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  1. a pair of snug fitting sunglasses ($20 drug store variety) and a bungee if you need one. Has worked for me with a FTP, Cookie ROK and Uvex ski helmet
  2. dirtbox

    Landing on your butt taking its toll?

    Pulling pebbles out of your shoes/pants (more so on no wind days) might get old? otherwise the soft sand on the beaches in Australia rocked (minus the sand in your shoes/pants business) - if less than perfect you could still stick a stand up landing in the sand or if there was no wind and you wanted to sit down it was nice and soft. I'd vote for sand over pea-gravel but either one is nice, though a smooth flat well kept grass area is just as good really. Of course flairing really helps, just wish I had done that on my last jump
  3. dirtbox

    Wingsuit Canopy Size

    Anecdotal at best but I personally don't wingsuit with anything smaller than my Pilot 117. I had a friend who had issues with his Pilot 111 and big suits. I have had no issues (jumping my R-bird through to X3 with my 117).
  4. dirtbox

    Scotch Guard

    both mine got a good coating when new (r bird, X3, parapak)... no damage i am aware of and I suppose it worked in so far as I have no way of proving it didnt
  5. dirtbox

    Which one...Aura or X3?

    wait for the rebel II (your in Canada and the season is done so you can wait, unless you're going south?)... seen some friends pics of XRW in a rebel ii with a stock velo 79 with no tabs or nothing... food for thought
  6. ironically I wrote a WS policy for the DZ I work at earlier this year in the hope that it would prevent incidents from happening and keep the DZO off our backs and the part of the sport I like progressing locally. I feel most the problems stem from the 'teachers' and organisers. Too frequently those teaching horizontal flight don't include an in-depth look at the pattern, its importance and how it effects everyone on the DZ. Organisers are not selective enough with participants or jump plans (i.e. not slot specific/no real plan, minimal briefing, no dirt dive). Poor instruction combined with poor organising is always going to end badly. Bottom line is instructors and organisers need to do a better/proper job or someone will regulate these disciplines and then everyone loses. Dave D31759
  7. dirtbox

    Gear Insurance

    check with the APF but I believe they offer insurance on gear (i believe it is an option and covers gadgets/cutaways... more or less everything skydiving related). I could also be wrong.
  8. Is the total number of jumps made in the US known? If so are they broken down into tandem/sport/student?
  9. At the front. When I was brought into bigger wing suit dives I had proven I could A fly in control next to other people people and B good judgment when a formation changed. From there I started in the second row or third row on the edges (at this point it is like flying in a tight 5 way or 7 way, the 15+ others don't really enter your mind, even with break off you stay in the front team and break off from them like a normal smaller way) before moving further back and toward the centre and then eventually ended up being out late on multi plane dives - the back of a big way or multi plane dive is chaos at best. If a newbie missies their slot at the front they don't kill anyone they just miss their slot (so you might not for 'the' formation but you don't kill anyone), experienced fliers are safer when it comes to diving at and moving through traffic. With tracking I have heard both, put them at the front and out them in at the back chasing. Having watched what happened and now being in a place where I organize bigger tracking dives newbs go at the front and I adjust the fall rate as much as possible to help them while letting the experienced trackers move through them. Bottom line if you don't have the skills to be on the dive don't be on the dive. Start at the front on the edges, moving back through the centre finally to the 'glory' slot of last out closing the diamond or whatever. Also realize that some jumps are just jumps for very experienced fliers and not everyone can be one them but those types of advanced dives will still be there when you have the skills to be on them. my 2 cents
  10. dirtbox

    To hit the tail or not hit the tail?

    cool idea, have any other useful/informative data?
  11. dirtbox

    cypres 2 or vigil 2

    jump both, hope to never use either. My next rig (hopefully in a few weeks, first brand spanking new custom one) will get a cypres, only because some countries don't allow vigils and I want to jump in those countries. Otherwise which ever makes you happy, marketing aside I don't know that there is that much of a difference...
  12. dirtbox

    North Korea

    bwahahahahahahahaha....bwahahahahahaha...wait i am not done.... bwahahahahahahahahaha... Seriously? Getting to jump in South Korea is a pain in the ass (for 2 years there I managed 2 jumps from a Heli... I believe it is getting better though)... North Korea? good luck...
  13. the screws are long enough to put the bottom plate back on underneath the mount.... Mine has survived 200plus jumps and living in the bottom of my gear bag no worries.
  14. dirtbox

    Backfly help?

    Where are your zippers? close the leg wing, maybe open the arm up an inch each side (easier to learn, close it later). You are currently in a recliner position. Think about bringing your leg wing down to 40-60% but pointing you toes, pushing your head back and raising your hips to stop that sit position (once you got it you wont have to cock your head all the way back but at first the head movement really seems to limit the hip movement -> when you look at your toes you sit a bit). I take my arm wing all the back and fly palms down with my thumb along the gripper about 4 inches below the bottom of my back. P.S. if you think about it you should know who this is, we did more than a few jumps together and I was rather obsessed with getting my Rbird on its back...finally got in consistent and going good Your canopy fixed yet?
  15. Ikarumba! You would have trouble exiting a skyvan, much less a caravan There are some good folks at Suomen laskuvarjokerho that know a lot about wingsuiting (pm me if you want a name or two). A p3 would be great and you would only have trouble flocking with the biggest of suits if they were maxing it. There are plenty human wrecking balls (your weight, 3 feet shorter) flocking in P2s once they know how to fly them - most flocks are flown pretty dirty anyway which allows everyone to get in. Now, if you ever get in an appache or mattress class suit you may never come down, you'd have more wing than some small aircraft