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  1. julio_gyn

    Cutting the loop or pulling the pin?

    well, lets complicate it so.... new ripcord with the "pussher" and a manual cypress cutter as a secondary reserve handle... lol, may be a crazy idea, too many handles, but will cover the "what if the pin..." story... Julio Cesar blue skies
  2. julio_gyn

    Katie swoops into moving car

    is she flying petra? Julio Cesar blue skies
  3. julio_gyn


    Thanks Jerry, its 316 cold forged... its simple process to form the shapes, big press, good tool and a big BANG! Julio Cesar blue skies
  4. julio_gyn


    Hi, anyone knows what grade is the SS used in skydiving gear? Julio Cesar blue skies
  5. julio_gyn

    Turn Viso off

    I turn off my cypress, but most of the time I leave the viso on... Julio Cesar blue skies
  6. julio_gyn

    Turn Viso off

    you have to follow more steps, access the logbook information then hold the square for 5 seconds, find the OFF screen and only then you press and hold the up and down.... I know, its a pain and most of the time I leave it on... Julio Cesar blue skies
  7. julio_gyn

    Hard Deck - where is yours and why ?

    main opening is 4-3.5k if main is malfunctioning the hard deck is 2k aircraft emergency, main 1.8k or up (my sabre takes 3 seconds to open in HP) reserve under 1.8k Julio Cesar blue skies
  8. julio_gyn

    Cessna 182 interior

    don'k know if it's something you can use in planes, but we use some kind of flame retardant foam, it comes in rolls and have glue on one side, 20mm thick and noise suppressor. Julio Cesar blue skies
  9. julio_gyn

    Canopy Construction Videos?

    there is a nice version of the video on youtube, just keep looking for how it's made, clear video and audio Julio Cesar blue skies
  10. julio_gyn

    Can you recommend a gear store in Europe?

    maybe I was lucky, but bought 2 helmets, alti and minor bits and pieces from USA and didn't pay any tax Julio Cesar blue skies
  11. julio_gyn

    Cypres 2 service bulletin

    I think this is the holly crap moment.... Julio Cesar blue skies
  12. julio_gyn

    Liquid Sky RW Suit......Beware!

    sorry, I have many more jumps and don't bother to update my profile... Julio Cesar blue skies
  13. julio_gyn

    Liquid Sky RW Suit......Beware!

    Bev suits... I have one and is holding fine after many jumps, bum slides, side slides.... fits like should be Julio Cesar blue skies
  14. julio_gyn

    If you could create the perfect DZ...

    we have a nice dz, huge landing area, they say it is 850m long all grass, a pilatus porter and a c182. If we could have a few more good sunny days during the year, would be perfect to me... Julio Cesar blue skies
  15. julio_gyn

    Stretching lineset back to trim

    ok, i got it.. so the slider hits its vmax and then (maybe by the friction generated) it slows... I think the fiber is a "plastic" and the place it shrink will get "harder" and deform or restrict the stretching to more "softer" areas... Sorry if I'm having a hard time to understand all this, and causing any trouble to the thread.. Julio Cesar blue skies