit: another video


So, has anyone ever built a tea-pot before?
[Stunned silence]

Skydiving Fatalities - Cease not to learn 'til thou cease to live

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One of the guys in the "how to" clips looks like Andy (Popsjumper) in the white suit red grippers, picking up a rig.
Was that you andy?
You are not now, nor will you ever be, good enough to not die in this sport (Sparky)
My Life ROCKS!
How's yours doing?

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I've had several people email me saying they saw me on Irish and UK tv in the last day or two. How cool is that! :D Thanks BJ and Honda and the rest of the crew. It is going to be fun to watch the progressions.

Oh, and this dropzone.com conversation is linked to the difficultisworthdoing.com website....


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