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  1. Thanks John ! Actually the WORST run to go on is the 3am for a low battery in a CO detector
  2. Nothing better than going back the day after a fire and see what you were crawling around in
  3. Great video ! I love learning new apologetic evidence , thanks for posting
  4. I jumped at Skydive East from '89-93 ( then went to the Ranch) Im at STL now and there are a few people who were from Skydive east I will ask them in March when I start up for the year again.
  5. I wish! I was on fear factor 10 yrs ago, but I have a full time job, FDNY do they work around that??
  6. Thanks Andy. I wish... money just a little too tight now. I was building time pretty quick. Now I fly just enough to keep the rust off ... Where are all the hot Kate Beckensale looking millionaires who are looking to adopt a 40 yr old geesh!!!
  7. yea, there is a responsibiltity if you decide to state your opinion to people ( who ask for it ) because if you have a lot of holes or unanswered quest. that may help have the opposite effect and make them have even less faith.... This is the reason I wrote in my thread to the skeptics to doubt your doubts, thats what I do, If I get doubt about something I tackle it head on...
  8. Ok no easy answer here!!! For every site that supports this, there is one that doesnt for instance: The provenance of the Scansoriopteryx type specimen is uncertain, as it was obtained from private fossil dealers who did not record exact geologic data I got that from WIKIPEDIA and as far as all the tremendous controversey around Archaeopteryx , forget it, Im not saying one side is right or wrong but in order to even use your theory I have to find reliable sources to read that isnt partial to one or the other and thats where it gets difficult. The ONLY thing I think to do is read both and arrive at my conclution from there. Again that will take a long time so dont be surprised if you get a post from me a week, a month, or who knows when about this.....
  9. True!! Unless your from down south and into that kinda thing!
  10. Thanks Wendy, I will. Every so often I come across something that I can't answer. That doesn't mean my whole belief system falls apart in fact I find when I look into something that threatens it I come out of it stronger when I do get my answers. If I don't have these discussions in here I would never get this kind of input that's very important to me.
  11. (Warning this story may make you cry) I am looking to be adopted.. I am loving and kind and I give lots of hugs and snuggles! I am looking for special parents that will love me and provide me with an airplane I can use to build my hrs up. I dont mind doing Tandems for money they are fun, but if given enough currency to jump I would like to make more belly jumps. I am a married father of two, I would like for you to adopt all of us, but if that cant happen you can leave my wife out of it............
  12. Ok so cosmological , moral, and a touch or so of teleological ( design ) has been thrown in, not completley covered but I wanted to bring up the ACCURACY of the bible esp. the new testament so first I'd like to point out that most of it has been written very early after jesus' death, any objections so far??
  13. Newbie... Love it! Im getting too effin old.. Newbie sounds young
  14. Bill I didnt ignore this post I was bombarded in my post forum , and didnt have time to, I wanted to tell you I dont have an answer for this, and wont have time this week to look into it, but It has my attention and will definatley be looked into.....