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  1. d100965

    Best POV Action Camera Shootout: 6 Challengers Reviewed

    Excellent article but no GoPro 3 tested.
  2. Hi, I use smoke from this company:- http://www.tlsfx.co.uk/p-40-150-second-smoke-grenades.aspx I find the burn time of 2.5 mins is good for free fall and canopy. Either a 1min freefall followed by a 1.5min (Velo) canopy ride and swoop, or a 2.5min H&P slower canopy ride from 5K+ with a swoop finish. However the output in freefall is not so good when headdown. OK for flat but becomes wispy HD or sitfly. Under canopy the output is excellent although yours does seem denser by comparison. However, what I really like is the electronic firing (I use a separate switch from a 9V battery). This way I can leave it disconnected up till 10K and only wire it up prior to exit and thus minimising any firing in the plane. However, despite several pilots telling me it will definitely fire, it has never fired yet inside. I also find green smoke appears to be easier to see from the ground, not sure why that is? The best part though is the cannister is slightly smaller in diameter than standard plastic guttering pipe from DIY stores. Therefore I cut a small 4" section of pipe and put it over the output end of the cannister to act as an exhaust and guide the smoke away from my body. This smoke does leave very minor colouring on jumpuits and trainers but it washes out very easily. I have also not noticed any colouring of lines. No ejection of hot rocks and no spontaneous or unintentional combustion. Cannister remains warm but still handle-able throughout. However there is one minor problem. When landing the cannister attached to your foot leaves a splodge of hot paint on the ground with every step you take. You have to be very careful not to then drop your canopy or pilot chute onto any spills as the retained heat from that paint splodge will burn. My wife's pilot chute dropped onto a paint spot after a demo and it burned a hole right through the middle of the mesh, although the ZP faired better it still meant a whole new PC. Just unfortunate really as after taking a few steps to land we always drop our canopies in front of us. (As the paint spots are always behind). Also, after use the cannister then does and will emit lots of ash. But at this point it's finished and it's just a case of clearing it away to a bin. So, if you can also solve some of these issues then you'd have the perfect smoke! Thanks.
  3. d100965

    RDS Rings: Pull them down or not?

    Why would you not pull them down? To help with packing?? Depends how you pack.... When I pack, I re-attach the slider when the canopy is over my shoulder. Therefore the rings have to be at the other other end anyway. So rings down and out the way when under canopy. I just don't want then around my hands when I'm on the fronts or working the rears. Or have them moving around on my lines. And then as soon as I land, I quickly release them all and let them slide down to the canopy. So when you pick the lines up to pack, the rings are already at the canopy end and you can re-attach the slider with the canopy over your shoulder. (Then continue packing as normal). I've seen some people faffing around trying to re-attach the slider at the risers with the rig on the ground and they sure do make it look like hard work! ;-) p.s. How you getting on with them superb new gates?
  4. d100965

    Our new electronic gates.

