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We made a leisurely 90 minute drive to Niagara Falls, as Nancy had surprised me with tickets for The Moody Blues this past Saturday...( She sometimes takes a tour bus with friends from her bowling and golf leagues for a day trip to the casino ) ( tickets were being advertised a couple of weeks ago as "still available " , so she bought a pair.) :)
The music was spot ON. the fans were lively the show was memorable.....
Then Nancy played a Penny slot machine.... played the Max. and after starting with 20 dollars, was able to run that UP to $ 165 dollars..
I burned a 50.....on a couple of other machines.. no joy. [:/];)B|
pics attached.

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I've got the Colt King Cobra, 6 inch barrel.

Those things are skyrocketing. Hang onto it for 20 years and you can send one of your grandkids through college. :)

"When in doubt I whip it out,
I got me a rock-and-roll band.
It's a free-for-all."

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Well SHOOT.....;)B|
Nothing wrong with skirting SC, but you never heard THAT from Me !!!

Yes On Saturday Evening they played Tuesday Afternoon... They started the concert with Gemini Dream.....and followed with a dozen or more great songs...Then played the One song which i did NOt recognize,, played some tracks from albums which i always liked, Seventh Sojourn and Octave...

When Justin introduced the 4 other Musicans who played with John Lodge, Graham Edge and Justin Hayward ( Flutist Ray Thomas is Not with the band for this tour. ) he introduced them one by one and then finished by saying .. " we're all JUST singers in a Rock & Roll Band,,, and that kicked things OFF into THAT tune.B|:)Show ended, soon thereafter ,, :( but they returned to huge applause and for an encore... They put the cherry on the sundae... with Ride My See-Saw....

we were very glad that we " Saw " them...SEE ??? :D;)

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me jumping off stuff on holidays with my baby, meeting old and new friends..

According to my best mate: "if you can jump, you can work, if you cannot jump - you cannot work!"

I'm aiming at september now.. B|
“Some may never live, but the crazy never die.”
-Hunter S. Thompson
"No. Try not. Do... or do not. There is no try."

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