Where my peeps at?

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Over here ! <waving madly with a beer in hand>

Oddly enough,  I am so rarely here anymore, was just wondering what the og's are up to nowadays...

How's life? No jumping for me - stupid brain won't give up the seizure action. Keep talking about putting the rig back together and just say fukkit and go jump. Tunnel time is fun but it isn't the same...

But overall life is good. We bought a little piece of heaven, 5 acres of pines and oaks in the Sierra foothills, and a house that we are slowly renovating. Who knew home improvement was so much fun.

If I can't have 2k agl, I'll take 2k msl. :D 

Pic is our deer family having afternoon tea on the back patio.



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Been a while for me too........what does this "Member's total reputation" mean?  Even though I don't have a clue, it doesn't surprise me that Remi's is zero.  :) 


Actually, I heard "Walking On Sunshine" on the radio today, which reminded me of Cheryl, which reminded me of y'all, which reminded me of Rantoul and Raeford and Eloy, etc. etc. etc....


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7 hours ago, skybytch said:

You! You! Fuck you! 

Gawd I've missed this.

Fuck you I'm drunk

Fuck you, I'm drunk 

Pour my beer down the sink I've got more in the trunk . . .

Fuck you I'm drunk

Fuck you I'm drunk

And I'm gunna be drunk till the next time I'm drunk!


Thank you for teaching me that song!

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