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  1. I jumped at Skydive East from '89-93 ( then went to the Ranch) Im at STL now and there are a few people who were from Skydive east I will ask them in March when I start up for the year again.
  2. Dont worry Dave I'll coach you next year!!!!
  3. mikempb

    Class action suit against VIGIL

    Thanks guys, I know what you mean and Im glad I have some understanding out there, your right about being persistant and I will. I did buy from a retailer and I'll call him today. Last time I asked about it, it didnt seem like anything was going to happen anytime soon.
  4. mikempb

    Class action suit against VIGIL

    Thaks I appreciate it. All I want is this problem to be rectified. I didnt think that was asking too much
  5. mikempb

    Class action suit against VIGIL

    Well its too bad I wasnt that guy then huh? MY experience is quite different as I explained in MY post
  6. mikempb

    Class action suit against VIGIL

    Well Im trying to be understanding but since its been gone since JUNE of the season without word Im sure Im the one who deserves some support not them
  7. mikempb

    Class action suit against VIGIL

    Unfortunatly neither does bad business and skydiving
  8. mikempb

    Class action suit against VIGIL

    Hi all Im one of many Im sure who has had there VIGIL sent back due to a bad cutter and also there was something else wrong with it( failed to stay on with a good bat) I contacted them by phone and E-amil. I will admit it was late this week and im giving them more time to get back to me. I have not had a Vigil all season and I have had NOOOOOOOOOOO word or apology of any sort. Dont get me wrong I LOVE spending money I dont have on a piece of equipment that doesnt work to Not save my life. But enough is enough. Are there others who are fed up? Lets start a class action law suit to get our money back, give them some real bad press until OUR problem is fixed. MY GOAL is to either have a working AAD by beg. of next season or my full refund to go buy one that I can rely on send me PMs or just respond Thanks all, if anyone has any info that will help i'd appreciate it
  9. mikempb

    Ranch Pond Swoop photos

    Yep, and I made sure they gave me the point for it
  10. mikempb

    hello peeps

    Welcome, well, my wife was doing her 1st tandem on my 1,000 jump a few yrs back, and well she got scared in the door and never jumped!! we laugh about it now but she was pretty bummed the day it happened. Thanks for serving our country too!
  11. Ha Ha, I started in skydive east, back in 89 and left in 92 for the Ranch, whats your dad's name? maybe he knew me as well. Anyway Congrats and welcome! mike
  12. mikempb

    Ranch Pond Swoop photos

    Hey Mike if you really have high def footage, make me a copy.. PM me and I'll give you my adress and a few bucks for shipping. by the way i may do a Mikey perfect episode about that and call it mikey miracle
  13. mikempb

    Ranch Pond Swoop photos

    Thats exactly what happened, I turned low Because I had object fixation, bad combo and in the element of all the spectators watching.... Hmmm why is it you always learn your lesson AFTER the accidents!!!!
  14. mikempb

    Ranch Pond Swoop photos

    HEY EVERYONE!!!! Im the guy who " went in" . Im ok ecsept for my shoulder, and a whole lot of soreness. I hope some of you learned something from that I sure did!! I wont stop jumping in 18 yrs thats my 1st injury, but I have givin up swooping, FX 99 for sale by the way. By the way no luck involved there, it was all gods will and I will be thankful everyday for it!! Hey I STILL BEAT MIKEY!! and at least my injuries will heal He will have to live with that for the rest of his life!!!! No Im going to go watch TOY STORY 2 with my daughter and hold her just a little tighter Mike
  15. mikempb

    The Ranch - NY

    just make sure Mikey perfect probably one of the best pieces of film(ok video) out there, wins first place!!!