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  1. For those who are not on the P3 mailing list here is the email that went out yesterday. Congratulations to all who were on the Perris Flower that completed yesterday at the Spring Fling! We’ve just wrapped another hugely successful “trifecta” of back-to-back-to-back events and are continuing full speed ahead with our preparations for November. Over the past few months, we’ve received quite a bit of input from the global skydiving community regarding the 333-Way for which we are extremely grateful. This input included concerns about the high price of the event, considerations about USPA National Record requirements, as well as multiple recent suggestions for P3 to set a new FAI recognized Sequential World Record. Well, you’ve spoken and we’ve listened. After extensive discussion within the P3 organization in collaboration with our colleagues from abroad, we’ve made the decision to change the format of this event to a “World Sequential Series”, whereby the goal of the event will be to set MULTIPLE new FAI sanctioned Sequential World Records (in other words, AS MANY NEW “OFFICIAL” WORLD SEQUENTIAL RECORDS AS WE CAN!!) with 200-250 of the most talented FS jumpers assembled. As we’ll be prioritizing quality over quantity, the exact size of the formation will be determined by the number of highly skilled “A-List” skydivers who apply. This change in event format has MANY advantages: 1. LESS EXPENSIVE - Reducing the size of the formation also reduces the cost as we will not need to ferry in as many aircraft from around the country. As a result, P3 can lower the event price significantly. 2. GREATER INTERNATIONAL PARTICIPATION – Pursuing an FAI World Record versus a USPA National Record -in addition to offering the event at a lower cost- will attract greater global participation and increase our pool of talent from around the world, allowing us to maintain the high standard this event requires. 3. An FAI WORLD RECORD carries a great deal more significance to a greater number of skydivers than a USPA National Record. And we’re not stopping at one!! The FAI Sequential FS World Record is a very new addition to the catalog of FAI recognized World Records. There is currently no precedent (although there are a few guidelines) so we intend to start our warm-up dives with declared 100+ Way Sequential World Record attempts and build from there, finishing with a new 200+ Way Sequential World Record. This is by far one of the coolest events P3 will have ever done - and we’ve done some VERY cool events. If you have already applied for the 333-Way, there is NO NEED TO REAPPLY for this event. If you are already confirmed for the 333-Way, you are confirmed for this “World Sequential Series” and new event details will be emailed to you shortly, including the revised price. If you are still awaiting a response to your 333-Way application, you will be contacted shortly regarding your qualification for this new sequential event. We hope you are as excited as we are to take on this new WORLD RECORD challenge! The P3 Organizing Team www.p3skydiving.com
  2. P3 is now accepting applications for Dubai 500 at www.dubai500.com! We invite you to apply today for the 500-Way World Record event in Dubai February/March 2013, as well as the 253-Way preparatory event February 19-27, 2012 (also in Dubai). The opportunity to be part of the Dubai 500 team is there for every motivated FS jumper. The P3 team encourages you to submit your application for these landmark events even if you currently have limited experience in big ways or have been turned down (or sat down) from recent large formation events. February 2013 is still over 18 months away and there is ample time to train to become a valuable member of this World Record team. (Visit www.p3skydiving.com for more information on upcoming 2011 & 2012 P3 Big Way Camps, 100-Way Camps and invitational events.) Thank you for taking the time to join the P3 team and the best formation skydivers worldwide on the journey to set a new World Record high above the skies of the Emirate of Dubai. We hope to hear from you soon! The Dubai 500 Organizing Team Dan Brodsky-Chenfeld, Kate Cooper-Jensen, Tony Domenico & Jen Domenico
  3. Fabulous course. I'm really pleased I attended. I learned a lot and have a better understanding of how we jumpers work with the Fire Department, Life Flight and Ambulance services. Thank you for putting this on Rich. kate
  4. Hi Kemal I like #4 as well. I would recommend you lose the 6 way loops (loops are notoriously difficult to build) and put three way whackers on each zipper stinger--one whacker off of right leg and the other from left leg. Easy Peasy! Have a great time and good luck kate
  5. Hey Mark sounds like you and Josh should put something together for the Wednesday before the 100 way camp. PWR (Pups World Record) :D k
  6. Yo Cary Remember when you wore my jumpsuit to a Halloween party and came as me? So giddy-up and get well and let's make some more jumps together. no hurry--just being well is the key. xoox kate
  7. Hi Jim I picked up my book while in the US and when I got home yesterday the autographed book plate was waiting for me. I've already installed it (easy peasy) and I'm very complimented by your kind words. Now to the fun part--a new book to read! thanks!! kate
  8. Hi Hoop. I'd LOVE a personalized book plate for my copy. Is it easier for you to send to Florida (Where I'll be end November) or Denmark? I'll PM you the address. thanks kate
  9. Him: Denmark Me: Southern California Met: 2002 I moved: 2006 3rd wedding anniversary: TODAY!
  10. And more coolness for JFTC: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jump_for_the_Cause
  11. Cover of November Parachutist--along with accompanying article. YAY JFTC! Post other magazine covers--photos as you see them! thanks to all who supported JFTC--especially the men's record group. blue skies, pink suits, big goals! kate
  12. 1) people didn't go low, but they sure did manage to put themselves low a few times. Either by overswooping or not getting high enough in the stadium (for floaters from all planes or most from the A-B/H-J planes) 2) floaty people were floaty (Usually a result of fear factor), until they fixed it. Jumpers who paid attention locked in the fall rate early and had little/no problems. ] There were women wearing sweaters/sleeves and women wearing weight belts. Many women were simply comfortable with their suits and body positions from the base 6 to the outer rows, so I'd say it was a "baby bear" fall rate... just right! k
  13. JFTC Fall rate was 122 mph (top, bottom and average) as measured from the base with a helmet mounted Pro Track. This was our goal fall rate and it resulted in a fast falling but smoothly building formation.
  14. Greetings Some JFTC record videos are now posted on You Tube, not sure about MWR videos (Soon I hope). The "permission to dock" is different than "presentation of grips". Both were tools used to train and (basically) slow down jumpers. Both were successful. Neither are remotely considered "dumbing down" as the final results prove. The record was built on the 6th attempt after all 181 jumpers were given permission to dock, the first after a minor change in the formation opened up some room between sectors. Grips were presented to the spine of the helix. Some Sector captains required presentation throughout the sectors, others allowed conventional grips on the outer whackers. We'll have total amounts raised eventually--but it will be a while before final accountings are done. Thank you to all who made both JFTC and the accompanying MWR a fantastic success. We DID make a difference, and what we did WILL make a difference. I'm on the way back to Denmark, I'll miss my skysisters and brothers, but know that you are close to me in spirit. blue skies, pink suits kate