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  1. Tandems in general take their toll. Each TM at our DZ that's put in the real numbers, has ended up with back or shoulder issues over time. Last year we changed up some gear and that made a big difference in our TMs body wear and tear. IMO the larger pea gravel pit for tandems is a great idea. Every little bit helps. I'd much rather shake out some pea gravel after a jump than take the hard ground every time! Door!.... wait, what are we doin again?
  2. The DZO, packers, TIs and most importantly students, absolutely love this rig! They have the fastest turnaround time, the best price, and the most accommodating customer service. I'd highly recommend this system to anyone.
  3. Strong's new TNT tandem Plexus Tandem Systems Any chance at adding these? Door!.... wait, what are we doin again?
  4. The 3 ring and the disk are both great release systems. Both well thought out, field proven, and both have been created by minds far greater than mine. We've personally never had a single problem with the 3 ring release. We've been using it for decades and over countless jumps. Again, I will mention that every DZ is different. We are not the typical "Skydive Walmart" that seams to be so increasingly more common. We take our time, check our gear, and keep the students safety first. Confidence and knowledge of your system is paramount to the students safety. I would never recommend an instructor jump something they were not comfortable with, regardless of the reason. Stick with what you know and keep putting smiles on their faces man! Door!.... wait, what are we doin again?
  5. HA! Take a little from column A, take a little from column B. Want that book? Glenn Bangs has a great manual for the training and rigging. Never met the guy in person, but talked to him on the phone about a month ago. Super helpful nice guy and you could be a phone call away from getting it. We're a small group of three TI's. We're a little place with a few 182s and Strong's on the wall. Strong's always sent in for updates and still nice. That doesn't change the expiration's and we needed to make a decision. Between the three of us, our DZO, rigger, we had to come to an agreement and for us that's going to be the Plexus. I know other DZs got their own things goin on every one is different. For us, this works, for you, no clue. I noticed some significant similarity's between both Strong and Sigma. (Don't know the Racer or Eclipse or some of the others very well.) Primary/Secondary is the three ring release cable on one and its housing on the other. RSL left side. Well thought-out MARD system. Looks and feels like a big Wings. Passenger harness is comfortable, well designed. Drogue handle secured with magnet and tab. Riser flaps use the magnets. Bottom closing loop double lined and top loop is a small bungee bite of bridle. The manual is still gonna do you a better job:) Every system had some feature, component, balance, procedure, that we were taking into consideration. Every current manufacturer has something pretty amazing to offer this market. To call any one better than another is an insult to the rest. That was our problem. We've spent the last year trying to decide what platform to move to. It's safe, well built, comfortable, versatile, and very affordable. The only one we could all agree on for our current/future needs. Door!.... wait, what are we doin again?
  6. We're working with Gary Billings to cross us over at our DZ. Great guy to work with and learn from. As for the rig, I could write a book on everything I'm loving about it! Door!.... wait, what are we doin again?
  7. I just called into Deland and they said no such DZ wide ban exists. In fact they said I was more than welcome to jump my Wings with the Argus installed there. Door!.... wait, what are we doin again?
  8. Just to play devil's advocate here, who says the Argus didn't cut the loop? If you've ever seen the condition of a reserve closing loop after an AAD fire you will notice that it does not always look like a clean cut. It is a simple finger trap and when cut, the outside line tends to ride up leaving the core lower. This could appear to be a failed cut that tore the rest of the way. (I've seen this on two different loops from saves) What if this were a locked up reserve container? Certainly everyone here is aware that improperly rigged/maintained gear can lock itself up. A few videos out there to prove it. The owner of the gear in TX didn't have any silicone on the loop and the rig was being jumped out of date. Those two factors alone should make us question the validity of the Argus claim. Why wont the DZ send the AAD to Aviacom for inspection? Where are the pictures of the loop? Why hasn't anyone mentioned that the final report on the Poland issue was a reserve container tray that held on to the free bag too long? No conspiracy theories here, just another way to look at this. I'm not convinced that the cutter did not work. Neither should anyone else until proof is there. Sorry if my grammar/spelling sucks.... a few vodka and red bulls into the night :) Door!.... wait, what are we doin again?
  9. subject21

    Skydive Temple

    World class staff with great organizing. Incredibly clean, comfortable, and fast PAC-750. Very talented fun jumpers with no cliques. A true family feel to the entire place and an all around class act!
  10. Very sad. Door!.... wait, what are we doin again?
  11. I think what you will find from most would be consistent. If an AFFI got the rating from IE Mr. X, then that IE is awsome. If an AFFI wanna be got denied the rating from IE Mr. Y, then that guy sucks. The most relevant data may not come from those of us that have only taken the course once. At the end of the day, they all should be following the same book. Find a personality that you jive well with and run with it. I've worked with several IEs and thought they were all great... just my 2 cents. Door!.... wait, what are we doin again?
  12. subject21

    Explore Free Fall

    Explore Free Fall is the latest creation from a consortium of skydiving instructors in central Indiana. Our instructors bring decades of experience into our training methods. Once you've experienced Explore Free Fall (aka EF2) you will know why our student base grows every year. We look forward to jumping with you soon!
  13. Very good point! However, our DZO doesn't care for handy cam and only wants outside video. (lets not get into the argument as to what is better as that's argued on a few other threads and leave it at that.) Throughout all of last year I was the only TI so that probably should have been mentioned before. This year we've brought another TI on and between weekends away for each of us, it's still common to only have one. I definitely see your point though and appreciate the input! Door!.... wait, what are we doin again?
  14. Not sure how you came up with $40 on fuel... we've done the math and its a fraction of that... pilots at our DZ fly for free (to get time or just for fun)... tach? not much of a difference and he owns his planes and is an A&P/IA.... Guess our overhead is way lower than some other DZs... maybe that's why it works for us. If the extra person cost the operation another $40, then those would be some pretty costly jump tickets for a 182. Door!.... wait, what are we doin again?