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  1. Try these guys, very nice suits and fit well price is good too.
  2. ataltitude

    PF Havok

    Sick so getting a havok. This summer coming.
  3. I have no problem, with Phoenix fly lead times, as just show's I'm buying quality and high demanded product. Also I look at their lead times, then order well before I'm wanting my suits.
  4. I sthis vid going on vimeo or youtube?
  5. Can the rider pitch while on the back of the wingsuiter?
  6. Monky your idea is perfect, I got so many closing loops laying around.
  7. Hi guys just wondering if anyone as tried, got one of these suits and what they are like to deal with. Cheers
  8. Very nice this will be my next suit love the wing size and no hand grips,
  9. ataltitude


    Hey type The best thing to do is email manufactures, give them your spec's. Go from there. Enjoy
  10. Hey Mrcat. Just wondering what kind of addon is the little speed and flight path in the left top corner on your vid.
  11. How can this be snag free. Maybe without the go pro on the mount then yes
  12. Go N3. Rechargeable battery. Can become a ditter, if a ditter dies, atleast you can still jump. water proof. On board log book.
  13. I fly 98 Jfx, in V308 fits perfect. Did jump a 114 Jfx that was alot harder getting in d bag. The 98 was like packing my 119 xfire.
  14. So has anyone else jumped the jfx with a ws. I jump a crossfire 2 loaded at 1.7 and love it. A friend jumps a 86 jvx and also done a ws with a petra