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Have been waiting for order for a couple of Benny helmets in a specific color and now have been on order for 2 - 2.5 months and I'm told it will be another 3 weeks.

They have been telling the dealer that supply of materials is problematic for the matt finishes but really months delay in production seems rather a major issue - perhaps they should find another supplier if that is the problem.

Anyone else experiencing issues with Sky Systems.

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So further update - after being told 3 weeks in December after already waiting for 2.5 months which would have resulted in a January delivery. That day has come and gone was informed another 3 weeks then and then this week I have been told another 2 -3 months.

Sky Systems are basically either incompetent or complete liars who are trying to string people along. At safety day I spoke with 2 other local jumpers who have similar problems with Sky Systems and complete lack of customer service.

The sooner companies like this go out of business the better. That way others wont get stung by crappy business practice. Avoid sky systems at all cost.

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Have been waiting for order for a couple of Benny helmets in a specific color and now have been on order for 2 - 2.5 months and I'm told it will be another 3 weeks.

They have been telling the dealer that supply of materials is problematic for the matt finishes but really months delay in production seems rather a major issue - perhaps they should find another supplier if that is the problem.

Anyone else experiencing issues with Sky Systems.

Here is the new merged FB page. There are very interesting comments from the tops.

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Stuff like that makes me upset. How come "respectable" people like:
Doug Park (16000+ skydives), Carey Whitley (4400+ Skydives), Yvonne Gnirss (1500+ skydives) with lots of achievements can sleep at night and light-heartedly enjoy the life after screwing fellow skydivers.

As many of you know they collected money within a couple years for the equipment and pre-orders of C6 Air which never came out. Fed the community with tons of BS about "give us a bit more, we are almost ready" and eventually just spit in everyone's face and disappear.

The company Sky Systems USA, Inc. is technically still active, but they completely dumped it. Even their accountant contractor filed a letter of resignation in NC (https://www.secretary.state.nc.us/Search/filings/10552087)

Doug Park feels himself just fine by joining (or starting, not sure) the company called The MPK Group Inc. which is doing about the same.

Yvonne Gnirrs just opened another company called Think Helmet which is also doing the same http://atgsites.com/think_helmet

Nobody of them replying to any sources of communication, they all have public profiles, business contacts, emails, etc etc. They simply ignore all that, no matter what you say or ask.

I call this fraud. Unfortunately I am not in NC to pursue any legal actions in the name of fellow skydivers which I always believed is a small, but strong family of likeminded people. I tried to get the NC consumer protection department to communicate with them, but Sky Systems never replied to any of the inquiries.

According to those records Yvonne & Carey Whitley just tried to cut the profits and sued each other (http://www.news-journalonline.com/article/20130524/news/305249997?tc=ar) after that they as the company started to lie, I do even remember their FB page with some "very respectable" skydiver taking over the PR and promising the soonest resolution.

Where are all those promises now? Where is all that "respectability"? I honestly wish them all good, as anything has a reason, but I wouldn't be surprised if they wouldn't find the happiness at the end.

Karma is a bitch.

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For the money they stole, they are actively registering new schemas. Here is the list of domains registered by Doug for the past several months:


Doug, Yvonne, return the money you stole from the fellow skydivers!

The world is small.

P.S. to all who happen to know them, please pass this message.

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Got couple private messages asking for the clarification, so posting it here:

The websites listed above don't show anything yet. That is because the names were just recently registered and I assume the websites themselves are not ready yet.

But the owner can be easily verified by the register they were made from:

Just enter each of those domain names you will see full info on who and when registered them. There are even phone numbers linked to those names that all go to Doug's voicemail.
Also thempkgroup.com is one more I forgot to mention.

Clearly some new "schemas" are on the way.

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Hello swreefer. I have to agree with almost everything you said, but you are not correct to include Carey Whitley in your criticism. Carey left the company long before any of the trouble started and he has been screwed by Doug and Yvonne more than anyone else but 1 investor. Carey left the company about 6 years ago and sold out to Doug and Yvonne. They stopped his monthly payments for his shares after about a year later and still owe him about 100K. The company was in great shape when he left and did not have any debt at the time. Carey has now been my partner for 4 years and I can honestly he is one of the most trustworthy people I have ever met. He puts our customers above himself and our profits and has been the partner I always wanted. There is no doubt that Doug and Yvonne are as crooked as they come but to include Carey in that after he has already lost so much and done nothing wrong is completely unfair. This is not just my opinion, it is fact. The first judgement against Doug and Yvonne is for almost 900K and all their possessions in Sun Path;'s building have been awarded to a plaintiff that will remain unnamed until they decide to speak out for themselves, but the fact is that Carey is in NC right now being given anything he wants from these possessions as the plaintiff is well aware that Carey was not involved in the fraud and theft and that he got completely screwed over in the deal. This can all be verified if anyone really wants to check it out. UPT got ripped off on event tents that they ordered and never received, but they do business with Carey and I daily. We also do business with the investor that just won their lawsuit. A big chunk of that investment was meant to pay Carey off but Doug used for a lavish lifestyle, private schools and horses for his daughters.

