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  1. customguy79

    landing a canopy....

    no 2 landings will be the same. it goes by feel just be smooth and feel whats happening and adjust as you do it. as you jump more it will become more natural and you will automatically take notes in different conditions on how your canopy reacts. practice practice practice.
  2. customguy79

    Hip rings

    I will save the time of the swoopers that frequent here. If your profile is correct you shouldnt be even close to considering swooping or even getting a rig solely for swooping. take your time working on flying a pattern and flying that same pattern every jump. Then focus on landing in a 10 meter circle after that. By this time you should be in upwards of having over 300 jumps. Now take some canopy courses and find a good canopy coach to guide you for the rest of the way. By the time you have to ask this question again you will all ready know the answer. Hope this helps as I am nowhere near a swooper but yet still a beginner/infant in canopy control at a low low 400 jumps but the reigning crowd in this forum will tell you the same thing just as I got told a long time ago. laters D
  3. customguy79

    Jumping at Casa Grande

    It is still there my buddy does tandems
  4. customguy79


    I bought a used wings container as my first rig off student status and the comfort factor is outstanding. Granted many containers have the same options and very little differences can be found this still stands out of the crowd when sitting by other rigs. The customer service was outstanding when I needed some adjustments to be made. Now if I am sitting for a load, sitting on a load, or under canopy this rig is comfort front start to finish. I would recomend this to any and all. Great job Wings
  5. customguy79


    This is my first main off of student status and have only used 2 other mains to date. After reading all the reviews about the sabre2 I was hesitant to purchase one but found a steal on one so I did. In no way am I dissapointed now that the biggest complaint is a simple fix. The openings are nice and soft and if you just roll the tail they will be a little quicker but just as soft. But on every opening I have end cell closures partially due to the light wingloading (.90) but with a light constant pull of the rear risers they fill right up and your off for the rest of your skydive. turns are moderate but if you load up it will spin you for sure and toss you into the harness for some real fun. I generally land in little or no wind so I get more than usual glide on the landing but it has plenty of flare to make the landings either short or ride them for a short distance if you want to. Overall enjoyable main but next step down I will be trying a safire 2.