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  1. Thanks for posting this! Never heard of it before, and just found out their having it literally like 30 minutes from me at Millville motocross track. I've ate more of that dirt than anyone I know, definitely going to survive! Registered. GAME ON
  2. Decided to get her a gift, we spend every day together, and 50 texts plus when not together. Plus what skymama said, lol. Going to get a nice bottle of perfume, :)
  3. I broke my golden rule about starting to date anyone between, thanksgiving and Valentines day. Anyways, how long dating someone before getting them a Christmas gift?
  4. Just watched the crash now, that was nasty. The forces involved to pull his helmet off like that, his neck had to have broke. RIP Simoncelli
  5. Herky


    There are five breweries within say two miles of me. All of them sell the 1 gallon (128 ounce) growlers. I've never seen one outside of a brewery though. We're also allowed to take opened bottles of wine home in the car from restaurants. I always thought the one gallon size is what made it a growler? Like a handle and a fifth. I thought it was a measurement?
  6. What up with the beyond teens and early 20's thing? I'm early 20's and I couldn't even manage to be "just friends" with my best friends girlfriend. I would think the older you were the easier it would be.
  7. The only time I tip 100% + is when I'm really really shitfaced. But honestly, who hasn't done that before?
  8. What's up with everyone referring to waitresses as illegitimate baby factories? If that's how you see them and think of them maybe that is part of the reason for your bad service issue. I walk into a restaurant with a smile on my face and a pleasant attitude. I have a quick conversation with the server, making sure not to say the same line they've heard over and over about the weather or how busy their day has been. Friendly banter if you will. Please and thanks you's always. And call them by their name. End result my service is great and I just made their day a little better.
  9. Really depends on the glasses, I wear prescription sunglasses under my Z1 no problem. My normal glasses don't come anywhere close to fitting though. And the fogging issues is a major PITA.
  10. You guys realize if this planet was accessible to us it would make diamonds literally worthless. It would become the most common commodity over even top soil.
  11. I own a sports car, had it since age 18. It's a six speed manual. But with my aftermarket springs being so stiff I don't think any girl would want to learn in it. They would probably have to use both feet to push the pedal down. At the same time though, learning to drive stick in a sports car is 10x easier just because you have that big ass motor. I can start off in 3rd gear no problem, and go from 1st to 6th even.
  12. "And then there's mauve" Because mauve is purple. And you pronounce it "MOV" and it sounds/spelled dangerously close to maude. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VjWBNiWZs7s Television show little before your time though, ends with and then there's maude. Family guy did a bit about it.
  13. http://www.time.com/time/video/player/0,32068,940277921001_2071303,00.html Looks really similar...
  14. I used to have "FBI Security Van 3" as my SSID in hopes people would stay off it. But even with that and using WPA2 encryption someone still was leeching from me. Pissed me off major, now I suppress my SSID and haven't had any issues.
  15. That's how escorts always post their phone number too. See attached.