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Flexhead, if that is true, I do apologize for including Carey Whitley in the post. I only mentioned him at the beginning as he was listed as one of the co-owners of Sky Systems USA at some point. The forum doesn't let me edit older posts, but thanks for the clarification, this definitely helps.

Also the lack of coverage on this topic surprises me. It's been about 3 years, but very little information came out. I do remember that Sky Systems USA had a stand in the past PIA Symposiums and no one did anything about it. Which is because nobody spoke about it.

If anyone knows, I would ask to share Doug's and Yvonne's USPA membership numbers and any information possible to make their life harder. Especially make it harder for them to open new schemas. Assholes should be kept accountable for the shit they do.

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I'll send few hundred emails to all dealers and dzs explaining Doug schemas. I can't understand, why so few threads about this guy when he ripped off so many people.

Today email from Doug (short story, we paid 8 months ago, same story, delays, excuses. Then we created ferry tale for this guy about big projects and looks like he believed. And now he is asking again for prepayments telling stories about HUGE profit etc...)

Well actually I am a good person and have or had no in tensions to screw you or do wrong. I have worked diligently to make sure this deal works best for you and help you secede. Yes I had my issues and that is why I have closed the Sky Systems, yes I gave UPT their widblade, decided that they didn’t like the ones that had 2 years once they reorder and they received them, there was a none dollar balance. and had create after the fact. Sunpath well that deal was not good, I can’t go into that but honestly we just walked away. And that was it. We weren’t that far behind with them and I can’t tell you more but it was time.

I was reading a few of you dropzone posts and I have no idea who these people are, the C6 money was paid to the designer since it was his project are we like you were the end people. We have refunded as many as we can but still have a few to go.

I am also owed over 55,000 to multiple customers that were big and small…not good either. But you don’t hear that these companies woe me money and haven’t paid.

The business we are doing is under a new company and I offered you a great deal that made you HUGE amount of profit on items that I own. I offered you the ABS 360 helmet as an exclusive deal, I have had 2 other companies that asked about the same but I felt that you could do the best with it even after other pushed otherwise.

Seems like Angel to me, not guilty....

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Thank you for contacting me with regards to this.

He has done exactly that to me.

After not receiving my shipment of helmets i asked for a tracking number, he then told me that he did not send the shipment as one of the helmets i ordered had a blemish.

I gave him numerous chances to get the order out to me after this and i had to keep chasing him.

I have asked for a refund of which he said he's actioned, i'm now getting my credit card company involved as there is no sign of the refund on my card.

Please feel free to share this email to support your eb]evidence of what Doug Park is now up to.


James Cook

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Customer (after realizing, no one cares about his order for long time) :
whats going on? No one answer our emails nor phone calls? We placed order 6 months ago…..
Do you have a tracking number? Which company have you used for shipping? Doug, we have delay more than half year....

Doug Park answers:

0. I am waiting our freight guy is out with his wife today at hospital, she pregnant and having issues.

0.1 We are a bit behind with manufacturing right now, out manager was out for a surgery and infection after…not fun, he I hope is back and able to travel to our factory by tomorrow, it has been day to day for his ability to travel or even sit if you understand what I mean

0.2 They have started going through them the day before yesterday to see what is good and what is not, I know tomorrow night or the morning after….sorry it is killing me as I have 9 shipments to go out for 2500 units too

0.3 We did a production run of over 3000 and now we are going helmet by helmet through all of them to see what is affected.

0.4 They are working on some surface defects that we had on repairs to the mold.

0.5 I will have it tomorrow, they are just getting back to work over the next 2 days, kind of frustrating I think

0.6 Yes give me a few days, catching up on some projects

0.7 Sorry we have had some email issues after changing website servers. They never switched the outbound mail server….

The Benny’s were finished but when we inspected them they had issues form the mold repairs that we just did they were working n sanding them but we haven’t re inspected them yet. Our manager was going there this week. Sorry we had these issues…kind of frustrating to find the issues with the mold and find it wasn’t done right

0.8 can I drop them off on the weekend

1. They are almost complete, they’re just catching them up on the Black liners. I think in 2 weeks? Ill ship direct to the Tunnels to speed the process up.

2. Almost done, we had some issues with our painter and his paint booth. I did talk to you client today and gave him the same update.

3. I talked with my guy this morning and the liner changes are going very very slow.

4. Why the bennys are getting completed now. Took a bit longer to charge liners then planned to meet sizes. They were to ship last week but this is talking a lot longer

5. The packs should be ready. Ran it Thursday to a meeting on ft Bragg and a seminar too.

6. I will be back tomorrow night. Had to go to Texas and Chicago today

7. Sorry have just changed back to our mail server after some issues with google apps, go office365

8. I'll find out in the morning. We have upgraded then a bit and it had been slower than planned in production

9. The US order is almost done. They skyties are the headache right now

10. they are going to package them after the break this week

11. they are going to package them after the break this week

12. I think they found the other order. There was and extra box with UPS. I'm just waiting for it to be picked up at dropped off to our manager.

13. We are still waiting for UPS to reply, they picked up 4 shipments that day. Either way I am working to redo the order right now.

