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  1. A few days ago I was given the information that Jeff Bell from Kapowsin Airsports designed the RDS that he later sold to Precision. So, naturally, I called him up and spoke with him over the phone. He gave me some great info on slider sizing, how much they actually test sliders, etc. There is 1 RDS slider size for all Xaos' sub-100 canopies. Also, many of the guys out in Washington, Red Bull guys, Icarus pilots, etc, extensively test jumped the Precision RDS with the VX. The long of the short, he said there would be no problem. He also said for some reason the RDS slider gets more "bang for the buck" when the rings are placed outboard, rather than standard grommet-like RDS within the slider. So, even though the RDS slider is a tad smaller than the normal one, it acts bigger (if that makes sense). He didn't have a geek explanation for me and said he actually doesn't know why it helps, but it does. I did a hop and pop today and had a much softer opening with the Precision Xaos' RDS over the small stock VX slider. Weather rolled in but hopefully I'll get to do more tomorrow.
  2. thanks for the useful reply. what you're saying makes sense and I really am curious as to how much testing went into precision's design with their current RDS as it's the same size for most of their sub-100 xaos'. Just as curious for Icarus'. The difference between the xaos RDS and the big VX slider is +2" in one direction and -1" in the other if I can recall. It seems much too insignificant but than again I guess it could make a big difference as I'm no engineer. Some people have advised to just jump it and others have said not too. I have a buyer for the canopy+rds so I will most likely buy an RDS for the VX with the "correct dimensions." All in all I was just curious from the get-go. Keep working that fb cayenne!
  3. I really wonder how thorough of slider testing actually occurs with these canopy manufacturers. I've spoken to people who've used the same RDS for many different types and sizes of canopies so once again: I was just wondering if anyone here had experimented with the Precision RDS on a VX. I do enjoy the "what could possibly go wrong" comments. Please keep them coming.
  4. Anyone use the RDS slider and rings from a Xaos on a VX? I'm switching to the VX as I like it much more but was hoping not to purchase a new RDS system. The slider dimensions are not the same (I forget the exact differences though) but does it really matter that much? Should I just jump it?
  5. I am just wondering, solely for safety reasons: should you pull RDS rings below risers? Some people I've talked to said it's no biggy and makes it easier to pack to just leave them up, while others said stuff like "I heard of them getting caught up in a dive, pinching off the lines, etc." Attached is a picture of my setup. I also have the steering lines routed through the ring on the slink. Any issues with RDS rings banging against those or what not? Just curious on your guys' thoughts? If I'm doing something I could change to be safer I'd rather do it