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  1. Nice to see articles like this coming out, but the math on #4 is off. If a belly group exits after a freefly group, they will open almost directly at the same place the freefly group opens. This article covers that in a much more straightforward fashion: http://www.dropzone.com/safety/Exit/Exit_Separation_Revisited_628.html The canopy flight has nothing to do with it other than the first out people can cover more distance and will actually end up underneath the 2nd group out after them (not the first since the first will open right on top of them). I think this was confused with Bryan's opinions on steep angle flyers getting out before belly flyers. In these cases, they can fly back to jump run and end up in the airspace of the belly flyers. I would've like to have seen a section on discussing not flying up or down jump run after opening for the exact same reason covered in #4, the distance traveled can be large. In addition, wind doesn't have anything to do with "blowing" groups anywhere... it's just when there are higher winds on jump run, the ground speed is lower, so our actual seperation distance is different.
  2. Thanks everyone for the good suggestions. We already have foam padding on the floor and walls which help out a lot with comfort. I just wanted to cover up the aleron cables and wing caps. Never thought of just removing the glue and painting the rest, that would probably serve it's purpose and save a lot of money. Our A&P could only come up with aluminum as a solution and it would be at least a grand, these sound like better options. Thanks!
  3. Hello, We want to spruce up the interior of our Cessna a little as the interior is currently completely removed and doesn't look that professional. Anyone have any ideas? I was thinking of using the plastic that you see in all of the Otters. Is that feasible? Where can I get it? Thanks
  4. Anyone come up with a good way to mount the N3 on your wrist / forearm without velcro? Something similar to the Viso mount? I've tried multiple types of elastic and the best thing I could come up with is supertacking the rubber mount to the elastic from a long sock. It holds the best so far, but when I am head down it'll start creeping it's way from my forearm down to my wrist, especially if I am pegged out with my arms to my side. My jumpsuit helps to hold it on, but I am getting a new one without sleeves, and I think it will slide down worse on my bare arm.
  5. Hello everyone, My DZ is looking at options for a different plane. We have a 182 wide body with a 300 HP IO 550, so we are used to a very fast climbing 182. We are hitting the limit of the 4-5 person jumper capacity of this plane though. I am hoping others can offer their opinions on solutions. My initial thoughts are a 206 or 207, but I am not sure if we can get those to climb the same as our 182 (I don't think we could afford a 500k turbine in the 206). Are there other options for this size of a plane other than a Cessna? The only other option I can think of is getting another kick ass 182. Then we have the option of running a more inexpensive plane on slower days and 2 planes on busier days. Any (helpful) thoughts would be appreciated! Thanks!
  6. What do you do about PRCPs? What do you use that they can throw away yet not pollute all over the place? I was thinking of some sort of tissue paper type thing that bio degrades.
  7. Right now our DZ uses static line with Rip cords and spring loaded pilot chutes. Our new Vector rigs have an option to do SL with hand deploy PCs. From a logistical standpoint this seems a little better to me as it is easier to pack as well as teaches the students to use hand deploy PCs and they won't have to transition. Is there anyone out there that is familiar with this type of setup? (Please don't distract this by saying switch to AFF or IAD ) Thanks!
  8. Hello everyone, I am currently using a Rawa with a PC1000 for fun jumping and absolutely love it. For tandem vids I have a Hawkeye with a PC101 on the side and a Rebel XT mounted on top. I would like to switch my tandem vid helmet over to a Rawa but I have a couple of concerns, so I was wondering if anyone out there is doing this. My main concern is that the area for the microphone on the camera is right below the hinge on the box. On my current mount I have the area above the microphone cut out with a windscreen on top so that I can pick up the audio from the tandems on the ground easier. Does anyone have problems with this on a Rawa? My other concern is getting all of the cabling routed properly as well as getting the cameye plugged into the camera as it is a nice tight fitting helmet. Finally, how about mounting a site on it? I am assuming there are people with this setup. Any answers / suggestions / pictures of your setup would be helpful. BTW: I am probably going to stick with the PC101 in the new Rawa as they are still cheap and available. The PC1000 are a much better camera, but are still kind of pricey and hard to come by. Thanks!
  9. How extensive do you have to remove the pants? Just unzip them? Thanks
  10. (I previously posted this in reference to the FliteSuit. Widening now to account for other mfg). I am looking at getting a new free fly suit and was leaning towards getting pants / jacket rather than a one piece suit. Has anyone had any experiences with this type of setup? I am especially interested in knowing how well the jacket stays tucked in when head up flying, head down flying, transitions, etc. I know when I just jump in shorts I have problems with my shirt coming out when head up. If you have used a setup like this, please include you manufacturer. Thoughts? Thanks alot.
  11. I was trying to get around the hassle of a one piece suit
  12. Thanks guys for sharing your experiences with the company, I would be interested in hearing from others. However I am really interested on any experiences people have had with the whole jacket / pants combination and how well they work together. Thanks alot!
  13. I am looking at getting a new free fly suit and was leaning towards getting pants / jacket rather than a one piece suit. Has anyone had any experiences with this type of setup? I am especially interested in knowing how well the jacket stays tucked in when head up flying, head down flying, transitions, etc. I know when I just jump in shorts I have problems with my shirt coming out when head up. Thoughts? Thanks alot.
  14. I am looking at a rig that was posted on the classifieds here. I guy has already shipped it to me. The ad claimed it as an NJ, but it really turned out to be an RSK.5. So my question is, because I pack the PD113R and Cypres 2 in there, is it realistic it expect to be able to fit an FX104 in this container? What is the largest that you have packed in an RSK.5? Thanks alot!
  15. So I am going to be picking up the 350D here shortly and I am starting to think about how I want to mount it. I have an Arrow Dynamics Hawkeye helmet that has both a flat top and side. I have my PC101 mounted on the side. The two options I see for mounting the still camera is either on the top or upside down in front of my forehead. I see alot of people with it in front of their forehead but not sure if I would go for that. Seems like it would stick quite a ways out in front. However it also seems like it would be more out of the way and less likely to get damaged by risers or anything else. Any opinions on that? Either way I go, I need to be able to stabilize the lens so that the opening force doesn't rip it off. What is the best way that you guys have found for doing this? Do you just put some sort of support underneath the lens (if it is top mounted), or do you put something under and also wrapping around to hold it down? What kind of materials do you use? Thanks!