14. He said all boxes were picked up but we had 21 shipments go out in 3 days. So maybe fedex, dhl or another ups shipment took it by mistake. I'll have an answer today.

15. I'll check I had them all together, I brought the stoes since the liners were in warehouse. I'm waiting still for my manager.

16. He said they were included but we weren't there when the forwarded picked up add the didn't show on the scheduled day and time.

17. Sorry. I just returned from a fast trip to houston, Washington and new York. I am awaiting the skyties from the QC fixes. I'll get demensional and weights for this afternoon.

18. The bennys are being pulled this weekend and packaged up to condense the packaging.

19. They all go to the MPK Group. The invoices will list it under the wires transfer on the invoice. It was missing from the first 2 for some reason. Getting used to new software....

20. The US order we are still sorting the skytie production. But the rest I'll get done.

21. The US order we are still sorting the skytie production. But the rest I'll get done.

22. I'll finish with the bennys hopefully today and tomorrow. I need to see what price we can do at the bottom line. Have some meetings today that'll take most of my day.

23. I’ll have an answer on the Benny’s later this evening, we are just seeing what we have and what we have as overload

24. We are still working on the SkyTie’s.

25. Sorry I have been in the mountains with no email and limited mobile service, nice place but when they said they had internet I hoped they did actually

26. I had sent one with gear bag information, I have emailed my manger but he is still in hospital after almost 2 weeks. They are supposed to be done soon

27. I will confirm Tuesday shipping date.

28. I still haven’t heard back, we have another package missing form about the same time that went to Germany . please deduct it and when I shows up we can settle that portion. I am frustrated with the forwarder we have used

29. I paid for the shipping

30. Sorry I am waiting on a reply. My Manger has been back in hospital this week. So between the manufacturers lake of English it had been slow.

31. ………………

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That is sick! Why this piece of shit is still able to run his schemas? This is a clear fraud.

I wan to point out that it's both Doug Park and Yvonne Gnirss are involved in their family fraud business. She is helping him with all the accounting, etc.

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Hello Zudrius,

Thank you for sharing it! As of me, i stopped getting any messages from Doug regarding my orders more than a year ago. Doug owes me the money for 8 helmets C6AIR. But all the answers were with such kind of excuses you gave as examples.

Only one thing disappoints me after all, not Doug treats, of course. He lost his business reputation in my eyes for ever as well as his short-time Marketing "God" Kenneth Wasley. He gave to all of us and to me personaly his word about completing our orders very soon, even with some kind of 200USD worth goodie bag. He ruined his reputation as Doug did. It's obvious.

One thing what disappoints me is conspiracy of silence between community members, manufacturers and dealers. Nobody until now could give any direct answer about Doug's company status. No one! Looked like all of them did cover Doug as partners in crime.

As of me, last half a year I'm sending everyday a message to Doug's and company's email and over FB and LinkedIn. FB let you see, whether your message was read or not. Someone is reading them sometimes.

Good luck!

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a week ago, when Doug Park still believed he is able to rip us off for large amount of money, he wrote me an average 10 emails per day. Answered my emails in less than 10 min. Place where I live right now and NC has time difference 8 hours. So he answered all my emails even at 4am his local time.

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Allow me to add to the list:
(these are all real quotes cut and pasted from Doug’s emails)

31. Yes it will ship on Tuesday or Wednesday

32. We are arguing with UPS right now….

33. We are trying to get another freight company to pick it up from the Ups forwarder

34. they are fucking us right now. They want to charge us for theRe mistake….

35. No worries we got it back from ups and the forwarder before I left. They have sent it to another forwarder and it should be sitting in line. I'll update you Monday night.

36. I just emailed my manager in china to find status. He has been in hospital for about 10 days after surgery so it has been slow getting emails back.

37. I know fedex or dhl had i think...but since I'm not there right now I can 100% confirm that.

38. I will be back in the office tomorrow afternoon. Have been in the mountains the at week with limited Mobile and no interest except trips to town right now.

39. I am waiting fir vendy right now. I'll have a reply tomorrow am for you. It was shipped by ups but that was a joke and would have cost you a ton extra on duty. Plus not to mention our shipping.

40. Sorry our manager there is back in the hospital with infection from his surgery on his hemorrhoids, yes that is a real pain in the… for all of us, his wife is going to call the freight guy in the morning as he left for the evening

41. Sorry feel asleep early today. He has your contact and when his wife arrives she we try to get a hold of you, his reply is "tomorrow i will check out ,but need rest some days"

42. When I get up for real I'll check again.

43. Did they reach out? He said his wife called

44. I am talking with DHL this afternoon, they are trying to track down why it isn’t moving

45. They will have everything Sunday or Monday morning. I am not sure when they tried to call you, but I just got a QQ saying she called.

46. (This is my favourite) What sucks about china is that when you ship with DHL you use a wide armament of company who handle it. That was the issue with UPS as the cost was crazy. So without Vendy in the picture we are stuck till Monday.

47. I know we have been having issues with shipping out of the warehouse in china due to our manager have surgery and infections. He is supposed to be back on Monday or Tuesday this week and will sort thing out.

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