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  1. Thanks a lot strife, it seems pretty reasonably priced also. definatley something ill look into. I may or may not be going jumping in the states so possibly wont need worldwide cover, although the insurance group that the APF uses may have an option for worldwide cover... Zlew, I have said two times, I dont own or rent a house, home insurance is out of the question...
  2. Thanks for that, I didn't know they did. Does the USPA also as I am going jumping in the states possibly next year for a few months.
  3. Can anyone suggest any insurers that cover parachutes? I used to have Harrison Beaumont cover, but would like to compare several providers if possible. I dont have any house insurance as im travelling around Australia for the foreseeable future, and I have my parachute with me, so wouldnt be able to use any home insurance companies. I am also a UK citizen so not sure if that would make a difference go companies.
  4. Thanks, it may be due to the rig being in a suitcase when i transport it but im not sure. Cypres got back to me and said they would repair it for free if i send the unit to them and the turn around is 4 weeks :)
  5. Ive just realised the screen on my Cypres 2 is damaged. I have contacted Cypres about this, but have no idea how I've done it. The picture below is with the serial number visible on screen - it shows just how much of the screen is damaged! EDIT - Attached the picture!
  6. Im sat with the manual infront of me, and cant figure out how to power off the Viso 1. Turn VISO OFF Press AND at the same time and hold until the VISO turns OFF. Or, press to enter the Padlock window. Can somebody please advise me how to turn the Viso 1 off please?
  7. I'm also in the same boat so instead of start a new thread I thought I'd just reply. I'm going in November for as long as my money will last and was wondering what the largest and busiest dropzones are in aus? I've been looking at ramblers but from their description on their site, it sounds like they can barley get enough kid week jumpers...
  8. luck. just like a lot of people are born into poverty or war
  9. This may sound a bit of a daft question, but how can i get the serial number of my Solo 1? Ive looked through the (2 page) manual but there doesnt seem to be anything on how to get the serial?
  10. I was wondering if the elastic wrist mount for the viso 2 will hold a viso 1? id presume the viso 1 and 2 are the same measurements but not certain.
  11. Congratulations to everyone that took part!!
  12. What kind of main and reserve were you on? Manta 280 main and not sure on reserve...
  13. I had two out on first jump! rolled onto back and the static line caught reserve pin somehow and got two out. didnt have anywhere enough knowledge to know what to do so i didnt do anything and just tried to land it. hard landing on the runway.
  14. Thanks for the replies, i thought they would have charts, but ill email them
  15. I am looking for the sizing chart for the Wings W11 container. Ive looked all over but cant see official Wings doccumentation on this. All I can find is the following link that says 150-170. I thought containers can usually fit 3 different main sizes and not just 2 like the table suggests?