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  1. Im excited to hear that interview! what was the sensation of falling like with such a small amout of resistance up there did he feel like he was falling fast? Is he surprised that none topped his record yet with all thenew technology out there?
  2. mikempb


    I only gave the rating a 4 out of 5 because I was being very strict in my judgement. This may be an old design but I love this chute for sooo many reasons. First, its very controllable meaning its glide rate is somewhat flat so you can get back from a bad spot (important where I jump ) Second, it dives like crazy, and the front riser pressure is NOT bad at all! Third, the openings arent as bad as I've read, and I bought mine used from 2000 and it was made by Precison which are supposed to be the worst opening ones. Ok the Only thing that needs to be mentioned in a negative manner is the power of the flare and the Very end. Im used to my x-fire2 and when Im skimming the ground a mere inches above, I always had enough left to pop them that extra couple of inches and get a little extra lift. I dont with the FX my last landing I was doing what i always do cruising with my knees bent at an altitude of 6 inches and boom.. No extra lift I fell and wasnt hurt but its important to know its an older design and you have to get used to landing it as such. Hope this helps! I think the FX is the best x-braced chute to get when your like me and your just entering that spectrum of canopy. PS Im 170 ( 190 out the door) and I have a FX99 so Im not quite loading it at 2.0
  3. mikempb

    Crossfire 2

    I put 70 jumps on my crossfire, I compare it to my other main which is my stilleto120 I use it as a second chute to get more jumps in a day. So here it is: The crossfire gets GREAT penetration against the wind and fantastic glide ratio, long spots, big head wind? No problem! Im only doing 180 swoops with this until I am more comfortable with it, there fun but Im waiting until the 270 and 360 turns thats why I spent the money on this chute! I cant get over the flare power on this canopy it still surprises me. openings=comfort.. Downside I like my hop and pops from 3 grand and after my quick 5 sec delay or so its 2 grand so it takes some altitude to open Ive been noticing betwen 600-800 ft. it seems to pack larger than i thought in my experience as big as my stilleto120!! so downsizing and getting that smaller container isnt going to happen. I love my stelleto as my older review states, but I have to say my new crossfire is more fun to play with and a safer canopy when familiar with it as well. please dont rush your way up to it unless you have enough experience though!!!!
  4. mikempb


    I have aprox. 500 jumps on my Stilleto 120 at 1.6 loading It does recover quickly from a turn, for some that might be what there looking for, for the rest of us, just work your way up to 270 degree turns and then the fun begins!
  5. mikempb

    Blue Sky Ranch

    The ranch wasnt my first dz, but I call it home for over 12 yrs now. No matter who you are you can find people to jump with, unlike my expieriences at other dz's. Modest facilities, maybe, but the aircraft, expierience, view, and events arent!!