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  1. Gather round, an old man would like to tell a story... Way back before PD had its own removable slider swoopers used to make their own versions or buy another manufacturers version. Soon though, PD bought out their own RS, it had a lot of yellow Teflon cable incorporated into the design and was thus very heavy and difficult to quarter into the pack job. This created some funky openings and PD needed to come up with a solution. Bingo, they added the poppers. It was so popular and so well marketed that PD even offered to add poppers to all the regular non removeable sliders on all the Velos. Everyone's Velos, you only had to ask and by doing so you were that little bit more badass and a better swooper of course. Hence the uptake of poppers on sliders everywhere! However, PD's removeable slider kept improving and the design got better and better. Less cable was used and it became less heavy and easier to quarter into the pack job. The poppers were no longer needed but PD had millions of them still stockpiled! They were kept under the factory and used as helpers. Hence the term "Mignons' was born which later went on to inspire a Hollywood kids movie!
  2. Skymama, I think you are going to have to elaborate on that statement. I'm a twin and my twin brother was circumcised at birth and I wasn't. Don't know how that occurred but that's what happened. So, apart from the appearance how can you say having sex with either penis is different? Or as you say that a circumcised penis is a more pleasurable experience? How? Can you feel the difference during intercourse or something???
  3. Are there any mirrorless cameras that will take a photo every 0.5 second like a GoPro does? I really like that feature as I'm not a professional photographer or do any paid work as camera. I want to concentrate on my skydiving and not be using a bite switch all the time but still would like a better photo at the end of the day jumping with friends.
  4. Contact Michael Wilson-Roberts on FB if you are still interested in a set of entry gates. He has a set for sale (the last ones he will ever make, I believe!) They come in at around £550. Brian Vacher has been using his gates since 2006 and there are several sets in use worldwide. (Used to be sold on here!) He jumps at Sibson and uses his own set there from time to time if you want to try them out first.
  5. It's a sign of the times! This goes hand in hand with European jumpers charging their "friends" to bring back equipment from the US. Even if it didn't actually cost them anything to do. If they did incur costs then that's just a chance to charge more money and turn a bigger profit. On a friend!!! Shame, shame!
  6. Somewhere a village is missing an idiot.... I think I found him, he appears to be "the only gay in the village" http://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2007/04_01/littlebritain1504_228x265.jpg In my defence he does bear a striking resemblance to the OP!!
  7. I love the bit that says if you'd have been on a HP canopy you'd have been hosed.... Well, a HP canopy has a HP pilot underneath it and they would have pulled higher in the first place. However, had they pulled at the height you did then they would have put that HP canopy into deep brakes and rode that fucker to a sweet set up right over the surf and pulled a beautiful 270 downwinder right through it. It would have been sick. Then they would have run up to the fat kid and kicked sand in his face for being everything I hate about this new generation of whinging celeb wannabe want everything on a plate asshat generation. After that, they would have run into the surf to rescue Dawn and get her out of her wet clothes. A bare breasted blowie in appreciation would surely follow, but don't worry fat kid, they'd let you watch so you can wank off later.
  8. I was told by GoPro that the exposure lock problem is across the entire range of GP3 Hero cameras. However, the silver and the older GP2 have 11mp not 12mp photos. So my theory based on rumours below is that it may be OK, if so please post and let us know. Rumours suggest that the the exposure lock is because the hardware and card cannot process the 12mp photo fast enough with auto exp on every photo at 0.5/1 secs. (Hence why the GP2 wasn't exposure locked as that was 11mp but you still needed a class 10 card and a software update from standard to use it at 0.5 secs). Now the GP3 has 12mp you still need a class 10 card to use 0.5 secs but they have locked the exposure on 0.5 secs and 1 secs. Hmmmm.... Therefore there's a possibility that Gopro will never be able fix the Black as it's down to its hardware and not software. If they do fix it then it may be a case of having to go to 11mp and not 12mp. If so then not a big deal but not as advertised, and then you may as well have saved your money and bought a silver in the first place. (Or just stuck with your GP2!)
  9. If you've bought a new Cypres recently (say within the last year) then in the UK you are covered by the sale of goods act 1979. Under the Sale of Goods Act 1979 goods must be:- •as described •of satisfactory quality •fit for purpose - this means both their everyday purpose, and also any specific purpose that you agreed with the seller (for example, if you specifically asked for a printer that would be compatible with your computer) Goods sold must also match any sample you were shown in-store, or any description in a brochure. You could therefore argue yourself a refund then either purchase an alternative AAD or simply re-buy a new Cypres without the fault when production restarts. or Getting a faulty item replaced or repaired:- You have the right to get a faulty item replaced or repaired if it's too late to reject it. You can ask the retailer to do either, but they can normally choose to do whatever would be cheapest. Under the Sale of Goods Act, the retailer must either repair or replace the goods 'within a reasonable time but without causing significant inconvenience'. If the seller doesn't do this, you're entitled to claim either: • a reduction on the purchase price, or • your money back, minus an amount for the usage you've had of the goods (called recision) If the retailer refuses to repair the goods, and they won't replace them either, you may have the right to arrange for someone else to repair your item, and then claim compensation from the retailer for the cost of doing this p.s. My Cypres is unaffected, I have no dog in this race. I am simply posting the consumer rights you have in the UK.
  10. Excellent article but no GoPro 3 tested.
  11. I was looking at that camera today, Samsung NX210 so just wanted to bump this thread and see if anyone had jumped one yet. (Or even the NX1000).
  12. I've seen 3 people land canopies with 1 or 2 broken lines trailing. 2 out of the 3 did not know till after landing. I've never had a broken line myself but have sailed close to the wind this year after doing 670 jumps on my current lineset (500HMA). I've now had to send mine in for a reline (and mid season; such bad admin!). What line type and size, and how many jumps have you now done on them?
  13. Yes, I have exactly that.
  14. I've done everything you've asked, I read the whole thread again and I've posted you 3 links to videos with content you were asking for. Ah man, you've hurt my feelings. OK, I won't post anymore. This is the last one. OK. No bad feelings eh? Here's another video for you to keep the thread on track:- (think you may know this one already though) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wFTc5o1V__Q
  15. I read the whole thread again. I obviously completely misunderstood who you were. My bad again. Anyway, here's another video to use as material for the Chris Saindon Canopy School:- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pv0zEWDYtbc