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  1. Hey Guys, Does anyone know where I could purchase the electronic entry gate bleepers from, or are they easy to make?
  2. Hey Guys, Thanks for the advice. All of the above comments are correct, there is not enough drag from the pilot chute until the wind speed picks up enough to pull the bag out of the container. A bigger pilot chute is needed I think !
  3. Hello Guys, I am jumping a wings container with a completion velocity 79. From day one I get pilot chute hesitation on short delays i.e. sub 3 seconds, however if I go to a 5 second delay the container opens ok. As anyone experienced this before? if so any advice how to make the bag come out of the tray when I throw the pilot chute sub 3 seconds.
  4. If we get back to the original subject on this thread; then yes there defiantly seems to be a downturn in the jumper population at UK DZ’s. Since the opening of the tunnels especially in winter most jumpers like the idea of training in the tunnel rather than freezing on a cold DZ. The only downside of this is that we will eventually produce people who have good freefall skills but shit canopy control and landings. We in the UK see top teams doing hundreds of hours in the tunnel but when they get on the DZ and under canopy they don’t have the same canopy skills in relation to what they have in freefall. What I’m saying is that to be a good all round accomplished skydivers we should spend equal amount of time in the tunnel and on the DZ.
  5. OK guys, let me try and explain what I meant in the original post, if you stay in skydiving long enough you will get to see people who start then after a while if the sport is not for them they fade away and do something else with there lives. The statement “Only talk to and become friends with people who are quite experienced” was meant to be ironic. I am not saying that we should not talk, help and bring along newbie skydivers it’s just that when the regularity of this event happens it becomes quite upsetting when people that you thought were your friends go.
  6. I honestly cant believe the amount of insults that have been thrown my way since I posted this topic so I am going to reply to all of you at once. · I am not a prema donna I can last as long as any man. · I am not a loser 6th place is not last. · What’s a pie hole, Is that an Americanism? Please stop this now, take a breath and relax.
  7. Quote So you have found me out! you are an evil genius.
  8. God thats harsh, i'm tearin up. I'm the Queen of irony.
  9. How do you feel about the 200 jump wonders in our sport! They start skydiving buy all the gear, find out how difficult the learning process can be then leave and go and find something else in there lives. The thing I find quite upsetting is that you become friends with these people and give them coaching and advice that you have learnt over many years then they simply disappear has though you are worthless. Does anybody have this feeling? · Only talk to and become friends with people who are quite experienced. I would like to no if it is just me that has this feeling.
  10. Feeling all gooey inside, Warm sunny days, The Beach, Being in your arms, The little things, New shoes, Friends, Chocolates, Flowers on my birthday, Those three little words, Oprah, Pink, Pug, Little fluffy bunny rabbits, Getting “free” coaching from sky gods, Oh my god I’ve turned into a Woman.
  11. Wow I wasn't expecting such a response; I was REALLY bored when I wrote the post, I wrote it to see if I could provoke a response. And by the way here is a few more hates; Vegetarians, Not having enough money to buy drugs/booze/hookers and to skydive.
  12. AMERICANS, Germans, Fat Chicks, The French, Sky gods who ignore you, Skydivers who ignore you, WALES, WHALES, Atmosphere "dolphins", Working for a living, Dropzone owners who charge to much to jump, AMERICANS, Alah, Jesus, Jerry Springer, Buda, The Bible, Chicks who hang around skygods to get "free" coaching, The Weather, Fat AMERICAN Chicks, Dubya, Blair, The System, Lottery Winners, People who get free jumps, Anyone who has less than 2000 jumps GO AWAY, Women drivers, Fat women drivers, Terrorists, Bob Lazar, Rich people, Poor people, The "Neady", Hearing about womens problems on the radio, The colour brown, Johnny Cash not being alive and pretentious arseholes who write on forums. NO ONE CARES!