    Sebastian, Please don't hurt yourself on your new gates! Training on gates is a serious matter, they have a tendancy to suck you in. Prior to me training on gates I did a lot of coached jumps training on a lane. This develops the sight picture, to train the repeatability of your turn and to bring the turn down to the ground. (Bring the turn down, when maxed out and not the altitude of course). When you then go to gates the tendancy is to always set up too close to the gates and this causes you to either miss them by going through too high, or usually force a too aggressive/steeper/longer turn which has to be aborted quickly before you lose your knees. Gate fixation and/or a set up which is too close will kill! I also did my first gate jumps under 1 on 1 coaching from Brian Vacher. The only way to remedy this is to bring your set up and turn back. WAY, WAY back from the gates. Aim to only finish your swoop by taking the very last step through the gates. After you can do this then you can start building the power through the gates and bringing your set up closer. I use a helmet mounted GoPro pointed down to check my set up afterwards and you'll see the problem everytime. If this is not the case then you need to re-evaluate your skillset and ask whether you need to go back a few steps. Retrain your turn for repeatability and ensure your are maxed out. Get more coaching. If you are competing then I would assume by now you have received a lot of coaching and you should know what and where your nill win set up point is located from the gates. You should be able to pace out this set up point and place a marker on the ground (like a flourescent jacket) that can be seen from the air to determine whether or not you are at the right point. You should be able to move this point around in different wind conditions and know that a down wind run through the gates will amplify this set up point exponentially. You can also place several markers on the ground which can be used as distance markers. In RAPA their swoop pond is alongside the runway. From the air the runway markers can be used to gauge the exact distance back from the gates that you are. If you are too close you can then set up 1 marker back. All this is not an easy thing to do, taking the gates down for now and re-evaluating is a good decision. In the UK you are required to have 1000 jumps before competing and even at a 1000 jumps you would have to have done a LOT of dedicated coached hop and pops. This stuff is DIFFICULT! Brian Vacher at Empuria is a good coach and can help you with this a lot. I have close to 2000 jumps now and have been swooping for around 1250 jumps. I still can miss gates and have to remind myself every time not to set up too close. My turn is still only a 270 and I keep holding off from going to a 450 (or downsizing to an V84) because there is still so much to learn. Hope this helps and I'm sure some more experienced guys will chip in as well. Or flame/correct my advice ;-))
  5. Haydn, I'm a UK jumper aged 36 and I've jumped all over Spain. My girlfriend Karen did her AFF in Spain although it was many years ago. I've never heard of this requirement. If you are jumping under the BPA system then you complete a self declaration and no medicals are required until you are over 40. http://www.bpa.org.uk/forms/docs/form%20114%20-%20declaration%20of%20fitness[2].pdf Are you jumping under USPA rules? I don't believe they are different except you may want to reconsider and go BPA so it's easier to jump back in the UK when you get home. Which Spanish DZ are we talking about? I can do some digging around for you if you need me too, but in the meantime contact the BPA offices before they close. http://www.bpa.org.uk/contact-us Let me know how you get on as I can help you out further with names of people and contacts who you can speak to to sort this out.
  6. d100965

    Need info for smoke (red+white)

    In the UK I use the 150 second smoke from this company. http://www.tlsfx.co.uk/s-9-smoke.aspx I know you are not in the UK but perhaps it may give you an idea of what to look for in Switzerland. It's paintballing smoke so is less toxic, does not burn too hot (as in you can hold it if you wanted to), does not eject hot rocks, and does not stain. And comes in many, many colours. I use the 150 second smoke which also comes with electronic firing if you want. The cannister has 2 wires which you can connect to a home made battery/switch and then fire it whenever you like. I use the 150 second smoke and fire it when I'm on the step and not in the plane which keeps the pilot happy. The 150 smoke is long enough to last through free fall and canopy. It's thick enough to be seen if jumping flat, it's a bit wispy if head down or in sit. But it's awesome under canopy. If you just want it for canopy then get the lesser burn time. Plus with the electronic firing you can fire it under canopy whenever you want. I have not tried the twin vent high density. That's only 30 seconds though. What I do for more smoke is put one on each foot. I've even had 2 on one foot. You get some staining on your jumpsuit but it all washes out no problem. Be warned military smoke is very expensive, toxic, very hot, may spontaneously combust or set fire to your leg, ejects hot rocks which will burn through anything and permanently stains everything it touches! p.s. Do a search as this has been discussed before
  7. d100965

    Starting swoop comps

    I call TROLL!!!! 300 jumps, 1 year in the sport and looking to downsize 2 sizes in order to break into the sub 100 canopy size. One small problem is that you still seem to be under a 2.0 wingloading, best go down another size just to be sure! A good canopy to train on would be the one you are on now! Please enlighten us as to what you are doing already on that canopy towards learning to swoop. I get the impression from your post that you have done nothing yet but INTEND to do 200 hop and pops soon. Is that prior to downsizing or after? An excellent place to train would be Empuria because that is the home of Brian Vacher of The Safe Flight School and current PD Factory Team Pilot. Hopefully while you are training there you will be sensible and seek some coaching from Brian before you hurt yourself.