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  1. By Level 1 / Cat-A they should too! Eh? ;-) All a part of the very FJC EP's training (or should be!)
  2. Scrumpot

    RWConcepts 6-Way

    Miss my load organizing days...
  3. Why? - Please explain to me how in your mind, and where exactly - you'd envision this supposed advantage the main-side would have in being there, riding-out, versus the reserve-side. coitus non circum - Moab Stone
  4. BSBD. coitus non circum - Moab Stone
  5. Post your video (upload to youtube or whatev's & place a link to it here) & let's see. coitus non circum - Moab Stone
  6. As a recently divorced woman, you just made a huge case for living this lifestyle! Damn! How You doin'? coitus non circum - Moab Stone
  7. It only needs to be sufficient measurement (as you said) to make sure the one side does not release egregiously before the other. How much "difference" are you looking for / expecting / wanting to see? The correct way to tell, is not by trying to judge a total net measurement difference of the cables, and looking for some certain pre-set "offset", once they are removed from the rig - - - as from rig-to-rig, that net measurement difference can vary widely. Instead, what you want to do, is when you've re-assemble the rig - do a slow-pull of the cutaway, and observe effectively when each cable end, clears the retaining-loop on each side. Optimal result and "answer" you are looking for would be probably more closer to near SIMULTANEOUS than offset on either side, by too terribly much, actually. coitus non circum - Moab Stone
  8. Looks legit to me. coitus non circum - Moab Stone
  9. MEL gets his sh*t right!! There really is no other way to say it than that. I personally own one of those "rare - tweener" crossfires. Not labeled a Crossfire-2, but not exactly a Crossfire-1 either. Checking the serial # of it on Icarus' own website, then reaching out to them - I got the sense there was real confusion over exactly which lineset to ship. So - I reached out to MEL. "...No problem Grant - get me the canopy, and I'll take full care of ya". Turns out my canopy is one of the one's made in Spain, right smack in the middle of the transition. 1 vectran new lineset, expertly installed - and the trim is absolutely PERFECT!! 1st thing I noticed when getting the canopy back was that the brakelknes were tacked. Oh no, I thiught to myself... gonna be a pain to adjust - I've *ALWAYS* had to adjust, with factory delivered linesets. But not MEL's! ...Again - - ABSOLUTELY PERFECT!! My baby's now good to go, for another 800 or so jumps, and I couldn't be happier. You won't go wrong, when it comes to linesets, if you choose MEL. coitus non circum - Moab Stone
  10. MEL. Mark E. Lancaster - Masterrigger1 on here. coitus non circum - Moab Stone
  11. Maybe you'll get no real-world operational feedback, because there is none? And maybe too... there is a reason for that? You almost sound like the 100-jump wonder with this... fishing around for that one illusive "answer" - which is only the one - that he really only wanted to hear. coitus non circum - Moab Stone
  12. LOL. Wee-hours drunk post. Apologies. I (almost) never do that! Carry on. coitus non circum - Moab Stone
  13. Bugger off. ...Mate. Dude's probably already gone in, by now. Someone advise me the date please, to check-off against my bounce-bingo card, wouldya? Friggen "tourists". coitus non circum - Moab Stone
  14. I've gone ahead and penned a reply to that post thread now too, although I don't expect it will likely stay up long, and I will be expecting my being blocked now from that ridiculous page, no doubt, in 3... 2... 1... coitus non circum - Moab Stone
  15. In case any of you have not now seen her very latest... Posted just today (6/24) on CQS FB Page: coitus non circum - Moab Stone