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  1. To me it sounds like you made the right decision. Skydiving is not for everyone and doing it to make someone else happy is not a good idea. Let skydiving be your wife's thing. Hang out at the dropzone if you want and you can still be part of the community. And if after hanging out for a while you decide that you want to give it a try, the sky will still be there.
  2. It takes me 1.5-2 hours each way, depending on traffic.
  3. mrubin

    AFF Leg position trouble

    Too much yoga is probably not the problem. I started doing yoga to help my skydiving and the body awareness I learned helped a lot, so stick with it. You only have a few minutes of free fall and are hopefully more focused on safely completing your dive than getting the exact body position that you want. More jumps and some time in the tunnel will get you more experience, which will help allow you to expand what you are aware of in free fall. The more experience you have, the less overwhelming all the sensations are and the easier it is to be aware of the smaller things. For now, stay safe, have fun, relax, and breathe.
  4. mrubin

    New AAD made in USA

    I think that most skydivers would find it easier to check if it displayed the altitude and not just the pressure. We are used to checking that our altimeters are zeroed and, in my opinion, it would be easier to check for the same thing on our AAD.
  5. mrubin

    Perris anyone July 7-17?

    Jump with the load organizers there! They are great at putting together fun jumps for jumpers of all skill levels.
  6. mrubin

    Aircraft recovery chute?

    Why would you want to use a ram air canopy instead of a round? I think that a round would be much better suited to something like this. Have you researched spin recovery parachutes? I know those are sometimes used in aircraft testing. It might not be exactly what you are looking for, but it might be a good place to get started.
  7. mrubin

    Places to stay in Perris

    There's the IHOP, which is on the dz. It's not fancy, but it's right there and doesn't cost much ($15 a night).
  8. mrubin

    Video set up

    I would suggest you read this before adding a camera.
  9. mrubin

    Traveling with a Rig

    I carry my rig on with me. I keep it in a gear bag and it looks just like any other bag. I've never had any trouble getting through security with it. They usually just open up the gear bag and take a look. Sometimes they swab it for explosive residue.
  10. Get a fast jumpsuit. Get used to wearing some weights. Work on flexibility. I've jumped with some smaller people that could arch like crazy and keep up with the bigger guys.
  11. mrubin

    Rig size for new skydiver, help!

    At this point you shouldn't worry about the smallest main that you could fit into a container. Look for gear that's the proper size for you right now. You might decide later that you do not want to keep downsizing to smaller canopies. A lot of skydivers find a canopy size that they are happy with and stay there even when they have the skill and experience to downsize. You should also look for something larger than a 170. Your wingloading is based on your exit weight, not your body weight. And the most important piece of advice I can give you is to talk to your instructors before taking anyone's advice on the internet.
  12. mrubin

    Naming the landing pattern

    Downwind --> Base --> Final
  13. mrubin

    Question about downsizing

    Read through this checklist.
  14. You can get good weather all year round in North America. You just need to go to the right place. Arizona and the Florida dropzones are busier in the winter because the weather is better then. In the summer there are plenty of dropzones farther north that have great dropzones.
  15. mrubin

    Altimeter Preference

    I prefer an analog altimeter. I like having an altimeter that doesn't rely on batteries. As far as the logbook function goes, most dz's that I've been to will not accept digital logbooks and require a signed paper one. Talk to your instructors and determine what gear is best for you.
  16. mrubin

    Jumping with oxygen

    You'll only need it for the ride up. Have fun on your jump!
  17. mrubin

    What happens after AFF

    You will still need to do at least 5 coach jumps. You will also need to rent gear and take a packing class. Those costs can add up. Check to see if the $3500 includes gear rental, coach jumps, and packing lessons. It might be a better deal than you think.
  18. mrubin

    Canopy recommendation

    I've been very happy with my Pilot. I get consistantly good openings and its fun to fly.
  19. mrubin

    Harness Sizing Questions

    I followed the Mirage measuring guide when I measured myself and it worked well for me. I was very careful and made sure to take each measurement at least twice to ensure that I got the same value each time.
  20. They won't take away your passing levels. You will likely have to do some refresher training on the ground in addition to the coach jump. Welcome back! Have fun and stay safe!
  21. mrubin

    Brand New, Need gear and advice

    Talk to your instructors. Their opinions are the ones that should really influence your decision. Having said that, I would wait to buy gear. You should get gear that is right for you now and the gear that is right for you now is probably not going to be right for you in 50 jumps.
  22. mrubin


    Try a yoga class or work with a trainer that can teach you the proper form. Tell them what areas you need to improve and they should be able to help.