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  1. Just coming back into the sport / video work I'll be doing RW stuff (whatever is there) working my way into tandems and AFF again .. learning to Freefly along the way so I can eventually film that also. I used to like to sit fly but my old Big wing suit though the legs where baggy and it seemed to lay me out more then sit me up. Also it always kinda freaked my out not seeing the ground. I plan over coming this and becoming a sit flying master as soon as possible. As far as Tonysuits until recently when I ordered my Pitsuit Comp special with all the bells and whistles. They asked for a remeasure about 4 weeks into the wait, so I did that. When I got the suit at the 9 week point it seemed to be made off the bad measurements. It was the wrong color, wrong grips, wrong options .. it was so bad. DSE I did like a big wing back in the day also, better to have it and not need it then not have it and need it. I see some Camera Jackets out there .. these seem pretty nice, anyone jumping them on a regular basis?
  2. Good Morning People! I'm about ready to buy a camera suit .. and need advise here with so many options now. Back in the day I had a BEV Camera suit with Large wings (for most stuff) and a Tony Camera suit for following teams. Who makes the best camera suit these days .. and why do you think so.
  3. Oh I know its going cost me a lot to get back at it. Just wondering what a guy/gal can expect to make these days per jump.
  4. Old skydiver/video guy getting back into the sport next year wondering what a video guy can expect to make per video jump these days?
  5. I knew Jeff back in the 90's at Ft. Bragg he helped out at the 82nd Freefall activitey. Last year we re-connected on Facebook and chatted some about the old days. So sorry for your lose Teresa.
  6. Blue Skies Gene Paul you will be missed by anyone who ever had the honer of meeting you. Gene Paul was for me like many many people in the sport someone you looked up to and admired. I remember the day back in the mid 90's when Gene Paul called me down to the end of the bar were he always sipped on his red wine and poured me a glass. I knew from that point on Raeford would always be my home DZ and I had earned the old mans approval. I am just sorry I didnt have a chance to see him one more time before God took him from this world. To everyone that knew and loved Gene Paul my deepest condolences to you. ScaryLarry, Larry Thiessen D16956 Raefordite 93 to present
  7. Thanks for the responses guys .. I bought a G2 today after watching the Cookie video, cant wait to get it.
  8. Glasses under a FULL Face hard Helm .. Which is best? I wear prescription glasses and am going to buy my first full face hard helm in years (last one was a Factory Diver (1997) when I didn't have glasses). I have seen pictures of the G2 and it looks like it has plenty of room but pictures can be deceiving. Also, I cant have the lens flipping up in freefall. Any recommendations? Buying one this morning 8).
  9. Thanks for the link .. after reading the thread seems I'm not alone. I've been in the Ft Bragg tunnel plenty back in the day, there is no way this location was ever going to be a wind tunnel. On top of that there isn't a drop zone within 3 hours of Medford, OR where the thing was being built. No one around these parts would even know what a tunnel was its total redneck urban around here.
  10. I'm from a small town near Medford OR. A friend of mine told me a few months ago that there was going to be indoor skydiving starting up there BUT it burnt down before they finished. Today I drove by the building which was nothing more then the standard 20 ft ceiling Mini Mall type place. Anyone know who was trying to get this going? The location seemed a tad small.
  11. I've had a LAP rating since 1992 .. 8). Gradz on yours !
  12. When you look into the sky every single time an aircraft flies by and you know exactly what make and model it is and how long it takes to get you to altitude.
  13. IMO they where seeing WHO lived there and what was in the house viewable from the door .. So they are looking for a single female with lots of high dollar value items close to the main entrance. YES they are casing your house .. report it to your local Law Enforcement. FYI I work in the CA prison system and have been around criminals for 12+ Years day in and day out, they talk about this kinda crap all the time openly. DONT be a victim.
  14. 1997 Age:18 US ARMY 43E Rigger Ft. Benning Military Static Line .. I still remember my exact thought as I was shuffling to the door .. "FuC IT !!!" 1992 Age:22 Ft Lewis Parachute club, we shuttled down to Ralphs and did are first jumps on Staticline progression. Frank Stonko was my instructor.
  15. Just say NO !! .. if you do this and they don’t pay you'll spend the $20,000 on lawyer fees trying to get them out and trying to get a judgment against them. Even if you get a judgment they can hide their assets and you'll never collect a dime from them.