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Arrr isn't that the pizza i brought the first time i saw you? After i cleaned out the casino?B|

Don't remember anything about the pizza, but I know you bought me a bottle of Tuaca...lol
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I love vodka.I love vodka cause it rhymes with Tuaca~LisaH
You having a clean thought is like billyvance having a clean post.iluvtofly

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i'll 2nd "homemade"

we DO buy the dough, however.

let it rise for a couple of hours, then roll it out,( i have a flour covered breadboard, which is used to stretch and shape the pizza).
then the sauce, some dried basil, some salt , and toppings of your choice,
such as pepperoni, mushrooms, black olives, 2 or three different types of cheeses and of course lots and lots of mozzarellaB|
Sometimes, no other toppings,,, Just mozzarella:o

bake at 425 for maybe 15 or 20 minutes...

good and tasty... BUT nowadays about one and a half times the co$t of take out..
still it provides us with a great AROMA,,, as well as great taste, and gives the kids something FUN to do,,, as we prepare it...
in winter,,, I get on a kick,,, where I make homemade pizza at LEAST once a week...

mamma Mia!!!!! that's somma gooooood peetsszaaaa

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