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  1. I've been discussing this issue with my instructors but wanted to check and see if anyone else has had similar issues and how they corrected them. My legs! I cannot seem to hold them shoulder width apart. I am waaaay wide. I am planning on tunnel time on Wednesday to work on it, but it is aggravating to me. I do toe taps in free fall , i practice arching correctly on walls, but something just isnt clicking with that mind/body connection. Today during my AFF level 4 jump debrief my instructor had me do a proper arch on the wall in front of him and then spread my legs as wide as they are in my video. While obviously I can tell the difference in my height or whatever, as far as sensations in my hips/back the two positions don't feel noticeably different. Which is what I believe is causing the issue. (Too much yoga? My hips are too flexible? My lower back doesnt get fatigued by my improper arching technique because who knows?) Intentional practice in the tunnel with AFF instructors is going to be my go to, but just wanted to check here for some helpful techniques or similar frustrations.
  2. It's purely a curiosity question! I have 5 jumps under my belt and find it amusing that I'm still UTTERLY Terrified of jumping out of a perfectly good airplane. Obviously not debilitatingly so but still. Enough that it creates a bit of a stall between my jump days building up the courage to go back. So I just wanted to know when it became more routine and less scary during your learning process as a skydiver?