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  1. Scrumpot

    RWConcepts 6-Way

    Miss my load organizing days...
  2. Scrumpot

    Cut away cable length & RSL

    It only needs to be sufficient measurement (as you said) to make sure the one side does not release egregiously before the other. How much "difference" are you looking for / expecting / wanting to see? The correct way to tell, is not by trying to judge a total net measurement difference of the cables, and looking for some certain pre-set "offset", once they are removed from the rig - - - as from rig-to-rig, that net measurement difference can vary widely. Instead, what you want to do, is when you've re-assemble the rig - do a slow-pull of the cutaway, and observe effectively when each cable end, clears the retaining-loop on each side. Optimal result and "answer" you are looking for would be probably more closer to near SIMULTANEOUS than offset on either side, by too terribly much, actually.
  3. Scrumpot

    Is this for real?

    Looks legit to me.
  4. Really? Kinda like NASCAR then - if the "crowds" come to see this, no doubt it is going to be for the sure to be "spectacular" wipe-outs!! - Sorry dude, I simply still - just cannot see this (actually) happening. Anyone else?
  5. Scrumpot

    Who did this tandem FB page?

    Click the "about" link, at the page header, brings up this: Page was apparently created as if an "individual" in June of 2011, rather than a "group" page, so there is no listed "administrators" or anything like that. I suppose you could complain to FB admins about this being a TOS violation, if you don't like it. FWIW
  6. I don't understand if in every other way performing otherwise "typical skydiving flight-ops" - why the 4-mile out entry into a pattern/glidepath conducted approach? Edit to Add: Maybe not the usual "DZ" / Operating in tower-controlled or class-B airspace perhaps?
  7. Scrumpot

    Belly mount for gopro

    I used [url]THIS[/url] one, just last weekend, to make [url]THIS[/url] video with. Very functional for the task, and effective.
  8. Scrumpot

    Cal City DropZone

    Interesting. And maybe you will get some "takers" to help you formulate a model of opportunity here. For those "locals" out there still letft without their home, I would think this possibly intriguing. However, hard for me (being a past frequent cross-country visitor) to picture it ever being even close to what it was, without the Pray's involced. "Family" there, is, IMO - what really made that place - - - and without a FAMILY return to it (rather than a business) - I just can't see that ever, being recreated. If it does actually happen though - do let us know! Blue Skies, -Grant
  9. Scrumpot

    Introducing the Garmin VIRB Action Camera

    Another interesting aspect is that for mounting options, the VIRB also offers "industry standard" (read: GoPro base) mount compatibility options as well. So for those who already have GoPro mount-bases affixed to their helmet tops, NO NEED TO REMOVE/SWAP or ADD ANYTHING ADDITIONAL/EXCESSIVE OR NEW either. - Interesting.
  10. Scrumpot

    AFF - handycam

    Not used one, and do not think/cannot envision that for any reason - when conducting AFF jumps, I EVER would. Apparently, you've never (yet) been in the situation where you've had to get your hand(s) involved in say assisting a bag extraction from the pack-tray, b/c the student held, then "half-hitched" his PC? I can think of way too many instances, exposure to nothing but pure TROUBLE, having a "Handi-Cam" set up perched on my hand, during AFF could cause, or become a part of / cause further problems/difficulty for. IMO - the potential benefit "reward", is not worth its respective trade-off of exposure to added risk (and in my mind/experience anyway very - real, to consider) potential.
  11. [Thread-drift/hijack mode] - Man, these things have gotten way more expensive, IMO, than they are "worth" [/Thread-drift/hijack mode] The mounts on these are stronger than most people even consider/give them credit for. Instead thinking/counting on them to "tear off" in what would otherwise be an entanglement or other contact incident; when in fact they are finding - quite the OPPOSITE instead, to be the reality. YMMV
  12. Scrumpot

    Cookie Fuel arrived today

    Yes - What are you going to do when a line snags around that, and you are spinning/hanging on your head? Fumble for the chinstrap standard 2-point squeeze-to-release plastic buckle while under that load? - Good luck with that.
  13. Scrumpot

    Line of Flight Explained

    In reply to: "If you are in the boat, and drop one stick into the stream a few seconds after another, would the second stick land on top of the first?" If the 1st stick suddenly "stopped", and began "holding" (relatively) in place (think of the canopy opening) - - - Then YES! ...Yes, it would!!
  14. Scrumpot

    International Sewing Machine Collectors' Society

    I wonder why they seem to only focus strictly on Singer Machines only. Nothing on Pfaff's, et al?
  15. Scrumpot

    new scam tactic

    And another fairly recent anomaly resurging - "ghost" sellers, whose ads look good (even have pictures, etc.) because they are copying OLD (but not that old) ads of other, prior legitimate sales - and they get you to pay (even through paypal - they can open & close & move on pretty quickly; rinse/repeat from accounts even there) for something you will NEVER receive. It pays to be a little less impulsive, and do some independent CHECKING on any transaction - from either side of the equation - and yes, this is a very good reminder of that.