Argus Ban List: By Location

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I just called into Deland and they said no such DZ wide ban exists. In fact they said I was more than welcome to jump my Wings with the Argus installed there.

It's good to hear that things have changed. I was forced to jump their rental gear, a few months ago, because Argus was not allowed at the time. I recommend calling ahead, to be sure of the current policy.

edited to add:
I just called DeLand, and was told that "they're not really banned, but we prefer that you not use them here". That's not what I was told when I was forced to rent their gear while visiting during early summer, but she said that there has been no change in that policy. They have never asked which H/C manufacturer I am using. I'd recommend getting something in writing before traveling there with any Argus equipped gear.

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Argus is from Belgium, they are located in Wavre (near Brussels).

Vigil is also from Belgium.
Karel (from Aviacom) was even co-owner when Vigil was brought to live. After a few years he stepped out of the company and started producing the Argus.

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