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  1. I have a full face and like it, it fog sometimes but only after a minute or so under canopy and cold weather. prefer to jump a full face when doing any formation, don't want to be kicked on the chin...
  2. I had a few times in SL.. but no more than half twist on freefall rigs.. I think if you are stable on opening time, that won't happen in student canopies... let the more experienced say more...
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    Is there any update about the skylark jumpsuits? I have seen them and they look very nice.
  4. julio_gyn

    Fishing, Cal City - East Style

    that is what i call flying fish...
  5. don't know if will help you much, but I was ensured by http://www.sportscoverdirect.com/ last season, check on the website for the info you need
  6. I think the seat belt is DZ rules, I jumped in a dz that require, and my dz doesn't, both in ireland