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  1. airgord

    Bail out from the TBM Avenger over Arizona

    Somebody out there has a double save!
  2. airgord

    Aero Commander 500

    Some models have a spar Airworthiness Directive and the fuel cells have some problems along with a repetitive prop inspection. Get a Cessna 182 or 206, better off in the long run.
  3. airgord

    Talon 1 D9 ???

    Order you spare parts now. Hurry!!
  4. airgord

    3 ring release handle

  5. airgord

    Making a Talon freefly friendly?

    rainar, contact RI at We can make it freefly friendly.
  6. As soon as you invent a more idiot-proof rig they'll come out with a better idiot.
  7. airgord

    New VOODOO Curv

  8. airgord

    name for wind tunnel

    They all are......they swallow your money!!!
  9. airgord

    New VOODOO Curv

    Spot doesn't have one, yet, what would you like to see?
  10. airgord

    Will a Velocity 111 fit in a Talon FX0

    OP126 tight. Crossbraced 111 takes up a lot of volume, try the PIA site and look up the capacities and volumes of each.
  11. airgord

    Wally gubbins?

    Leo Dickinson is still around and has a website to sell his climbing videos. Maybe if we all ask nicely they'll run some for us. Google him.
  12. airgord

    Swoop Kerwin video?

    The best stuff ever. Can you still order them somewhere? Bought a copy of Wally Gubbins from a UK skydiving store last week - unfortunately on VHS. I still enjoy it 20 years later. Absolutely love the safety announcement. [url]
  13. airgord

    talon fx manual?

    Alexy, please email us monday;
  14. airgord

    talon fx manual?

    Are you in Eloy now? Didi you buy a new rig and it wasn't in the main container with the freebag etc? It is the same as the FS except for the reserve closing sequence, right, left, TOP, bottom. RI will be open monday the 2nd.