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  1. Try the firebird Chilli it opens better than a crossfire2 flys similar to the stiletto. Ashphaultpussy on here can get you set up or contact any friends based out of skydive arizona to find him.
  2. call me when you do this I wanna see and make sure you use the cam setup from george to film the openings. have fun and God speed little buddy Darren
  3. Ke as your friend I would hope that this question was taken lightly in your thoughts. few things here. 1. your home dz is SDA-ask around you have sponsored pilots for each of your components standing around you all day with thousands of jumps. 2. call icarus and tell what size slider your wanting to use and see what happens. 3. if all else fails refer to #1 get back to killing it out there Darren
  4. And it needs a campos added
  5. Expect to see alot more of these from Jeffro now that he is there full time at Skydive Dubai.
  6. please dont bring a 4 year old around. Its nothing personal but there is alot going on and jumpers arent gonna be happy with kids running around. If he can stay home then thats the problem solver for you. When you come to eloy you are busy thats how we roll so come ready, bring your game, leave the kid for some you and her time. And most important come to have fun and smile with us. Darren
  7. I live in AZ and I refuse to ski snowbowl. Spend the money and the time and go somewhere bigger unless you want to wait in stupid long lift lines for stupid small runs.
  8. Colonel is taking it all in down here. Did his first hybrid now WS and tunnel. BEER BEER BEER Darren
  9. thanks i will demo what will put me in the 1.5 and 1.6 and see what happens.
  10. no 2 landings will be the same. it goes by feel just be smooth and feel whats happening and adjust as you do it. as you jump more it will become more natural and you will automatically take notes in different conditions on how your canopy reacts. practice practice practice.
  11. I know that the safire2 performance stats to fall off around 1.6 and thats where the crossfire starts to take off. I have jumped both at a 1.4 loading some time ago and really didnt notice much difference between them. I now jump a safire2 loaded to 1.6 maybe a little more. Question is if I switch to the crossfire same size will it be a noticable difference in performance since im close to what some say is the sweet spot for the xfire? thanks in advance for the advise that comes with this.
  12. the vertical suit raptor is top notch and the customer service is second to none. i have ordered 3 suits for others and no one has any complaints so far with tunnel or sky performance. Hope this helps.
  13. oh man what was his name?????? steve cantos maybe? No....stu mentos???? Oh yeah scott campos aka lou diamond. hope this helps. if you are still lost hes the guy that posted above this post. he runs an awesome first jump course without a doubt. im glad I took the course from him. Darren k.
  14. customguy79


    yeah i knew that and they gave me a hotel close by to check out. was just looking for any alternatives or you should try this hotel from people