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  1. Hello everybody, I have a question. I'm selling my wing suit now and a few day ago i got a request about additional pictures (with regular account i can only post one picture). I replied with pictures and today i got this text. "Thanks for the reply. My wife agrees with the price of the item and also keep in mind that the transportation payment will also be added to the actual amount. You will send the information below so that my client can send the check or bank check. to you for payment: FULL NAME......... FULL ADDRESS ...... CITY ......... STATE ............. PHONE NUMBER................... COUNTRY..................... I am very sure that you are an honest person and you like to deal with you. Thank you. You do not need to worry about the shipment. your insurance transport company will come to your house for the shipment. I hope to read from you as soon as possible. My wife is ready to offer $1000.00 So come back to me fast. Regards" Member since April 15th 2018. Nothing else in profile. Should i be worried? Thanks!
  2. I'm trying to maintain the body position as close as possible to a proper "box body position" keeping in mind body reaction to the stressful environment, what the wind flow on that speed actually is. This is the only way to let people feel where legs actually are. We are talking here about "body awareness", i would say. I don't know, where i've got the percentage, but there's a meaning, in the tunnel a person is missing about 90 percent of his ability to feel his body as a whole. From my experience, it looks like this, i mean this percentage. It doesn't matter, how well trained the person is. Some people could take this control over the body back very fast (a very few of them), some could't at all. So, we, instructors have to deal with a body in a very stressful environment within very short period of time and to understand how good the "body awareness" is, we are giving in the beginning as much surfaces as possible. And from this position we could slowly change the body position to desired one. It's like jet plane on take off. It's slow, and to catch lift it needs as much surfaces as possible (flaps). Once it's airborne and picking up the speed it could stay in the air with much smaller (surface presented) wings. Just for example. Short remark. This is just my view on the process.
  3. You have to keep in mind, that the instructor's goal to let first timers fly "hands-off" as much time as possible, especially if it's going about 2 flight per 1 minutes. At least i was taught to do so, when i got my IBA instructor training. All iFly instructors i think were taught the same way, since IBA is a part of that ecosystem - SkyVenture (iFly recently) - IBA. As an experienced tunnel instructor i'm following flyer's body reactions, and correcting body position accordingly to let it fly without my hands-on relatively neutral.
  4. There's a couple in house made remote for any recent GoPro model. There's one with LCD and one without it. Don't you find any of them more reliable solution, do you?!
  5. Hi, I couldn't mark my item as SOLD. After pushing the button the page freezes for some time without to be renewed.
  6. Let the numbers not hesitate you! It's about the same time of coaching sessions i gave as well.
  7. Hi, I would like to give you my a few pennies. As of me, i like your back fly position in general. I would change a few things. Head. Try to imagine you let your head "fall". I think this would be enough. Feets. While flying try to point you heels a little bit, maintaining clear 90 deg angle between feets and calfs, like you're sitting on the chair with your feets flat on the floor. This habit gives you more control over your whole leg while doing any kind of transitions. Back to belly, back to sit etc. Legs as a complex. While flying low, try to keep your knees closer and at the same time try to twist your heels a little bit outside moving your calfs a little bit apart. This habit could give you more control over your feets while making turns with legs and side slides and of course doing back to sit transitions. That's it! Have fun!
  8. in my opinion, in long term prospective more profitable skill i would see is knee flying in comparing to traditional sit meaning both hands grip. This position would give you more degrees of freedom in headup on different speeds once learned. Of course i wouldn't neglect traditional sit at all to be able to switch between both to benefit from both positions. It feels unstable in the beginning while you're learning to control your legs and upper body - your main surfaces. Your arms are for fine steering. Hope my explanation would help you to understand. Good luck!
  9. It didn't work for me, daily emails and FB messages. I wasn't lucky enough.
  10. Hi, i think you could forget about your money. I have ordered 8 helmets back in April 2013. I got no money refund, no helmets since then yet.
  11. Jarno, Thank you for your input! This is all very-very interesting! Do you think any wing suit is/will be flyable in this tunnel? I have mine Birdman GTI with a few dozens of jumps in it and would love now to try it in this tunnel.
  12. It seems just one tiny thing is missing in your concept - fairy dust.
  13. I would purchase 30 minutes for 5980SEK (ca. 650USD) to get certified as a Indoor Wingsuitflyer to fly without harness and instructor's hands-on.